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SCREAM 2: Honor Thy Family

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Three months after the Carter family survives the Knife Killer's final confrontation, they are faced with the threat of the Machete and Axe killers. One of the main characters is taunted by the killer with damning evidence of his involvement in the previous killings.



The survivors are horrified at learning that Gary is the killer.

GARY: The only reason you weren’t killed that night was because I still love you.

BELLA: I don’t love you anymore!

Gary goes to stab someone. But Charlie shoots and kills him.


TYLER: Welcome back, listeners.

Tyler walks into the house with his older twin siblings. His family is throwing him a birthday party. He’s surprised. The entire family hugs him together.

TYLER: We’ve all been through something horrible. But what matters is that we’re here together as a family. And as long as we have each other, nothing can go wrong.




GHOSTFACE: Hey, Killer.

Charlie looks around to see if the killer can see him.




Ghostface opens a door to a dark room.

Charlie is staring at something that disturbs.

TYLER: I think Gary’s accomplice is still out there and he’s someone who we may know.

Charlie finds a room filled with stuff between him and Gary.

GHOSTFACE: You had quite the thing going…

We see the FLASHBACK of Charlie burning the “evidence” of him and Gary.

GHOSTFACE:...Didn’t ya?

Charlie walks into a room and is horrified to find a victim.

Charlie is berating at Tyler, who is surprised and shocked by his attitude.

CHARLIE: Face it, the accomplice is gone. Just let it go, Tyler.

Charlie is disturbed by a message he has on his phone.

We get a few shots of Ghostface, looking terrifying.

Tyler, Emilia, and Anton finds a picture of the abandoned building from the previous story.

EMILIA: Why is this place so important?

KATHY: That is where your mother took her dates at for their “partying.”

This shocks them as we cut to shots of them having nightmares of the building. One of them includes them seeing Lorraine.

EMILIA: Why are we having dreams about this place?

We have a shot of Abby and Tyler getting it on for the first time.

Norm is looking suspicious as he stares at Emilia, the object of his affection.

NORM: It’s times like this that you’ve got to be careful with who you trust.

Charlie shoulders Norm, either suspecting him or angry that Norm implicated Charlie.

Bella is talking to her new boyfriend, Aidan.

BELLA: If only you knew what we been through.

AIDAN: I can take a guess.

Aidan looks very suspicious.

Emilia is about to open a slightly opened door where the killer is behind the door with the knife out.

EMILIA: There is a new killer out there.

Ghostface knocks out a victim with a bat.

TYLER: Exactly. We’re starting on act two.

Tyler’s line is said over a constant reswitching shots of; a victim being hung off the floor, screaming and wailing, and a shot of Nancy, covered in blood, screaming at something she sees.


As the song continues we get shots of:

Ghostface stabbing a victim to death.

Ghostface dragging a victim.

Charlie searching for something in a dark room.

Abby turns to see something, which disturbs her.

Nancy, hair all wet, is being escorted by the police.

Emilia sees her deceased boyfriend Miguel approaching her in a dream.

TYLER: Everyone has their own way of dealing with what we went through.

Nancy sees another little girl through her window.

A victim is attempting to escape from Ghostface.

TYLER: The thing about the truth is…

KILLER: Scott Lane

We get CLOSE UP shot of Charlie, looking angry.

KILLER: Bella Curtis

Emilia stares at Norm from across the bar.

KILLER: Nick Curtis

Anastasia turns to us, looking suspicious.

KILLER: Abby Wilcox

Anton is look around for something

TYLER: You think it’s one thing.

KILLER: Tyler Carter

Jeff and Ann are together smiling.

TYLER: But deep down…

Bella is looking into a door window.

Nancy is looking to see if someone is behind her.

TYLER: You know it’s something.

The family turns to Charlie, suspicious that he’s done something.

CHARLIE: You can’t possibly think that I’m doing this.


A Dark Figure runs away.

A Victim is screaming.

Charlie is running away from the killer in the WAVE.

Emilia is pounding on a door.

KILLER: Charlie Rodriguez pulls the mask off and staring at us.

CHARLIE: You know that I would never do anything to…(Voice changes to Ghostface)...hurt you.

SONG IN GHOSTFACE VOICE: Welcome back! Welcome Back! Welcome Back!

SCREAM 2: Honor Thy Family

Trust nobody...Trust me!



TYLER CARTER (19): Tyler continues his role as the hero of the story, with Anton and Emilia as his sidekicks. He’s still dating Abby Wilcox. He has since become close to his little sister, Nancy. He also assists in raising his little brother, Henry Carter.

