SCREAM: The Honor Club is Donald Newton's second major comeback story. It was going to be the first comeback story before he settled on the Adams story. This is Donald's challenge in bringing two fan fiction stories that, aside from being called "Scream" with Ghostface killers, are unrelated to each other and merging them together into a full story.

This story brings the Carters and the Club together as a killer targets both factions.


TYLER CARTER (18): Tyler is a podcaster who learns about his biological family from a mysterious source. As he attempts to bond with his family, he becomes interested in Abby Wilcox, who is apart of a social club ran by Coda Wayne. The killer targets Tyler, his family, and the Club.

ALI WARNER (18): Ali a shy outcast. She becomes the inspiration for the "Club" to bring people of all social statuses and stereotypes together. She is like an older version of Nancy, therefore, she will bond a friendship with Nancy. She begins to have feelings for two characters; Anthony Bishop and Coach Wisher.

ABBY WILCOX (18): Abby lives with the Carter family, helping raise Nancy, and is part of the Social Club. She is best friends with Ali Warner. She takes on the role that use to belong to Nicole Osburn.

NANCY CARTER (6): Nancy is Tyler's little sister and a frightened little girl. She witnessed her foster parents being murdered. As a result, she's now living with her biological grandparents while suffering PTSD and having nightmares about Ghostface. She will bond a friendship with Ali.

ANTHONY BISHOP (18): Anthony is a member of the club and a love interest of Ali Warner. He become good friends with Tyler. There is a conflict between him and Wisher when Ali appears to have feelings for both.

CODA WAYNE (18): Coda is the President of the Club. When the killer appears to be targeting both the Carter family and the Club, Coda and Tyler come together to find the answers behind the mysteries and secrets behind the killings.

BRITTNEY HOWARD (18): Brittney is a rich, popular, hot girl. Despite this, she is infatuated with Coda Wayne, who is nerd.

CLARENCE CARTER (68): Clarence is a veteran of Vietnam and the grandfather of Tyler and Nancy. While Clarence use to be a strict and hard man, his wife, Kathy, was the opposite. But Clarence is a loving and caring family man.

KATHY CARTER (65): Kathy is a loving wife, mother, and grandmother. She is a mother/grandmother figure to anyone close to the family. She even treats the club members as so.

REY MORGAN (18): The Vice President of the Club. She is very outspoken against discrimination of those who are outcast and not popular. As a result, she is very friendly to Ali Warner and Coda Wayne. She lives across the street from the Carter family in a boarding house.

BELLA CURTIS (18): Bella is friends with the Carter family and is part of the Club. She takes over the role that use to belong to Holly Gifford. Her father is Nick Curtis, best friends with Andrew Carter. She is dating Gary Kemper.

GARY KEMPER (18): Gary is Bella's boyfriend, a friend of the Carter family, and part of the Club. He takes over the role that use to belong to Brian Haynes.

SCOTT LANE (40): Scott is a close friend of the Carters. He use to date Tyler and Nancy's mother, Lorraine, years prior to the story. He is best friends with Andrew Carter, Lorraine's brother and the Carter's son.

CHARLIE RODRIGEUZ (40): Charlie is best friends with Scott, Nick, and Andrew. He used to be married to Lorraine when they were teens. The marriage was to prevent Charlie from being deported back to Spain when his student visa was expiring upon graduation.

NICK CURTIS (40): Nick is Bella's goofball father. He use to sleep with Lorraine when they were teenagers.

CHARLES WAYNE (40): Charles is the Sheriff of Clearwood, father of Coda, and an old friend of the Carters. He was once had a fling with Lorraine Carter.

COACH ALEX WISHER (27): Wisher is the high school's swimming teacher and Head Coach Assistant for the school's football team. He saves Ali from drowning. As a result, Ali begins to having feelings for him, even though she's got feelings for Anthony. A conflict between Wisher and Anthony occurs.

D.W. (47): D.W. is a wise and experienced man with a mysterious history and backstory. He is Rey and Tyler's landlord at the boarding house. He has great knowledge of the Ghostface killings. When the killings begin, he offers his advice on how to fight off the killer. His character is meant to be old, experienced, wise, and respected like Yoda from Star Wars. His inability to move or go anywhere is said to be caused from a past run-in with a previous Ghostface killer. A MAJOR PLOT TWIST will reveal something big about him.

Chapter 1

NANCY RILEY (6) is standing on a child’s step stool, staring at herself in the mirror, and brushing her teeth. Her mother, JOANNE RILEY (30s), walks into the bathroom and asks her if she’s ready for bed. Nancy tells her that she is. Joanne picks her up and carries her into her bedroom. Both Joanne and her husband, JOHN, tuck Nancy into bed. They kiss her goodnight and tell her that they love her. They leave her bedroom, turning off the light. Her room is lit by a nightlight. Nancy lays there, trying to fall asleep. Her bedroom window is opened. The wind hits the curtains, making a noise. This gets Nancy’s attention. She sits up, turning around, and faces the window. She looks around but cannot see anything. She realizes that this is the wind. She is confused over the fact that her window, which she never opens, is wide open. She gets out of her bed, walks to her window, and closes it. She climbs back into her bed. She rolls to the other side, facing her wall with her back facing the window and the rest of her room is. Immediately after doing so, thunder and lightning strikes, lighting up the entire room. The lighting reveals GHOSTFACE coming out of her closet. Ghostface approaches Nancy as she falls asleep. As soon as Nancy is asleep, Ghostface rubs her hair very gently. Almost lovingly. From his posture and body language, there are no signs of Ghostface intending on hurting this little girl. After staring at her almost sadly, he walks off. As we stay focus on Nancy, we can hear the door opening. The light from outside her bedroom lights up in her face and we see the shadow of the killer at the doorway. Through the shadow, we see Ghostface walking out of the bedroom and closing the door. Hearing this, Nancy wakes up and looks up at her door. She finds that it’s not closed all the way. She gets out of bed and goes over to her door. She peeks out of the hallway. She doesn’t see anything. So she closes her door. Nancy goes back to bed.

Downstairs, John and Joanne are sitting at the couch and having the last of their current bottle of wine. They plan to have an evening of romance now that Nancy is in bed. They’ve dedicated themselves to taking care of her since they adopted her when she was a baby. John gives Joanne the final pour when it empties. Joanne suggests that he get another bottle from the wine cellar. He agrees and goes downstairs to the basement. As Joanne sits there, drinking her glass of wine, we see the figure of Ghostface staring at her from behind. However, he walks away from her and heads for the basement. Down in the basement, John is looking through the bottles of wine in the wine cellar. He finds the perfect white wine. He nods in approval. He turns around and finds himself facing Ghostface. John asks who he is. The ghostly figure stays silent, refusing to speak. Realizing that the man has dangerous intent, John attempts to threaten him with the bottle. However, Ghostface grabs it and smacks John in the face with it. As John attempts to get up, Ghostface slams the bottle over his head, shattering it. A disoriented John attempts to recover. He starts to crawl away from the killer. But Ghostface drags him by the leg back to him. He kneels down on his victim, preventing him from moving. He raises the sharp remains of the glass bottle. Ghostface proceeds to stab John with the broken bottle. Already disoriented, John could only gasps rather than scream. Ghostface raises the bottle one last time and then slams it into John’s body. John Riley, husband of Joanne Riley and adoptive father of Nancy Riley, is dead.

In the living room, Joanne is getting impatient. She goes downstairs to the basement and looks for her husband. She calls for him but gets no response. She continues to look around. She gasps when she finds his body. She runs up to his body. She cries over him. She finds a cellphone and a note saying, “Answer when ringing!” on his body. The phone rings and she answers it. It’s Ghostface saying, “Hello, Joanne.” She asks who this is. Ghostface tells her that he’s the one who is going to bring the Carter kids back together. Joanne asks who the Carters are. Ghostface reminds her that Nancy is not her daughter. Joanne argues over this, claiming that Nancy is her baby since she’s taken care of her since she was a few weeks old. Ghostface claims that Nancy’s mother had no right to give her up to a stranger. He tells her that he plans on taking her back home where she belongs. Joanne panics and begs with him not to hurt her “baby”, which Ghostface, with an angry tone, tells her that Nancy does not belong to her. Joanne pleads with him not to hurt Nancy. Ghostface tells her that if she wants to keep Nancy that she must get to her before he does.

Joanne drops the phone and runs upstairs to the main floor. She runs through the living room and upstairs to the second floor. She bursts into Nancy’s bedroom. She gasps and shouts “No!” when she finds that Nancy is gone. Suddenly, a person grabs her by the shirt. She turns around and finds Nancy. She picks her up and cries. Nancy asks what’s going on. Joanne tells her that they’re going for a ride. She leads Nancy to the stairs. She tells her to go down the stairs, which she does. But before Joanne can take the first step down, Ghostface appears from behind, grabbing Joanne and preventing her from going downstairs. Nancy turns around and sees this. She scream, “Mommy!” Joanne tells Nancy to run. But Nancy is too frightened to move. Nancy just stands there and watches her mother’s attack. Ghostface slices Joanne’s throat. He releases Joanne’s body, allowing it to fall over the railing. Her body lands on a table, causing it to break. Joanne Riley, wife of John Riley and adoptive mother of Nancy Riley, is dead.

Nancy screams. As she screams, Ghostface waves at her and runs off, disappearing. We CUT TO BLACK and Nancy’s scream turns to a fading echo.

Chapter 2

The police, including SHERIFF CHARLES WAYNE (40), is investigating John and Joanne’s murder. A deputy informs Charles that there are no other living relatives. Both John and Joanne were orphans themselves, which explains their motive for adopting the orphaned Nancy. Charles approaches Nancy, smiling at her, and tells her that he’ll make sure that she’ll be safe. Nancy is traumatized and in shock by the murder that she can barely speak. Charles holds out his hand, telling her that she’ll be safe with him. He is very patient with her as the frightened little girl is reluctant and slow to take his hand. At the Sheriff’s office, Nancy is sitting in Charles’s office while he’s making a phone call in another office. Charles is talking to a doctor about getting DNA tests taken for the orphan little girl. We find that Charles is holding a picture. We get a closeup shot of the picture; Charles with LORRAINE CARTER (36). We find that Lorraine looks exactly like Nancy. The date on the picture is stated to be February of 2001, which is nine months before Nancy’s birth. Could Charles and Lorraine be Nancy’s biological parents? Charles gives Nancy a glance, recognizing Lorraine in her.

