Scream4 05

Jill and Trevor

Trevor Sheldon and Jill Roberts were in love until Trevor cheated on her. Trevor cheated on Jill with Jenny Randall.

Scream 4

Trevor wanted Jill back and went after her, calling her. He followed her and came into her house without permission climbing through her window (like Billy once did for Sidney). He also tells Kirby and Olivia to tell Jill to talk with him. In the climax, he is captured by Charlie. Jill, who is revealed to be Ghostface along with Charlie, shoots Trevor in the crotch then in the head, obviously killing him. ( The murder was reciprical to the original. Jill shooting his crotch is recirprical to Sidney's "reverse intercourse" move done on Billy where Sidney stuck her finger in Billy Loomis's wound from the umbrella in the original. Sidney and Jill, both, shoot their former boyfriends in the head. )

Jill and Charlie wanted to fram him to be The New Billy Loomis for her Remake of The Woodsboro Murders. She wanted to be the new Sidney; the sole survivor so she could become famous and become the new Sidney Prescott and Randy Meeks. But it ultimately failed when Jill betrayed and killed Charlie and Sidney, Judy, Gale, and Dewey told everyone the truth that Jill tricked them and they believed them and she officially became the new generation's Billy Loomis and Trevor officially the new generation's Neil Prescott.


Jill was based on Billy Loomis and Trevor was based on Neil Prescott. While Billy was the killer and Sidney was the survivor in Scream, Jill was the killer and Trevor was the innocent victim who was framed and killed in Scream 4. His role ultimately became hybrid of Billy's character, Sidney's victim status, and Neal Prescotts circumstances of being framed.


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Trevor-Jill Relationship has a Photo Gallery.

Behind the Scenes

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