Season Three Wishes

  • Season Three not to be the last.
  • The scares, deaths and phone calls to be the scariest and spookiest than ever!
  • Emma Duval to be a fighter, less the stereotypical teenage girl.
  • The killer to be someone not obvious and to-make-sense, like Noah Foster. 
    • Someone predictable will bring me believe MTV can't do anything right.
    • Predictable is Kevin Duval, Brandon James (although it will bring some shock if it was him the whole time.), Gustavo Acosta.
  • Bring back the old tone and mix it up with the second season's dark tone, less romantic and less the teen drama.
  • More character personalites coming out, like in the Halloween Special.
  • Brooke to be the opening kill, for emotion towards fans and impact for the characters in the show. 
  • The mystery of Brandon James to finally be solved in a mysterious and shocking. 
    • More twists less predictable.
  • Flashbacks telling us the story through.

What are your wishes for the upcoming season

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