The next day, Charles takes Nancy to a doctor where the doctor swabs both her mouth and nose. Charles tells the doctor to be discreet about what they’re doing. The doctor agrees. Charles picks up Nancy and asks her if she wants McDonalds for lunch, which Nancy excitedly accepts. Charles takes her to McDonald's. Charles somewhat becomes attached to her. He’s developing paternal feelings for her. He gives her a kiss on the head and tells her that soon everything will be okay. Charles takes her to the park and pushes her on the swingset. He also takes her to the movies where they see a Disney movie. Charles takes her to the Zoo, where they pet and feed animals together. Charles and Nancy grow attach to each other, developing a father and daughter type relationship. Charles allows Nancy to stay at his place in an extra bedroom. He tucks her into bed. They hug and kiss each other goodnight. In his bedroom, Charles is having flashback dreams of his brief relationship with Lorraine. Lorraine was a beautiful, lively, outgoing young woman. Charles and Lorraine had a great relationship. However, this was not a relationship. It was an affair. Charles was married at the time this occurred. However, his wife was dying of cancer. Lorraine comforted Charles during this time and it became more than it should have. Charles felt so guilty over this that on the night before his wife died, he ended their affair. Not long after their breakup, Lorraine learned that she was pregnant. However, she couldn’t tell who the father was. Lorraine had been sleeping with several men around the same time, including her ex-husband.

The next morning at Charles’s office, he is given a large envelope. He reads the contents. We find that it is the DNA test results. Two test were made. One is between Nancy and Lorraine. It is a positive match. Lorraine Carter is Nancy’s mother. We find that the second test is between Nancy and Charles. However, before we can see the results of that, we cut to Charles's facial expression. Charles’s face is blank. No sadness or excitement over the results. He just sighs. Charles grabs his phone and speed dials a number. When his call is answered, he says, “Clarence, it’s Charles. I need to talk to both of you and Kathy. Your life is about to change.”

A few hours later, Nancy is in the extra bedroom playing with toys. The bedroom door opens and Charles walks in. They smile at each other. Charles moves out of the way for CLARENCE (68) and KATHY (65) to walk into the bedroom. They gasps in shock upon seeing Nancy. All they can see is their daughter, Lorraine, in her. The couple shed tears. Nancy is confused by this. Charles tells Nancy that this is her grandparents. They approach her. Nancy is shy and uncertain how to react. They tell her that it’s okay. Kathy opens her arms out, signal for Nancy to come to her. Nancy slowly approaches Kathy and climbs into her arms. Kathy picks her up, hugging her. Clarence rubs her back. This is a bittersweet moment for them. They are meeting their granddaughter for the first time. But it took them six years to learn about her. Their daughter died before telling them about this. Charles says goodbye to Nancy, hugging and kissing her before she leaves with her grandparents.

After Nancy has left, Charles goes to his personal office downstairs. He pulls out the DNA results. He reads the results between him and Nancy again. We still do not see these results. Charles breaks down crying. He rips the test up, throwing them in the trash by his desk. He leans his head down on his desk, burying his face into his arms. He continues to sob over this.

Chapter 3


At Clearwood High School, all of our main characters; ALI WARNER, ABBY WILCOX, BRITTNEY HOWARD, CODA WAYNE, ANTHONY BISHOP, BELLA CURTIS, GARY KEMPER, and REY MORGAN (all 18) are at an after school function. This takes place at the school swimming pool. Also attending is the rich and popular, MANDY MCGUIRE (18), who is friends with Bella and Brittney. Mandy is clearly the leader of the three. While Mandy accepts Abby and Rey, who are beautiful but not popular, she despises Ali, who has her own beauty but not to the level of “model, rich, and popular” looks. She is not the type that popular girls like Mandy would hang out with. However, Abby and Bella are friends Ali. She reminds them of an older version of Nancy Carter, who is still new to their family life outside of school. What makes this situation worse is that both Mandy and Ali like the same guy; Anthony Bishop. Anthony is tall at 6'2", muscular, and has a mixture of looks of both a pretty boy and a hard-tough face. He's got the looks that any woman would want in a man. Throughout the entire day, Mandy tried to get Anthony's attention, but he showed no interest in her. Ali, on the other hand, got all of his attention. This really angered Mandy. Now, here at the pool, Mandy is wearing a sexy two piece bathing suit, while Ali is wearing a full piece bathing suit, looking more modest than other girls, yet Anthony appears to have eyes for her rather than Mandy.

While discussing the situation with Bella and Brittney, Bella tells Mandy that Anthony probably doesn't like her bitchy attitude and, therefore, doesn't like her. Mandy tells her that everyone loves her even if she has a bitchy attitude. She claims that, that is her charm. Mandy notices that Ali refuses to go into the water. As Bella walks off to go talk to Abby, Mandy coaxes Brittney into telling her the reason why Ali refuses to go into the water. Brittney tells her that Ali cannot swim and almost drowned as a child. This puts an idea in Mandy's head. She pulls her friend, Will Bailey, aside and tells him a plan that she has.

Sometime later, Mandy gets all of the girls together; Ali, Abby, Bella, Brittney, and Rey. She tells them that she's going to play a game with them. She puts a blindfold on Will and tells them that whichever girl is touched by Will gets to throw him in the pool. The girls find this a stupid game but goes with it anyways. With Will blindfolded, although he can really see, he slowly walks back and forth between the girls. Eventually, he stops and touches Ali, who then grabs him and goes to throw him. But in a surprising twist, Will spins her around and throws her in the pool. Mandy and Will laugh at her. The others are terrified, especially Brittney, who realizes that she caused this. Anthony attempts to run over to help Ali. Will turns to two of male friends, nodding at them, and they approach Anthony, preventing him from saving Ali. Ali goes down underwater. Everyone else panics. Suddenly, a mysterious person jumps into the water. Ali has plunged down to the bottom, losing consciousness. The mysterious person, a large male with muscles, dives down and grabs her. The man brings up to the surface.

Ali is brought out of the pool by the man. He is Alex Wisher, the swimming teacher and the head coach's assistant for the football team. Wisher places Ali on the ground and performs CPR on her. Ali regains consciousness and coughs up water. Wisher asks her if she's okay. She turns to him and stares into his eyes. He's her hero...and now the object of her affection. She tells him that she's okay. Abby, Anthony, Bella, and Brittney run up to her. They check up on her and find that she is okay. Anthony notices the looks that she's giving Wisher, which makes him somewhat jealous. Brittney apologizes to Ali, telling her that she was coaxed by Mandy to telling her about her fear of water. Ali forgives her. Brittney, with the support of Abby and Bella, denounces Mandy as a friend. Anthony tells Mandy that he has no interest in her after this. This angers Mandy, calling them losers who she doesn't need in her. But she finds that she's alone. Only Will shows interest in staying by her side.

Abby and Bella are giving Ali a ride home. They apologize to her for the way Mandy treats her. Ali asks them why they're friends with her. They tell her that they're not anymore. Bella tells her that she wants Ali to hang out with them tomorrow to show the rest of the school that they don't need Mandy or anyone "popular" to be cool or to belong in the "cool crowd." Ali smiles and says that she'd like that. Abby and Bella drop her off, hugging her, and telling her that they love her, which makes Ali feel better. Ali goes inside her house.

Later that night, we see a DARK FIGURE (Ghostface) from behind, staring out to space. He presses a button on his phone, which is on speaker. He says that "It is time." But who is he talking to? What is it time for? What is behind it all?

Chapter 4

Later that night, Nancy, is sitting at the couch, staring out at the window. She sees a DARK FIGURE standing outside. When the lightning shines on the streets, we see that it’s Ghostface. Nancy is frightened. She closes her eyes. When she opens them up, Ghostface is gone. Abby comes up to next to her and asks Nancy why she’s up past her bedtime. Nancy tells her that she can’t sleep. Abby remembers that Nancy still has nightmares about her adoptive parents’ murder, which she witnessed. Abby tells her that she’s safe now and that nobody will come to hurt her. She convinces her to come bed. Abby tucks Nancy to bed. She kisses her on the forehead and tells her that she loves her. They say goodnight to each other before Abby leaves.

In Abby’s bedroom, which use to be Lorraine’s room, Abby removes her shirt, revealing that she’s wearing a white bra. She checks herself out. Touching her stomach. She senses something outside the window. She peeks at her window. Standing out on the porch across the street, smoking a cigarette, is Tyler Morrison (18). Abby and Tyler stare at each other. It’s obvious that there is an attraction between them. Tyler finishes his cigarette and walks back into the his house. A sign on the front door says, “D.W.’s Boarding House.”

Tyler heads for the stairs, saying goodnight to his landlord, D.W. (47). We focus on D.W. for a moment. We get a sense of familiarity toward him. Like we've seen him before. He has dark hair, with gray sprinkled all over, and a grey mustache. On his wall are pictures, medals, and newspaper clippings of previous Ghostface killings of the past. There is a picture of his younger sister and her best friend, who was also D.W.'s best friend. We find a picture of D.W.'s future wife with him. Then a wedding picture of D.W., his bride, and their best friend (same girl from previous pictures). Then we find the obituaries of D.W.'s sister, their best friend, and his wife.

In Tyler’s bedroom, Tyler walks in and takes a seat at his latop. He starts his podcasting recording.

TYLER: Hello, listeners. This is Tyler Morrison. Coming to you with another personal story. As you all know that about a few months ago, I received an anonymous call from someone who claimed to have known my real mother and her family. At first, I thought it was a scam and not real. But he provided me with real evidence, proving to me who my real mother was and her family. Of course, for privacy reasons, I will NOT go into details on who my mother is or members of her family. But what I can tell you is that I’ve seen my family. I’ve yet to meet them personally, but I’ve seen them. And I only wish that my mother hadn’t given me up for adoption. The family seems like nice people. And I wish that I could just go up there and tell them who I am. But I’m not sure how they’d take it.

