Gale Weathers is the new anchor for "Total Entertainment", the future hit show on the Hollywood TV Network, a channel dedicated entirely to Hollywood stars and their lives. This upcoming season I plan to raise the stakes, with more hard-hitting, in-your-face exposes to get to the real nitty gritty behind the slick facade of Tinseltown. Whether I'm defending helpless teens from knife-weilding serial killers or rummaging through O.J. Simpson's trash, reporting is my life and the search for the truth is my passion.

The winter season is shaping up to be very exciting at "Total Entertainment", with several special reports, including:

  • The prison lives of former child celebrities.
  • An entire week dedicated to "outing" gay celebrities.

Of course, no season finale would be complete without my favorite topic: Woodsboro. This past year I have been in contact with a top-secret anonymous author, whose upcoming book "Stabbed In The Back" promises to reveal the secrets to the curse on the Prescott Family and the truth behind the creators of the popular "Stab" movies, Sunrise Studios. Don't miss my interview with this mystery man on a special live webcast of "Total Entertainment" in January!

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