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Tatum Riley's History          

Tatum Riley is one of the most memorable characters of the Scream film franchise. In Scream, she made her first appearance as Sidney Prescott's best friend in the film. She was the younger sister of Deputy Dwight Dewey' Riley and girlfriend of Stu Macher. She was described as the sexy chick and one of the most popular girls at Woodsboro High School. The fans admired Tatum's sarcastic sense of humor and bitchy comebacks. Throughout the film, Tatum supported Sidney as she dealt with her mother's death and being a main target of the infamous Ghostface killer. During the late middle part of the film, Tatum confronts Ghostface, who she intitially thinks its horror film geek, Randy Meeks pulling a prank. Ghostface attacks her and Tatum quickly fights back. Starting with slamming a refrigerator door in his face, throwing two beer bottles at him and then causing him to flip over on his back. As Ghostface slowly gets up from his wounds, Tatum attempts to escapes out the cat door, but is stuck halfway.

Tatum about to have her head crushed.

Unfornately, Tatum is killed instantly as Ghostface lets up the garage door, crushing her neck and head. Despite her demise, she is still missed by her loved ones and is mentioned on several occasions throughout the series.

Ways Tatum could've surivived.

  1. With being in the garage, there was many tools such as a rake she could've used as defense.
  2. The beer bottles she dropped was made of glass, and she could've used them as knives.
  3. If she was a man, she would've slipped through the cat door successfully because it was her breasts that caused her to get stuck and therefore die.
  4. If she or any of the teens wasn't drunk, she wouldn't get beer bottles from the garage.
    Tatum and Ghostface

    Tatum and Ghostface

  5. When Ghostface flipped, she couldve opened the garage door and then ran under, then go to the front door.
  6. Or instead of the 5th choice above, when she slammed the fridge door to Ghostface, she could of ran to the door and open the garage instead of just trying to open a locked door, then she can throw the beer bottles and while he is flipped, she can slide under the garage.  
    Tumblr mgkqry8kad1r0ah33o1 500

    I wanna be in the sequel.

  7. Tatum could of ran towards Ghostface, and slam into him. She would open the fridge, and throw all the beer bottles at him. Tatum would jump over him, and open the garage using the button, escaping.
  8. When Ghostface fell, Tatum could have take the knife and kill the killer.
  9. While Ghostface was down, Tatum could've ran at him and caused injuries without a weapon. Such as stomping on his throat or kicking him in the stomach. Then she could've run out of the garage through the garage door and went back inside to tell Dewey, "There's a killer in the garage!" 
  10. Tatum could have refused to get the beers.
  11. She could stab the killer and take Ghostface's mask when he was down and run to tell Dewey about killer's identity.
  12. If Maureen never had any affairs, Tatum and the other victims would not have been killed.

Tatum and her best friend Sidney

​If Tatum Lived.


Just to say that Tatum survived and slipped out of the garage cat door and escaped Ghostface. She would most
Tumblr ljwvspfqJL1qbyl21o1 500

Tatum Collage

likely warn everyone in the house that Ghostface is here. Everyone would leave the house, along with Randy and Sidney. If they did not leave, Tatum would back up Sidney, and become enemies with Stu and Billy and help Sidney kill them in self-defense. 

Scream 2

Tatum would most likely go to Windsor College with Sidney and Randy. Her personality would have probably been a bit more hardened due to the events of the original; both her and Sidney would be even tougher. Also she would probably be Sidney's roommate, which would mean that Hallie wouldn't exist or have been a mutual college friend, but not Sidney's new best friend.

The group of friends would have been Sidney, Tatum, Randy, Mickey (or Tatum's boyfriend), Derek,and Hallie. Hallie would remain as Micky's love interest because Tatum's and his personality don't mesh very well. Tatum would have a boyfriend possibly from the fraternity. As Sidney disliked the sorority leaders, Tatum would not have like them either, but both would have been considered high prospective girls for their sororities due to their fame from the Woodsboro tragety. With Tatum's strong personality, she would have directly clashed with the sorority sisters (compared to Hallie's more yielding and reserved one) and possibly discouraged Sidney from joining knowing they are jealous of their fame and their new boyfriends from the fraternity. As Tatum did not bite her tongue in the original with Gale, Dewey and some others, the sequel would have made her 19/20 years of age, the sorority sisters would be continually put off by Tatum's blunt remarks towards them. In the worse case scenario, Tatum will have become that much harder after the events of the original to actually bully the sorority girls if they crossed her in anyway.

When Randy is brutally killed in a van, this would affect Tatum greatly like Sidney and Dewey, as they would've gotten even closer since the events of the original. If in the final scenes with Sidney and Gale, She would also help Sidney kill Micky and Billy's Mother in self defense. As in the original, she would've been remarkably more formidable by the ending of the sequel.

Scream 3

Sidney would not be living out there alone in the mountains because Sidney being depressed is what got her there, and Tatum would have completely change that. This will also change Dewey personality, and he would be more happy, maybe not be in Hollywood. This shows how much her death affected them both.  

Eventually, Dewey, would be in reuniting with Gale; Tatum's former enemy, which Tatum would reluctantly begin to yield to Gale knowing she is what makes her older brother happy and genuine concern towards helping Sidney. Tatum would assisted with Gale and Dewey concerning the mysteries of Sidney's mother and her past and helped Sidney cope through the disturbing truths; more by Sidney's side. Tatum would have been surprised that Sidney actually had a brother, Roman, around the same age difference as her own, Dewey.

