SCREAM: The Honor Club (Part 2) is a sequel to Donald Newton's second comeback story.

It's been a few months since Brittney Howard's murder spree. But her secret partner appears to be finishing the job. Tageting mostly Nancy and Ali.



ALI WARNER (18): Having survived her twin sister's murder spree, Ali is trying to move on when Brittney's secret partner returns to finish off where Brittney left off. She's searching for their father in hopes of finding answers to Brittney's partner. Ali and Nancy becomes the killer's biggest target. This forces the half sisters to get close.

TYLER CARTER (18): Having survived his half sister's murder spree, Tyler is forming a relationship with Ali and Nancy as they search for their mysterious father. Tyler and Abby are now officially together. He takes Gary's old job at the WAVE while continuing the promoting job on his podcast.

ABBY WILCOX (18): Abby is loyal to Nancy and Tyler. She is more protective of Nancy when the killings continues when Brittney's partner returns. She joins Tyler and Ali in the search for Ali, Tyler, and Nancy's father.

NANCY CARTER (6): Having survived her half sister's murder spree, Nancy is trying to move on and recover from her trauma of the whole event. However, Brittney's secret partner returns to finish the job. Nancy and Ali becomes the killer's biggest target. This forces the half sisters to get close.

CLARENCE CARTER (68): Clarence becomes more protective of Nancy when the killings continue. But his age starts to catch up to him and Clarence may have to make a decision in order to protect his family.

KATHY CARTER (65): Kathy is closer to Nancy than before. She has formed a relationship with Tyler, who was revealed to be her grandson in the previous story.

SCOTT LANE (40): Scott continues to run the WAVE in the aftermath of his business partner, Nick, was murdered by Brittney Howard. But when Brittney's partner returns, Scott tries to protect the killer's targets Ali, Tyler, and Nancy. His bond grows with them as he's willing to sacrifce himself in order to save them.

CHARLIE RODRIGUEZ (40): Charlie continues working at the WAVE with Scott. He wants to protect Ali, Nancy, and Tyler from the killer.

CODA WAYNE (18): Coda is desperate to find his ex-girlfriend's partner. Pained that she betrayed him, he believes that the secret partner, who he believes maybe the real father, is responsible for her turn to the dark side. He gets close to Rey.

REY MORGAN (18): A survivor of the Brittney Howard murders and the President of the Club. She has been there for Coda as he recovers from his loss and betrayal. However, things change has they develops feelings for each other.

ANTHONY BISHOP (18): Anthony continues to be Ali's loyal, loving, protective boyfriend. He becomes more protective of Ali when Brittney's partner returns to finish the job.

BELLA CURTIS (18): Bella is still mourning the loss of her father, Nick, and her boyfriend, Gary, who were murdered in the previous story.

CHARLES WAYNE (40s): Charles continues his search for a possible second killer despite denying his own son's theories of a second killer. But will his investigation lead him to something horrifying?


ANDREW CARTER (40): Clarence and Kathy's son. He is Lorraine's younger brother and the Uncle of Tyler and Nancy. He serves as an Uncle figure to Ali. He is married to Daphne and the father of Jeff and Veronica. Andrew and his family were absent in the first story as a result of being away on vacation.

DAPHNE CARTER (40): Daphne is Andrew's wife and the Carters' daughter-in-law. She is the mother of Jeff and Veronica. Daphne and her family were absent in the first story as a result of being away on vacation.

JEFF CARTER (18): Jeff is Andrew and Daphne's son, older brother of Veronica, and the eldest grandson of Clarence and Kathy. He has a crush on Sierra Hall.

VERONICA CARTER (16): Veronica is Andrew and Daphne's daughter, younger sister of Jeff, and the granddaughter of Clarence and Kathy.

SIERRA HALL (17): Sierra a sweet, beautiful, and innocent girl. She becomes develops feelings for Jeff.

NORM PETERSON (21): A friend of Scott and Charlie's at a local bar. He developes an interest in Bella. He is based on CHEERS character, Norm Peterson played by George Wendt. While the character is meant to be the same, he is younger and skinnier than the original character.

CARLY ZENNER (18): A combination of many characters from both the Honor and Club series, Carly has short redhair with glasses and is Goth. Her boyfriend is Keith Glenn, who is the opposite of her in clothign style and class status.

KEITH GLENN (18): Carly's boyfriend. Much like Stavo, he is a horror story writer and very dark. A darker and shadier version of both Coda and Tyler. Although, he is dark, he is the opposite of his girlfriend, Carly, who is full-on Goth/Emo. Keith is more nerdy than she is even though she wears glasses.

ROBIN WARNOCK (30): Robin is a beautiful girl who often comes into the WAVE and flirts with Charlie.

Chapter 1

It’s a cold and creepy looking night. The road is deserted except for a car driving by. Inside the car are three occupants; ADAM (18, the driver), MONICA (18, the passenger), and ERIC (18, the backseat passenger). They have shovels and beers. They are already buzzed. Eric says that he can’t wait to dig up that bitch and to cremate her hot ass. Monica comments how beautiful she was but that it was such a shame that she was a killer. Are they talking about who we think they’re talking about? They park outside a cemetery. The three get out of the car with their shovels and enter the cemetery. Shining their flashlights on the tombstones, they begin searching for a particular grave. As Eric stands at a grave, the thunder erupts as if to give him a sign. Eric turns around and faces another grave. Eric puts on a grin. Because he has found the grave that they’ve been searching for. The grave of Brittney Howard, the killer of the previous story. The three smile and cheer at finding the grave. Eric, clearly in charge of the mission, aims his shovel at the grave spot. He gives the order for them to start the digging. The trio proceeds to dig.

As the gang digs up Brittney’s grave, we find ourselves in the POV of a DARK FIGURE. The Figure watches them. The gang eventually digs up to the point of reaching Brittney’s casket. Eric orders Adam to open it. Adam uses a crowbar to open it. Inside they find the still preserved beautiful body of the late Brittney Howard. They are filled with different emotions. One is the admiration of how beautiful she was, another is the amazement of how her body hasn’t rotten yet, and the other is still anger towards her. Eric pulls out his seven inch blade hunting knife, Adam opens the gasoline can, and Monica pulls out a box of match. They are going to cremate Brittney’s body. However, before they can cremate Brittney, Eric feels a presence behind him. He turns around only to be knock out with a bat. He doesn’t get a chance to see who or what hit him.

NOTE: For the rest of this scene, we only see the killer from behind and through shadows. In a nice twist, this Ghostface killer, Brittney’s partner, is out of costume. The killer came to visit Brittney’s grave when the trio came first. Now seeing their intentions, the killer is taking revenge.

Monica screams. Adam is too shock to react. He tells Monica to run, which she does. Adam attempts to hit the unmasked killer with the crowbar. But the killer grabs it and yanks it out of his hands. Realizing that he’s fucked, Adam backs away and trips. He falls backwards on the ground. We see the blue jeans and black t-shirt of the uncostumed killer. From his body type and exposed arms, we can tell that Brittney’s partner is a man and older than she was. Perhaps between 25-45. Adam crawls backwards, begging for his life. Using the curve part, the man begins beating Adam with the crowbar. Finally, the man uses the other end to impale Adam’s face. Adam, boyfriend of Monica, is dead. The man places the crowbar next to Eric’s unconscious body before taking Eric’s knife. The man heads for the dark woods. Monica is running through the dark woods. She cries as she runs as fast as she can. She trips and falls. She picks herself up and looks around. She backs away, facing where she ran from. She turns around only to find herself facing the shadowy figure of the unmasked killer. He shoves her to a tree. Monica begs for her life but the Man stabs her multiple times in the chest with Eric’s chest. Monica, girlfriend of Adam, is dead.

Sometime later, the Man has placed both Adam and Monica’s bodies next to Brittney’s grave. One victim on each side of the grave. At their car, Eric’s unconscious body is lying in the back. After cleaning both weapons, the Man places both the crowbar and the knife in Eric’s hands, framing Eric for Adam and Monica’s murders. Sometime later, through the dark shadows, we find the Man carrying Brittney’s body.