Back at Nancy’s bedroom, Nancy is struggling to sleep. She is afraid of the thunder and lightning. She hears people talking. Then we get FLASHCUTS of John and Joanne's murder. Nancy stands there watching as Ghostface murders them both. Through these flashback nightmares, Nancy also witnesses John's murder despite not having actually seen it happen. The flashback cuts to a closeup of Ghostface raising a knife at Nancy. This causes Nancy scream in her bed. Her grandparents run in and approach her They snap Nancy out of her nightmare/flashback. She cries in her grandmother’s arms as they comfort her. From Clarence’s reaction, we can see how protective he is of his granddaughter. Clarence holds her, calling her his “Baby Girl.” He tucks her in and tells her that she’ll be okay.

Back in their bedroom, Clarence and Kathy climb into bed and sigh. They’re sad by what their granddaughter went through. Kathy says that while she’s sad that her adoptive parents were murdered but that she’s glad it lead to them meeting her. Clarence also is happy that he’s met his granddaughter, saying how she’s a real joy to have. But the nightmares are the biggest consequences. They talk about how they wish Lorraine had just told them about their granddaughter, allowing them to adopt her rather than giving her up. Kathy asks Clarence if he suppose that there are other grandchildren from Lorraine. Clarence says that considering Lorraine’s history that he wouldn’t be surprise if there were other kids that they don’t know about.

Chapter 5

Will’s car pulls into a parking spot outside a large building. Mandy is still pissed off over her friends abandoning her over Ali. Will tells her that she’s rich and popular, therefore, she can have anything and anyone that she wants. Mandy points out that can’t have Anthony because he likes that “loser” Ali. Will tells her to forget about Anthony, because she still has Will there for her. Will tells her to come into the party with him and she’ll soon forget about all of this. Mandy agrees and they get out of the car. As they approach the main entrance of the building, we see a dark figure walking into our view. He stands and watches them go inside.

In the building, we find that there is a party going on. It is very dark with flashy colorful lights including strobe lights. Some people are wearing glowing necklaces and are drinking out of lit up cups. Even worse is that many of them are even wearing the Ghostface mask. Many of the partiers appear to be either drunk or high on drugs. At first Mandy isn’t uncomfortable with the atmosphere but Will pressures her into it. Will asks the bartender for the “special” drink. As the bartender fills their cups, he laces them with white substance. Will and Mandy drink their drinks. Will has Mandy drink up the cup at once, which she does. Some music plays in the background. Will pulls Mandy onto the dance floor and they start dancing. As they dance, Mandy sees our Ghostface, who blends in with the fake partying Ghostfaces. His eyes turn red, which trips her out. The drugs are kicking in. But Will continues to encourage her to go with flow. Influenced by the drugs and alcohol, Mandy dances freely without thinking about her moves. Our Ghostface just stands there watching them. Two drugged up girls are dancing against him, rubbing their chests against him, and touching him all over his body. He goes along with it. He takes out his knife and rubs the blade on one of the girls. She appears to be turned on by it. She even asks for him to cut her with it. He obliges her, cutting her face a little. The girl has an orgasm over it. As the girl, too drugged out to know what she’s doing, disappears into the crowd, our Ghostface turns back to Mandy and Will, who are both drugged out.

Will tells her that he’s got to go to the bathroom. As Will heads for the bathroom, Mandy goes to the bar and asks for another drink. The bartender fills up her cup, lacing it once again. In the bathroom, Will barges in. He’s high but not high enough for his satisfaction. He passes several male partiers. Many of them are wearing different kinds of masks. One guy is sitting passed out against the wall. Will goes over to the bathroom stalls. He looks for an empty one as most are occupied. He finds an empty one at the very end and goes in. Our Ghostface walks in. Two other Fake Ghostfaces sees him and nods to him. He nods back, pretending to be one of them. They leave him as he stands out by the stalls, trying to figure out which one Will is in. In Will’s bathroom stall, Will is snorting up cocaine. Ghostface figures out which one is Will’s stall. He waits as the sober guys leave the bathroom. The other guys still in the bathroom are all drunk and stoned to be a threat. In fact, Ghostface is in the line of view of the guy passed out against the wall. Should he be sober and awake, he’d be able to see our killer. With the sober guys gone, Ghostface barges into Will’s stall. Will is too drugged up to fight back. Ghostface stabs Will multiple times. Will Bailey is dead.

Back out in the main area, Mandy is finishing up another drink. She goes out on the dance floor and begins to dance. She is met up with Ghostface. She stares at for a moment and thinks that he is Will. They begin dancing together. As soon as Mandy puts her arm around him, Ghostface stabs her in the chest. As she stumbles, she embraces him and he embraces her. To all the drugged up and drunk people around them, it appears that they’re hugging and dancing. However, Ghostface is pushing the knife into her chest and twisting it. He is ripping her chest up in their embrace. He pulls the knife out. She stumbles into the crowd. Ghostface disappears through the opposite side of the crowd. By the time people see her, he is far from her, therefore, nobody can tell who she was with. However, they all think she’s tripping out, despite blood pouring out of her chest. People surround her, staring at her. In the middle of the crow around her, Mandy falls to the floor. Mandy McGuire is dead.

It takes a moment for people to realize that she is dead. Once they realize this, they all scream and run out of the building.

Chapter 6

It's the next morning, Kathy is making breakfast. Clarence and Abby are at the table, waiting for food. The sliding glass door opens and walking in is Bella with her father NICK CURTIS, SCOTT LANE, and CHARLIE RODRIGUEZ (all 40). Kathy greets them. They all give her a mother-son kiss to her, as they see her as a mother figure in their lives. Clarence refers to them as "Son" or "My boys" as they each greet their father figure. Nancy walks in, tired, and still closed in her shell. The guys turn and says "Hello" to her. Scott is the most friendlier to her. He kneels down, smiling at her when saying hello her to. Completely ignoring the other two, Nancy smiles and says, "Hello, Uncle Scott." There is something about what she said or how she said that, that struck something in Scott. She refers to all of her Uncle Andrew's friends as her "Uncle." Scott asks Clarence when Andrew, Daphne, and their kids are coming back. Clarence tells them in a few weeks. Nick tells the Carters that Bella told him that she, Abby, and their friends are abandoning their ex-friend Mandy. Abby tells them that they’re not happy with the way Mandy treats Ali. Kathy remembers Abby and Bella talking about Ali before. She asks why they find this Ali girl so special. Abby and Bella turn to Nancy, who’s eating her breakfast and not listening in on the conversation. They tell Kathy because Ali reminds them of someone special that they love, implying that Ali is like an older version of Nancy.

Later, Abby and Bella are joined by Brittney, Anthony, Rey, and Gary outside the Carter house. They’re taking Gary’s van. They talk about how they should start a club to welcome people of different social statuses, stereotypes, and class together without labeling or forcing people into groups of their “own kind.” They all agree to this. Brittney suggests that they name Coda Wayne, a geek, the President and Rey Morgan, a beautiful potential “popular” type girl, the Vice President. They agree as it balances out the social status between the popular and the non-popular. As they drive off, Abby stares at Tyler through the window. She asks Rey about the guy who lives in her boarding house. Rey asks her if she’s interested in him. Abby says she doesn’t know. But she’s noticed him a lot lately. Rey tells her that his name is Tyler and that he’s been living there for about a month now.

At the school, Ali and Coda are getting breakfast at the Cafeteria. Coda tells Ali not to let what Mandy did get to her. He claims that someday that Mandy will be punished by Karma. Ali thanks him for his support. Abby and Bella approach Ali and Coda. They ask them to join them at their table. Ali and Coda follow them to their table with Brittney, Anthony, Rey, and Gary waiting for them. They tell Ali and Coda about their idea of a club to bring the popular and unpopular together. They said that it’s to end the discrimination towards people like them. Ali and Coda glance at each other, basically asking each other if this is a good idea. They look back at Abby. Ali trusts Abby and sees her as her true friend. Coda looks at Brittney. She nods to him. He trusts her for some reason. Coda agrees with it. Abby asks Ali if she’ll join them. It takes Ali a moment to think about it. But she smiles and says that she’ll join the club. Abby and Bella hug Ali, welcoming her to their club. They ask Coda to be Vice President. Ali encourages him, saying that he has lifted her spirits. She continues by saying that he is a good person and would make a good Vice President. Coda thinks for a moment. He nods his head and accepts the position. Brittney hugs Coda, calling him Mr. Vice President. Coda is surprised by her actions.

In English class, the English Teacher is giving the class, which consist our main characters, when all of their phones ding. They all check their phones despite the teacher’s protest. He asks if anyone wants to share what the big deal is. Brittney announces that Mandy and Will were murdered last night. This shocks everyone, including the teacher who is left speechless. At the WAVE music store, we find that Scott, Nick, and Charlie are the owners. They’re watching the news on the TV hung up on the wall. The news talks about Mandy and Will’s murder. The reporter says that Will was found in the bathroom and Mandy died in front of everyone at the party but that nobody noticed anything. Most of the partiers were on drugs and wearing masks. So it is believed that it will be hard to track down the killer. Charlie turns to his buddies and asks if “Mandy McGuire” was the name of the girl that Abby and Bella said that they were abandoning over how she was bullying a friend of theirs. Scott confirms this. He says that Karma got to her big time.

At the Boarding house, Tyler just happens to come downstairs when he sees that D.W. is watching the news over the murders. He notices that D.W. is sadden by this. Tyler asks D.W. if he’s okay. D.W. tells him that he’s tired of seeing this shit happen again. D.W. tells Tyler that if he has to face this tragedy again, that he wishes to be killed. Because the last time he faced a Ghostface killer, his wife and best friend died. He blames himself for not saving them. Tyler looks at the shelf of pictures, focusing on D.W.’s wife and his friend.