NANCY CARTER (7): Nancy is still recovering from the trauma of the previous story. She attempts to move on after being rejected by Wisher in the first story. She has a close relationship wth her little brother, Henry Carter.

ABBY WILCOX (18): Abby still lives with the Carters and continues her romantic relationship with Tyler and her sisterly bond with Nancy. Abby is still protective of Nancy. Her relationship with Emilia, whom she was jealous of in the previous story, grows more sisterly.

EMILIA CARTER (19): Emilia and Anton abandoned their previous life as “Garcias” and become “Carters.” Emilia builds up a relationship with her biological family. She begins seeing a new guy. But she’s afraid to either trust him or to lose him after her first boyfriend was murdered in the previous story. She is devoted to her little brother, Henry, and is his primary "Mother" role.

ANTON CARTER (19): Emilia and Anton abandoned their previous life as “Garcias” and become “Carters.” Anton builds up a relationship with his biological family. His girlfriend Anastasia returns to be with him.

CLARENCE CARTER (68): Clarence becomes more protective of his grandchildren and his family after the events of the first story. But how much can he do at his old age? And who can he trust? He and Kathy are the official guardians of Henry Carter, even though Emilia has the role of being his "Mother."

KATHY CARTER (65): Kathy continues her role as the loving mother and grandmother. Nothing has changed except for her fear of losing her loved ones as the killings continue. She and Clarence are the official guardians of Henry Carter, even though Emilia has the role of being his "Mother."

CHARLIE RODRIGUEZ (40): Charlie continues to build up his relationship with his twins Emilia and Anton. He begins seeing Robin Warnock, though younger, is accepted by the family, including his adult twins. Charlie becomes the main target of one of the killers.

SCOTT LANE (40): Scott is still his managing the WAVE with Tyler being his promoter on his podcast. He continues to bond with Tyler and the other kids.

NICK CURTIS (40): Continues his stupid goofball ways. But will his friendship with the Carters and the rest of the friends make him a target?

VERONICA CARTER (18): Veronica is recovering the loss of her boyfriend, Luke, from the previous story.

JEFF CARTER (18): Jeff continues to protect his girlfriend, Anna Moss, when the Axe Killer, who murdered her father, continues the killing spree.

ANNA MOSS (18): Anna still mourns her father and continues her relationship with Jeff.

BELLA CURTIS (18): Continues to criticize her father’s behavior. But when the killings happen again, she becomes worried for his safety.

DAPHNE CARTER (40): After failing to protect Nancy in the previous story, Daphne vows to protect Nancy and Henry. But how far is she willing to go to protect them? Is she willing to die for them?

ANDREW CARTER (40): Continues to build his relationship with his nephews and nieces. Honestly, there is not much there for him.

HENRY "LITTLE MAN" CARTER (BABY): The Youngest child of Lorraine Carter, Grandson of Clarence and Kathy Carter, and the younger brother of Emilia, Anton, Tyler, and Nancy Carter. Henry was previously known to as "Little Man" in the previous story, now given an official name by his family.


ROBIN WARNOCK (25): Robin is Charlie’s new much younger girlfriend. Even though she is about five years older than Charlie’s twins, Emilia and Anton accept her as their father’s girlfriend. She becomes a close friend of the Carter family. This could make her a target of the new killer, especially since Charlie is now one of the killer's primary targets. Robin is the first original character of the original Honor trilogy to make appearance in the sequel. The majority of the characters from the original trilogy, including those who appeared in the second and third story, all appeared in the previous story.

SHERIFF BEN LOOMIS (41): Ben is the new Sheriff of Clearwood. He was once friends with the Carter family and had many flings with Lorraine. He becomes close to Tyler, Nancy, and Henry and becomes very protective of them when the killings continues. He’s haunted by memories of his sexual encounters with Lorraine. Ben is this story’s version of Sheriff Miguel Acosta.

ANASTASIA KLAUS (19): Anastasia is Anton’s girlfriend who made a brief appearance in the beginning of the previous story. Her role expands in this story as she attempts to build a friendship with his biological family. Anastasia is this story’s version of Zoe Vaughn and Riley Mara.

NORM PETERSON (23): Norm is a regular at the bar that the main characters frequently visits for beers. He becomes a close friend of the Carters and developes feelings for Emilia. Norm is a younger and healthier version of the beloved character from the CHEERS tv show. He must first pass the test on rather he and Henry can bond, as Emilia is the "Mother figure" of Henry. Norm is this story’s version of Eli and Gustavo.

