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Donald Newton's 13 Reasons Why to Scream

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Donald Newton's 13 Reasons to Scream is a take on the Netflix show "13 Reasons Why." The story's plot is the exact same as the show's; Hannah kills herself after recording tapes of the 13 reasons why she killed herself. Clay acquires the tapes and listens to them. However, in this adaption, Clay isn't the one who has the tapes. There is someone out there who wants to avenge Hannah Baker's death and he wants those who are responsible for her suicide to suffer her same fate; death.

This story has SPOILERS to 13 Reasons Why. So if you haven't seen the show, don't read this story. But if you plan on watching the show as you read some of this, the show may spoil this story as well. So either watch the show first or just read this story without watching the show.

NOTE: Because JMO and I both are writing a "13 Reasons Why" story, I had my story's title to add my name so that the readers can distinguish the difference between the stories.


HANNAH BAKER (17): Hannah is a big part of the story. She killed herself prior to the events of the story. But we see her in flashbacks. She had a crush on Clay but never got the chance to be with him.

CLAY JENSEN (17): Clay had a crush on Hannah. But because she's socially awkward, he could not bring himself to make his moves. Clay is heartbroken over Hannah's suicide. He was one of the only few people who did not hurt Hannah.

TONY PADILLA (18): Tony is a friend of Clay and Hannah. When Hannah was alive, Tony was one of the few people who was nice to her, therefore, he was NOT one of the reasons why Hannah killed herself. He is close to Clay and tries to help him through the heartbreak. Tony is mysterious and a badass.

MATT JENSEN (40s): Matt is Clay's father. Matt is suffering from amnesia. He and his wife were attacked by Chromeface when Clay was a baby. The attacked killed Matt's wife and made Matt lose his memory of the attack and his past prior to his marriage. Matt spends the story figuring what he did wrong and why he lost his memory. Matt's subplot has nothing to do with Hannah Baker.

JUSTIN FOLEY (17): Justin is a basketball player. He briefly dated Hannah until he inadvertedly spread a picture of her around school. He's dating Jessica Davis, who was once best friends with Hannah. Despite his asshole attitude, Justin does have a soft side.

JESSICA DAVIS (17): Jessica was once best friends with Hannah and is Justin's girlfriend. She use to date Alex before he dumped her. Something happened to Jessica that Hannah witnessed. As a result, the killer may spare her or give her a merciful death.

ALEX STANDALL (17): Alex was part of Hannah's "coffee" trio between Hannah, Jessica, and Alex known as "FML." They would get together and drink coffee together at the local coffee shop known as "Monet." Then they drifted from Hannah when Alex and Jessica started dating. Alex eventually dumps Jessica over. Alex will feel some guilt over Hannah's suicide.

BRYCE WALKER (17): Bryce is the rich asshole jock. Even his friends aren't always behind him except for Justin, who is his best friend. Bryce is the most hated character in this story. Bryce has done some real horrible things to Hannah.

COURTNEY CRIMSEN (18): Courtney appears to be a very sweet girl. She is Asian and a closet lesbian. She has two gay fathers. Her fear of being outted leads to her sin against Hannah. Most fans actually hate Courtney.

ZACH DEMPSEY (17): Zach is one of the rich jocks that hangs out with Justin and Bryce. However, Zach is kind hearted and decent unlike the other jocks. He actually feels bad for his part in Hannah's suicide.

KEVIN PORTER (40s): Porter is the school's counselor. He tries to encourage the students to talk to him due his guilt over Hannah's death. Hannah spoke to him on the day she killed himself.

MARCUS COLE (17): Marcus is also a jock within the Bryce-Justin circle. He appears funny and nice. But he's very decieving, especially when we learn what he did to Hannah.

SHERI HOLLAND (17): Sheri is a sweet girl and mostly innocent. She was very nice to Hannah and has a crush on Clay. However, she did something that makes her guilty not only in Hannah's suicide but over another tragedy.

TYLER DOWN (17): Tyler is the school nerd who goes around taking pictures of everyone for the school year book. Despite his character being somewhat of a sympathized character, he does something horrifying to Hannah that makes him a disgusted character.

GARY BOLAN (50s): Bolan is the school's principal. However, he's got a secret. His secret involves Matt and Chromeface.

RYAN SHAVER (18): Ryan is known for his intelluctal and editor of the school paper. Ryan is openly gay. His sin against Hannah, though wrong, is the least sin that causes Hannah to kill herself. In fact, Ryan had nothing against her and even sympathizes with her in the end.

SKYE MILLER (17): Skye is a student at Liberty High School. She hardly interacted with Hannah except at the Monet coffee shop, where Sky works. She used to be good friends with Clay when they were young. Skye has a secret crush on Clay.

JEFF ATKINS (18): Jeff was a senior at Liberty High School. He was friends with Clay, who was tutoring him in while Jeff tutored him on girls. He was the only person who knew of Clay's feelings for Hannah. He was killed in a car accident prior to the story's events. He was NOT one of the reasons for Hannah's suicide.

OLIVIA & ANDY BAKER: Hannah's parents. They won't play a large role in this story like they did in the show.

STAR (16): Star is a mysterious girl who is kidnapped in the opening of the story.

GHOSTFACE (?): Ghostface is the traditional killer. After Hannah's suicide, he proceeds to kill off those responsible for her suicide.

CHROMEFACE (?): Chromeface is the main villain of the story. He is only scene a few times in the story. He has involvement with both the Hannah Baker story and Matt's subplot. But how and why will be revealed later in the story. He holds a strong "Darth Vader" like presence from Rogue One.

Chapter 1

We focus on a road under a bridge that is dark and deserted in what appears to be an empty side of town. We see a long line of street lights as far as the eye can see. The only thing around is the cars driving on the bridge above. But they wouldn’t be able to see anything happening below. Suddenly, we see a dark shadow running on the road. The street lights pick up more than just a silhouette as the person gets closer and closer to us. We finally realize that it’s a teenage girl. Once the girl gets closer to us, we find that she is beautiful and innocent. Her name is STAR (16). She is running scared for her life. As she reaches to us in a closeup shot, she looks around for a place to run and hide. She turns around to see what’s behind her.