Despite the surprise, Tatum would have helped Sidney defeat her older brother knowing it was him that cause Sidney so much grief and trauma. As was a survivor in the original and sequel, like Sidney and Gale, she will have become very formidable in defense against the killer(s). 


Tatum and Stu

Scream 4 

By then, Tatum would probably be married, possible children, and lived somewhere else. It would be unknown if Tatum would even come to Woodsboro, unless she visits her mother, brother and Gale whom is still living there. Also, Sidney didn't live in Woodsboro and maybe she wouldn't write the book, "Out of Darkness". 

If Sidney wrote it and Tatum was alive, Tatum would've taken Rebecca's place traveling, accompanying and supporting her on tours and being her representative. Rebecca (a mixture of an older Tatum and old version of Gale Weathers) replaces an older Tatum as her closest confidants and is as considered as close as Tatum was. As indicated, even as Tatum and Sidney were best friends, they may have fallen out about their motivations for the book which Sidney may fire her, but Tatum knows she will call back and apologize as they share a strong friendship bond (Rebecca even remarks on Sidney's sex life much like Tatum possibly would in their disagreement knowing how repressed Sidney used to be). Unlike Rebecca, Tatum would have been more involved in Sidney's book sales and understanding more first hand. She possibly would not have been insensitive as Rebecca was (due to Gale Weather's mixture in Rebecca).

Also, When Sidney remarked on Jill's loss of Olivia, Jill remarked on the loss of Rebecca, (Two supplements of Tatum) tears came didn't necessarily come to Jill's eyes about Olivia (as Jill is more of a female Billy; Billy was not fond enough of Tatum), but the remark of Sidney's loss of Rebecca brought tears just as it could have been Tatum.

Tatum would have once again been with Sidney and Gale and figuring out the mystery behind the murders. The connection between herself and Olivia may have been more prevalent (as Sidney's and Kirby's were), but the fact that she is alive may have ultimately saved Olivia from a gruesome death. Doubtfully, she wouldn't have been on the final scenes. She would have been a consistent target from the killer, but if survived she'd have more Cameos as Sidney's representative in the selling of her book. 


  • Tatum was the only girl who did not get stabbed by Ghostface.
  • This makes Tatum strongest person to go against Ghostface and die.
  • She is strongest and impacted Ghostface with the most attacks of any of the ghostface victims in the series.
  • Tom also never got stabbed but then he was never really attacked.
  • Tatum is the first person to refer the killer as "Ghostface"
  • Jenny being the second.
  • Kirby being the third.
  • If there was much more girls in Scream, insted of just having Gale, Sidney, and Casey, maybe they wouldn't have Tatum die in the script.
  • I know this is kind of weird, but while I was editing this, I was watching Spongebob and his pet snail,Gary pushed Spongebob in a cat/snail door in the garage, then he lifted it which reminds me a lot about Tatum.
  • Spongebob is a kids show.
  • There was many tributes made to Tatum on Youtube such as this one: 
    Tatum Riley - Time-102:51

    Tatum Riley - Time-1

  • Tatum isn't originally a blonde.
  • Tatum is awesome. 'Nuff said.
  • Tatum for having her own room, has 2 beds. But I guess thats for Sidney when she sleeps over. Sidney must sleep over a lot.
  • Tatum had many references in the rest of the films.
  • In Scream 3, Steven Stone was mentioning Tatum, when he thought he was talking to Dewey, which got "Dewey" mad, and Ghostface later kills him.
  • Also in Scream 3, When Sidney was walking around the set of Woodsboro, she see's a bloody cat door which reminds her of Tatum and also makes her tear up.
  • In Scream 4, she is referenced at the Stab-a-Thon sometimes. Also when Gale enters the Stab-a-Thon, behind her was a blonde mannequin in a garage cat door prop.
  • In the movie, Tatum got stuck in the cat door, but, ironically, Rose McGowan (Tatum's actress) could fit through it.
  • Another fact that I heard was that Rose McGowan kept on slipping out of the cat door (even though she could fit through), so they had to hammer nails to her shirt to the cat door. I'm not quite sure exactly where I heard that fact. Somewhere on this Wiki, I think.
  • Rose McGowan dyed her hair blonde in order to contrast her black hair from Neve Campbell (Sidney's actress).
  • Melinda Clarke turned down the role of Tatum.
    Tumblr mie6nqJCG61qij1mgo1 500

    Tatum fashion.

  • Rebecca Gayheart auditioned for the role of Tatum, but scheduling conflicts with her film Somebody Is Waiting prevented her from landing the role. She later turned up in Scream 2 portraying Lois.
  • Charlotte Ayanna was considered for the role of Tatum.
  • Tatum says that the situation is like a Wes Carpenter film. This is a reference to Wes Craven, who directed the movie, and John Carpenter, who directed Halloween, which is featured in the movie.
  • At the breakfast table, Tatum can be seen pouring milk from a Lucerne milk carton. Lucerne is a local dairy company located in Sonoma County, CA, where the movie was filmed.
  • Tatum was the only female character to be known to play a sport.
  • The sport was unspecified.
  • Tatum was one of the only characters that weren't called by Ghostface.

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