AIDAN SMITH (18): Bella's new boyfriend.

KAREN LLOYD (30): Karen is Abby, Veronica, Jeff, Anna, and Bella’s English teacher. She becomes obsessed with the Carter family to the point of getting too close to them. The teens and older adults don’t mind at first. But when she attempts to interview Nancy, that’s when the family becomes uncomfortable with her and they avoid her. Karen is this story’s version of Kristin Lang.

SHELBY RICE (18): Shelby attends to the same high school as the main characters. She hates the Carter family and is suspicious about their involvement in the previous murder spree. She is this story’s version of Haley Meyers.

Chapter 1

It’s a busy night at the WAVE music store and Charlie Rodriguez, survivor of the Clearwood Murders, is the WAVE manager working tonight. Scott and Nick are at the Carter’s house, preparing for Tyler’s birthday party. Charlie is working fast with checking out each customer’s products. The customers are people of old ages. They certainly are into their rock music. Throughout the entire store, customers are hanging out, listening to music on their CD players, MP3 players, or just socializing with each other. The WAVE was become more than just a store. It’s a social center.

Charlie gets a chance to have a break. As he’s sitting by the cash register, he gets a text message from an UNKNOWN CALLER. He reads it. The text message says “Hello, Partner. Going to the party?” A confused Charlie texts back, asking who this is. The messenger replies with, “A friend of a friend.” Charlie gets a call from his daughter, Emilia. When he answers the call, he asks her if she just sent him a creepy message. She denies it and asks about it. Her father tells her it’s just some freak trying to scare him. Emilia tells Charlie that the WAVE is on her way to the Carters and asks if he’d like to get a ride from her to the Carters. Charlie accepts it and Emilia tells him that she’ll see him soon. The father and daughter tells each other that they love each other before hanging up. Charlie texts the messenger, once again, asking for his identity. The messenger claims to be Charlie’s “Conscious.” Then tells him that “I’ll see you soon, partner.”

Sometime later, the customers are leaving the store. Charlie gathers the rest and escorts them out. He tells them that “The night is still young. You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.” He tells them to have a good night and to be safe. Once all of the customers are gone, Charlie locks the door. He takes the keys and places them on the counter of the cash register. Charlie walks away from the counter and goes inside the office. As he walks in, we find a DARK FIGURE entering our view from the other far end of the store. Charlie is unaware of his presence.

Moments later, Charlie comes out with a box cutter and goes to a stack of boxes next to an empty rack. He cuts one of the boxes with the cutter and opens the box. He places the cutter aside on another rack. The box he just opened is filled with new CDs. He takes them out and begins stocking them on the empty rack. He is so occupied with stocking the rack that he doesn’t hear the toilet flushing in the ladies bathroom. The bathroom door opens and walking out is SHELBY RICE (18). Shelby is a hot brunette with big breasts. She has that pretty face with the fake innocent attitude and the obvious bitchiness to her. Shelby “accidentally” bumps into Charlie, resulting him in dropping some CDs. Shelby apologizes and Charlie tells that it’s no problem. She bends down and helps him pick up the CDs. As Charlie thanks her, Shelby stares at Charlie, all star-struck. He asks her what’s wrong. Shelby acts all excited and praises Charlie as the “Badass who shot Gary Kemper.” Shelby tells Charlie that he’s a hero. A flattered Charlie blushes and thanks her again. Shelby asks him if she can get a picture with him. She tells him that usually she hates everyone but that he impresses her. Charlie accepts. They huddle together as Shelby uses her phone to take a picture of her and Charlie. As the FLASH of the camera blinks, we see the DARK FIGURE running across the store from behind them. Shelby thanks Charlie and he tells her that he’ll get the keys to let her out. However, when he goes to the counter, the keys are gone. Charlie says that he can’t find the keys. Charlie takes Shelby to the back.

In the back storage, Charlie escorts Shelby through the room crowded with boxes. Shelby tells Charlie that everybody says that nobody ever suspected Gary Kemper as the killer, which Charlie says that “That is what everybody says.” Just as they are near the back door, a light turns in a small closet and loud rock music plays. Charlie yells at the person in there to leave because they are closed. Charlie turns to Shelby, telling her that some idiot has snuck into one of the closets. But when he turns her way, Shelby has already walked out the door. Charlie approaches the closet and goes inside. There is a speaker blasting with an MP3 player laying on it. Charlie turns off the music and takes the MP3 player. When Charlie walks out of the closet, Ghostface appears at the back door where Shelby had just walked out of a moment ago. Seeing the knife out and his intentions appearing harmful, Charlie runs through the hall with the killer chasing him.