Under the bridge is still dark and deserted for a moment. That is until a pair of headlights pop on in the distance. The car is heading for her direction. Star begins to panic and continues running. We find that the car is getting closer and closer to us. Star finds an opened fence around a property under construction. She pounds on a building’s door with no luck. Meanwhile, the car is getting closer to the property. Star runs up to an office trailer and bangs on the door, begging for someone to help her. She stops pounding when she hears the car pulling up to the fence. She lays low as she watches the car stop by the front of the fence. We find that the driver is wearing a black uniform, similar to the uniforms of IMPERIAL OFFICERS of the GALACTIC EMPIRE in STAR WARS. Black Uniform looks around the property. Not seeing his target, Black Uniform drives away. Star will not risk her potential freedom of escape. She stays looking towards the property’s fence entrance as she backs away from the office trailer. Behind the trailer is a fence. Star tries to climb over it but finds that she’s unable to. So she goes back to the front of the trailer. However, as she goes to the front of the trailer, she finds Black Uniform pulling the car back to the fence. She watches in terror as he drives the car into the property.

Star proceeds to back away, laying low in the process, when she suddenly runs into a man wearing a purple uniform. Purple Uniform tries to grab her but Star is able to defend herself and decks him. Purple Uniform falls unconscious. Star goes to run but sees something horrifying and proceeds to run the opposite direction. What she saw were two men wearing twin uniforms. The Twin Uniforms stalk Star together. Star runs into the woods. The Twins follow her into the woods. However, they don’t realize that Star is hiding behind some trees very close to where she entered from. They pass her and continue to walk further into the woods, thinking that she’s running through the woods. Once they appear to be out of sight, Star runs back out of the woods and back into the property. However, upon entering, she bumps into a mean wearing a blue uniform. Blue Uniform attacks Star, strangling her with his gloved hands. Star feels helpless as Blue Uniform tightens his grip on her throat. Star notices a brick not far from her. She reaches for the brick as she’s slowly losing consciousness. Star eventually grabs the brick without Blue Uniform noticing. WHACK! Blue Uniform is given a severe blow to the head with the brick. Blue Uniform falls off of her. Star continues to beat Blue Uniform in the head with the brick. His head is messed up. Star eventually stops beating him. The Blue Uniform is dead. Even though, she killed him in self-defense, Star feels some remorse and regret for killing Blue Uniform. She drops the brick out of remorse.

Lights shine directly at Star, who turns around to see the light. The light is coming from the headlights of the car, which is parked not far from her. Black Uniform gets out of the car and starts to stalk Star. The Twin Uniform come out of nowhere and nearly catches Star but she is able to evade them. Star runs far away from the Uniforms. The Uniforms; Black, Purple, and the Twins surrounds the dead body of their fallen Uniform; Blue Uniform. They mourn him for a moment. But it is Purple Uniform who loses it. He falls to his knees and holds Blue Uniform’s body in his arms. Purple Uniform refers to Blue Uniform as his brother. One of the Twins rubs his back, showing sympathies for him.

Star continues running when a black van pulls up in front of her. She turns around to run away from the van, when she bumps into CHROMEFACE; a large man, standing at six-foot-five, donning a CHROME Ghostface mask and wearing a black hooded TRENCH COAT with a cape. She screams at the sight of him. Chromeface grabs her, lifting her up in the air and carries her into the van.

Chapter 2


A bunch of notes and flowers are posted on the locker of HANNAH BAKER (17). There is a picture of Hannah, a beautiful girl, posted on her locker. It’s obvious from the appearance that Hannah is dead. That is because Hannah killed herself two weeks ago. Staring at her locker from his own locker is CLAY JENSEN (17). It’s obvious that Clay is heartbroken by her death but tries to hide this. After two girls takes a selfie with her locker, he approaches her locker. He just stares at it for a moment. He is approached by JUSTIN FOLEY (17), a handsome jock, who is not happy about Clay’s innocent-looking stare. Justin says that he knows that Clay is not so innocent, saying that he doesn’t care what Hannah says. A confused Clay asks what he means by that. Before Justin can answer, they’re told to get to class by KEVIN PORTER (43), the school’s guidance counselor, who tells them both to get to class. The two go their separate ways.

In MS. BRADLEY’S COMMUNICATIONS CLASS, Ms. Bradley is encouraging her students to find ways to get help or to get help for friends should any of them be feeling suicidal. This is a response to Hannah’s suicide. One student, PRATTERS, suggests that they stop talking about Hannah’s suicide. He points out that it’s been two weeks since she died and says that it’s time for them to move on. Some agree but some are skeptical. Ms. Bradley explains her reasons. As she does, Clay’s mind moves to Hannah’s desk, which is empty. As Ms. Bradley passes by her chair, Hannah appears to be sitting there. It becomes a FLASHBACK. The BELL RINGS and the students begin to leave class. Clay approaches Hannah and compliments her on her new haircut. He says that he wished that he said this to her the other night, confessing also that he doesn’t like change. But that her change in hairstyle seems cool. Hannah thanks Clay. She gets up and leaves. Suddenly, Clay hears Ms. Bradley calling for him. Clay snaps back to the present.

As Clay attempts to stay “with them”, he notices Mr. Porter escorting Hannah’s parents, OLIVIA and ANDY BAKER, to her locker. They are happy to see to the cards, flowers, and notes. Porter tells them that students put that up and the school thought that they should have left them up. He opens her locker and they only find school books and notebooks. Olivia is sad to find that there are no pictures or stickers in there, thinking that this is something Hannah would have. Her father takes the books out. Olivia asks if that is everything, which Porter confirms this. Porter says they could go through the rest in his office so that he can return the textbooks. Andy says that all they want are her personal items. But Olivia says that their lawyers wants them to bring everything, which Andy says that “lawyers say a lot of things.” Olivia notices Clay in the hall. She can sense his sadness. He walks away.

Clay walks into the bathroom. He finds nerd TYLER DOWN (17) standing on a urinal and taking pictures of people from the bathroom window. Tyler says hi to Clay, who just stares at him. Tyler asks him “What?”, which Clay says nothing and walks into a stall. BRYCE WALKER (17), the rich jock who is more of an asshole than Justin, walks in. He’s on the phone with his mother over some e-mail the school sent her. He tells her to ignore it. Bryce finds Tyler. He asks him “What the fuck are you doing?” and Tyler tells him that he’s taking pictures for the yearbook. Bryce bullies Tyler out of the bathroom. Clay has seen this from inside the bathroom stall.