Chapter 7

Later that day, Nancy is playing with a ball in the frontyard. Abby is in the living room by the window, watching Nancy. Abby is distracted by something Clarence and Kathy are telling her. Meanwhile, the ball slips out of Nancy’s hands. It rolls onto the street with Nancy going after it. Abby turns back to the window. She is mortified at the sight of Nancy walking onto the street. Abby screams for her. Abby and the Grandparents run out of the house in horror. As they go out, they find Nancy making it to the middle of road. They see a car coming towards her. The driver can barely see her. They scream for Nancy. Nancy picks up the ball and sees the car coming. The driver finally sees her but won’t be able to stop in time. Nancy freezes and screams as the car is coming. Abby and the Grandparents scream in horror. The car is about to hit Nancy when suddenly somebody grabs her and pulls her out of the way. The Grandparents, Abby, and Nancy look up to find that her rescuer is Tyler. Tyler takes a look at Nancy. He gasps in shock when he sees her face. She looks just like their mother. Tyler realizes that this is his sister and it’s the first time that he’s seen her. He turns away as the Grandparents and Abby run up to her. They grab Nancy, hugging her, and asking her if she’s okay.

Abby instantly recognizes Tyler as Rey’s boarding neighbor. She asks if he’s Tyler, which he confirms. They all thank him for saving Nancy, which he replies that it was his pleasure. As the Grandparents take Nancy back home, Abby stays and talks with Tyler. Abby asks him if he’s busy tomorrow night. Tyler tells her that he has nothing planned. Abby tells him about Nancy’s birthday party tomorrow and asks if he’d be interested in joining her at the party. It doesn’t take long for Tyler to decide. He smiles and nods, saying that he’d love to. Abby smiles as she walks back home. Tyler watches her. Noticing him staring, Abby attempts to walk sexy, shaking her hips. Tyler does stare. They’re obviously not hiding their attraction for each other.

The next day at an old abandoned building, the club has set it up to be their official headquarters for their social club. We find that the club members are people of mix stereotypes, class, and social status; rich, popular, nerds, skaters, Emos, Goths, wanna-be gangsters. No discrimination. Rey smiles at the sight of this scene. Being an outspoken opponent of bullying over stereotyping, Rey feels that this is a great beginning of something major. She calls for the club to be in session. She thanks all of the members for coming. She says that their coming is a great sign that they’re tired of the bullying and discrimination of stereotyping. Rey says that their goal is to end all of that today. They cheer her on for this. Rey says that the first act that they should pass is the “Mix Challenge.” The challenge is that when they go to school on Monday that they should mix their groups with people who are outsiders of their usual stereotype groups. They do a roll call vote and the act is passed and accepted. Rey tells them by accepting this challenge, they are changing the laws of society in high school. They’re standing up to those who bully others just for not being apart of their stereotype.

Later after the meeting, our main characters are cleaning up the clubhouse. Abby talks about Nancy’s birthday party tonight. She tells Rey that she invited Tyler to the party. Rey and Bella slightly make fun of Abby, pointing out that they knew she was interested in him. Abby tells them how he saved Nancy from being ran over yesterday. Bella and Rey said that they’re going to help her look pretty for Tyler. She reluctantly accepts their help. As Bella and Rey are already invited, Abby invites Brittney, who in turn invites Coda. A shocked Coda accepts. Brittney smiles over this. Coda does not yet see the signals she’s giving him. Abby also invites Ali and Anthony to the party. Ali says that she’d love to meet Nancy after hearing so much about her. At the Carter house, Abby is so nervous as she’s looking for something pretty to wear for the party. Bella and Rey are helping her out as they search for clothes in her closet. They ask her how she’s gonna explain the reason for looking pretty to Nancy when they go out to dinner. Abby says that she’ll just tell Nancy that she wanted to wear something nice to go out to dinner with. They agree that, that is a nice answer.

Abby and Nancy go out to Abby’s car. Abby sees Tyler through his bedroom window. They smile at each other. Nancy notices this and stares at Tyler. Tyler, of course, knows about his little sister. He almost tears up when he sees her. He smiles and waves at Nancy, who smiles and waves back. There is a special spark between Tyler and Nancy. This, of course, is foreshadowing their future bond and relationship once Nancy learns the truth about Tyler. Abby and Nancy get into the car and they drive off. In an unknown location, Ghostface is staring off into space. Remembering Lorraine. What is his connection to Lorraine? What is his connection to Nancy?

That evening, Bella goes to the Boarding house to pick up Rey and Tyler. Tyler looks so handsome in the outfit he’s wearing. Even Bella and Rey give him the look. But they know this is for Abby. They tell Tyler that he looks great and that Abby should like it. He’s a little embarrassed that they know his reasons. But they comfort him with the fact that they know that Abby is trying to impress him, too. Tyler and Rey say goodbye to their landlord, who is sitting at his chair, watching TV. After they leave, D.W. closes his eyes and we hear the sounds of flashback from his head. D.W. can still hear the screaming and the sound of the knife swinging at those he failed to save. A tear seeps out of his closed eyes. We hear him say in a cracking voice, “I will not let this happen again.”

Chapter 8

At the party, we are met up with all of the main characters minus Abby and Nancy. Gary is helping Bella with some party decorations. Kathy is working on the final touches of Nancy’s birthday cake. Clarence is talking to Nick, Scott, and Charlie about football. Anthony and Ali are talking and getting to know each other. This is the first time that we see them interacting. It is a sweet moment between them. Anthony asks her about her favorite music. Ali tells him that she likes rock music, which Anthony admits to liking as well. They name their favorite rock bands; which are the same. It furthers their connection. Tyler talks with Rey, Coda, and Brittney. They tell Tyler about their club, which he finds interesting and a great idea for society. Tyler is introduced to Anthony and Ali. The shy Ali is not shy when meeting Tyler. She immediately takes a liking to him. But this is not a romantic one. Ali just feels comfortable with him. This surprises Bella. Scott comes up to Ali and introduces himself to her, saying that Abby and Bella has told him about her. Ali laughs with flattery and shakes his hand. Like with Tyler, Ali easily takes a liking to Scott. Scott may be old enough to be their father but Scott still has that “one of the kids” personality. He’s the one adult that kids can either trust to treat them like they’re adults or that they can treat him like he’s one of the kids. Nick and Charlie also have this personality. It’s like that Scott, Nick, and Charlie have aged on the outside but stayed young inside. This explains why Bella seems more mature or more like the parent than her own father. Bella acts like her father’s mother due to his immaturity.

Kathy gets a text from Abby, saying that they’ll be home in a minute. Kathy tells everyone to hide. They turn off the lights and hide. Abby brings Nancy inside the house through the back sliding glass door. The little girl is confused by the lights being out. Abby turns on the lights and everyone shouts “SURPRISE!” A confused Nancy just stands there as they proceed to sing Happy Birthday to her. Nancy, realizing what’s going on, attempts to hold back tears. It’s at this moment that she realizes that this not another adoptive family or a family who she’s forced to live with. But that this is her true family and her true home. They are showing that they’re opening their lives to her and giving her the love that she deserves. Nancy thanks them all for the party. She blows out her candles and they cheer. Abby approaches Tyler, who tells her how beautiful she looks in her outfit. She thanks him and tells him that she’s glad that he came. Tyler said it was a pleasure. He finds Nancy to be adorable and sweet, which Abby agrees. Abby explains that she was lost and alone during her parents’ divorce. So when she moved in with the Carters, she was searching for herself. Then when Nancy moved in, Abby felt that she found her purpose. She became Nancy’s babysitter, friend, sister-figure, and protector. Abby lives for Nancy now. Tyler tells her how sweet that is.

Meanwhile, Ali approaches Nancy and says hi to her. When Nancy looks into Ali’s eyes, the two become one. Their eyes and smile, very similar, show that they don’t have to be shy or afraid around each other. They talk like they’ve known each other for years. This gets Abby’s attention. It makes her smile to see her best friend and her “little sister” bonding. It’s a beautiful moment between our two beloved final girls. Brittney tells Abby how adorable Nancy is. This is the first very time that Brittney has seen her. Everyone adores Nancy. Meanwhile, Tyler and Coda are geeking out over movies, music, and podcasting. They’re both podcasters. After hearing about Tyler’s love for music, Scott takes an interest in Tyler. He tells him about the WAVE, offering him a job of promoting the WAVE on his podcast. Tyler tells him that he’ll think about it.

Abby, Ali, Bella, Brittney, and Rey talk about Tyler. They all agree that he’s cute and perfect for Abby. Abby asks if there is anything in the club rules about needing to be at their school or even in school to join the club. Rey says that there is no rule. She tells Abby that if she wants to invite Tyler to the club, then she should bring him to the clubhouse sometime. From the look on Abby’s face, we can tell that she’s really considering it.

Scott, Nick, Charlie, Gary, Coda, and Anthony are also talking about Tyler. They agree that he fits in with their style. Coda says that he can tell that the girls are talking about bringing Tyler into the club. Scott tells them that he’s planning on hiring Tyler to be a promoter for the WAVE, which Nick and Charlie agree to. Scott continues to take an interest in Tyler, saying that Tyler is very much like him. They both have an interest in the same music, sense of style, and that they are both mysterious. Scott says he’d love to take on Tyler as a protege in the music store. Gary turns to his girlfriend’s father, Nick, and tells him that he wanted to be a protege at the music store. Nick tells him that Gary is Nick’s protege, so he’s good. Nick says that they should let Tyler be Scott’s protege. Gary agrees.

