The Popular Crowd
General Information
Gender of Members: Males and Females
Age of group: 13 years old (assumed; from Freshman Year)
Anniversary 2012 (assumed)
Kind of group: Popular Students
Occupation(s): Students at George Washington High School
Nickname: None
Friends: Seth Branson
Enemies: Lakewood Slasher
Other Information
Interests: Unknown
Education: George Washington High School
Secret(s): - Filmed and uploaded a video of Audrey and Rachel making out (exposed)
Series Information
Started: Before Pilot
Ended: Exposed
First Appearance: Pilot
Last Appearance: In The Trenches
Status: Group: Dissolved

Will Belmont (deceased)
Riley Marra (deceased)
Nina Patterson (deceased)
Tyler O'Neill (deceased)
Jake Fitzgerald (deceased)

The Popular Crowd is a group of popular teenagers of Lakewood's George Washington High School in Scream. They are the most targeted teenagers of a killing spree.

It has something to do with a viral video uploaded by Lakewood’s mean-girl, Nina Patterson and Nina’s ex-boyfriend Tyler O'Neill.



Emma Duval

Also known as The Innocent, Emma Duval, is a 16-year old beauty who's a little too introverted and intellectual to be a social butterfly, but has nevertheless been anointed by the popular crowd to be one of their own. She feels guilty that she has drifted away from her former best friend Audrey. She dated Will Belmont until his demise in In The Trenches.

The killer tortured Emma by let her playing games which involves death of her friends. In Wanna Play a Game?, the killer challenges Emma to a dangerous game and forces her to choose for either the good girl, Riley or bad girl, Brooke, to die. Emma thinking Riley was safe at the police station unintentionally told the Killer not to hurt Brooke. The killer then went after Riley and killed her.

In Exposed, Emma discovered that she was used as a bet before joining the group in Freshman Year. She felt betrayed and told Brooke that she can't be friends with her anymore and broke up with Will as well which made the group fell apart.

In the episode, In The Trenches, the killer kidnapped Will and let Emma play a game of hide and seek to find Will. She then teams up with her former friends Brooke and Jake with Noah to search for their friend. They then saved Will only to be kidnapped again and be killed at the end.

Will Belmont

He's one of the jocks in the group and is best friends with Jake Fitzgerald and Emma's on/off boyfriend. He cheated on Emma with Nina Patterson while the two were on break. He did lots of bad things with Jake like watching Nina on her webcam without her knowledge until her demise. With Jake's idea, the two blackmailed Brooke's father, Quinn Maddox, into money with a video they had of him which he shouldn't be doing so he can get to pay a full scholarship for his college. After getting the money, Will felt guilty and give the money to Jake telling him it's a bad idea. Jake betrayed him and told Brooke everything except that he's involved. Brooke's father was watching them talking in the kitchen from a security camera believing that Will's the one who blackmailed him. Will then later confessed to Quinn in an abandoned placd. He told him that he don't want to die for doing the right thing. Quinn left the scene and Piper Shaw came out of hiding where she records the conversation between the two, showing that Will and Piper planned to exposed him. The killer then shows up and attacked Will and Piper, kidnapping Will and then later killed him.