Chapter 2

It is the next morning at the Carter’s house. Kathy is serving breakfast to Abby and Nancy. Tyler walks in, handing Abby and Nancy glasses. He pours them some juice. They thank him as he sits down and serves himself some juice. The sliding glass door opens and walking in is ANDREW CARTER (40), his wife DAPHNE (40), and their kids, JEFF (18) and VERONICA (16). They say hello to everyone. Jeff and Veronica grabs bacon from the stove while their parents stand around and talk to their Grandma. Daphne says hello to Nancy, who smiles and says hello. We can tell that Nancy has improved on her social skills with her family since the events of the previous story. Clarence walks in the kitchen and greets everyone. Clarence takes a seat when Tyler gets up, allowing him to sit. Andrew asks Tyler how the job at the WAVE is going for him. Tyler tells him that it helps his rent.

Later, Abby, Jeff, and Veronica are outside climbing into Nick’s old van that Bella now owns. Bella still appears down since her father and boyfriend’s murders. Bella tells them that the Club is waiting for them at school. Meanwhile, at the WAVE, Tyler comes to work. He says hi to Scott and Charlie. Scott is being his usual self at work but Charlie, on the other hand, is nervous and excited. Tyler asks what that is all about. Scott tells him because some girl name “Robin” is suppose to come by. She has been coming by every day at the same time in the last week. She likes to flirts with Charlie. Tyler asks Charlie if he likes her, too. Charlie confirms that he does. The door opens and walking in ROBIN WARNOCK (30), beautiful, rich, and glamourous. She approaches a very nervous Charlie. Immediately, she begins flirting with him. She refers to him as her “handsome Hispanic” when asking him how he’s doing. He tells her that he’s fine. But he’s stuttering when he answers. Noticing him being nervous, she tells him that she has something to help ease his problem. She pulls out of bag of weed. All three guys have that “I love you” look on their faces when they see this. Moments later, the three guys and Robin are chilling on the couch and smoking weed. Charlie is more relaxed and not stuttering anymore. He and Robin flirt a bit. Tyler expresses his concern over Abby or Nancy or even Ali smelling the weed on him. He doesn’t want his girlfriend and sisters to know that he smoked weed.

Anthony and Ali arrive at the high school together. Ali looks so beautiful and more confident than the last time we seen her. Her smile glows and her clothing has changed a bit. She can be herself and feel good about it now. Anthony has been a great help to her. It’s obvious by their interaction that they do love each other. They join the Carter kids, Abby, Bella, Rey, and Coda, who has recovered and moved on from his ex-girlfriend’s murder spree. They go inside the school together. In History class, the main characters are listening to their lecture. Abby notices a couple in the back. They are very beautiful together despite not being of same style/stereotype together. The boyfriend is a dark nerd much like Stavo and the girlfriend is a short-redhead Goth. Their names are KEITH GLENN and CARLY ZENNER (both 18). Rey also takes notice of them. Their opposite style defines what the Club is about. All the main characters finally take notice of them and give each other glances. These are their new recruit targets.

At lunch hour, our main characters approach Keith and Carly, who are sitting at a tree. Rey tells them that their relationship is an inspiration because of their differences in style and personality. They thank them. They’re glad that they noticed. Keith tells them that they met one day and just couldn’t stop talking to each other and couldn’t stay away from each other. And that was despite the protest of their now former friends. They don’t care what people think about their relationship. Our main characters tells them about the club and asks them if they’d like to join it. The couple tells them that they’ll think about. Coda tells them that there is a meeting today after school if they’d like to check it out.

Jeff is putting stuff in his locker in the hall. After he closes the locker, he turns around to walk somewhere. However, he bumps into SIERRA HALL (17), which causes her to drop her books. He feels so bad and is so apologetic. He helps picking her books up. As he hands her the books, they look into each other’s eyes. Jeff is stunned and amazed when he sees her. She is very beautiful, innocent, and looks perfect. Sierra smiles at him and introduces herself to him. Jeff introduces himself to her. Jeff asks her where she’s going next and she tells him that she’s going to biology class. Jeff asks if he can walk her to class. Sierra smiles and says “Yes.” Jeff and Sierra walk and talk together to her next class.

Chapter 3

At the cemetery, we find Sheriff Charles Wayne and the police investigating Adam and Monica’s murder. They’re arresting Eric, who is crying and denying that he killed them. Charles asks him what they were even doing there. Eric confesses that they were going to cremate Brittney’s body. But somebody took him out before they can. He doesn’t know what happened after that. The other deputies are not buying his story. They take Eric away. Charles finds that Brittney’s body is missing. Back at the high school, Ali meets up with MR. SCHUMER (40s), a member of the school’s board that is part Assistant Principal and part Guidance Counselor. Schumer asks Ali how she’s doing, which Ali claims to be doing good. Schumer says that he just wanted to check up on her progress after the murder spree from three months ago, especially at the revelation that the killer was her own twin sister. Ali says that she’s doing well. She has a special boyfriend that has kept her going and that she’s gained a new family from her half siblings’ family. She’s in a good place now. Schumer smiles and tells her that he’s glad. He dismisses her. After Ali leaves, Schumer pulls out a picture. It’s a picture of him at a party with COURTNEY CAMPBELL (Ali and Brittney’s mother) and LORRAINE CARTER (Tyler and Nancy’s mother). With the knowledge that those four are siblings and Schumer has been with their mothers, we must ask ourselves...Is Schumer the father of Tyler, Ali, Brittney, and Nancy?

At the WAVE, Bella walks in and says hello to Tyler, Scott, and Charlie. They ask her how she’s doing. Bella tries to act okay when she’s really not. She hasn’t been doing good since her father and boyfriend’s murders. The three sense this. Scott shows Bella a fake ID card that they made her, which they also did for Tyler. Both are eighteen but the card is made to make them appear twenty-one. Scott and Charlie take Bella and Tyler to their local bar called, “SHRINER’S.” The owner, MR. SHRINER (50s), is aware that Bella and Tyler are underage but uses the whole, “If they provide legit looking cards, then we serve even if we know the truth.” motto. In other words, Mr. Shriner, like Scott and Charlie, is “one of the kids.” Scott, Charlie, and Tyler continue to comfort Bella. As her father was close to the Carter family and was best friends with Scott and Charlie, they are the only family that Bella has left. They tell her that they’ll always be there for her. Bella admits that she’s been lonely since Gary died. She doesn’t believe that she’ll ever find love again. The guys tell her that one day she’ll meet a special guy who’ll make her fall in love again. The main door to the bar opens and we hear a voice say, “Afternoon, Everyone!” Aside from Bella and Tyler, everyone else, including Scott and Charlie, turn to the greeter and shouts his name, “NORM!” And we find heading to the end of the bar, passing our main characters, is NORM PETERSON (21), a younger, skinnier, and healthier version of the character from the TV show, “CHEERS.” Norm sits at the end of the bar nearby our main characters. Scott and Charlie introduces Norm to Tyler and Bella. When Norm is introduced to Bella, he personally introduces himself. Norm finds himself infatuated with Bella. He compliments her beauty, which a flattered and blushing Bella thanks him for. Norm offers to buy Bella a drink, which she accepts. Norm completely ignores the three guys as he focuses his attention on her. This is noticed by the three guys but they don’t care. They laugh about it to each other. The three guys take their beers to a table, allowing Bella and Norm to talk together in private.

We DISSOLVE TO sometime later, Scott, Charlie, and Tyler are chilling, drinking, and watching TV. Meanwhile, Bella and Norm are talking. Bella tells Norm about her father and boyfriend. Norm gives her his condolences, saying that he briefly met her father a few times before his murder. Bella tells that she’s been trying to move on but that it’s been so hard without her father and her boyfriend. Norm tells her that he was once engaged to a woman named Vera. They were to be married after graduating from high school. But she was killed by a drunk driver. He’s been at the bar ever since. Bella feels sympathy for him. She tells Norm that they’re having a party at the WAVE for twentieth anniversary of it’s opening tomorrow evening. She asks Norm if he would like to come. Norm admits that he’s never been to the WAVE despite hearing a lot about it. Norm accepts Bella’s invitation. Bella smiles. She tells him that she’ll personally give him the tour. Norm says that he’ll hold her to it. This makes her giggle and she tells him that she won’t let him down. The other three guys (Scott, Charlie, and Tyler) tells Bella that they’re ready to leave. Bella tells Norm that it was nice talking with him and that she looks forward to seeing him tomorrow. Norm says that he was happy to have met her, too. He tells her that the drinks are on him. Bella smiles, staring at him as they leave. Norm smiles and turns to Mr. Shriner, asking him for another beer.

