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"I always thought of it as Captain Hook and Smee. You have this devilish, charismatic leader, and he's got this little sidekick who will do anything. They're maniacal, ruthless killers. I mean, they're pretty terrifying. "
—Matthew Lillard on Stu.
Stu in Kitchen

Even Stu was surprised to hear Billy's motive.

This is a fan page for the most psychotic killer of them all, Stu!

The best things about Stu

  • Stu was the first Ghostface to attack Sidney.
  • The scene, where Billy throws the phone at Stu and Stu cries out, was actually a mistake. Skeet's hands were so slippery from the fake blood, the phone slipped out of his hands and accidentally hit Matthew in the head. His now infamous line was actually improvised, not scripted. Wes decided not to cut that scene and left it in the movie. The line is, "You hit me with the phone, DICK!" Lillard also ad-libbed the line where he states that he "always had a thing for" Sidney.
  • Stu, along with Billy, are the only Ghostface killers to have been mentioned in all 4 movies.
  • Though Billy was the mastermind of the killing spree, Stu did most the murders while Billy did the calls. He, along with Billy killed Maureen Prescott. Though Stu was the one who killed Casey and Steve, with Billy helping him dispose of the bodies. Stu was also the one who attacked Sidney for the first time. He later killed Kenny, and stabbed and almost killed Dewey.
  • Only Ghostface to be electrocuted to death. Jill got electrocuted as well, but unlike Stu, she survived her electrocution.
  • Much like Mickey, he had no reason for the murders. However, Mickey was a psychotic serial killer. Stu merely did the murders for "fun". He also admits that he did it out of peer pressure. This does make sense because Stu is displayed as a weak-willed, easily manipulated person.
  • Had a love of sweaters.
  • Looked very swanky in that silk bathrobe of his.
  • Revealed himself by talking into the voice changer. This was extremely cool and was later re-used for Mickey's reveal in Scream 2. (and, to an extent, Roman's reveal in Scream 3)
  • Willingly allowed himself to be stabbed.
  • First Ghostface to be killed by Sidney.
  • Attacked and tried to kill Sidney while dying of blood loss.
  • Stu called Sidney and Tatum at their home and taunted her about fingering the wrong guy-"again", mocking her for putting Cotton Weary away. This gave Billy an alibi.
  • Matthew Lillard dated Rose McGowan, Drew Barrymore and Neve Cambell. That's awesome, folks. 
  • The only time Stu showed remorse for his actions was when he realized his parents would be "mad".
  • Stu was incredibly insensitive, making many jokes at the expense of murders. This was a very strong hint that he was one of the killers.
  • Killed Casey Becker, his ex-girlfriend who dumped him for Steve. It's quite likely that Billy made the calls while Stu attacked and killed Steve and Casey. Billy would later kill Tatum so Stu could attend his party.
  • With Billy's help, he caused Sheriff Burke to begin smoking again.
  • Body count: four. Killed Maureen PrescottSteven OrthCasey Becker and Kenny Jones
  • Stu is often viewed as the craziest Ghostface.
  • Claimed he always had a thing for Sidney moments before his death.

If He Survived

  • Assuming that Sidney didn't call the cops and get them caught, Stu would plan the sequel and likely do it himself (if Billy died). The filmmakers also said that Stu would have been the killer in Scream 3, orchestrating the murders from prison in the original concept for the film. This was scrapped for a number of reasons, two of which were, being too implausible and being too similar to the 1995 film Copycat.

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