Charlie makes it into the main area of the store. He goes to the counter and tries looking for the keys. But he can’t find it. Suddenly, he hears the sound of the keys jiggling. He looks over and finds the killer jiggling the keys. Charlie sees a camera strapped around the killer’s chest. Charlie realizes that he’s fucked. He runs into the office and closes the door and locks it. But the killer kicks the door open. Charlie throws the desk chair at the killer. The chair pushes Ghostface back and he falls to the floor. Charlie runs out of the office. He looks back to see if the killer is getting up. He bumps into Shelby, who appears to be panicking. She blabbers about a killer wearing the Gary Kemper mask and that they have to get out of there. But before they can, Ghostface tackles Shelby. He stabs her to death. Charlie just stands there in horror. Charlie hears pounding at the front main entrance. It’s Emilia, screaming in horror for her father, having just witnessed Shelby getting killed.

Charlie backs away from the killer, who's now gaining up on him. Emilia is frantically trying to call the police. Charlie is forced to be backed into the empty rack that he was stocking up earlier. The killer goes for him, but Charlie, having remembered the box cutter from earlier, finds the cutter and grabs it. Just as the killer goes to stab him, Charlie stabs the killer exactly where the camera is. The killer gasps in pain. We hear the killer talk. “He stabbed!” Shelby, who we thought was dead, opens her eyes and gasps. The killer removes his mask and reveals himself as a teenage boy around sixteen to eighteen. Young, stupid, and innocent. He is horrified by what has just happened to him. The prankster, once again, states that, “He stabbed me!” Shelby approaches her partner. She acts like this is Charlie’s fault, asking him what he had done. Charlie is shocked to see that Shelby, who he just witnessed getting stabbed, is alive and moving. “You’re alive?” Charlie asks her in shock. Shelby tells him that it was just a prank, showing that the knife was a fake. Charlie and Emilia look at each other in horror, realizing what had just took place here.

Chapter 2

A paramedics are loading the prankster into the ambulance. Charlie, with Emilia by his side, is talking to SHERIFF BEN LOOMIS (41) with an angry Shelby standing by. Charlie asks if the prankster will be okay. Loomis says that he’ll be okay. The camera was strong enough to stop the knife from going any further in the chest. Seeing that Charlie appears to be okay, Loomis says that Charlie can leave. But Shelby protests, saying that it’s unfair that just because Charlie killed Gary that he gets a free pass. Shelby continues on how Charlie stabbed her friend, therefore, he should be arrested. But Charlie reminds her that they attacked him, which she fires back about it being a joke. Loomis tells her that he was acting on self-defense against a goofball assault, therefore, Charlie wins. Plus they were live streaming so Charlie has enough evidence to win a civil suit against them. Loomis suggests that if she doesn’t want anymore problems that she should just walk away. Angry and defeated, Shelby walks away.

At the Carter’s, the family is preparing for Tyler’s birthday. In the kitchen, Kathy is getting the cake ready. Nick looks at his phone and tells everyone that Charlie has just broke the internet with his stabbing of the prankster video. Bella barks at her father to not ruin Tyler’s party by talking about the prank when Tyler comes home. Bella walks into the living room with a drink with her new boyfriend, AIDAN SMITH (18). In the living room is Clarence, Anton, Andrew, Daphne, who is holding Henry, Jeff, Anna, and Veronica. Veronica is now using a cane due to her head injury from the previous story. There is a slight dent on her head where she was hit. But she appears to be recovering. She looks happy around her family. Charlie and Emilia arrive. Nick gives Charlie a high five, praising him for his “badassery” in stabbing the prankster. Once again, Bella chews him out.

Scott introduces Charlie to ROBIN WARNOCK (25), a girl who they’ve seen frequently at the WAVE but has never met. Robin has confessed that she’s wanted to meet Charlie and finds him attractive despite their age difference. Charlie and Robin hit it off immediately. Her young age doesn’t bother his kids, who are not that much younger than her.

