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SCREAM: The Honor Club (Part 4)

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SCREAM: The Honor Club (Part 4) is a NEW Trilogy. This takes place 10 years after the original crossover trilogy of the Honor Series and the Club Series.

It's been 10 years since Ali, Abby, Nancy, and Charlie survived the last murder spree. Tyler and his girlfriend, Nikita, return for a vengeful murder spree.


Returning Characters

NANCY CARTER (17): Nancy is grown up and become a beautiful young lady. She is much stronger than ever. She has started her first relationship with Patrick Villane. She is put to the test when Ghostface returns to finish the job.

ALI WARNER (28): Ali and Abby have raised Nancy together. She is engaged to be married to a man name John Calhoun.

ABBY WILCOX (28): Abby has moved on since Tyler's revelation. But she hasn't been with anyone since. Ali and Nancy eventually talks her into seeing someone new.

VERONICA CARTER (26): Veronica has moved on from the murders. She starts to see a new girl.

ANDREW CARTER (50): Andrew has been deteriorating since his family's murders. Andrew is depressed, gaining weight, growing a beard, and looking older than he is.

CHARLIE RODRIGUEZ (50): Charlie has left the WAVE and gotten married since the last murders. Charlie's wife has helped him recover.

PATRICK VILLANE (17): Patrick returns as Nancy's first boyfriend. They've been close since the ending of the previous story.

TYLER CARTER (28): Tyler returns to start a new murder spree with his girlfriend, Nikita, in revenge of his defeat.

NIKITA (40s): Nikita is Tyler's older sexy girlfriend. She helps break Tyler out of jail and they plan a murder spree to avenge Tyler's defeat and to finish the job.


JOHN CALHOUN (30): John is Ali's fiance. He has helped the family during their time of depression since the previous murder spree. His romance with Ali makes him a target.

KD RODRIGUEZ (40s): KD is Charlie's new wife. Like with John, KD has helped the Carter family through the tough times since the previous story. When the killings begin, Charlie considers having his wife go into hiding to protect her. But KD refuses to leave her husband.

KIERAN WILCOX (18): In a crossover between Donald Newton's stories and the TV Show, Kieran appears as Abby's cousin from her father's side. Kieran's step father is Abby's father's brother. Kieran becomes protective of Nancy when the killings begin. This often causes clashes between him and Patrick.

GABRIEL BEAMER (17): Gabe is the new President of the Club and the new "Randy/Noah/Coda" of the group. He knows a lot about movies.

WILLA MONTANA (18): Willa is a sweet outgoing girl that Kieran becomes infatuated with.

ETHAN BEAMER (18): Ethan is Patrick's best friend and Gabriel's older brother. He is a member of the club and praises his little brother for his leadership.

KAMI OLSON (17): Kami is Ethan's girlfriend and Nancy's best friend.

JOSIE CORNELL (17): Josie is friends with Nancy and Kami. She has a crush on Gabriel.

JESSICA HANUS (27): Jessica is Veronica's new girlfriend.

NATHAN ALDRIGE (18): Nathan is the current Vice President of the Club.

AUSTIN MILLER (30s): Austin is Charlie's ghostwriter. Austin is writing Charlie's story on his experience with the previous murders and how he's had to overcome the effects of the murders.

C.J. TORRES (17): C.J. is the hot popular girl. She hangs out with Nancy, Kami, and Josie. However, unlike them, she's not part of the club, although she supports it's goals as a popular girl.

DONNY MARIS (17): Donny is C.J.'s football boyfriend.


Convicted killer, TYLER CARTER (19), is being escorted into the Prison Visitation Room, where he’s told that his lawyer is waiting for him. However, upon entering, he does not find his lawyer. He finds NIKITA (30s), a much older but sexy woman with red hair and wearing a sexy red tight skirt. Her presence is a distraction to everyone around. The prisoners, guards, and female visitors can’t help but to stare at her sexiness. When Tyler sits down with Nikita, we come to learn that Nikita is actually his true girlfriend. Nikita ask him how he’s doing. Tyler says that he’s hanging in there. Nikita says that she misses him. Tyler says that he misses her, too. He asks her if she knows that he never loved Abby and that she was just a tool to get to his sisters. Nikita eases him about it by saying that he was doing what he thought was best. Nikita says that she supports him and his decisions. Tyler asks if everything is prepared for tomorrow. Nikita says that everything is prepared and ready for tomorrow. Tyler smiles and says good. Nikita gives him a kiss on the lips. Her lipstick is all over his mouth. Nikita says “I’ll see you tomorrow, baby.” And Tyler says, “TOMORROW.”

It’s the next night and Tyler is laying on his prison cot. His prison door opens and a GUARD comes in and says that he’s got a phone call. The Guard escorts him to the phone area. Tyler picks up the phone but the Guard tells him no. This confuses Tyler. The Guard waits until the other guards are gone. The Guard tells Tyler that this is part of Nikita’s plan. He’s going to break him out of here. The Guard sneaks Tyler out and puts him in his car. They drive into the woods at the other end of town. They get out the car and find Nikita alone with a briefcase. She’s now wearing a sexy black outfit. The Guard uncuffs Tyler and sets him free to her. Nikita hands the briefcase to the Guard. The Guard looks inside and finds that it’s filled with money. Nikita hands something to Tyler and nods to him. Tyler goes up to the Guard, putting his arm around him, and thanks him for his help. The Guard smiles and says no problem. However, before he can leave, Tyler stabs him in the chest. The Guard looks up to him with betrayal. He reminds Tyler that he treated him better than the other guards. Tyler says that was why they chose him. But he’s a loose end that they must cut. So Tyler stabs him in the chest one more time. The Guard is dead.