Chapter 4

At the clubhouse, Rey is giving a speech in front of the entire club, including our main club characters. The door opens and both Keith and Carly walk in. Rey smiles when she sees them and continues her speech. After her speech, Rey, Coda, Abby, Ali, Anthony, Jeff, and Veronica approach them. They tell them that they’re glad that they came. Keith and Carly compliments the club and it’s motives. They tell them that they’re considering joining the club. A few moments later, we find both Carly and Keith with their left hands on the CLUB BOOK and their right hands raised. Rey administers the oath to them, which they repeat. After swearing to God, even if they don’t believe in God, they are officially members of the Club. They are congratulated and welcomed by the other club members, especially our main characters.

Back at the Carter’s, Nancy is drawing when her bedroom door is knocked at. Nancy tells the knocker to come in. Entering her room is Scott. He asks her how school was today. Nancy tells him that it was good. She asks Scott why he’s late coming by. Scott tells her that he was helping Uncle Charlie, her big brother Tyler, and Bella with some stuff. He sits next to her and asks her what she’s drawing. Nancy tells him that she’s drawing a picture of her holding hands with a man. Scott asks who the man in the drawing is. Nancy says her real daddy. We learn now that Nancy is aware of Lorraine being her real mother but that doesn’t know who her real daddy is. Nancy tells Scott that she wishes to meet her real daddy. Scott puts his arm around her and tells her that someday he will show up and she will have the chance to know who he is. She must be patient for now. Nancy smiles and says that she’ll try to be patient. Scott tells her that he’s got to go back to lock up the WAVE. He kisses her goodbye and tells her that he loves her. Nancy tells Uncle Scott that she loves him, too. He leaves her to finish up her drawing.

Later that night, parked outside Ali’s house, Anthony and Ali are kissing each other goodbye. Anthony tells Ali that he loves her. This really gets to Ali. No man has ever loved her before. Anthony has been the only man who’s loved her. Ali smiles and tells him that she loves him, too. Ali gets out of the car and Anthony watches as she walks into her house. Anthony drives off. Anthony makes it home. His house is in the middle of nowhere. No neighbors. Just the Bishop house in the middle of a large property surrounded by the woods. Anthony parks his car in his personal spot, even though the driveway is empty. His parents aren’t home. Anthony goes inside the house through the side door to the garage.

Later in the kitchen, the microwave beeps and Anthony takes out his meal that he has heated up. Anthony sits at the couch and eats while he watches TV. His cellphone rings. He answers it. It’s Ghostface. The killer reminds Anthony that they did not meet last time. Anthony realizes that this is the killer. He asks who Ghostface is. Ghostface tells him, “It’s not who I am that’s important. It’s WHO I have that is important.” Suddenly, Anthony hears Ali’s voice calling for help. Anthony is horrified. He begs him not to hurt her. Ghostface chuckles, amused by Anthony’s fear for Ali’s life. Ghostface tells him that he wants to see Ali alive again, he better come save her. Anthony asks where she is. Ghostface tells him that she’s waiting for him out in the backyard. Anthony runs out to the backyard but doesn’t find Ali. He shouts for Ali. He hears Ali’s voice shouting, “Anthony, help!” coming from the woods. Anthony runs into the woods. He continues to call for Ali. Suddenly, right behind him, he hears Ali’s voice saying, “I’m right here, Anthony.” Anthony turns around only to be axed in the shoulder by Ghostface. Anthony screams out as he falls to the ground. He looks up at the killer. Ghostface uses a voice box to say, “Gotta ya!” in Ali’s voice. Anthony realizes that he has been duped. Ghostface raises the axe up in the air. Anthony begs for life. But he is not spared. Ghostface swings the axe at Anthony and we CUT TO BLACK.

Anthony Bishop, boyfriend of Ali Warner, is dead.

Chapter 5

At 6:30 in the morning, Ali wakes up and checks her text messages. She finds that she has not received a text message from Anthony yet. Anthony always sends her a text message precisely two minutes before Ali wakes up. But this time he has not. Ali shrugs it off and sends him a text message. At the Carter’s house, Abby is helping Nancy get ready for school. Nancy asks if her sissy will be at Uncle Scott’s party tonight. Abby tells Nancy that Ali will be there tonight. Nancy expresses her excitement to see her. Abby smiles and tells Nancy that Ali is most likely excited to see her tonight as well. An hour later, Ali gets into her car. She checks her phone. Not only has Anthony not replied to her text message, but he hasn’t even read it. This bothers Ali, now wondering what Anthony is up to.

At the school, Abby, Coda, Rey, Jeff, and Veronica are by the large fountain. Keith and Carly join them, which delights the club leaders. Rey asks them how they feel. The newbies express their delight in being with the club. Ali comes by and appears to be upset. She asks if any of them has seen or heard from Anthony. They all say no and say that they figured that he’d be with her. Ali tells them that she hasn’t gotten a message or a call from him since she last saw him last night. She tells them that Anthony always sends her a message a few minutes before her alarm goes off every morning. Not only has he not texted her but he hasn’t read the message that she sent him this morning. Rey tells her that maybe he’s not feeling good today. Jeff suggests that he might have overslept. Coda asks if Anthony drinks much, hinting that he may have gotten drunk and is passed out with a hangover.

As they continue to talk, Jeff notices Sierra walking across the courtyard. Jeff tells the club that he’ll see them later. As Jeff runs off, they watch to see what he’s up to. They smile when they see that Jeff is chasing a cute girl. Veronica jokes that it looks like that her big brother is crushing on someone and she approves of his taste. Jeff calls for Sierra, who turns around and smiles when she realizes who is calling for her. Sierra jokes that judging by how he’s ran out of breath for running over there just to see her that he’s missed her. He laughs. He tells her that he wanted to say hi and see how she was doing. Sierra says that she’s doing good and asks him the same. Jeff tells her that he’s good now that he’s talking to her, which makes Sierra blush. He asks her if she’s seeing anyone. Sierra says that she’s not. She hasn’t been looking but she wouldn’t object if someone she likes asks her out. The way she smiles and says that to Jeff is a major hint for him. Jeff tells her about the party at the WAVE tonight and asks if she’d like to come with him. Sierra smiles and says that she’d love to. Sierra tells him that she was about to get breakfast since she left early and asks if he’d like to have breakfast with her. Jeff accepts. They walk to the Cafeteria together.

In History Class, Ali is staring boredly at the front as the teacher gives the class a lecture. Ali closes her eyes. She’s lost in her thoughts about Anthony. She’s very worried about him. She raises her hand and asks if she can go to the bathroom. The teacher gives her permission to go to the bathroom. Ali goes into the ladies room. She looks at her text message to Anthony. He has still not read the message. Ali speed dials Anthony. As the phone rings, she begs for Anthony to pick up his phone. But he doesn’t. It goes to his voice mail. Ali swears as she becomes frustrated with the lack of communication with her boyfriend. When the voice mail beeps, Ali records the message, asking for Anthony to call her as soon as possible. She hangs up. She sighs. Suddenly, she hears a voice whispering, “Ali!” She looks around the bathroom. She finds a person’s legs coming down from under a stall. It looks very much like the killer’s costume even with the stall door closed. She walks by it. Through the cracks, she can see the ghostly image of the mask. As the door starts to unlock, Ali storms out of the bathroom. She runs to the end of the hall. Once she gets to the other end, she turns around to face where she came from. Standing by the bathroom door is Ghostface. He’s staring right at her. Ali panics. She closes her and opens them. Ghostface is gone. Ali sighs and turns around. But she bumps into Mr. Schumer. This frightens her and she screams. He asks Ali if she’s okay. Ali tells him that she’s fine. Schumer gives her a creepy suspicious look, asking her if there is anything she wants to talk about. Ali says no and tells him that he’s going back to class. As Ali runs off, we stay focus on Schumer. He’s very suspicious looking. Was Ali having a hallucination or was Schumer dressed as Ghostface and stalking her? If so, why? Is Schumer the killer? Is Schumer the father of Ali, Brittney, Tyler, and Nancy?

