Season Three is the third instalment in the Scream (TV Series). 


A year since the attacks on Shallow Grove island, Emma Duval puts her mind to work in Lakewood University and away from home, she finds the past is coming back to get her as the puzzle-pieces in her life fall apart yet again and she's drawn back to town. Ready for Round 3, a mysterious visit in town begins haunting Maggie and the remaining Lakewood Six as both Brooke, Audrey, Stavo and Gina become the latest targets in a whole new round of bloodshed.



  • Season Three has the lowest episode count with the amount of 6 episodes.
  • The locations for this season, are Lakewood and Lakewood University, which makes it the first season to feature two locations at the same time. 
  • It's the first time that Emma will not be in Lakewood during a murder spree, although her part may seem minium her screentime is equal to the previous season.
  • Four new characters are introduced, all are Emma's new friends.
  •  A major death takes place during the first 8 minutes of Season 3. 
  • The mystery of  Brandon James will finally be solved. 
  • Audrey and Gina's relationship will be tested toward her loyalty to her friends (I.E Lakewood Six).
    • There are two killers on the loose, one in Lakewood and one in Lakewood University. Both have two different stories that link someway.
  • Maggie Duval will be a major target this season.
  • Season Premiere and Finale will be 2-hours long.

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