Chapter 9

As the party comes to an end, Ali asks Bella if she’d give her a ride. Anthony interrupts and says that he’s willing to give her a ride. Ali smiles and accepts his offer. They leave. Bella tells Gary that she thinks that those two will get together, which he agrees. Brittney asks Coda if he needs a ride, which he tells her that he does. So Brittney leaves with Coda. Bella asks Gary if he’d give her and her drunk father a ride home, which he agrees to. Abby and Tyler decide to go for a walk. Meanwhile, Anthony and Ali arrives at her house. Ali thanks him for the ride. She asks Anthony if he knew the reason why Mandy had Will throw her into the pool the other day. Anthony tells her that he doesn’t know. Ali confesses that she likes him and that Mandy knew that. She was trying embarrass her and make her look weak as revenge for her seeking attention from Anthony since she, too, liked him. Anthony smiles with flattery. He tells Ali that he likes her, too. That’s why he tried to save her. He admits that he felt a little jealous when Ali gave Wisher that “look” after he saved her. An embarrassed Ali says that she gave him the look out of gratefulness and not out of infatuation. It’s Anthony that she likes. They stare into each other’s eyes before they lean towards each other. Ali and Anthony kiss. It is Ali’s very first kiss. She is taken away by it. Amazed. They say goodnight to each other and she gets out of the car. Anthony watches as Ali makes her way to the front door. As she walks into her house, Ali turns around and smiles at Anthony before going inside. Once Ali is inside, Anthony drives off.

Later in her bedroom, Ali is lying on her bed and playing on her phone when she gets an Unknown Caller. She answers it. It’s Ghostface. Ghostface asks her how she liked the party. Believing that this is somebody who was at Nancy’s party, she tells him that it was a nice party, and says how adorable Nancy is. Ghostface agrees that Nancy is a little cutie. Ali asks if he was somebody at the party. Ghostface admits that he was at the party but doesn’t say who. Ali asks who he is. Ghostface tells her that he’s somebody that will soon bring Ali to her real family soon. She asks what that means and he asks Ali what she knows about herself. Ali admits that she knows that she’s adopted. Ghostface tells her that she knows her real family but she just doesn’t know it yet. He tells her that she has a father, two sisters including a twin, and a brother. And pretty soon, she’ll be with them. Ghostface hangs up. Ali is filled with confusion. Due to the lack of threatening and aggression, there is no need for Ali to be afraid.

The next day at the WAVE, Brittney and Coda sit at the couch and talk. Coda tells her that his favorite movies are Terminator, Halloween, The Dark Knight, The Crow. Brittney also likes those movies. She tells him that movie Home Alone is her favorite Christmas movie, which Coda says is his favorite as well. They talk about their favorite Bond actor, which they both say is Daniel Craig. They both agree how stupid it was that Craig got hate for being blond and different from the rest. But then when Casino Royale came out, every Bond fan ranked him as the best next to Connery. They ask each other what their favorite Roger Moore Bond movie is. They stare into each other’s eyes, smiling, and answer at the same time; For Your Eyes Only. WARNING: SPOILERS TO “FOR YOUR EYES ONLY.” Brittney talks about how is removed itself from Moore’s usual campiness and got more serious and dark. Coda points out the example of that being how Moore’s Bond killed the already injured and in danger Locque in cold blood by kicking his car off a cliff while he’s still in the car. They say that despite how UnMoore it was, he pulled it off. SPOILERS END HERE.

Back at the Carter’s, Abby is watching TV in the basement when her phone rings. It’s an Unknown caller. She answers it anyways. It’s Ghostface. Ghostface tells her how grateful he is that she’s taking care of Nancy. Abby asks who this is. Ghostface tells her that he’s the one who killed Nancy’s adoptive parents. He wanted Nancy to be with her real family where she belonged. Abby says that she will call the police. But Ghostface tells her that if she tries anything that he’ll hurt her Tyler, Ali, and Nancy, even though that’s who he’s trying to bring together. Abby asks him what he wants from them. Ghostface tells her that they have a special connection that they have yet to learn about. But soon they will know the truth about themselves. He tells Abby to stay silent if she wants her friends to survive. Ghostface hangs up. Abby is scared and horrified. She doesn’t know what to do now.

Chapter 10

On Monday, the “Mix Challenge” begins and it becomes successful. All groups of friends welcomes a mix of different stereotypes into their circles. Their goal is rising. Rey and the rest of the club is excited and happy as they witness this throughout the school. Abby is the only one who appears down. Rey tries to cheer up. But Abby is still thinking about her phone call from the previous night. She is scared for Nancy, Tyler, and Ali. Meanwhile, Ali is by her locker. As she closes her locker, Wisher approaches her. He tells that he’s just checking up on her after the incident last week. Ali thanks him again for saving her and for checking up on her. She confesses to him that she doesn’t know how to swim and that is why they successfully pulled that stunt on her. Wisher offers to give her after school lessons. Ali takes a moment to think before she accepts the offer. He smiles and tells her that he’ll see her after school. This conversation was seen and heard by Anthony, who is at his own locker not far from Ali’s. After Wisher leaves, Anthony approaches Ali and asks her what that was about. Ali tells him that Wisher was just checking up on her and offered to give her after school swimming lessons. Anthony appears uncomfortable about it. But Ali assures him that she feels nothing for him. Besides he’s a teacher and she’s a student. Anthony reminds her that doesn’t always stop teacher-student affairs. Ali laughs it off, assuring him that she has eyes for Anthony only. She gives him a kiss. She tells him that she’ll see him at second period before she walks off to go to her first period class. Anthony stands there and watches her.

After school, Ali enters the pool room. Wisher is already waiting for her there. He asks her if she’s ready for her lessons. Moments later, Anthony is walking in the hall when he turns to the windows to the swimming pool. He watches as Ali attempts to swim. Wisher is helping her. Ali begins swimming on her own without help. She screams in happiness. Anthony is proud when he sees this. In the excitement, Ali hugs Wisher, who embraces her tightly. Anthony becomes jealous over this and walks off. Ali and Wisher stare into each other’s eyes. And in the heat of the moment, they kiss. It turns into a passion makeout session. Wisher holds her tightly. Suddenly, Ali backs out. She says that this was wrong. She points out that not only is she a student and he’s a teacher but that she’s also seeing someone now. Wisher agrees and apologizes for letting this happen.

Later that evening at the clubhouse, Anthony is sitting alone by himself. He’s drinking a beer. Ali walks in and sees him. She tells him that she’s been looking for him. Anthony tells her that he needed to be alone to think. He tells her that he saw her at the pool with Wisher. Thinking that he saw the kiss, Ali apologizes and tells him that it was a mistake. Anthony tells her all he saw was the hug. Ali begins crying. She puts her arms around him and tells him that she made a mistake. Not just because it hurts Anthony but because it’s something she didn’t plan or wanted to do. Anthony asked if they had sex. Ali confesses to kissing Wishing but tells Anthony that she stopped when she thought of him. Even though they haven’t officially began dating, Ali didn’t want to ruin anything that they may have. Ali says she’ll do anything to save whatever they could have. She asks him if he wants her to quit the swimming lessons with Wisher. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to do anything because he wants it. He wants her to do what she wants. All he wants is to know if she wants to be with him or Wisher. She tells him that she wants him not Wisher. She tells him that she’s wanted him from the moment that they met and that she’ll spend the rest of her life proving that. Anthony sighs and embraces her. He tells her that he’ll let this go as long as she promises that there’ll be nothing between her and Wisher. She promises him that. Ali tells Anthony that she’s all his if he wants her to be his. He says that he wants that.

That night at Wisher’s apartment, Wisher is taking a shower. As we leave the shower, we find that the bathroom window is slightly opened. A gloved hand pops under the open part, lifting the window up all the way. In Wisher’s shower, as Wisher is soaping himself up, we see the shadow of Ghostface climb into the bathroom from the closed curtain. He does not see this. After rising his body off, Wisher turns the shower off. He gets out and dries himself. The steam from the hot shower fills his bathroom. It’s heading into his bedroom. As he exits the bathroom to the bedroom, he walks through the cloud of steam. From out of the steam, Ghostface jumps out at him. Ghostface tackles Wisher to a wall and stabs him multiple times in the chest. Alex Wisher, Swimming coach of Clearwood High School, is dead.

The next day at school, Ali arrives at school where everyone has heard about Wisher’s death. Bella and Rey approach her in the hall, telling her about Wisher’s murder. Ali is shocked by this. She tells them that she just had swimming lessons with him yesterday. They say how crazy it is that Wisher was possibly murdered by the same person who murdered Mandy and Will. As they leave Ali, she turns to find Anthony standing at the end of the hall. He is looking directly at her. He looks very suspicious. Ali has a look of horror on her face. She’s thinking exactly what we’re thinking. Did Anthony kill Wisher out of jealousy?

Chapter 11


A teenage girl, who we recognize as D.W.’s friend from the pictures, is running through a large property. She is screaming for D.W. As she approaches the front door of the large house, D.W. comes out of the house. However, before the teenage girl or D.W. can say anything, Ghostface stabs him in the back. D.W. goes down. The teenage is then chased by Ghostface. We FLASH CUT TO D.W. being loaded into the ambulance. We find that his friend and his future wife both survived the ordeal. They both defeated the killers. Despite their victory, D.W. learns that his sister was killed. D.W. mourns his siste. We FLASHCUT to 2013, D.W., the friend, and his wife are attacked by a Ghostface killer. D.W. is severely injured and cannot fight back. As he lies on the floor, he watches in horror as both his wife and friend are brutally murdered by Ghostface. We CUT TO present time as D.W. is jerked awake by the flashback while he’s sitting on his chair. He sobs. Destroyed by the memories of his wife and friend’s murder. He feels that he failed to protect them.

Later, Tyler is in his bedroom when he sees Abby and Nancy walking up to the boarding house from his window. He smiles and goes downstairs. He tells D.W. that he’s got company, which D.W. accepts. Tyler opens the front door and invites the girls into the house. They are introduced to D.W. As Tyler and Abby talk, Nancy looks at D.W.’s picture. She asks D.W. about the people in the pictures. D.W. smiles at the little girl. He picks her up and sits her on his lap. He tells her the story about how a young man was trying to protect three girls; his sister, their friend, and a beautiful woman. The first time around, he failed to protect his sister. He was injured but the friend and the woman were the heros who stopped the killer. He eventually married the woman. They never had kids. One night, he, his wife, and the friend were attacked. He was so injured that he couldn’t save his friend and wife from being killed. Nancy asks him if he’s the man. D.W. confirms this. He was so injured that he had to retired and he decided to move here to Washington State to start over. Nancy hugs him and tells him that she hopes that he’ll be okay. D.W. thanks her. Tyler and Abby smile, finding it adorable.