Chapter 6

That night, Ali comes downstairs all dressed and ready for the party. Her adoptive mother, Sheila, asks her if she’s excited to see her little sister, Nancy, tonight. Ali says that she’s been waiting for a week to see her. Sheila asks about Tyler. Ali tells her that she gets texts from him almost everyday. Ali tells her mother that she’s still worried about Anthony. Sheila tells her that perhaps Anthony will show up at the party. Ali says that she hopes so and states that Anthony has some explaining to do. Ali’s adoptive father, Thomas, appears and tells her to be safe and not to drink too much. If she gets drunk then she is to call them if she needs a ride home. Ali agrees to their terms. She hugs them goodbye and leaves. Her adoptive parents walk outside to the porch to watch her drive off. Thomas lights a cigarette while Sheila goes back inside. Thomas stands around and looks out into space. Suddenly, his throat is slashed. Thomas Warner, husband of Sheila Warner and adoptive father of Ali, is dead. Ghostface pulls him into the house. In the living room, Sheila turns to find her husband’s dead body fall to the floor with the killer standing there. He turns his attention to her. Sheila backs away as Ghostface approaches her. She grabs a fireplace poker and points it at him. But Ghostface grabs it and whacks her with it. Sheila goes down. She looks up and begs for her life. But Ghostface proceeds to beat and stab her with the fireplace poker. Every part of her body is being inflicted with both a beating and a stabbing. It is vicious and brutal. This is a personal kill. Sheila Warner, wife of Thomas Warner and adoptive mother of Ali, is dead.

At the WAVE, the majority of the main characters are here; Clarence, Kathy, Nancy, Abby, Tyler, Andrew, Daphne, Jeff, Veronica, Bella, Coda, Rey, Robin, and Charlie. Ali walks in. Nancy runs up to her and Ali picks her up. The sisters hug each other. Ali asks Nancy how she’s been doing. Nancy says that she’s better now that Ali is here. Nancy tells her that she’s missed her so much. Ali tells her that she’s missed her, too. They give each other a sisterly kiss. It’s the first time that we’ve seen them together with the knowledge of them being sisters. It’s obvious that they love each other. Tyler comes in on the love, hugging and kissing them both. Sometime later, Scott arrives at the WAVE with a large case of beer. Charlie asks him what took him so long and Scott says that there was a line at the store and some traffic on the way there and back. Everyone grabs some beer, including a few of those underage. Clarence and Kathy turns a blind eye over this as they’re use to seeing this when their kids were their age. Norm walks in and says, “Evening, everybody!” This is responded with Scott, Charlie, Tyler, and Bella shouting, “NORM!” Bella approaches him and does not hide her excitement over this entrance. Norm tells her that he didn’t want to let her down. Bella smiles so brightly that it does not escape everyone’s attention. Bella reminds herself about giving him a tour. She takes him by the hand and shows him around. All of the main characters, aside from Scott, Charlie, and Tyler, are surprised to see this. This is the first time that Bella appears to be happy and social since Nick and Gary’s deaths. Sierra walks in, looking lost, and confused. Jeff smiles and approaches her. Sierra smiles so brightly when she sees Jeff. Sierra is a bit shy with all of these people around. But Jeff comforts her and helps her shyness. He introduces her to his parents, who seem to like her. Finally, walking in is Keith and Carly. Rey tells them that she’s glad that they came. Keith joked that they only came to look for some music. Rey hands them both a beer.

NOTE: At this moment, all of the main characters, minus the deceased Anthony Bishop, is present. The first time that they’re together in one scene in this story.

Clarence gets everyone’s attention. He talks about how when Andrew and his friends were kids, Scott, Nick, Charlie, Daphne, and others were at their house everyday that it was like that they lived there. Clarence reminds everyone that when their parents were busy or abandoned them, it was Clarence and Kathy who raised them. Clarence reminisces that when Scott was given the WAVE by his late biological father, Clarence didn’t know if it would last because he knew of Scott’s rebellion against working. But he states that he’s glad that he was wrong. Clarence tells Scott that he’s proud of him and proud to be here for his “son” as he refers to Scott. Clarence toasts to Scott and they all toast Scott together. Scott thanks everyone as he comments on everyone; from Clarence and Kathy, whom he refers to as his “adoptive” parents who took him in when his real parents abandoned him, Andrew and Daphne for years of friendship and support, the teens for growing up at the WAVE and making it a great place to hang out at, Charlie for who he gives credit to for the best work and success at the WAVE, and, of course, the late Nick Curtis; his friend, partner, and brother. Scott declares that Nick along with Gary and everyone else that was killed in the previous story is sorely missed. The mentioning of Nick and Gary touches Bella. Scott toasts everyone and they all toast each other together.

Chapter 7

Bella and Norm are outside the WAVE, sitting against the building wall, and talking while they drink their beers. Norm says that the WAVE is pretty cool. Bella says that she grew up at the WAVE and at the Carters’. She says that growing up that she didn’t have a real home since her parents didn’t marry or live with each other. Nick always took her either to the WAVE or to the Carters. Her maternal grandparents lived in Chicago and Nick’s parents were never around for Nick. So the Carters were the closest thing to grandparents that she had. Nick’s brothers were either in jail, doing illegal activities, or just not around. So Scott, Charlie, Andrew, and Daphne were the closest thing that she had to Aunts and Uncles. Jeff and Veronica are like cousins to her with Ali, Tyler, and Nancy being new additional cousins. Abby is very much like a sister to her. Bella says that the Carters always thought of her father as their son like they do Charlie and Scott. And Nick always saw the Carters as his parents. So the Carter family was her own family. Norm takes a look at everyone and declares that Bella has a good family. Bella smiles and says that she loves them. Norm smiles. They stare at each other for moment. Then Bella and Norm lean towards each other and they kiss. We PAN AWAY from Bella and Norm to find Jeff and Sierra walking and talking to each other around the WAVE building. Sierra is wearing Jeff’s coat. What a gentleman. They seem to be enjoying each other’s company and something is building between them.

Ali is preparing to go back home. This upsets Nancy, who is not happy to see her big sister leave. Ali promises her that this weekend they will do something fun. Nancy happily agrees to that. Ali tells Nancy that she loves her and Nancy tells her that she loves her, too. They hug and kiss each other goodbye. Nancy watches as Ali drives off. When Ali comes home, she calls out for parents but gets no response. Ali takes out her cellphone. Anthony still hasn’t read her text message to him from this morning. Ali calls him. As the phone calls him, Ali hears the sounds of ringing inside the house. She looks around for it until she realizes that it’s coming from upstairs. She walks upstairs and starts looking. The ringing is coming from her bedroom. Ali opens her bedroom door and looks inside. Ali gives out a blood curdling scream. The bodies of her parents and boyfriend are placed in different parts of her bedroom. Thomas’s body is sitting on a chair, Sheila's body is sitting on the floor against Ali’s dresser, and Anthony’s body is laying on Ali’s bed. FLASH CUT to the police taking photos of the crime scene.

Outside the house, Sheriff Wayne is comforting Ali. Charles asks her if there is anyone else she can go to. Ali says that all she has now is the Carter family. Just then, Tyler, Abby, Rey, and Coda arrive. Coda sees the body bags and goes up to Charles, his father, and asks him if he believes him now. Charles tells Coda that now is not the time. But Coda persist on talking about it. Coda claims that Anthony and the Warners’ murders proves his theory that Brittney has an accomplice. Charles tells him not to say that outloud. He tells his son that there is no real evidence aside from the security tapes. Coda says that there is other proof. Charles tells him to go home. Rey pulls Coda away from Charles to avoid a scene. Coda leaves with Rey. Abby and Tyler tells Ali that the Carters said that Ali can stay at their place for the night. Charles tells Ali that there is nothing more that she can do for the night. Abby and Tyler takes Ali to the car.

