Stu house

The exterior of Stu's house after the killings in Scream.

The house belonging to Stu Macher was the scene of four murders in Scream .


After the Principal of Woodsboro HighArthur Himbry, announces that all classes are suspended and an early curfew is being enforced, Stu holds a party at the house while his parents are out.

Stu asks his girlfriend Tatum Riley to get some beers from the garage, she refuses to, until her brother Dewey arrives with news reporter Gale Weathers. When alone in the garage she is attacked by Ghostface who she throws beer bottles at, incapacitating him. Tatum tries climbing through the cat flap of the garage door as her only way out but can't fit through. Ghostface takes advantage of Tatums situation and turns on the garage door, which lifts her up and once it gets to the top it crushes her neck and electrocuted her. This is the first murder to happen in the house.

The second murder happens outside the house when Sidney is being chased by Ghostface. She makes it to the news van where Kenny Jones is sitting watching a hidden camera planted in the house. He lets her in the van and notices on the camera that Ghostface is behind Randy Meeks getting ready to stab him, Kenny gets out the van to help and notices the fronts door is open, he then remembers the camera has a 30 second delay and just then Ghostface appears and slits Kenny's throat.

Stu Macher is killed after he reveals himself to be one of the Killers. His partner Billy Loomis slashes him with a knife repeatedly in order for them to fake being attacked, only he cuts too deep and Stu starts suffering blood loss. When he is fighting Sidney she hits him over the head with a vase and shoves a TV on his head, electrocuting and killing him.

When Billy attacks Sidney he is about to stab her with a knife but is shot in the shoulder by Gale. Randy, Sidney and Gale gather round Billy and Randy mentions how Killers in movies always come back to life for one last scare. That is when Billy opens his eyes and Sidney shoots him in the head, finally killing him.