After school, Clay is walking out when he’s approached by COURTNEY CRIMSON (18), a cute asian. Courtney hugs him and asking how he’s been doing. Courtney refers to Clay as “Sweetie” and tells him that he’s been on her mind lately. This confuses Clay and Courtney explains that she believes that they all need to be there for each other at a time like this, which Clay seems to understand. Courtney says how sad it is and how it doesn’t make sense, which Clay agrees with. He says that a lot of things don’t make sense, which Courtney agrees with, and she claims that somethings don’t have an explanation. Courtney smiles and says that she’s glad that they got to talk. She kisses him on the cheek before walking away. A confused Clay says to himself, “Yeah, good talk.”

Clay hears the voice of a guy calling him. He turns around and finds TONY PADILLA (18), a spanish guy, wearing a brown leather jacket standing against his 1968 red Ford Mustang. Tony offers Clay a ride, which Clay accepts. They get into the car and fist-bump each other. Tony asks about Clay’s bike, which he didn’t ride to school today. Clay explains that his mom drove him to school today. As Tony starts his car, he pulls out an old mix tape and puts it in. Clay comments on how Tony is still into the old media. Tony says that they are so much better than the new stuff. Clay comments how everything was better before, which Tony response with, “You said it, son.”

Chapter 3

When Clay gets home, he finds a box with his name written on it sitting at his front doorstep. He picks up the box and takes it inside. He says hi to his father, MATT JENSEN (40s), who is in his office. Matt suffers from amnesia. Clay goes upstairs and opens the box. Inside the box is a map of the town and seven tapes. He finds tape 1, side A. He asks his father if they have a tape player. Matt tells him that there is one in the basement. Clay leaves to go to the basement. Matt turns back to his journal. He is continuing his attempts to discover his hidden past. He reads, “I am good at what I do. My superiors praise me. I knew somewhere deep down that I didn’t want to do this anymore. But the money was just too good. And I crave the feeling of being admired. I just don’t know how I’m ever going to end my affairs with these people.” Matt sighs and asks himself what did he do that was so important to those “people.” As he sits back and closes his eyes, we CUT TO a FLASHBACK of Matt walking in a crowd of MEN IN UNIFORMS, similar to the men who kidnapped Star in the previous chapter. Matt is shaking hands when he turns and sees a beautiful woman within the crowd of uniforms. She sees him and smiles. FLASHBACK ends. Matt turns to a picture of him, baby Clay, and that same beautiful woman in the flashback. We realize that this is LAINIE JENSEN, his wife and Clay’s mother.

Clay plays the first tape. Neither we nor Clay won’t know what they all did in this chapter as they each have their own chapter like the show. But these are the people who are Hannah’s reasons for killing herself:

  1. Justin Foley
  2. Jessica Davis
  3. Alex Standall
  4. Tyler Down
  5. Courtney Crimson
  6. Marcus Cole
  7. Zach Dempsey
  8. Ryan Shaver
  9. Justin Foley (again)
  10. Sheri Holland
  11. Clay Jensen (although Hannah says that he deserve to be on the tapes but added him so that he can know her story)
  12. Bryce Walker
  13. Kevin Porter

In the first tape, Hannah tells the listener that she has entrusted the original tapes to someone. That person is watching them. Therefore, if they do anything like pass them on to someone else without listening to them or destroy them, that her trusted person will release those tapes in a public manner that will humiliate each person involved. At Eisenhower park, where Hannah had her first kiss, Clay is listening to the first tape when Tony arrives. Upon seeing that Clay is at the park, he assumes that Clay is now ready for side B of tape 1. This reveals that it is Tony that Hannah entrusted her original tapes with.

However, what neither one knows is that...SOMEONE ELSE HAS THE TAPES. Because that person made other copies of the tapes while everyone else listened to the tapes.

From here on out, the tapes are in a different order rather than chronological order. Because the killer will punish them in a different order. From least to worst reasons why Hannah killed herself.

Chapter 4

TAPE Tape 4, Side B

SUBJECT Ryan Shaver



An unknown person, a Dark Figure, puts Tape 4, Side B into a walkman. He listens while in hiding in the dark shadow. We never see his face.

"Some girls know all the lyrics to each other's songs. They find harmonies in their laughter. Their linked elbows echo in tune. What if I can't hum on key? What if my melodies are the ones nobody hears?”

Hannah explains that one day she was looking around the college fair. However, she had neither the grades or finance to attend any of the colleges. She runs into a young hipster librarian, who invites her to a poetry reading. Finding it intriguing, Hannah decides to try it out. However, when she arrives at the poetry reading, she runs into the only high school student there; RYAN SHAVER, the school newspaper editor who is openly gay. Ryan attempts to interact with her. But Hannah shows some hostility towards him. It turns out that he published a list which included Hannah having the “Best Ass” on his school paper. (Something we’ll see in another chapter). After hearing a poetry reading, Hannah tells her mother about it at their pharmacy store. She didn’t really care for it and decided not to go back. Ryan comes to the store and gives Hannah a new journal as a peace offering. He apologizes for publishing the list that embarrassed and humiliated her. Hannah accepts his apology. He asks Hannah to return to the poetry, which Hannah says maybe to.

The next day, Mr. Porter, who’s been wondering how Hannah has been thinking about her future, points out that her grades have been slipping, which was strong at the beginning of the school year. He talks about Hannah’s possible college future. Hannah says that she’s been thinking about NYU or Columbia. As a result of her grades, Porter suggests that she either makes a change or go to a state school. Hannah is clearly disappointed by this. Hannah does return to the poetry and listens to one of Ryan’s romantic/sexualized readings, which she’s impressed with. Feeling inspired by him, Hannah asks Ryan to teach her how to write poetry like him. Ryan agrees to this. Over salsa and chips, Hannah and Ryan read old journals and diaries of hers to get inspiration. They quickly become friends as he helps her through the poetry writing. She eventually writes a personal poem and reads it to the poetry group:

“Today I am wearing lacy black underwear. For the sole purpose of knowing I am wearing them. And underneath that? I am absolutely naked. And I’ve got skin. Miles and miles of skin; I’ve got skin to cover all my thoughts like saran wrap that you can see through to what leftovers are inside from the night before. And despite what you might think, my skin is not rough; nor is it bullet proof. My skin is soft, and smooth, and easily scarred. But that doesn’t matter, right? You don’t care about how soft my skin is. You just want to hear about what my fingers do in the dark. But what if all they do is crack open windows? So I can see lightning through the clouds.”