Coda and Rey walk into their clubhouse with Coda all pumped up. Coda is going nuts as he rants on about his theories. Rey calms him down, having both of her hands at both sides of his head. Rey tells him that he’s right about this but that he needs to calm down before he loses it. Coda says that he wants to get Brittney’s accomplice so badly. Rey says that she does, too. But that she doesn’t want to lose Coda in the process. Coda says that he doesn’t want to lose Rey either. He doesn’t want to lose his Club President and the best girl he knows. Rey smiles. And with that Coda and Rey kiss. Their kissing turns into making out and then they proceed to have sex. At the Carter’s, Ali is lying in bed with Nancy. The two sisters are cuddling each other. Nancy is trying to comfort her sister, which is so adorable. Ali looks into Nancy’s eyes. She comes to the realization that Nancy is the most important thing in her life now. And if the killer is back, Nancy is his biggest target next to her. Ali no longer wants to be the scared victim that she was the first time around. She wants to be strong for Nancy. Ali vows to protect Nancy now. Ali and Nancy fall asleep in each other’s arms. Seriously, it’s too adorable.

We find ourselves outside the Carter house. We see the light of Nancy’s bedroom on through the window. Ghostface is standing in front of the house and stares at the window. He can sense both Ali and Nancy. He knows that they are there together right now. He watches the house not as a killer desiring to kill them. But more like that he’s guarding them. But why?

Chapter 8

The next morning, Ali has joined the Carters, Abby, and Nancy for breakfast. Tyler walks in through the sliding glass door. Everyone is treating Ali with kid gloves. While Nancy, who isn’t aware of the murders that she’s just experienced, can sense that Ali is sad, all Nancy cares about is that Ali is there with her. Ali is trying to stay strong but she has lost her adoptive parents, who has raised and loved her, and she has lost her boyfriend, the only man who ever loved. She is devastated. It is a quiet and gloomy morning. As Abby and Ali leave for school, they give Nancy hugs and kisses goodbye. Tyler offers to give Nancy a ride to school, which she accepts. On the ride to her school, Tyler and Nancy have a chance to talk and bond. Nancy loves her big brother. She loved him when she just knew him as Abby’s boyfriend. But the revelation of him being her big brother made things better. They talk about their favorite music, which is rock. Nancy says that Uncle Scott got her into rock music. Tyler says that he likes The Doors. Nancy says that Uncle Scott got her to like The Doors. Tyler puts on Roadhouse Blues on the radio. In a cute moment, Tyler and Nancy sing together as the song blasts on the radio.

Ali and Abby arrive at school with Coda, Rey, Jeff, Sierra, and Veronica attempting to comfort Ali. Ali insists that she’ll be okay. Ali thanks them for their support but tells them that what is most important to her right now is finding out who the killer is so that she can protect Nancy. Ali tells them that Nancy is all that matters to her now. They all agree that protecting Nancy is the most important thing now in finding the killer. They begin to question who the killer is. Ali and Abby remember that Brittney said that she found out everything through their real father. So they now believe that the killer is Ali, Brittney, Tyler, and Nancy’s real father. But they have no idea who that could be. Ali tells them that when she met her biological mother that her mother said that due to the drugs and alcohol and the fact that she was sleeping with a lot of men that she doesn’t remember who her father is. They remind themselves that it has to be someone who knew both mothers (Courtney and Lorraine). Coda asks about Charlie since he was once married to Lorraine. They remind Coda that Charlie is Hispanic, therefore, couldn’t be the father since neither of the siblings are Hispanic. Rey suggests Scott. But Ali and Abby immediately dismiss that theory it was widely known that Lorraine and Scott hated each other with a passion. Jeff suggests Nick. Abby says that, that wouldn’t make sense since Nick is dead and their killer suspect is the father. Jeff points out that maybe Nick could have been their father but was killed for not being the killer. This confuses everyone so Jeff proceeds to explain. Jeff suggests that the father doesn’t necessarily have to be the killer. Brittney only said that she and her father spied on everyone just to figure out the full truth about their family relations with everyone. However, Brittney never gave her father credit for any of the killings. Maybe the father is not the killer. Maybe the father met with Brittney and took her in. But in the process of their bonding over loss times, Brittney developed a grudge on everyone for it and went on a murder spree without the father’s knowledge. And if Nick is the father, maybe he found out about the murders, and Brittney had him killed to silence him. To build up theory of Nick being the father, Jeff points out that Nick and Lorraine slept together and that Nick slept around with many woman. So the idea of Nick being Ali, Brittney, Tyler, and Nancy’s father is NOT impossible. But there is only one way to find out.

Ali walks into Mr. Schumer’s office. Schumer tells her that he just wanted to see how she was doing. He tells her that he’s sorry about her parents and boyfriend’s murders. Ali tells him that she is destroyed by this but that she wants to stay strong for her baby sister. Schumer says that is a good idea. But that right now she needs to grief. With Ali reading that as a signal to let it all out, she breaks down crying. Schumer approaches her and embraces her. She tells him how lost she feels without her parents and without Anthony, she feels even more lost as he was always able to be her rock. Schumer comforts her, telling her that he’s there for her. When Ali looks up at him, they kiss. It is a passionate kiss. Later after school, Ali is driving in her car. Something doesn’t look right about her. She’s crying but something else appears wrong with her. She keeps telling herself that all they did was kiss. But as she lies to herself, we get FLASH CUTS to what really happened. During their kiss, Ali tried to stop it but Schumer refused to stop. He kept going and forced himself on Ali. He overpowers her and assaulted her. Ali was raped. Ali goes to the WAVE. She runs up to Tyler and tells him, Scott, Charlie, Robin, Bella, and Norm what Schumer did to her.

At Schumer’s office, Schumer is preparing to leave. He grabs his stuff when his phone rings. He answers it. Ghostface yells and berates Schumer for what he has done. Schumer tells him to go to hell and hangs up. Schumer checks to make sure that he has everything and he does. Schumer opens his office door. However, Ghostface storms through, closing his door, and tackling him to the wall. Schumer screams as he’s attacked. Ghostface brutally stabs Schumer multiple times in several place on his body. This appears to be personal and revenge for Ali’s rape. Schumer is dead.

Chapter 9

In the basement, Ali and Nancy are cuddling while watching TV. Tyler walks in on this from the basement door and sees them together. He smiles. We can see the love he has for his sisters in his eyes. He steps back out and leaves. Ali asks Nancy if she’d still love her if she done something wrong. Nancy says yes and asks what she done wrong. A tearfully Ali, not wanting Nancy to know the full truth, tells her that she didn’t stop a man from kissing her when he shouldn’t have. Nancy hugs her and tells her that it’s not her fault. The bad man who kissed her is at fault. Ali smiles. Nancy knows what she’s talking about. It helps Ali as she understands that Nancy can see the truth in her eyes. Ali is hurt. And like Ali wants to be there for Nancy, Nancy is there for Ali. The bond between them is growing. It’s about them now. Tyler and Abby are in their relationship, Scott and Charlie are working at the WAVE, Charlie has a new girlfriend, Bella is with Norm, Jeff is spending time with Sierra, Veronica is doing her own thing. It’s just Ali and Nancy now. These are our final girls. And they are strong together.

At the WAVE, Scott is helping a customer at the cash register, Charlie and Robin are stacking CDs together, Bella and Norm are listening to music together on the couch. It’s a social hang out store. It’s not your average music store. Out in the park, Jeff and Sierra are spinning on the roundabout. Jeff nearly falls off of it. But Sierra grabs him and pulls him towards her. They stare deep into each other’s eyes. Jeff and Sierra proceed to kiss. Jeff lays her down and they continue to kiss as the ride continues to spin. In what we can only assume by it’s dark and Gothic look is Carly’s bedroom, Carly and Keith are writing new ideas for the club. A candle is lit, giving the dark room some source of light. They truly are the dark characters of the club. Abby and Veronica are hanging out and doing some girl stuff. Coda and Rey are making out at the Clubhouse. They face the wall of The Club motto and history. Rey leans against Coda with his arms around her. They’re falling in love. Sometime later, Rey walks Coda to his car. He gets into his car and offers her a ride home. Rey declines, saying that she’s got some more stuff she wants to do in the clubhouse before closing up. She plans on walking home. They kiss each other goodbye.