Tyler turns to Nikita. They hug and kiss each other. Tyler looks into her eyes. So in love and grateful for her love. Suddenly, Tyler gasps in pain. We find that Nikita has stabbed Tyler in the chest. Tyler looks at her. She has an evil grin on her face. She has betrayed him. Nikita tells him that like him with Abby, she only used him for her own agenda. She doesn't care about Tyler either. Nikita stabs Tyler in the heart. Tyler’s body falls to the ground. Tyler Carter, the killer of the first three stories, is dead.

Nikita looks on and says that she's in no hurry. She must retreat. She must let time do the healing and her work. When the time comes. She will return. But now is the time to hide until it's the right time.

Chapter 1


Pouring coffee into a coffee mug is JOHN CALHOUN (30), a handsome young man. ALI WARNER (28) walks into the kitchen and says to John. He says good morning back to her. They kiss. Ali and John are engaged to be married. NANCY CARTER (17) walks into the kitchen. Nancy has grown to be a beautiful young lady. She wears glasses like Ali. John says “Good Morning, sunshine.” to Nancy. Nancy smiles, showing her respect to Ali’s fiance. John is a very nice man with a lively smile. His presence could make a dark and gloomy room look happy. ABBY WILCOX (28) walks in and says good morning to everyone. Abby announces that her cousin, Kieran, will be arriving from Atlanta today. Ali and John says that’s great and that they’re looking forward to meeting him. VERONICA CARTER (26) walks in, ready for work, and takes a cup of coffee. She says bye to everyone. As she walks out the backdoor, her father ANDREW CARTER (50), walks in. He only has a moment to say goodbye to her before she’s out the door. Andrew is a different man than what we’re use to. He’s no longer skinny, has grown a full beard, and looks unhealthy and older than his age. He looks like a lost soul. Everyone says good morning to Andrew, who grabs a cup of coffee. He says good morning to them and heads back out into the living room.

Later after breakfast, Nancy gets into her car while Ali watches her. Ali tells Nancy that she loves her and Nancy tells her that she loves her, too. Ali tells her to have a good day at school. We can certainly tell that Ali has taken over the “mother” role in Nancy’s life. Nancy drives off. While Ali stands by the door, John heads for the door, leaving for work. Ali and John kiss and she tells him to have a good day at work. They tell each other that they love each other. Ali watches her fiance leave. She goes back inside the house. She sits by Andrew on the couch. Andrew is just watching TV, seemingly blank. She puts her arm around her “Uncle” and asks him how he’s doing. Andrew tells her that he’s hanging in. Since the murders, Andrew has deteriorated. He had to quit his job by the time Veronica became a full grown adult and he had to depend on social security income for himself. Veronica currently works as a care helper at a home for old people. Abby works from home as a freelance web designer for many companies. She is hired by a company to build their websites from home. Ali doesn’t have a job yet. John, Abby, and Andrew share their income with her and Nancy. John is a traditional conservative. While he believes in Abby’s right to work, John likes to take care of his woman. John is very good to Ali. Despite, the large house and the issues this family has gone through, they make it okay.

Nancy arrives at school. Waiting for her there is her boyfriend, PATRICK VILLANE (17), the same guy who we saw smiling at her as a little boy in the previous story. It was love at first sight. But they waited until just recently to start dating. They join their group of friends; the new club President, GABRIEL BEAMER (17), his brother ETHAN BEAMER (18), who is also Patrick’s best friend, Ethan’s girlfriend KAMI OLSON (17), who is Nancy’s best friend, and their friend JOSIE CORNELL (17). They are met up by a friend of Nancy, Kami, and Josie, C.J. TORRES (17) and her boyfriend DONNY MARIS (17). C.J. and Donny are not necessary apart of their group. But they come in once in awhile. C.J. asks if they can mingle with them for a moment because they’re trying to avoid C.J.’s ex-boyfriend, JAKE DUVALL (17). The group can see Jake in the distance. He’s pretending to not be looking but he is spying on C.J. This creeps them out. C.J. tells them that he was so violent and angry when they were together that she feared for her life. She still does because Jake is so jealous over her relationship with Donny. *PAY ATTENTION TO THIS NEXT LINE* C.J. claims that Jake has threatened to kill her, Donny, and himself over it. Nancy says that she should get a restraining order on him. C.J. reminds her that never works. Many abused victims have still been killed by someone who they had a restraining order on.

Chapter 2

TEASER: Charlie is trying to have a book written about his experiences, Veronica is partnered up with a beautiful new assistant named Jessica. Abby's cousin Kieran Wilcox arrives from Atalanta.

Chapter 3

TEASER: Ghostface uses C.J.'s ex-boyfriend, Jake's stalking presence to his advantage when C.J. and her new boyfriend, Donny become his first targets.

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Fun Stuff

Confirmed Facts

  • Tyler and his girlfriend Nikita return. However, Tyler is killed by Nikita and Nikita remains in hiding for the rest of the story.
  • Nancy and Patrick are in a relationship.
  • Kieran Wilcox from the TV show appears in this story.
  • KIeran's love interest Willa is named after Willa Fitzegerald who played Kieran's girlfriend Emma in the show.
  • A few survivors will die.

Body Count

# Victim COD Killer CH
1 Guard Stabbed in the chest Tyler Carter PRO
2 Tyler Carter Stabbed in the heart Nikita PRO
3 Minor Male Teen N/A N/A 3
4 Minor Female Teen N/A N/A 3
5 Minor Male Teen N/A N/A 3

Body Count will change as story develops.

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