Later that night at the Wave, Scott, Nick, Charlie, and Gary are hanging around after hours. Gary says his goodbye and walks for the door. As he opens the door, Bella and Rey come in. Bella asks her boyfriend where he's going. He tells her that he's going to go to bed. He'll text her when he gets home. They kiss goodbye and he leaves. The girls tell the other guys that they’re going to shopping. They guys don’t seem to care. Scott is counting the money that they made today, Charlie is looking through a list, and Nick is texting someone on his phone. Bella asks her father who he’s talking to. Nick tells her that he’s been talking to a woman online for a few weeks. He receives a text message from the woman. Nick reads the message, which says that she’d like to meet up with him in half an hour at the Clearwood Park. Bella and Rey tell him that sounds nice. Bella tells her father to make good choices and to protect himself. Nick laughs it off as he leaves. Scott and Charlie said that the chances are that he’s gonna just get laid and never see her again. Bella takes offense and tells her “Uncles” to give her father some credit.

Meanwhile at the park, Nick is chilling on a bench. In the middle of the park is the community center building. He sighs as he’s becoming impatient. He asks himself where his date is. Suddenly, his phone dings. He checks his phone. The message says, “I’m in the community center. Come meet me inside.” Nick smiles and replies with, “Okay.” After sending, Nick gets up and heads over to the center. It is supposed to be closed but this does not register in his mind. He opens the door and heads inside. It is dark inside. He shouts for a “Nicole.” We hear “Nicole” shouting, “I’m in here!” from another room. Nick heads for her direction. When he walks into the room, he trips over a large scattering of broken glass. He falls and lands on the glass. He attempts to pick himself up but he’s injured. There is glass all over him. Cuts and large gashes all over his face and arms. Nick gasps in shock over his injuries. Suddenly, Ghostface appears. Nick realizes that he’s been duped. Nick begs for his life. But Ghostface pulls out a bat and swings it at him. Nick is knocked unconscious.

Outside the community center, Ghostface places Nick’s unconscious body inside the trunk of Nick’s car. After closing the trunk, Ghostface goes inside the car. He pulls out Nick’s phone and starts sending text messages to people. At the store, Bella and Rey are shopping together when Bella receives a text message from her “father.” Bella tells Rey that her father was met up with the woman. Rey says that she hopes that he’ll enjoy his romantic night with her. At the WAVE, both Scott and Charlie receive the same text message. They tell each other about it.

Chapter 12

Parked somewhere is Anthony and Ali in Anthony’s car. Anthony swears to Ali that he had nothing to do with Wisher’s murder. He let go of his problem with him when Ali promises to not get involved with him. Ali tells him that she knows that but that she’s been scared because of all of the murders around them. Ali tells Anthony that she received a phone call from someone who told her that she has a father, brother, and two sisters that she already knows without realizing it. Anthony asks about a mother. Ali says that the caller did not mention a mother. Ali tells Anthony that she needs to find out the whole truth about her origins. Anthony says that she’s willing to help her find out. Ali smiles and they kiss.

The next day, Ali is on the couch when her parents, Thomas and Shelia (40s), come home. They asks her how her day was. Ali tells them that she wants to talk to them. Ali asks them if they remember the day that they promised her that one day when she’s an adult that they’d tell her the whole truth about birth. They say that they remember this. Ali tells them that today is the day. The parents nod their heads in agreement. Now is the time. They sit down with her and tell her everything that they know. They tell her that her biological mother was a drug addict and an alcoholic. She was too unstable to care for her so she gave her up for adoption. They tell her that her mother’s name is Courtney Campbell. Ali searches her up and talks to her online. Courtney agrees to meet up with Ali at the coffee shop.

At the coffee shop, Ali sits at a table and waits for her biological mother. Courtney walks in and sees Ali. When Ali sees her, she gasps. They look so much alike. Courtney smiles and approaches her. She asks if she’s Ali, which Ali confirms. Courtney sits down and they begin talking. Courtney starts off by asking Ali for forgiveness for giving her up. Ali tells her that she did the right thing for her. She has no grudge over this. Ali tells her that she received a phone call from someone talking about her having a father, two sisters, and a brother. A confused Courtney tells Ali that she only had Ali and her twin sister. This hits Ali with a big surprise. A twin sister? Courtney realizes that Ali doesn’t know. She tells her that she has a twin sister who was also given up for adoption. Courtney says that she thought that she’d be with Ali. Ali tells her that she’s the only child that her parents has. Courtney is shocked that both twins weren’t adopted together. Ali asks who her father is. Courtney explains that she was drugged up and drunk a lot back then. She also slept around with many men at the time. Courtney sadly admits that she doesn’t know who Ali’s father is. She probably wouldn’t even recognize him even if she saw him again.

At the clubhouse, Ali tells everything that she has learned about to Anthony, Abby, Bella, Brittney, Coda, Gary, and Rey. They’re shocked to learn about her having a twin sister. Rey tells her that she should find her. Ali says that it may be impossible. Since they were adopted separately and she cannot be told of her whereabouts, she may never find her.

Somewhere in a dark and unknown location, Nick regains consciousness. He looks around but finds that he’s all alone. He calls out for help but nobody can hear him. He begins crying as he feels helpless.

Chapter 13

Rey walks into the WAVE. Scott and Charlie are working. Scott greets her. Rey says that she’s looking for some classic rock. Scott points out a section and she goes for that section. Scott approaches her from behind and starts talking to her. He asks her how the club is going. She says that it’s going great. Scott asks her what she’s looking for. Rey tells him that she’s looking for some Doors music. She tells him that it’s for Tyler’s podcast. Scott points it out. After she grabs a Doors CD, she turns to Scott. Their eyes meet. For a moment it appears that there is a spark between them. However, their stare is not a romantic one. But there is some love there. This isn’t new. They’ve had this bond before. In fact, Rey and Scott have met and bonded several times before. Scott is a Uncle/Father figure to many of the Carter family children and their friends. So this is not new between them. Scott asks her if she’s doing everything she has to do. Rey assures him that everything is okay. She tells him that she’s going to school, presiding over her club, and doing other things with special people close to her. Scott smile and nods. She doesn’t need to say more about it. He tells her that the CD is on him. Rey thanks him. They hug and she leaves. After she leaves, Charlie approaches Scott and asks him what that’s about. Scott tells him that he just feels protective of the kids involved with the Carter family.

In Tyler’s room at the boarding house, Tyler is editing his latest podcast audio. There is a knock at his door. Tyler tells the knocker to come in. Rey walks in and hands him The Doors CD. Rey says that “He”, referring to Scott, let them have it for free. Tyler says that “He is smart. He knows what he’s doing. I’m glad we have him.” Tyler opens the CD case and puts the CD in his computer. Rey asks him how he does what he does on his podcast. Tyler explains to her about the basics of editing of audio. He gets up from his chair and sits her down. Tyler guides Rey, taking her hand, and shows her how to do it all. She, with his hand on hers, edits the audio, splicing different sounds and recordings together. She even puts the music together. Rey feels so proud of herself. Tyler and Rey hug each other. Their hug is special. It is not romantic like Tyler and Abby. It’s a special one though. Almost similar to the hug between Rey and Scott moments ago.

Out in the front yard of the Carter house, Nancy is playing with her ball again. Abby is on the porch watching her this time. Nancy loses control of her ball and, once again, loses it. Abby tells Nancy to let it go for a moment, fearing that she’ll run into the street again. However, before the ball can go onto the road, somebody picks it up. We find that it’s Rey. She asks Nancy what she’s up to and Nancy tells her that she was just playing with the ball. Rey throws the ball to Nancy. Nancy thanks her. Rey asks Nancy if she can play with her and Nancy says “Yes.” Nancy and Rey pass the ball to each other with perfect sync of each other. Abby watches them. Although, Rey is older and taller than Nancy, their smiles and hairstyles are almost the same. It’s almost like seeing one and the same person playing ball with herself. Moments later, it turns into a tag chase game. Nancy laughs as she chases Rey. Rey allows her to get tag her. But when she does, she picks Nancy up and spins her around, which Nancy likes. Rey allows herself to drop to the grass with Nancy holding her. It’s a sweet moment. Rey compliments on Nancy’s beautiful blue eyes. Nancy points out that Rey also has blue eyes. Rey laughs, remembering her own eyes. Nancy asks Rey if they’re friends now. Rey says that they can be more than friends. She asks Nancy what she sees Abby as. Nancy says Abby is like a sister but more like a foster sister than a real sister. Rey smiles and says that they (as in Rey and Nancy) could be “sisters.” Nancy says she’d like that. They hug. Abby smiles. But there is some jealousy there. Abby has tried hard to get Nancy to bond with her like that for three months. But Rey was able to bond with Nancy quickly.

At the Clubhouse, Rey is cleaning up the place after a meeting. Ali walks in and offers to help. As Ali and Rey clean up the place, they talk about their day. Rey tells Ali how she got the chance to bond with Nancy. Ali says that every time that she interacts with Nancy that she gets a sense of a familiar vibe with her. Ali says she still hasn’t found her twin sister. She says that it still feels weird to have met her mother and to know that she was given up for adoption. Rey tells Ali that she’s lucky that she at least got adopted and have a family. Ali asks her what she means by that. Rey explains that the reason that she likes bonding with Ali and Nancy is because she, too, was given up by her mother. Except that she was never adopted. She met her father not long ago. But it was too late. She already grew up without a family. She has no idea what it feels like to have a family until now. She sees Ali, Abby, Nancy, the Carters, and the club as her family. Ali puts her head on Rey’s shoulder and Rey puts her head on Ali’s head. For a moment as their bodies connect, we feel like we get lost between the two. Like for a moment they become one and the same. Ali says that Rey is family to her, which Rey agrees to.

