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The Boxcutter
Directed by Daze Hollender
Produced by Don Crosby
Bill Birch
Floyd Malone
Fred Rifkin
Written by Lou Rip
Sandi Daye
Music by
Distributed by Sunrise Studios
Release date(s) 1998
Running time 102 Minutes
Gross revenue
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A psycho armed with a deadly razor blade lurks on the subway, slashing innocent young women and gang members. Only an old transit cop and his dog can stop him.


  • Michael Garrett as The Boxcutter
  • Jane Philson as Cybil Kane
  • Cyril Gibson as Al Daven
  • Amanda Oxens as Sammi Grant
  • Terrel Lawson as Malik X
  • Julio Varnes as Cisco
  • Tom Prinze as The Student
  • Buck "Silver" as The Police Canine


Executive Producers:


  • Victor Raven


  • Daze Hollender


  • Lou Rip
  • Sandi Daye

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