So impressed with her poem, Ryan suggests that they publish it on the school paper. But Hannah rejects this. She wants it to be kept in the safe place. Ryan tries to plead his case by saying that her pain is important and how others need to see it. But Hannah continues to reject this. Ryan apparently agrees to not publish it. However, the next day at school, Hannah learns that Ryan had in fact published it. Everyone at school reads the poem on Ryan’s school paper. Many see it as sexual and thinks that the writer is a whore, which Marcus says that it was written by “a bitch who’s been burned.” Hannah is upset that Ryan took her most private thoughts and made them into a public spectacle. Things become worse when they realize that it’s Hannah due to Jessica’s recognition of Hannah’s handwriting. After school, Hannah confronts Ryan about it. Ryan claims that it was a beautiful poem and that it deserved to be heard. He claims that someday she’ll look back on it and realize that he was right. Hannah responses that this was her life and not his to publish. She tells him to “Get your own!” before leaving. At work, Clay reads Hannah her poem from Ryan's zine without knowing she wrote it. Clay tells Hannah that he liked the poem but that he wouldn't want to hang out with the author because she seem like a dark human being. Hannah is visibly upset and goes back to work.

As a result; Hannah stopped writing and decided to make tapes instead.


Ryan is leaving his poetry session from the library. He says goodbye to his fellow poetry writers. He gets into his car and drives off. While driving, he’s thinking about his new boyfriend and the poem to write about him. When he snaps back to reality, he sees a DARK FIGURE in the middle of the road. He swerves to avoiding hitting him. He eventually breaks. He takes deep breaths as he nervously chuckles. The Figure opens his car door and throws him out. We find that it’s GHOSTFACE. Ryan is terrified over his appearance. Ghostface knocks him out. Ryan regains consciousness and finds himself tied to a chair in an unknown location. Ghostface appears and puts headphones on Ryan. He forces Ryan to listen to his tape that Hannah recorded of his wrongdoing to her. Ryan feels guilty and apologizes. He uses the apology as a way to plead for his life. But Ghostface moves behind him. Ryan starts crying as he begs for his life. Ghostface grabs his hair and pulls his head back. He slices his throat. Ryan’s blood spills out of his throat like a waterfall. Ryan Shavers, Hannah’s 8th Reason and Ghostface’s 12th Priority, is dead.

Chapter 5

The next day, Clay goes to school and is currently listening to Tape 1, Side B (Which we’ll get to in another chapter). But as Clay walks through halls, he listens to Hannah’s voice. Hannah informs the listener that everyone has heard these tapes before and what they did. This stops Clay dead in his tracks. We hear her voice saying “What? Feeling paranoid? On edge?” Clay has a vision of everyone looking at him as if they know what he did wrong to Hannah. But he snaps out of it when Hannah says, “Yeah. High school does that to a person.” Clay goes to his locker to breathe. He turns to his left and sees Tony leaning against the wall. Tony just stares at Clay, who gives him a look and walks off. Meanwhile, everyone is talking about Ryan’s murder. But our main characters are more concerned about a note on his body saying “13 Reasons Why Hannah Baker Died.” Our main characters understand what this about, having all just listened to the tapes except for Bryce. Everyone knows that Ryan was the one who published her poem. But that was small compared to what everyone else did to her.

During one of the classes, Clay learns that Jessica is the subject of Tape 1, Side B (once again for another time). Jessica walks into this class, barking at Zach and Marcus about Justin’s whereabouts. She’s worried about him. In the show it was just because he’s disappeared. But here, with Ryan’s death, with the knowledge that Justin is the first subject on the tapes, with the knowledge of who has the tapes now, and with the knowledge of Clay’s love for Hannah, Jessica is fearing the worst. Zach believes that he just skipped school. She asks them if they saw him yesterday, which they confirm that he was at practice. As Jessica goes to leave, she turns to Clay, seeing that he has a walkman with him. She asks him what he’s listening to. Clay doesn’t answer and she leaves.

In the hallway, Clay is approached by Sheri, who asks him how everything is. It’s clear by her smile and interaction with him that she likes him. Clay says that “Everything is everything.” Sheri asks him if he heard about Ryan’s murder. Clay says that he has and thinks that it’s horrible about what happened to him. Sheri goes on how sad it is that they’ve lost three people now. (We’ll find out who the other person is besides Hannah and Ryan in another chapter). She points out how Justin has disappeared, talking about how Jessica is freaking out because she was his cheer escort but he did not show up. This was her first event with the squad and her round offs are a bit shaky. Clay says that’s worrisome. Sheri says that she’s afraid that something might have happened to Justin like Ryan. Clay says that she shouldn’t worry about it and how he’s sure that Justin is fine. As Clay gets to his locker, his mind is somewhere else that Sheri notices. She asks him if he’s okay. Clay says that he’s trying to be. Sheri tells him that she misses Hannah, too. Clay asked about them being friends, which Sheri confirms this. Clay asks if Hannah ever said anything bad about him. A shocked Sheri says that she never said anything about him because she liked him very much. The bell rings and Sheri offers to get coffee with him sometime, which Clay accepts.

Clay has a FLASHBACK of him and Hannah during a lunch break at the Crestmont Theater. They’re sitting on theater chairs behind the building. Hannah is eating a salad from McDonalds and Clay is eating Skittles. Hannah points out that, “That shit will kill you.” Clay points out that she’s eating a salad from McDonalds, the people who makes the Big Mac. Hannah asks him if he’s fat-shaming her salad. Clay jokingly points out that she called his lunch a murderer. They chuckle over it. It’s a cute moment between them. However, things change when Hannah asks Clay if she could ever be prettier than Jessica Davis. Clay’s shocked and confused delay makes Hannah think no. But Clay says that Jessica is pretty but that Hannah is special. Hannah mistakes his meaning. Clay tries to convince her what he means but he can’t find the right words, which makes Hannah think differently about his actual opinion of her. She claims that she saw Clay trying to be kind but failed. Hannah gets up and proceeds to go back in. Clay asks how this conversation went wrong so fast. Hannah says that it’s how he’s socialized. She keeps thinking that he’s some different kind of male but apparently there’s no such thing. She leaves. This leaves Clay confused.

Chapter 6

In the show, Clay and Sheri don’t hook up until EPISODE 6. But for obvious reasons, this will occur in this chapter.

TAPE Tape 5, Side B

SUBJECT Sheri Holland



"Sometimes things just happen to you. They just happen. You can't help it. But it's what you do next that counts. Not what happens but what you decide to do about it." - Hannah’s opening monologue on Tape 5, Side B.