Chapter 14

A naked Nick is being nailed to a cross like Christ by Ghostface. The killer is using a nail gun. Nick screams in agony as eat nail is shot into his hands and feet. After he’s properly nailed, Ghostface moves to the other end of the room. He turns around and faces his victim. Nick is begging him to let him go. Ghostface points the nail gun at Nick and takes aim. Nick begs him not to shoot him. Ghostface pulls the trigger. A nail is shot into his arm. Nick screams. Ghostface continues to shoot at him. He’s making a game out of it. He’s not even trying to kill at the moment. He’s just inflicting pain, shooting nails at various parts of his body. A giggling Ghostface aims the nail gun at something of Nick. When Nick measures the aim in his head, he turns to horror when he realizes where he’s about to get shot. Nick begs for him to not shoot him there. But this is ignored. Ghostface pulls the trigger and the nail is shot into Nick’s private part. Nick lets out a blood curling scream. Ghostface shoots a few nails into his chest and stomach. But they’re not fatal. Nick continues to scream.Then Ghostface aims the gun at Nick in another spot and then fires. The nail goes into Nick’s throat. Nick chokes and gasps helplessly. Blood seeps out of his neck and mouth. Ghostface stands there for a moment, letting Nick suffer. After a minute of Nick choking nearly to death, Ghostface aims the nail gun at Nick again. He pulls the trigger. The nail shoots into Nick’s forehead. Nick Curtis, father of Bella Curtis, best friend of Scott Lane and Charlie Rodriguez, and former lover of Lorraine Carter, is dead.

It’s the next day and the Mayor is overseeing the preparation for that evening’s celebration of Clearwood’s 100th year. The Mayor is called away when an unknown person off screen instructs some workers to help move this covered statue in the middle. The workers mention that the statue is late. As they move it via crane, they take note of how light it is. The cover almost falls off but it’s stopped on time. After the covered statue is placed in the middle, the workers go off to lunch. One worker notices some red liquid not far from the statue. But he shrugs it off as red paint. At the high school, Bella tells Abby, Rey, and Gary that she hasn’t heard from her father in a few days. Abby asks if she has called or texted him. Bella says that she has but has not gotten a response from him. The rest find it weird. Anthony and Ali walk together, hand in hand, to Ali’s next class. She turns to him and they kiss. Anthony tells her that he’ll meet her after class. Ali says okay. She goes into her class and Anthony walks to his with a smile on his face.

At Nancy’s school, Nancy is sitting in class with the other students as the teacher is reading a book. Nancy turns to the window and sees Ghostface standing there in the middle of a crowd of kids playing outside. Nancy is scared by this sight. She closes her eyes, shakes her head, and opens them again. She is horrified when she sees a little girl resembling herself being attacked by Ghostface. Nancy closes her eyes, shaking her head, and opens them up again. She finds that Ghostface and the little girl is gone. She turns back to her teacher. She has a look of horror on her face when she finds Ghostface slicing her teacher’s throat. After the teacher dies, Ghostface turns to Nancy. Only Nancy reacts to the teacher’s murder. All of the other students continue to sit there and stare forward like nothing happened. Ghostface jumps at Nancy and she screams. Nancy snaps out of it as her teacher shakes her awake. Realizing what she just went through, Nancy cries in her teacher’s arms. Later, Nancy is in the office when Scott enters. He tells the office that he’s there to pick up Nancy. They have him sign a paper and they release her to him. Scott takes her hand and they leave. In Scott’s truck, Scott asks her what happened. Nancy tells him that she had a dream about the scary man who killed her parents. Scott tells Nancy that he won’t let anyone hurt her. He holds her hand.

That evening, the entire town including all of main characters, both adults and teens, are at the Clearwood celebration event. The Mayor thanks everyone for coming. He makes a quick speech about Clearwood. The speech ends with the Mayor presenting the town of a statue of the first Mayor of Clearwood. The statue is unveiled. But rather than a statue, Nick’s body is seen by the entire population of Clearwood. Everyone screams. When Bella realizes whose body she sees, she lets out a heartbreaking and blood curling scream.

Chapter 15

Everyone is horrified by the unveiling of Nick Curtis’s body. Bella is devastated at learning of her father’s murder. Gary and others are comforting her. Tyler sees D.W. pissed as hell after seeing this. He asks his landlord if he’s okay. D.W. says that he’s not but soon everything will be okay. D.W. runs off. Tyler asks him where he’s going. D.W. tells him to prepare for battle. Tonight he will end it all. Badass music plays in the background as D.W. makes it home. In his boarding house, D.W. approaches his personal closet. He opens the closet and we find hanging up is a familiar police uniform. It’s not just any police uniform. One we know very well. “WOODSBORO POLICE.” As D.W. changes from his “depressed, retired, lazy, landlord, old man” clothes into his old police uniform, we move to his shelf of pictures, newspaper clippings, and obituaries. We finally recognize the past. The newspaper clippings are of the murders from the original movies. And now we finally recognize the women in his pictures; Tatum Riley, Sidney Prescott, and Gale Weathers-Riley. And with that, we’re revealed of the true identity of D.W. -- DWIGHT “DEWEY” RILEY. The hero of the original movies. Outside the boarding house, Dewey steps out in full uniform and carrying a shotgun. He looks exactly as we remember him as. Except he’s no longer a doofus-Barney Fife type cop. He’s a worn-out, battle fatigue, scarred veteran. And he’s prepared to kill himself some Ghostface killers.

At the WAVE, Scott and Charlie are mourning Nick. They cannot believe how all of this could happen. Scott tells Charlie that he’s going to the office and for him to hold down the cash register fort. Scott opens the office door when suddenly, a knife appears to slash at him but it misses. However, in an attempt to avoid it, Scott trips and falls. He hits his hand on the wall and is passed out. Charlie proceeds to panic as Ghostface chases him around the store. He throws various items at the killer. He runs through aisles of CDs. Charlie trips and falls on the floor. Ghostface approaches him and is ready to kill him. With good thinking, Charlie pulls on the rack of CDs and it falls on the killer, who goes down with it. Charlie gets up and runs for the door. He stops to look at Scott. Thinking that he’ll be okay and that the killer will chase him rather than hurt Scott, Charlie runs out. Charlie gets in his car and drives. On the backroads, the road is deserted except for Charlie’s car. It is dark outside now. His headlights are the only source of light. Suddenly, he sees the figure of Ghostface standing in the middle of the road. Charlie swerves to miss and goes off the road. He loses control of the car. Charlie’s car goes down a hill at a dangerous speed. Charlie screams as he sees a tree ahead. The car crashes into the tree. From up the road, Ghostface has heard the crash. He goes down the hill and finds the car. However, upon looking inside, he finds that Charlie is gone. Ghostface freaks out and looks around. But he misses Charlie, who’s hiding behind a tree. With Ghostface deciding to move on, Charlie sighs in relief. He passes out.

At the Clubhouse, Brittney and Coda are mourning Nick and feeling bad for Bella. Brittney starts cleaning stuff up while Coda steps outside. He goes to a tree and relieves himself. As he finishes up, he hears Brittney scream. Coda runs inside. He finds Brittney on the floor. Ghostface approaches him from behind. He turns around and Ghostface stabs him in the stomach. Coda goes down. But is he dead?

Back at the Carter house, Abby, Ali, Anthony, Bella, Gary, and Rey are in the basement. Everyone is trying to comfort Bella. Upstairs in Nancy’s bedroom, Clarence is comforting Nancy, who is traumatized by the body revealing. Clarence tells Nancy that he won’t let the scary man get to her. He kisses her goodnight. In the kitchen, we find a distraught Kathy making a drink. Clarence sees his wife and hugs her. Kathy tells her husband that Nick wasn’t just another friend of their son’s. Nick was a part of the family. Like a son of their own. Clarence begins crying himself and admitting that he felt the same about Nick. In Nancy’s bedroom, Abby comes to check up on Nancy. She hugs and kisses her. Nancy finally tells Abby that she loves her, which Abby tells her that she loves her, too. After tucking Nancy in, Abby sees Tyler’s truck parking across the street. Abby runs out and meets up with Tyler. They hug each other as Abby cries for Nick. Tyler invites Abby in the house. As they go into the house, we find Ghostface rising from inside the back of Tyler’s truck. Tyler had unknowingly given the killer a ride to his targeted location. In the boarding house, Tyler and Abby are searching for D.W., Tyler says that the circumstances of the killings is forcing him to confess something. Abby asks him what it is. Tyler confesses that he is Lorraine Carter’s son. He’s known for a few months. He moved here to meet his biological mother’s family. But he didn’t know how to reveal the truth to them. So he has hesitated. But he believes that the killer who killed Nancy’s parents and Nick is the same person who told him about Lorraine by phone. Abby tells Tyler about the phone call she got. They believe that it’s the same person. But they question what this killer’s connection to Lorraine and Nancy is. Before they can do anything else, Tyler turns around only to be punched by Ghostface. The killer points his knife at Abby, who surrenders. Tyler and Abby are going to be kidnapped.

Back the basement, Ali, Anthony, and Rey hugs Bella goodbye before they leave. They leave through the basement door. As they walk across the side of the house, they miss Ghostface, who waits for them to leave to go for the back sliding glass door. In the kitchen, Clarence and Kathy are eating snacks and drinking. Still devastated over the loss of their “son.” Kathy gets up to do some dishes while Clarence goes to the counter bar that faces the sliding glass door. Ghostface sneaks in from the sliding glass door and approaches Clarence. When Kathy sees this, she screams. Clarence turns around and is slashed in the shoulder. Clarence and Kathy move to each other as Ghostface corners them both. He raises his knife in the air, prepared to kill them both. However, Ghostface trembles. Very nervously. Ghostface struggles with a personal conflict on rather or not to kill the Carters. Clarence and Kathy take notice of this. They realize that the killer is somebody they know. It’s now do they realize that this killer, who killed Nancy’s parents, did this for the family. But who and why? Ghostface pulls out a bat and whacks the couple. The Carters are knocked out. He refused to kill them.

