Touch Derring (b.1941-d.1983)

When Touch Derring arrived in Los Angeles with a circus tour at the young age of seventeen, few in Hollywood even bothered to audition the aspiring teenage actor. In fact, the young man rejoined the circus for one more stop in the small town of Chatsworth, where Don Gordon met the lad and offered him a job on the Sunrise Ranch. Who knew that this young ranch-hand would become America's most beloved heartthrob for almost two decades? Through the Two Dons have always joked that they "knew all along he would become a superstar," Touch really got his first acting role when the lead actor in The Creature With Seven Arms caught the flu. Two films later, Touch was drawing millions of women to the box office with his charm and overwhelming good looks. Sadly, the world lost Derring after a tragic hang-gliding accident off the Malibu cliffs in 1983, but there is little question Touch lives on in our hearts as a true Hollywood legend.

Acting Credits

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