Nancy comes downstairs, looking so beautiful in her outfit. She appears to have emotionally recovered from all that she went through. She’s now open and close to her family. She is having a hard time tying the back of her outfit. Scott kneels down and ties it up for her. She turns around and thanks him. She hugs and kisses her “Uncle” Scott. Like with Tyler, Scott has formed a special bond with Nancy. You can tell that he loves and adores her. Daphne comes by with Henry, whom we previously knew as “Little Man.” Scott offers to take Henry from her, which she carefully passes on to Scott. Scott holds Henry, whom he, too, appears to have a special bond with. Henry smiles at Scott, who smiles back. Scott asks, “How’s Henry doing? How are you, Little Man?”, using both his official name and nickname. Scott kisses Henry on the forehead. Daphne is surprised to see how much of a “Family man” Scott appears to have in him. Scott tells her that he’s surprised, too. He claims that he’s hated kids for a long time until Nancy came into their lives.

Bella tells everyone that Abby just texted her and that she and Tyler are just about to be there. They all turn off the lights and hide. Abby and Tyler enter through the sliding glass door and walk into the living room. Everyone shouts “SURPRISE!” and sings “Happy Birthday” to Tyler, now 19. Tyler thanks them all for the party. Everyone has a good time at the party. Tyler bonds with Nancy, a relationship that has grown since the previous story, now that they know each other as brother and sister rather than just Abby’s neighbor boyfriend.

Later, Abby, Tyler, Emilia, and Scott tuck Nancy into bed. Abby and Tyler do so in a now shared role as Nancy’s primary protectors, Emilia for her developed sisterly relationship with Nancy, and Scott just for the sake of caring about her. They all give her kisses goodnight before leaving her bedroom. They say goodnight to Clarence and Kathy before going to the basement.

In the basement, they continue to drink and everyone except for Andrew, Veronica, Robin, Emilia, Scott, and Aidan gets drunk. A drunken Tyler moves his head and shoulders like he’s dancing to music that isn’t playing. Abby turns on The Doors and begins dancing with Tyler. The song playing is “Unhappy Girl.” Tyler takes a seat while Abby continues to dance. Her dancing is more cool and badass than sexy. Bella challenges Abby to a dance-off, which she agrees to. Bella plays “Light My Fire” and proceeds to dance sexy. Nick appears proud of his daughter for her dancing skills, even though they’re very sexualized. Bella wins the first round. Abby plays “Hello, I Love You” and starts her own sexy dance. This slightly beats Bella’s first round. Bella plays “Touch Me” and begins the same dance routine. Nothing new. Abby wins the second round. They girls stare at each other. “Break on Through” plays and they dance together in opponent-duet dance-off. It’s sexy and suggestive. There are moments where it appears that they get close to each other’s bodies that they nearly appear like they’re about to kiss. In the end, the dance-off is concluded a tie. Unlike the original version of this story, where Abby and Bella hated each other and were doing this for Tyler’s affection, they did this for fun and have no hostile over each other. They are best friends this time around.

Everyone decides to go home for the night. Andrew takes Daphne and Veronica home. Jeff and Anna leave together. Robin offers to take the drunken Charlie home, which he doesn’t resist. Bella leaves with Aidan. Abby offers Tyler to stay the night with her, which he accepts. Scott offers to take Nick home, which a drunken Nick can barely accept or reject, therefore, Scott just picks him up and carries him to his car. Emilia, with Henry, offers Anton a ride home, which he accepts.

Chapter 3

TEASER: After Tyler's party, everyone leaves. But a survivor may face the killer but suffer a torture before he/she can either be rescued or killed. Charlie gets a frightening phone call from the killer.

Chapter 4

TEASER: The teens go to school and learn that their English teacher would like to interview them for a paper. Emilia meets Norm Peterson, a beloved customer at the local bar that Scott and Charlie go to.

Chapter 5

Fun Stuff

Confirmed Facts

  • All of the survivors of the previous story will return.
  • A few survivors may die.
  • New characters are introduced.
  • The Axe Killer will be revealed at the end.
  • Little Man is named Henry Carter in this story by his sister Emilia. Although, his grandparents are his official guardians, Emilia takes responsibility as the "Mother" role much like how Abby was Nancy's primary protector in the previous story.
  • Tyler, Nancy, and Henry will continue their search for their fathers. A new character is introduced as a major possible candidate to be their father.
  • Norm Peterson of Cheers becomes a major supporting character.

Body Count

# Victim COD Killer CH
F.V. Axe Killer N/A N/A N/A


Identity Currently unknown
Alias Axe Killer and Machete Killer
Gender Currently unknown
Motive Currently unknown
Target The Carter Family and Charlie Rodriguez
Secrets Currently unknown
Status Actively killing

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