Down in the basement, Bella is asleep on Gary’s lap. He cautiously gets up as not to wake her up. He goes upstairs and into the kitchen. He finds the Carters’ unconscious bodies. Before he can do anything, Ghostface approaches him and slices his throat. Gary Kemper, Boyfriend of Bella Curtis, is dead. NO FOR REAL MOTHERFUCKER IS DEAD! SERIOUSLY! Gary IS NOT the killer this time. In Nancy’s bedroom, Nancy wakes up to the sound of somebody calling her name. She leaves her bedroom and goes downstairs. She looks around and turns around to find Ghostface. He snatches her and WE CUT TO BLACK.

Chapter 16

In Anthony’s car, Anthony, Ali, and Rey are silent and sad. They don’t know what to do or say. Ali suddenly gets a phone call. She answers it. It’s “Nancy”, crying. Ali asks what’s wrong. Nancy tells her that she’s scared. People are dead at the house. “Nancy” asks for Ali to come back. Frightened for her, Ali relents and tells “Nancy” that they’ll come back. Anthony turns the car around and heads for the Carters. The three of them make it back only to find Bella crying over Gary’s body. Clarence and Kathy have regained consciousness. The injured Scott and Charlie are also present. Ali asks where Nancy is. Clarence tells them that the killer took her. Nancy is gone. They’re horrified by what they see. Ali tells them that Nancy has been kidnapped. They ask where Tyler and Abby is. That’s when everyone realizes that they’re missing, too. Ali gets a phone call. It’s Ghostface. Ali asks him where Tyler, Abby, and Nancy are. The killer tells her they’re at a “meeting” for society. Ali realizes where they’re at. Ghostface tells her that Ali must come alone and that he will kill them. He hangs up. Ali tells them where they’re at but she must go alone. Anthony and Scott, both protesting this idea, offers to come with her. But Ali refuses, saying that the killer will kill them if anyone comes with her. She must face the killer alone. Anthony refuses to disobey his girlfriend’s wish. He hugs and kisses her. He tells her to be safe. Scott gives Ali a fatherly stare, telling her to be careful. Ali promises everyone that she will. She promises Clarence and Kathy that she will bring their granddaughter back to them. Ali leaves.

Ali makes it to the clubhouse. She walks in and finds Abby and Tyler tied up. Coda is unconscious in the background. She approaches them and ungags them. She asks where Nancy is. They’re both horrified at learning that Nancy is there. Abby notices something at the door. She alerts Ali of this. All three look at the main door. Ghostface is standing there with Nancy, who is crying and scared for her life. Ali and Abby beg for Ghostface to let Nancy go. Ghostface lets Nancy go, who runs up to Ali, hugging her. Ali has Nancy go by Abby’s side. Ali asks the killer who he is. And with that, Ghostface pulls the hood back and lifts up the mask revealing himself to be -- BRITTNEY HOWARD. Brittney grins and says, “Surprise, my dear twin sis.” Ali is shocked not only by Brittney’s revealing of being the killer but by the revelation that she is her twin sister.

Brittney rips off the Ghostface costume and goes to explain everything. Brittney explains that like her twin sister, Ali, she, too, was adopted. Also like Ali, her adoptive parents told her the truth. But now she has brought the whole family together; Tyler, Nancy, Ali, and herself. Abby asks how is she related to Tyler and Nancy, which Tyler nods for the same demand of the explanation. Brittney tells them that Ali and Brittney are twins through Courtney Campbell and that Tyler and Nancy are siblings through Lorraine Carter. But that all four are siblings through the same man. They all share the same mysterious father. This shocks them all. She explains that earlier this year, she went to a store with Abby where she ran into her real father. The moment that both Brittney and her biological father saw each other, they knew the truth. They'd sneak around to see each other and got a DNA test done. They were a postive match. They began to spy on the Carters and their friends. That is how they learned that Ali, Nancy, and Tyler were also relatives of theirs. Brittney says that Nancy’s parents were killed in order to bring her to her real family, which is the Carters. Ali asks why she killed Mandy, Will, Wisher, Gary, and Nick. Brittney says that Mandy and Will were killed for the way they treated Ali, Wisher was killed for making the moves on Ali, Gary was killed for being in the way, and Nick was killed for something. But Brittney won’t get into that. Brittney tells them that soon they’ll be united together as a family. Before Brittney can do anything, Ali attacks her. A fight ensues between them. Hairs pulled, punches thrown, kicks kicked, scratches made, etc. It is a brutal fight between twin sisters. They throw each other around. They use chairs as weapons. But neither girl hits each other. Brittney tackles Ali and pulls on each other. Ali headbuts Brittney and kicks her off. As Ali gets up, Brittney trips Ali and she goes down. Brittney gets on Ali. She says that she has a big surprise for her and she’ll be shocked when...BANG!

Brittney is shot down. Ali, Abby, Tyler, and Nancy turns to the door and finds Dewey, formerly known as D.W., with his shotgun. Ali thanks him. Dewey goes to check on Brittney when she suddenly opens her eyes and stabs Dewey in the heart. Dewey gasps in pain. Everyone screams over this. Brittney continues to stab Dewey. Dewey falls backwards, dropping his shotgun next to Ali. Dewey Riley, formerly known as D.W., landlord of Tyler and Rey, and the hero of the original Scream movies, is dead.

Brittney attempts to grab the shotgun but Ali gets to it first. Brittney smile and laughs. She says that she doesn’t believe Ali would do it. She knows Ali too well. Ali is too innocent and harmless. Ali tells Brittney that she doesn’t know her at all...then pulls the trigger.

Brittney Howard, twin sister of Ali Warner, and sister of Tyler and Nancy, and girlfriend of Coda Wayne is dead.

Coda regains consciousness where just by seeing his girlfriend's dead body and everyone's position, he knows the tragic truth. He cries and Ali comforts him.

Chapter 17

Tyler and recovering Coda are doing a podcast together. They talk about Brittney Howard’s murders. Coda talks about his feelings as his girlfriend betrayed him and tried to have him killed. As they do the monologue, we witness the aftermath with the survivors. Rey stands alone in her clubhouse, mourning her friends and she processes the fact that one of her best friends was the killer. Bella stands between two coffins belonging to Nick and Gary. She sobs over them. Clarence and Kathy are walking in the park with Nancy and Tyler for the first time with the knowledge of Tyler being their grandson. Tyler and Abby commit themselves to each other in a relationship. Anthony and Ali continue their relationship. Coda is trying to come to terms with the truth about Brittney and as he wishes to move on. Scott and Charlie clean up the WAVE from the attack. They’re trying to continue their business without Nick and Gary.

Coda points out, however, that there are missing holes in Brittney’s reveal. Brittney revealed herself as the only killer. However, Coda “found” Brittney allegedly dead and was attacked by the killer. While Coda is not trying to deny his ex-girlfriend’s part in the killings, but he questions that if Brittney was pretending to be dead, who was the one who attacked him? Also, the police investigated Brittney’s murders and actions and Nick Curtis’s disappearance. And they found the community center’s security tapes that showed Nick’s kidnapping, which provided a precise time. At the same time that Nick was kidnapped, Brittney was with Coda at a theater watching a play. Many of the attendees including the manager confirmed this as Brittney’s adoptive parents knew the owners of the theater. Also both of Brittney’s parents confirmed that on the night of Mandy and Will’s murders, she was home all night because the family was up late watching a movie with visiting relatives. She never left the house that night. The only people Brittney is confirmed to have been the killer of was Gary Kemper and Dewey Riley. Brittney was also the one who kidnapped Nancy. But everyone else was killed by somebody else. Who is Brittney’s mysterious partner?

With that, we get closeup shots of all of the survivors: Tyler, Abby, Ali, Anthony, Coda, Rey, Bella, Scott, Charlie, Clarence, and Kathy. WHO IS THE SECOND KILLER?


Fun Stuff

Confirmed Facts

  • This will have snippets of the stories as it merges both the Club and the Carter family to one.
  • Gary Kemper appears for the first without being the killer.
  • Nancy and Ali, both who are similar, become close friends despite their age differences.
  • Because the killer seems to be targeting both the Carter family and the Club, it's possible that there are multiple killers.
  • Ali Warner, Anthony Bishop, Coda Wayne, and Brittney Howard are the only ones from the Club to appears. Abby WIlcox replaces Nicole Osburn as Ali's protective best friend. Brittney Howard and Bella Curtis are very similar. Also absent are Clarence and Kathy's son, Andrew, and his wife Daphne, as well as twins Emilia and Anton. Should there be a sequel, Andrew and Daphne will return. It's possible that the twins might return for a sequel.
  • Because of Andrew and Daphne's absence, the adult group is mainly focused on Scott Lane, Nick Curtis, and Charlie Rodriguez.
  • In the original Honor stories, it was Nancy who developes a crush on Wisher. But in this story, it is Ali who deveopes a crush on Wisher.
  • In the original Honor stories, John Riley was Nancy's biological father through his abusive relationship with Lorraine. In this story, John and his wife, Joanne, are Nancy's adoptive parents.
  • In the original Club stories, it was Melissa Jones and Callen Milkie who bullied and pranked Ali. In this story, it is Mandy McGuire and Will Bailey. These two are the opening victims of the very first original Honor story.
  • The character D.W. is very important character despite not having a major role. His backstory and history will hit us close to home when his true identity is revealed. We will learn about him throughout the course of the story.

Body Count

# Victim COD Killer CH
1 John Riley Stabbed to death with a broken wine bottle. Scott Lane 1
2 Joanne Riley Throat slashed Scott Lane 1
3 Will Bailey Stabbed to death Secret Partner 5
4 Mandy McGuire Stabbed to death Secret Partner 5
5 Alex Wisher Stabbed to death Scott Lane 10
6 Nick Curtis Shot to death with nail gun Secret Partner 14
7 Gary Kemper Throat slashed Brittney Howard 15
8 Dewey "D.W." Riley Stabbed in the chest Brittney Howard 16
9 Brittney Howard Shot in the head Ali Warner 16

The Body Count may change as the story developes.


IDENTITY Brittney Howard
TARGET Those around Nancy and Ali
MOTIVE To bring her and her siblings together
SECRETS She is Ali's twin sister and is the sister of Tyler and Nancy. They all share the same father. This means that Ali is also Tyler and Nancy's sister.
STATUS Deceased

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