Back in the Clubhouse, Rey is going through some papers and cards from fans of the club. Rey turns to face a north east corner window. She can hear the sounds of nature through the slightly opened window. Her cellphone rings and she answers it. It’s Tyler. Tyler tells Rey that he’d like to come by the Club but doesn’t remember the exact location. Rey laughs. How could Tyler forget where this place is? Tyler asks if Rey could come outside to wave him over. Rey says sure and walks out. After a few moments of waiting, Rey asks where Tyler is. Tyler laughs and says that he’s already in the clubhouse. A confused Rey walks back into the Clubhouse and asks how he got inside without her seeing him. Tyler says through a window. Rey finds that the north east corner window is wide open. Rey is confused and somewhat worried about Tyler’s behavior. She asks him what he is up to, calling him by his name. However, Tyler’s voice turns into Ghostface and he confesses that he’s NOT Tyler. Rey is horrified. She hangs up. Seeing that that killer isn’t there, Rey shuts the door and locks it. Rey runs over to the window, shuts it, and locks it. However, the closest door opens and Ghostface storms out. He tries to stab Rey but she ducks and goes to move away on his left. But Ghostface bumps her to the floor. Ghostface gets over Rey and they struggle. Rey puts up a good fight. She is strong. But Ghostface grabs her by the hair and slams her head down. Rey is disorientated by the assault. Ghostface raises his knife and stabs Rey in the chest. Rey screams out. Mortally wounded, Rey grabs the mask and removes it. As the mask is coming off, we PAN UP to the knife being raised up -- Much like the moment when Casey takes off Stu’s mask and we move up to the knife. -- Rey sees the killer’s face and is horrified by the revelation. Ghostface is somebody she knows. Ghostface slams the knife into Rey. Rey Morgan, new girlfriend of Coda Wayne and the Club President, is dead.

The police have surrounded the Clubhouse. The club members mourn Rey’s death. Coda arrives and realizes that Rey is the victim. Coda becomes hysterical. Screaming and shouting for Rey. His father has to hold and hug him. Coda cries for Rey. A few days later, the Clubhouse is reopened. Coda walks to the front all sad. Abby comes up to Coda with the CLUB BOOK. Abby instructs Coda to place his left hand on the book and to raise his right hand. Abby administers the oath of office to Coda. And with that, Coda is ascended to the Presidency of the Club. Behind him is a portrait of the late President Rey Morgan. Coda turns to his fellow club members, who are crying. Coda tells them that it’s with great reluctance and with a heavy heart that he takes over the mantle of leadership as President of the Club. He declares that Rey was a great President and a great beautiful woman.

Chapter 10

Jeff and Sierra are driving to school in Jeff’s car. Sierra sees something in the road and tells Jeff to watch out. When Jeff sees this, he swerves to move. We realize that it was Ghostface. Jeff crashes his car. Jeff and Sierra are okay. But Ghostface appears and knocks Jeff out. Ghostface opens the car, pushes Jeff’s unconscious body to the backseat, and gets in the driver’s seat. Sierra has been screaming this entire time. Ghostface knocks her out and drives off.

At Nancy’s school, the teacher is instructing the class on how to cut and paste their project. An office assistant walks in and says that the office wants to see Nancy. In the main office, Nancy walks in and the office lady hands Nancy a package. Nancy thanks her and leaves. In the hallway, Nancy opens the package. Inside is a PAD. Nancy turns it on. A video of Ghostface appears, greeting her. Nancy is horrified by this. Ghostface tells Nancy that he wants to play a game with her. Ghostface shows an image of her cousin Jeff and Sierra from the car. He tells her that if he wants to find them that she is to go to the woods at Parkwood Park. Ghostface points out that there is money in the package for her to take the bus. Nancy finds the money. Fearing for Jeff and Sierra’s life, Nancy runs out of school and runs across the street to the bus stop. She takes a bus to Parkwood. Somewhere in a dark and unknown location, we find a chair bounded Jeff with a bag over his head. He regains consciousness and calls for Sierra. At the same time, we find what appears to be in the same room, but on the opposite of Jeff, is Sierra also bounded to a chair. Sierra also has a bag over her head. She hears Jeff and tells him that she’s there. They both realize that they’ve been kidnapped. They don’t know where they’re at as they cannot see with the bags over their heads. Jeff tells her that everything is okay. Sierra gives off a calm voice, trying to be brave for Jeff. They’re both trying to comfort each other during this frightening moment.

At the high school, Ali is walking to her next class when her phone dings. She checks the text message and there is a video message. The video shows Nancy arriving at Parkwood Park. Ghostface appears in the video. He tells Ali that if she wants to save Nancy, then she is to come to Parkwood Park immediately and alone. A horrified Ali storms out of school. She gets into her car and drives off. In the woods at Parkwood Park, Nancy is looking around for Jeff and Sierra. She calls for them but doesn’t get a response. Nancy is a bit scared being alone and in an unfamiliar part of the park. She hears someone walking closeby. She asks if that is Jeff and Sierra. The footsteps get closer and closer. Nancy begins to panic, thinking that it’s going to be Ghostface. Suddenly, a hand grabs her. It’s Ali. Nancy and Ali hug each other. Ali asks why Nancy is here. Nancy tells her that the scary man sent her there to save Jeff and Sierra. Ali gets a call from Ghostface. He welcomes her to the game. He informs Ali that Jeff and Sierra have been kidnapped and that they have an hour to find them. Ali asks where he’s kept them. Ghostface gives her a clue; “Where four little angels were made.” Ali thinks and realizes what he may mean. Ali and Nancy sneaks back to the Carter house, not wanting Clarence and Kathy to know about this. Ali finds two things; An old message that her biological mother, Courtney Campbell, sent her, describing a building that she was brought to with a man that she thinks could have been Ali’s father. The other is a page off of Lorraine’s journal. Lorraine describes a similar building. Both women claim that the location is at 37th and Pine. Ali looks it up. There is a picture of two buildings that are the same. One with a red door and the other with a blue door. Ali checks Courtney's message and Lorraine’s journal. Both say that the building had a red door. This is where Ali, Brittney, Tyler, and Nancy were conceived. Ali and Nancy leave to go to this location.

Back at that location, Jeff and Sierra continue to talk to each other with their heads bagged. They are unaware of everything else happening. Ali and Nancy arrive. They find the two buildings. They go inside the building with the red door. They call for Jeff and Sierra. Having heard Ali, the couple scream out for her. Ali and Nancy find a door upstairs. They go in and finds Jeff. They remove the bag off of his head. However, upon Jeff being able to see, he finds that Sierra is NOT there. He’s been talking to a walkie talkie all this time. He asks where Sierra is. Meanwhile, Sierra has just realized that she’s in another room separated from him. In another unknown location, we find Ghostface pressing a button. Somewhere, we see a timer ticking down, starting at a minute. Ali and Nancy help Jeff out. They realize that Sierra is not in this building, but rather in the next building with the blue door. They run downstairs and exit the building with the red door. They run for the building with the blue door when -- BOOM!

The other building explodes before Ali, Jeff, and Nancy could make it on time to save Sierra. Jeff screams out, “NO!” and breaks down to the ground. Ali and Nancy cry in horror for not being able to save Sierra. We DISSOLVE to later. The police, fire department, and the paramedics are there. The paramedics are checking on Jeff. The firefighters are putting out the fire. However, they pull out the Sierra’s body. Sierra Hall, girlfriend of Jeff Carter, is dead. Jeff cries over her. Nancy hugs him. She apologizes to him for not saving her on time. Jeff tells Nancy that it’s not her fault.

Ali stares out into space. Sad and horrified. Why was Sierra killed? She had nothing to do with the family aside from Jeff. In fact, she was very new to the family. She was not part of the club. So why was Sierra killed? Ali realizes that Sierra, who was an innocent, helpless, and sweet girl and who never hurt anyone, was killed to hurt Jeff, which hurts the family, which also hurts the club. It was to hurt everyone. To bring everyone down. Sierra’s unnecessary and meaningless death was only done to bring more pain to everyone.

