Tracy Patterson is a guest character in the television series Scream. She is portrayed by Sharisse Baker-Bernard.


Not much is known about Tracy Patterson, other than she is the wife of Craig Patterson and the mother of Nina Patterson, who was a popular mean girl at George Washington High before she was brutally murdered by the Lakewood Slasher in the Pilot of the Scream.



When Noah Foster gives his monologue about how you can't do a slasher movie as a TV Series, Tracy and Craig are arriving home after being out of town for the weekend. Tracy calls out for Nina but with no response checks outside and sees a trail of blood.

She follows the trail and discovers Nina's corpse floating face down in the swimming pool. Tracy screams in horror, upon seeing her daughter’s corpse.


Season 1


  • She and her husband Craig were out of town when Nina was murdered.
  • Was the first to discover Nina dead.
  • She shares similarities with Mrs. Becker as they both screamed in horror as they were first to discovered their daughters dead bodies.
    • Similar clothing - both mothers wore gray jackets.

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