We see the aftermath of a car accident, where an elderly man is being loaded into an ambulance. We find that Clay is talking to an officer about what he saw.


Hannah explains to the listener that there was more to the story about Jessica’s party (which we’ll go into in another chapter). As she explains this, Hannah is seen walking down the stairs, visibly upsets, having just witnessed something horrible. Clay is leaving the party, also upset, when he’s approached by his friend JEFF ATKINS. Jeff asks him why he’s leaving, considering that “shit was happening for you in there.” (Something we’ll get into in another chapter) Clay explains that he doesn’t know what happened and that he’s going home. Jeff asks him to stay to hang with him. He tells him that he’s going on a beer run soon and asks for Clay to come with him. Clay asks about him drinking. Jeff explains that he had two beers two hours ago and that he’s just drinking Coca-Cola, therefore, he’s fine and not drunk. Clay declines his offer, saying that he’s gonna take a long walk and consider the wreckage of his life. Clay and Jeff say their goodbyes and Clay walks off.

Back inside Jessica’s house, where the party is still going, Jeff finds Sheri and informs her that she’s parked behind him. Sheri tells him that she’ll leave in a moment, saying she’s got a curfew when staying with her dad. Jeff thanks her and walks out. Meanwhile, Hannah is so drunk and traumatized as she’s playing on the piano. She explains to the listener that she wishes that she can leave. But where would she go and how would she leave? She was too drunk to walk alone. But then an unlikely hero came along. And that hero was Sheri, who offers Hannah a ride home. Hannah asks her if it was so obvious that she’s drunk. Sheri says that she doesn’t look so good, then correcting herself about how she always looks but that she meant drunk, which Hannah understood what she meant. Hannah asks her how much she had to drink, which Sheri claims barely anything. She proves her sobriety by doing a cartwheel perfectly. Satisfied with that, Hannah accepts her ride. During the ride, Hannah’s phone dies. Sheri looks down to grab her charger. When she looks up, she crashes into something. Sheri and Hannah get out of the car and finds that she ran over a stop sign. Hannah suggests that they call the police to report this accident. But Sheri is afraid to get in trouble with her dad. Sheri gets in the car as they argue over this. Seeing that Hannah won’t give in to her wishes not to report it, Sheri drives off, leaving Hannah on her own. Hannah walks to a liquor store (a store we’ll see again in another chapter) and asks to call the police. She reports the accident. However, the police claim that they’re already at the scene. What Hannah didn’t know at the time was...this was not the accident with Sheri. This is an accident caused by Sheri’s accident.

We find out that while Clay was “considering his wreckaged life”, he had heard the second accident, the one that Hannah heard was already reported, that was NOT Sheri’s accident. Clay arrives to find two cars in the aftermath of the accident. He finds an injured elderly man. He’s okay. Clay goes to check up on the other car accident victim in the other car. But to his horror, the other victim was JEFF. Clay is horrified to find his best friend critically injured. Clay tries everything he can to save Jeff’s life. Sadly, however, Jeff Atkins is dead. Sheri killed Jeff Atkins when she ran into the stop sign, preventing Jeff from seeing the stop sign, causing him to crash into the other car.


Sheri and Clay are at Monet having coffee. However, when Clay sees Tony walking in with BRAD, Clay suggests that they go to house, which Sheri agrees with. While Sheri walks out, Clay confronts Tony about following him. Tony says that he’s not following him today since he’s with Brad. So Clay leaves with Sheri to his house. While they’re studying, things take a turn where Clay and Sheri begin making out. As things get hotter between them, Clay asks if “Is this okay?” (something we’ll hear from again later), which Sheri says that it’s okay. But after she says this, Clay suddenly gets lost in thought over her saying that “It’s okay.” Sheri realizes that Clay is thinking about something. Clay stops and apologizes to her. Sheri asks if it was something she did. Clay says no. Sheri assumes that Clay doesn’t like her but Clay says that he does like her. Sheri guesses that Clay was thinking about Hannah, even though Clay denies this. He tells her that he likes her and thinks that she’s a good person. Sheri starts crying and says that he shouldn’t be thinking that she’s a good person. Sheri assumes that Clay had listened to her tape and tells him that she was hoping that had he not, he’d see that she was not like the others. Clay basically admits that he hasn’t heard her tape yet when he asked if she was on the tape. This shocks Sheri, who realizes that he didn’t know. Sheri confesses to doing something but won’t go into details about what she did. Clay assumes that Sheri only kissed him and claimed to like him in hopes of preventing him from listening to the tapes and to pass them on. Sheri tries to deny that. But Clay isn’t having it. Clay demands for Sheri to leave. Sheri leaves in tears.

Sheri is driving while crying. She gets a phonecall. She answers it. It’s Chromeface. He tells her that she murdered two people; Hannah and Jeff. Sheri tells him that she didn’t mean for it to happen. But Chromeface says that apologizing won’t save her. She must suffer the consequences. CRASH! A large BLACK TRUCK proceeds to purposely crash into Sheri’s car. She screams as she attempts to drive away. But the truck continues to crash into her. Each hit is more violent than the other. Eventually, her car gets too damage that the car dies. She attempts to get out but the door is jammed from the damage. The black truck backs away far from her. Ghostface intenses the truck, preparing to hit her. Sheri desperately tries to find a way out but she can’t. Ghostface hits the gas. Sheri can only sit there and watch in horror. Sheri screams as the truck gets closer and closer. CRASH!!!


When the smoke clears out, we find Sheri’s car totaled with her insides. Ghostface gets out of the truck and checks up on her. Sheri Holland, Hannah’s 10th reason and the Killer’s 11th priority, is dead.

Chapter 7

It’s the very next morning. Clay says goodbye to his Dad as he leaves for school. Matt says goodbye to his son and tells him to have a good day at school. After Clay leaves, Matt grabs his journal and reads it. “I have fought myself. Conflicted. I loved the success. But I hated who I became and what I did. I had no other reason to live. But I had no way out. I was a prisoner of my own success with them. I could never escape from them. No reason and no way out. Until I met her.” As Matt reflects on these words, we DISSOLVE TO A FLASHBACK. Like the previous flashback, this takes place with Matt at a party with the UNIFORMS. He is approached by a UNIFORM who introduces Matt to Lainie. There is an instant spark between them. We FLASH to Matt and Lainie spending time together, falling in love. In another FLASHBACK, Lainie encourages Matt to leave “all of this” and to start a life with her. Matt is conflicted. But he agrees to do so. Matt and Lainie are married. Lainie gives birth to Clay.

