The Butcher, The Baker, and the Candlestick Killer
Directed by Mort Jacoby
Produced by Don Crosby
Don Gordon
Charlie Sadoff
Written by Norbert Pickett
Jane Marsh
Music by
Distributed by K.O. Production
Sunrise Studios
Release date(s) 1987
Running time 117 Minutes
Gross revenue
Preceded by
Followed by

A retired detective in a small town must catch not one killer but three when a trio of deadly lunatics escape from a nearby mental hospital and take on the roles of their favorite nursery rhyme.


  • Charlie Parma as The Candlestick Killer
  • Taylor Moreno as The Butcher
  • Norris Singleton as The Baker
  • Abbie Welsh as Correy Paine
  • Milburn Jordan as Lester "Squint" Warren
  • Lane Trips as Spke Hawkins
  • Emily Fields as Verna McCleod


Executive Producers:


  • Charlie Sadoff


  • Mort Jacoby


  • Norbert Pickett
  • Jane Marsh

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