Chapter 11

The Carter family and the Club are in utter devastation. Jeff was kidnapped and lost his girlfriend. The killer forced Ali and Nancy to save them but duped them into thinking that they’d save them both. The Club is still mourning over the loss of their President, Rey Morgan. This is a major blow to both sides of the good guys. The killer has brought everyone down to point that now is the moment that the Carters and the Club don’t want to hide or depend on police protection. Now is the time for their thirst for blood. No more hiding, no more crying, no more running. It’s time to fight. At the Club, Carly and Keith come over to hand over their police ideas for the club. But nobody is here. Carly and Keith go to leave when Keith grabs her and kisses her. Turned on, Carly kisses back. The kissing turns into a makeout session. Keith pushes stuff off of the desk and lays Carly down. They proceed to have sex. They do not see Ghostface standing outside the window. He sneaks around to the front door and slowly walks in. Ghostface approaches the couple. Carly finally sees Ghostface. She tries to warn Keith. But before Keith can realize this, Ghostface grabs him by the hair and slashes his throat. Keith Glenn, boyfriend of Carly Zenner, is dead. Carly screams. Ghostface throws Keith’s body off of her. Ghostface proceeds to stab Carly. He is vicious and brutal in his stabbing. Even after she is no longer conscious or possibly even dead, he still rips her naked body apart. Carly Zenner, girlfriend of Keith Glenn, is dead. Ghostface leaves their dead bodies there.

At the WAVE, Scott walks into the store and goes behind the cash register. He proceeds to count money. Charlie asks where he went. Scott says that he was meeting up with someone. Charlie and Robin are eating lunch and Tyler is preparing to leave for home. Tyler says goodbye to everyone and leaves. The phone rings and Scott picks it up. He talks to the person on the other line. After a few minutes of that conversation, Scott hangs up. He tells Charlie and Robin that he's got to go meet up with another client. He tells Charlie to hold down the fort, which Charlie agrees to. Scott leaves. We find that Charlie's back is facing the back door of the store. Ghostface walks in and sneaks up on Charlie. Charlie turns around only to be stabbed in the chest by Ghostface. Robin screams and runs towards the door. Ghostface grabs a CD and throws it at Robin. Before Robin can reach the door, the CD flies into her back. Ghostface pulls the knife out of Charlie, which allows Charlie to fall to the floor. Ghostface approaches the injured and crying Robin. He turns her around and she continues to cries. Robin begs for her life. But Ghostface proceeds to stab her multiple times. Robin Warnock, girlfriend of Charlie Rodriguez, is dead. Ghostface hears people coming to the main door. So he hides. Walking into the store is Bella and Norm. They find Robin's body. Before they can react, however, Ghostface grabs Norm and throws him to the wall. Norm is knocked out. Ghostface turns to Bella and points his knife at her. Bella just stands there in fear.

The basement at the Carter house, Coda is in the basement with Abby and Ali. Tyler walks in through the basement door. Abby asks how work was. Tyler said that it was the same old bullshit but fine. As Tyler heads upstairs, Abby joins him. Ali and Coda just sit on the couch. Both are still grieving over their loved ones. Ali asks Coda if he wants anything to drink. Coda declines. Ali says that she’ll be right back. Ali heads upstairs to the first floor. Coda become so lost in his own thoughts that he doesn’t notice the basement door opening. Ghostface walks in and sneaks up on Coda. Feeling his presence, Coda gets up and turns around. Ghostface slashes his chest. An injured Coda turns around. Before he can try to escape, Ghostface stabs him in the back. He gasps out in pain. Ghostface throws Coda across the basement. Coda hits the brick wall. The injured Coda is knocked unconscious.

Chapter 12

Tyler and Abby are talking on Abby’s bed in her bedroom. Tyler feels horrible over what Ali and Nancy has had to go through. Ali has lost her parents, boyfriend, her friend, and was tricked into believing that she could save Sierra. Abby feels horrible, too. She tells Tyler that she’s scared. Tyler holds her and tells her that he’ll protect her. Abby tells Tyler that she loves him and Tyler tells her that he loves her, too. In Nancy’s bedroom, Nancy is looking through pictures of her mother. In the kitchen, Clarence and Kathy are at the table while Ali is standing in the middle of the kitchen and drinking juice. Ali says that she’s going to go see Nancy. So she leaves the kitchen. After she leaves, Ghostface comes out of the basement and enters the kitchen. Clarence and Kathy are still talking while eating some lunch. Clarence goes to the refrigerator. When he closes the fridge, Ghostface punches him, knocking him out. Kathy screams. Kathy goes for the sliding glass door and Ghostface chases her. She has to unlock it. After unlocking the sliding door, she opens it. However, as she takes a step out, Ghostface grabs her and pulls her back in. Ghostface turns Kathy to face him. She is horrified. But we can see by Ghostface’s behavior that he doesn’t want to kill her. Kathy begs for her life. Suddenly, Clarence attacks Ghostface. Kathy stands there in horror as her husband fights him. Ghostface clearly doesn’t want to kill Clarence. He even tells him that. Motivated by the killer’s lack of desire to kill him, Clarence starts being him. However, Ghostface feels that he no choice. Clarence goes to punch him in the head. But Ghostface grabs his fist and stabs Clarence in the chest. Kathy screams over this. Ghostface stabs Clarence a few more times before letting him go. Clarence falls into his wife’s arms. Kathy begs Clarence not to leave her. But Clarence, mortally wounded, only has time to tell Kathy that he loves her. Clarence Carter, husband of Kathy, father of Andrew and Lorraine, grandfather of Tyler, Nancy, Jeff, and Veronica, is dead.

Ghostface feels such remorse and regret over this. We can tell through his mask that Ghostface is sadden by this. He turns to Kathy with such apologetic attitude. Kathy begs him to kill her. But Ghostface refuses. He knocks her out. Abby go downstairs and go into the kitchen. She finds Clarence dead and Kathy knocked out. Before she can react, Ghostface grabs her and throws at the wall. Abby is knocked unconscious. In Nancy’s bedroom, Ali and Nancy are talking when Nancy says that she has to go to the bathroom. As Nancy goes into the bathroom, Tyler comes out of Abby’s room and asks Ali if she has seen Abby. She says no. Ali and Tyler go downstairs to the kitchen. They find Clarence dead and Kathy and Abby knocked out. They realize that the killer is in the house. They run upstairs to find Nancy. But Nancy is not in the bathroom nor her bedroom. They freak out. A hand touches Ali from behind. It’s Nancy. Tyler and Ali hug her in relief. Tyler sees Ghostface coming up the stairs. Ghostface charges him. Tyler tells his sisters to run. In front of them, Ghostface attacks Tyler, throwing him around, since he doesn’t want to kill him. The sisters scream for Tyler. Ghostface throws Tyler down the stairs. He lands hard on the floor. Tyler is unconscious. Ali and Nancy run up the stairs to the attic. Once they make it up to the attic, they throw items down the stairs. After throwing plenty of large items, Ali and Nancy start looking for a place to hide. Meanwhile, Ghostface goes through the thrown items to get upstairs to the attic. Ali and Nancy find a window. Ali uses a suitcase to break the window. Ali has Nancy get on her back and they crawl out of the window and onto the roof. As they crawl on the roof, Ghostface looks around the attic. He realizes where they’re at.

On the roof, Ali and Nancy make it another end, where there are some loose cords lying around. Ali ties the cord around Nancy. She tells her that she’s going to lower her down to the ground. Even though Nancy is afraid, she goes through this escape process anyways. Nancy tries to stay calm as Ali lowers her down. As Nancy passes the halfway point, she notices Ghostface behind Ali. She warns her older sister. Ghostface hits Ali, causing her to fall off the roof. This also causes Nancy to be lowered all the way down. Both girls land on the grass. However, Ali is knocked out. Ghostface disappears. Nancy gets up and tries to wake her up. But she’s unresponsive. Nancy cries, believing that she is dead. Suddenly, Ali regains consciousness. The sisters hug each other. Nancy helps Ali up and they run away from the house.