We FLASH TO Matt and Lainie being attacked by the UNIFORMS. Restrained by the Uniforms, Matt is approached by CHROMEFACE. Chromeface wants to make Matt suffer. He pulls out his sword. It appears that he’s going to kill Matt with it. But he turns the sword on Lainie. Matt begs for him to spare his wife. We hear Lainie screaming off screen. We hear the SOUND of a SWISH (Sword), Lainie goes silent. Matt screams out for his wife, who we realizes has been killed off screen. Chromeface approaches Matt. He tells him that he wants him to live to suffer his loss. But that Matt is to suffer not knowing what he’s done wrong to make it worse for him when he finally does learn the truth. Chromeface wields a hard rod and slams it on Matt’s head. And we CUT TO THE PRESENT. Matt is still trying remember and understand everything.

At the school, Clay and the rest of the students are attending an assembly. PRINCIPAL GARY BOLAN (50s) is making a speech. This assembly is about the recent deaths; Jeff Atkins, Hannah Baker, Ryan Shaver, and Sheri Holland. People are shocked over a fourth death, but even more so...a second murder. Bolan tells everyone that this has been a terrible time for Liberty High School. They’ve lost four young souls. Saying that, although, these deaths have brought their spirits down, they will not be brought down as a united school of students. Bolan declares that they will get through this. Clay stares at his principal, thinking about everything going on. Bolan notices Clay and stares at him without anyone noticing. Unlike Clay, Bolan knows something. Clay does not realize that he’s staring at his enemy in the eyes. Bolan is carrying a secret.

After school, Bolan is driving away from town. He is being secretive and determined about his situation. Bolan pulls up to a secret highly guarded location right outside of town. The UNIFORM Guards check Bolan out. They recognize him and let him in. Bolan drives on in. In the building, Bolan is removing his Principal clothes and reveals his own UNIFORM, revealing that BOLAN IS A UNIFORM. Bolan goes into an elevator with other uniforms coming in and out. Bolan reaches his floor and exits the elevator, being the only Uniform entering this particular floor. The other Uniforms glance at each other with fear and curiosity. They know what this floor means. Bolan walks down the long narrow corridor to the double doors at the end. There are Uniform Guards guarding the door. Bolan approaches them and tells them that “The General is expecting me.” The Guards let him through the doors, which slide open. Upon Bolan entering the large dark room, the double doors slide close behind him.

Bolan stands around, waiting in this large dark room with several lights shining throughout the room. Suddenly, another set double doors slide open. Entering is CHROMEFACE. He approaches Bolan. They discuss the progress of their current mission; “Hannah Baker’s 13 Reasons Why.” Bolan informs his superior that there have been two murders already; Ryan Shaver and Sheri Holland. Chromeface says that is good. He even phoned Sheri just before her death. Chromeface said he also phoned Clay Jensen because not only is he the one they want to spare for the grand finale in the Hannah Baker mission, but because Clay is connected with their other mission...Their revenge on Matt Jensen, Clay’s father. Clay is about to suffer big time in the end. He’s going to witness everyone he knows die. Bolan asks if Clay is a target. Chromeface says that Clay is not a target. He just happens to be connected to both missions. He was in love with Hannah Baker, who made a tape for him, and he is the son of Matt Jensen. Both subjects are apart of him. Therefore, they are using Clay’s close connections to both as a reason to move forward with these two missions at the same time.

Chromeface asks how their “man” is doing, referring to Ghostface. Bolan says that he’s doing better than they expected. Chromeface sees the seriousness of Ghostface’s devotion to his mission. Chromeface says that Ghostface is hoping for the girl (Star) as his reward for his duty. Bolan reveals that he’s keeping a close eye on him, saying that none of the students are even aware that they know who the killer is, hinting that it’s someone the main characters, therefore, we know. Chromeface says that their client, also someone everyone knows in the story, must be very pleased with their progress. Bolan says that he hopes so. Bolan asks about Star. Chromeface says that they’ll deal with her until Ghostface has completed his mission.

Chapter 8

TAPE Tape 2, Side A

SUBJECT Alex Standall



TAPE Tape 2, Side A

"You've heard of the butterfly effect, right? That if a butterfly flaps its wings at just the right time in just the right place. It can cause a hurricane thousands of miles away. It's chaos theory. But, see, chaos theory isn't exactly about chaos. It's about how a tiny change in a big system can affect everything. Chaos theory. Sounds dramatic, but it's not. Ask a mathematician. Better yet, ask someone who's been in a hurricane." - Hannah’s opening for Tape 2, Side A.

As we will learn in another chapter that Jessica and Hannah’s friendship because of Jessica thought that Hannah stole Alex from her. Alex also dumped Jessica because she wouldn’t have sex with him. She believes that Alex was cheating on her with Hannah. Even as Hannah denied this, Jessica continued to believe so and calls Hannah a slut. A heartbroken Hannah says “Fuck you” to Jessica, prompting her to slap Hannah. This officially ended the Hannah-Jessica-Alex-FML trio. A list was also passed around the school. In the list, Jessica is labeled as the one with the “Worst Ass” and Hannah is labeled as the one with the “Best Ass.” This damaged Hannah very much. As Hannah says in her tape, “You did more than just put a target on my ass. You made it open season on Hannah Baker.” It led to guys staring and pointing at her ass, taking pictures of her ass, and even worse, Bryce Walker grabbed her ass at the liquor store, saying how tight it is. It hurt Hannah and made her more sexualized than she already was from rumors (a subject that we’ll get into in another chapter). Alex took away her best friend and damaged her self-esteem.


