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Cici looks around nervously while Dawnie talks to "Ted".

was the boyfriend of Windsor College film student Cici Cooper.

Scream 2

Ted was mentioned several times by Cici to her friend and a couple of times by her sorority sister, Dawnie. He is first mentioned by Cici when she begins to question who the person calling her over the phone is, with one of her theories being that the caller is Ted, who drunk dialed her. He is later mentioned by Dawnie when she arrives at the sorority house, as when Dawnie asks who she is speaking to on the phone, the call responds by saying that "It's Ted", which is false. Dawnie refers to Ted in a rather disrespectful manner, suggesting that she disagrees with Cici's taste in men. Shortly after the call with 'Ted' finishes, Cici is chased and brutally killed by Ghostface. Ted is one of the very few characters in the Scream series to have their name revealed but never appear on screen.

None of Cici's friends knew that she was really talking to serial killer Mickey Altieri. They may never have found out that Ted never spoke to her that night, and if they did, it was too late.  

Appeared In

  • Scream 2 (mentioned)

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