EXT. Home - Night

During a dark November night, we pan over to a home from across the waters from Wren Lake. As we get closer to the house, we notice that the house is very familiar. We pan closer and we hear a faded feminine voice coming from inside. 

GIRL (v.o): Yeah, well come on, we can see each other everyday after you get you get your placement.

The scene cuts and we are now in a rather stylish american bedroom, the voice becomes louder and louder that we can now hear her in full volume, it's the voice of the beautiful Brooke Maddox.

INT. Brooke's bedroom, Maddox Residence - Night

The camera continues to pan across to the screen of a laptop, Brooke holds her phone to her ear as she talks into it, as she talks into the phone, she scrolls the internet.

BROOKE: I'll miss you too, it's only for a week then you'll be on your way. I gotta to do this last assessment before tomorrow, so talk to you soon. 

As Brooke cancels the call, she exchanges a kiss into the phone. She smirks and places her phone next to her. 

PING! a messages pops up onto her phone. The ping distracts her quickly, she looks to the phone and picks it up. Brooke reads the message. 


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