Alex and Clay are at the Monet. Clay asks how many espressos are in Alex’s coffee, which Alex claims to be a lot. Clay says that drinking coffee isn’t a good idea since Clay has anxiety. Alex confirms that he does, too. Clay asks Alex if he was the one who put Hannah and Jessica in that list. Alex is shocked to learn that Clay really didn’t know this like everyone else, which he explains that he didn’t trace the handwriting. Clay wonders if everything started over that list. Alex thinks it all really goes back to Jessica’s party. Clay remembers the party as something that happened between him and Hannah (something we’ll get into in another chapter). Clay wonders if this is about him. Alex asks where he’s at in the tapes. Clay tells him that he’s still listening to Alex’s tape. Alex says that he listened to them twice in one night. Clay admits that he could only listen to bits and pieces or else he gets panic attacks. Alex says he wishes that he never made that list, feeling guilty over it. It’s now that we learn that Bryce started the list and the other guys added to it. Clay asks why he’s friends with them. Alex claims that he’s not friends with Bryce. Alex admits that he made the list because he was pissed that Jessica wouldn’t have sex with him. Alex realizes his mistake when Jessica got mad at Hannah over it rather than him, “So not only did everyone think that Hannah gave it up for me...I took away her best friend.” Alex has so much guilt over what he did to cause Hannah to kill herself. He has the most guilt. He admits out loud that “I killed Hannah Baker!” but also names everyone else. This is heard by everyone including SKYE MILLER (17), who works at the coffee shop. Alex and Clay sees Tony walk into the Monet with Olivia. Clay asks what that is all about. Alex claims that Tony is not his friend and how he’s not even in the tapes. Alex claims that Tony is in this for Tony. Alex gets up and leaves.

At the LIQUOR STORE (same place Hannah called to report the accident), Clay is looking at candy when Bryce walks in. They run into each other and Bryce offers to buy a beer for Clay. At first, Clay rejects the offer but Bryce convinces him. Afterwards, outside the store, Clay ends up running into Bryce and his friends; Justin, Zach, and, of course, Alex. Justin and the boys forces Clay and Alex to drink their beers in a chugging contest. This is witnessed by Tony in the distance, who’s not impressed by it. Clay ends up winning and leaves immediately. He nearly gets ran over while crossing the street to meet up with Tony. Clay questions Tony’s motives, which angers Tony, who says, “If you can’t trust me, I can’t help you.” Tony gets in his car and drives off. Clay follows him on his bike. Clay finds him at a construction site, where he witnesses Tony and his brothers beating up a guy.

That night at Bryce’s, while Justin and Bryce play fight and Zach and Marcus are playing video games (once again, I’ve taken Montgomery out of the story), Alex drunkenly walks out into the backyard by the pool. He eventually loses his balance and falls into the pool. He considers staying in the water to drown. But he eventually comes back up.

Later that night, (this would take place in the opening of Ep 4. Tape 2, Side B) Alex is playing with his guitar. He’s feeling horrible from both being drunk and from guilt. He notices someone standing outside his window across the street. It’s Ghostface. He’s staring right at him. Alex grabs one of his dad’s guns that he had stolen and goes outside. However, Ghostface is no longer there. Alex goes across the street to look around. He asks “Who is out here?!” But gets no response. Suddenly, Ghostface appears out of nowhere from behind him. Ghostface grabs Alex, preventing him from firing the gun. He forces him to drop the gun. Then he proceeds to stab him in the chest. Alex Standall, Hannah’s 3rd reason and the Killer’s 10th priority, is dead.

Chapter 9

Would have been: Zach's tape. Zach was rejected by Hannah after she mistook his reasons for hitting on her. As revenge, he stole her compliment notes from her compliment bag in communications class. Hannah tried to reach out to him by writing him a letter to him and placed it in her bag, knowing he'd go through it. He read it but did not react postively to it.

Ghostface killed at the basketball court in the park. He slammed the basketball into his head a few times. Once on the ground with his face facing the ground, Ghostface stomped on his head multple times.

Chapter 10

Would have been: Matt finally remembers his past and tells Clay about it. It turns out that he was a member of the Uniform criminal organization. He still cannot remember the organization's name (as it's revealed at the very end). Matt was successful and respect by the organization. But he hated himself for the crimes he committed. He wanted a way out but couldn't find a way. Then he met Lainie. She encouraged him to leave. The two got married and had Clay. Chromeface and the Uniforms murdered Lainie in revenge and injured Matt to make him suffer amnesia.

Chapter 11

Would have been: Justin and Jessica's tape. Justin was Hannah's first boyfriend and her first kiss. He was taking pictures of their time together at the park. One of them was her going down the slide which revealed her panties. When he gloated about their date, he did not stop Bryce from spreading the undies picture to everyone. This started rumors that Hannah was easy, a slut, and that the two had sex. Jessica became Hannah's best friend when they became new at the school. They began to have coffee with Alex Standall at the Monet. The three would call themselves the "FML" trio. But they drifted when Jessica and Alex started dating. After Alex dumped Jessica, he made a list that labeled Hannah with the "Best Ass" and Jessica with the "Worst Ass." As a result, Jessica became jealous and accused Hannah of stealing her boyfriend. Even as Hannah denied this, Jessica called her a slut. An upset Hannah said "Fuck you" to Jessica and Jessica slapped Hannah. This ended their friendship.

Because Justin is both number 8 and 4 on the list, Ghostface injured Justin but spared his life for later. He forced Justin to watch Jessica be murdered for her crime against Hannah.

Chapter 12

Would have been:  Marcus Cole's tape. For Dollar Valentine Day, Marcus askes Hannah out on a date to a cafe. He was late. But when he finally arrived, he came with his buddies. He tries to cop a feel on Hannah, which results in her pushing him off and making him mad. Insulted by her rejection, Marcus says that he thought that Hannah was "easy." This hurt Hannah's feelings.

Bryce throws a party where they don't realize that Ghostface plans to finish them off. Marcus is the first to be killed. While going outside to smoke and drink, Ghostface kills him by bashing the liquor bottle over his head and then stabbing him to death with the shattered glass. Much like Eddie Hayes/Eddie Kruger in 2X02 "Vacancy."

Chapter 13

Would have been: Tyler's tape. He stalked Hannah, making her afraid to be in her own home. When attempting to set a trap, not realizing that Tyler was the stalker, Hannah and Courtney kissed while undressed. Upon realizing it was Tyler, Courtney freakout. Tyler attempted to make peace with Hannah by asking to hang out with her. But Hannah rejected him. As revenge, he leaked the kissing photo between Hannah and Courtney.

While Tyler Down is hiding within the party and taking picturs, he is killed by Ghostface.

Chapter 14

Would have been: Justin's second tape. At Jessica's party, Justin brought Jessica to her bedroom where they planned to have sex. But Jessica was too drunk and was unconscious. Justin left. But he was convinced by Bryce to let him have her. Justin allowed it but decided that he was a decent enough guy. He tried to stop Bryce but Bryce kicked him. As a result Jessica was raped and Hannah, who was hiding, witnessed it. Hannah saw this as Justin not protecting his girlfriend but instead protected Bryce by not reporting him.