Chapter 13

Ali and Nancy are running in the streets alone. They are so scared that they don’t know what to do or where to go. They look back and do not see Ghostface anywhere. They go to continue to run when they run into Scott. He asks them what they’re doing alone. Ali tells them that everyone is dead. Scott tells them that he’ll take care of them. Scott takes Ali and Nancy’s hands and the three run away. They find themselves making it to the WAVE. They go inside. However, upon walking in, they find Robin’s body and Charlie, Bella, and Norm tied up to chairs. Nancy screams when she sees something on the wall. Ali and Scott turn around to see what she’s screaming about. They find BRITTNEY’S BODY hung up on the wall like Jesus Christ.

Scott approaches the body. He comments on how beautiful Brittney is. Nancy and Ali agree that she was beautiful but that she was evil. This angers Scott, who tells them not to talk that way about their sister. This confuses Ali, who asks Scott why it’s such a big deal to him. Scott’s voice and behavior turns very dark. He says that because Brittney is his daughter. Scott throws a picture to Ali and Nancy. They look at it. It’s a picture of Scott with both Courtney (Ali and Brittney’s mother) and Lorraine (Tyler and Nancy’s mother). This shocks the girls. They look up at Scott. Through close up shots of Scott’s face, Ali’s face, Nancy’s face, and Brittney’s face, we come to realize that Scott Lane is the father of Ali, Brittney, Tyler, and Nancy. Scott pulls out the killer’s knife and tells Ali and Nancy that is the reason why he did what he did -- revealing that SCOTT LANE IS THE KILLER. Scott admits that, like their mothers, he is a sex addict. But unlike their mothers, he would not have given up his own children for adoption. His own parents abandoned him as a kid, therefore, he would never do that to his own kids. Scott berates their mothers to them, saying that their mothers had no right to give them up to strangers. Scott says that had they told him that they were pregnant with his children that he’d take them. But nope. Both mothers decided to give them away to people who they didn’t belong to. Their mothers did not want to have kids. But Scott wanted to be a father so much that he was willing to do anything to have this children. And this is why he and Brittney killed people around the kids. So that Scott can be with his children. This shocks Ali and Nancy. All of this explains why Scott was so fatherly towards them. This explains why Scott was so uncomfortable with Nancy calling him “Uncle Scott” because he’s not her uncle.

Scott asks Ali and Nancy to join him on becoming part of the family. They both refuse because he killed people close to them. He has lost their trust and love. Ali says that she’d rather die than join her father in murdering innocent people. Seeing that they are convicted in their decision, Scott tells them that if they won’t join him then they shall die with the rest of their family and friends. Scott goes to attack Ali. But Nancy runs at him and grabs his leg. She bites his leg and he screams out loud. Scott smacks Nancy. Angered that he hit her sister, Ali decks Scott and berates him for hitting Nancy. It becomes a fight between two young sisters against their own father. Both are strong. But he is just as strong. Meanwhile, Norm gets loose from being tied up. Bella tells him to help them. Norm grabs a rack of CDs and throws it at Scott. Scott is knocked down by it. The rack being heavy and hard, knocks Scott unconscious. Norm frees Bella and Charlie. Before Norm can do anything else, a risen Scott grabs him and throws to a wall. He knocks Charlie out. Scott grabs his knife and corners Ali, Bella, and Nancy. Scott feels betrayed by his daughters and friends. Scott says that if they won’t join him, then they shall die. Scott raises his knife at them.

Before Scott can stab anyone, a CD is thrown into back. Scott goes down. They discover that it was Charlie who got him with the CD. Charlie hugs them. Scott rises again and attacks Charlie with the CD still in his back. Scott puts Charlie to the floor. Scott spouts out threats to Charlie. Feeling that he has no choice, Charlie breaks the CD in his back in half and uses it to slice Scott’s throat. Scott gets off of Charlie and grabs his throat. Scott turns to Ali and Nancy. As his neck bleeds out, Scott stumbles towards his daughters. He drops to his knees. With his final breath, Scott tells Ali and Nancy that he loves them. Ali and Nancy tells him that they love him, too. They call him, “Daddy.” This puts a smile on Scott’s face. Then Scott finally drops down to the floor for good. Scott Lane, father of Ali, Brittney, Tyler, and Nancy, and the mastermind killer, is dead.

Ali and Nancy hug each other. Relieved that they survived. But saddened by the fact that they’ve just learned that the killer was their own father.

Chapter 14

It’s been a few days since Scott Lane revealed himself and died. Everyone else is recovering from their wounds inflicted by Scott. Coda is writing his final thoughts. This narrates this chapter. Coda writes how Charlie along with Tyler, Ali, and Nancy now own the WAVE. Since Tyler, Ali, and Nancy are Scott’s kids, they have inherited his store. But until Ali gets out of school and Nancy grows up, it will be Charlie and Tyler who will run the store. Bella also finally takes ownership from her father’s part. Bella and Norm have officially begun their relationship. Tyler and Abby continue their strong relationship. However, we are reminded that Kathy has lost her husband while Coda and Jeff have lost their girlfriends. Club members Rey Morgan, Keith Glenn, and Carly Zenner have been killed. Ali, Nancy, and Tyler come together as siblings in hopes of not letting their father’s murders and their mothers’ mistakes get to them. They are a family now. Andrew and Daphne, along with Jeff and Veronica, move into the Carter house to help Kathy now that Clarence has died.

It is a very sad ending. Scott Lane is dead but the pain he caused still lives on. The police investigated everything. Scott Lane is responsible for many deaths including Nancy’s adoptive parents, Alex Wisher, the Grave Vandals Adam and Monica, Anthony Bishop, Ali’s parents, Schumer, Keith Glenn, Carly Zenner, and Clarence Carter. Scott’s reveal explains why the killer was so reluctant to Clarence Carter. Scott saw Clarence as a father figure in his life, who took him in when his own father abandoned him. But the police couldn’t decide if he was responsible for the murders of Rey Morgan and Robin Warnock. Also, we’re brought back to the kidnapping of Nick Curtis. We already know that Brittney Howard did NOT kidnap and murder Nick Curtis. Because at the time of his kidnapping, she was out shopping girl stuff with Bella. But we can now confirm that Scott Lane also did NOT kidnap Nick Curtis. Because he was still working at the WAVE with Charlie when this occurred. Charlie has confirmed this fact as well. Also Brittney and Scott did NOT kill Mandy McGuire and Will Bailey, the ones who bullied Ali Warner. So if neither Brittney or Scott kidnapped Nick or murdered Mandy and Will, then there is a third killer.

As Coda mentions the possibility of a third killer, Ali and Nancy find a box of stuff belonging to Lorraine. Nancy finds a picture and stares at it. Ali sees this, too. They’re both shocked by their finding. As Coda asks, “Who is the third killer?”, we find that the picture is a sonogram of TWIN BABIES. Dated February of 1996, two years before Tyler was born, and fifteen years before Nancy was born. Lorraine had twins before she had Tyler and Nancy. Could one or both of these twins be the third killer?

Fun Stuff

Confirmed Facts

  • A major main character will die early in the story. It will be extremely heartbreaking.
  • Nancy and Ali will become closer than before as our final girls.
  • The opening murder scene mirrors the opening scene of Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives.

Body Count

# Victim COD Killer CH
1 Adam Beaten and impaled with crowbar Scott Lane 1
2 Monica Stabbed to death with Eric's knife Scott Lane 1
3 Anthony Bishop Axed to death Scott Lane 4
4 Thomas Warner Throat slashed Scott Lane 6
5 Sheila Warner Beatened and stabbed to death with a fireplace poker Scott Lane 6
6 Schumer Stabbed to death Scott Lane 8
7 Rey Morgan Stabbed to death N/A 9
8 Sierra Hall Killed in bombing explosion Scott Lane/Partner 10
9 Keith Glenn Throat slashed Scott Lane 11
10 Carly Zenner Stabbed to death Scott Lane 11
11 Robin Warnock Stabbed to death N/A 11
12 Clarence Carter Stabbed to death Scott Lane 12
13 Scott Lane Throat slashed with broken CD Charlie Rodriguez 13


TARGET Those around Nancy and Ali
MOTIVE For his children's mothers giving them up for adoption rather than giving him the chance to be a father.
SECRETS That he is Ali, Brittney, Tyler, and Nancy's father.
STATUS Deceased (killed by Charlie)

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