Justin is confronted by Ghostface for a second and last time. Justin puts up a fight but is ultimately killed by Ghostface when he strangled and snapped his neck during their fight.

Chapter 15

Would have been: Courtney's tape. After it was realized that Courtney was the girl that Hannah was kissing in the leaked picture by Tyler, Courtney not only denied being in the picture but claimed that Hannah asked her to do a threesome with her and another guy. Courtney also claimed that Hannah allowed Justin to finger her and to have sex with her. Courtney spread this rumor to protect herself out of fear of being outted for being gay.

Ghostface murders Courtney by slowly and brutally torturing her while bound to a chair. She slowly and painfully bleeds to death.

Chapter 16

Would have been: Bryce's tape. As number 2, Bryce brutally raped Hannah in his hot tub. He broke her soul. Many fans claim that Bryce is the true reason for her suicide.

Poetic justice is made when Ghostface brutally attacks Bryce by castratring Bryce. Then he proceeds to "Butt rape" Bryce by stabbing him in the ass multiple times. He ensures that Bryce lives to feel the pain. Eventually, when Bryce is out after enduring significant amount of pain, Ghostface slices his throat.

Chapter 17

Would have been: Clay finds everyone dead at the party. But when attempting to call the police, his best friend Tony Padilla reveals that he is the client who hired the organization. Tony reveals that Clay was the only one who was going to be sparred because Hannah was in love with him and did not blame him for her suicide as she only mentioned him in the tapes so that he can hear her story. Clay and Tony fight. Clay accidentally kills Tony in self-defense, which he feels guilty over.

The police clear Clay of any wrongdoing.

Chapter 18

Would have been: Clay realizes that Kevin Porter, the school's guidance counselor, is the number 1 priority on the killer's list. However, he also realizes through his behavior and wherabouts that Porter is Ghostface. Clay confronts Porter about his part in Hannah's suicide. Porter was the one who could have stopped Hannah from killing herself. On the day she killed herself, Hannah spoke to Porter and mentioned that she was raped and was considering suicide. However, Porter did not take her serious enough and allowed her to leave, which resulted in her going home and killing herself. Clay says that by letting her go and not stopping her, Porter basically handed Hannah the blade and watched her slit her wrist without stopping her.

Clay then reveals that he knows that Porter is the killer. He asks him why he killed everyone if he's on the list. Porter reveals that the people who Tony hired kidnapped his daughter, STAR. They threatened Star's life if he didn't commit the murders. But Porter realized that he was going to be caught anyways as that kidnapping his daughter, committing the murders, getting arrested for it, probably also them killing his daughter then him would be his ultimate punishment as the number 1 on the priority list. Clay agrees and reveals that he's wearing a wire, which means the police heard their conversation. The police come in and arrest Kevin Porter. Meanwhile, the police find Star Porter's body.

Chapter 19

Would have been: Clay begins dating Skye as he moves on from the murders. Chromeface murders Principal Gary Bolan for his part in their failed operation in avenging Hannah Baker. Chromeface also murders Matt Jensen for revenge for his leaving their organization and to hurt Clay for his part in foiling their operation.

Chapter 20

Would have been: While Kevin is in jail, Chromeface and the Uniforms attack the jail. The Uniforims shoot down many officers. Chromeface does a Vader-Rogue One style massacre on the final group of police officers standing. It's explain that Chromeface's suit is bulletproof armour. Chromeface finally confronts and murders Kevin Porter.

In a shocking twist; Chromeface and the Uniforms are revealed to belong to the criminal organization called "TAREVENDER" (TAking REVENge by murDER). Chromeface's identity would be revealed to be General Jyle Venedict. 

Fun Stuff

Confirmed Facts

  • This story is a slasher take on the Netflix show "13 Reasons Why."
  • Matt Jensen's subplot is based on the story of Jonathan Crane from Noah's "First Scream."
  • Even though Chromeface is the main villain, he's only seen in a few scenes in this story.
  • We will eventually learn about Chromeface and the Uniforms' story in a special twist. (Noah and JMO will go nuts when they learn this twist.)
  • Montgomery may be excluded from the story as we're focused on people who are actually important to the story.
  • In this story, Mr. Porter has a teenage daughter, who we will learn about during his chapter.

Body Count

R# = Hannah's Reasons number

K# = Killer's number in priority

X = Was NOT a reason for Hannah's death or killer's priority. Killed for other reasons or by other means.

# Victim COD Killer CH R# K#
1 Hannah Baker Wrist slit with razor blade Herself Prior to 1 X X
2 Blue Uniform Head bashed with brick Star 1 X X
3 Ryan Shaver Throat slashed Kevin Porter (Ghostace) 4 8 12
4 Jeff Atkins (Flashback) Car accident Unintentionally by Sheri Holland 6 X X
5 Sheri Holland Car crash Kevin Porter (Ghostace) 6 10 11
6 Lainie Jensen Killed with sword Chromeface 7 X X
7 Alex Standall Stabbed to death Kevin Porter (Ghostace) 8 3 10
8 Zach Dempsey Face smacked by basketball, head stomped multiple times Kevin Porter (Ghostace) 9 7 9
9 Jessica Davis Stabbed to death in the chest Kevin Porter (Ghostace) 11 2 7
10 Marcus Cole Head bashed with liqour bottle and stabbed with shatter glass of bottle Kevin Porter (Ghostace) 12 6 6
11 Tyler Down Stabbed to death Kevin Porter (Ghostace) 13 4 5
12 Justin Foley Strangled and neck snapped Kevin Porter (Ghostace) 14 1&9 4&8
13 Courtney Crimsen Tortured via slashing and stabbing. Bled to death Kevin Porter (Ghostace) 15 5 3
14 Bryce Walker Castrated and stabbed in the butt multiple times (raped by knife) Kevin Porter (Ghostace) 16 12 2
15 Tony Padilla Accidentally killed in fight Clay Jensen 17 X X
16 Star Killed off screen Chromeface 18 X X
17 Gary Bolan Throat slashed with sword Chromeface 19 X X
18 Matt Jensen Impaled with Sword Chromeface 19 X X
19-50 Multiple Police Officers Shot or Stabbed TAREVENDER 20 X X
51 Kevin Porter Head Decpitated Chromeface 20 13 1


Chromeface (Jyle Venedict) Main Villain; mastermind of killing spree
Ghostface (Kevin Porter) Primary killer
Secret Uniform (Gary Bolan) Infiltrating the school
Client (Tony Padilla) Hiring killers to avenge Hannah

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