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Scream the 13th Part 2

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Six months after surviving the Crystal Lake Murders lead by Francis, the survivors try to move on until Francis returns with a new batch of killers.



ASHLEY PRESLEY (18): Survivor of the second Crystal Lake Murders lead by Francis, which her boyfriend Michael Dash was apart of. Begins seeing a new guy who she is afraid to get close out of fear of another betrayal.

REBECCA YOUNG (18): Survivor of the second Crystal Lake Murders lead by Francis, which it turns out that she was targeted by Michael Dash, who revealed himself as Rebecca’s late boyfriend’s cousin. She and Alec are now officially dating.

ELVIS CORVAN (18): Survivor of the second Crystal Lake Murders lead by Francis, which his friend Jimmy was apart of. He continues his role as the traditional “Randy-Noah” movie geek. Realizing that there are new recruits involved with Francis, Elvis must use the new generation of sequel rules to survive this new killing spree.

ALEC GUINNESS (18): Survivor of the second Crystal Lake Murders lead by Francis and boyfriend of Rebecca. He is very protective of Rebecca and will do anything to make sure that Francis and the new killers don’t get to Rebecca.

MIRANDA MILLER (18): Survivor of the second Crystal Lake murders lead by Francis. Is still dating fellow survivor Tom Clerk.

TOM CLERK (18): Survivor of the second Crystal Lake Murders lead by Francis and boyfriend of Miranda Miller.

ALICE PRESLEY (38): Survivor of the original Crystal Lake Murders and mother of Ashley. She was the one who killed Pamela Voorhees and is still haunted by the fact that she allowed Jason Voorhees to drown.

BILL PRESLEY (38): Survivor of the original Crystal Lake Murders and father of Ashley.

MICHAEL DASH (18): Was the Brandon James Killer of the second Crystal Lake Murders lead by Francis. He was angry that Rebecca had reported on his cousin, Trevor, for raping her, which lead him to commit suicide. Because he failed to restrain Ashley, Francis’s target, and didn’t prevent Father Death killer Cindy Collin’s death, Francis is on the hunt for Michael along with his new patch of killers who have succeeded Michael and the late Cindy and Jimmy.

RONALD BLAIR (32): Is now the Principal of Crystal Lake High School after the murder of Principal Jack Bacon, a survivor of the original Crystal Lake Murders. Despite his new position, Blair continues to counsel the traumatized Ashley and Rebecca.

FRANCIS: Is the last remaining of the four killers of the second Crystal Lake Murders. He continues on with his mission with a new patch of Ghostface killers. He continues to be the most mysterious, brutal, and frightening of all the killers.

BRANDON JAMES: The new BJ killer is the hand-picked protege of Francis’s. Francis proudly chooses him to replace the disgraced, coward, and incompetent Michael Dash. Brandon proves himself to be better than Michael and desire to please Francis. He will not allow himself to fail his master, Francis.

FATHER DEATH: The new FD killer continues to be a reliable and successful killer in Francis’s goals much like Cindy Collins was.

LEATHERFACE: The new LF killer succeeds in the weak Jimmy Dawson. But unlike Jimmy, the new Leatherface is much more determined, stubborn, and hardheaded. Maybe too much so that he might be jeopardizing the bigger picture.


New characters will be posted soon. I’m taking a break from this story for a while.

Chapter 1

Previously on Scream the 13th:

Ashley Presley, daughter of the Camp Blood Murders Survivors Alice and Bill, and her best friend Rebecca Young, who was raped by her boyfriend, Trevor, who killed himself a few years prior, were getting calls from Ghostface killers; Francis, Brandon James, Father Death, and Leatherface. Their friends were being killed off by the four killers. In the end, Ashley’s boyfriend Michael Dash was revealed to be Brandon James, their friend Cindy Collins was revealed to be Father Death, and another friend Jimmy Dawson was revealed to be Leatherface. Francis is the only one of the four Ghostface killers whose identity has not been revealed.

Michael’s motive was that Rebecca and her mother, who was killed by Michael earlier, were responsible for Michael’s cousin, Trevor’s suicide. Cindy had no personal motive as she was helping her secret boyfriend Michael and their friend Francis. Jimmy’s motive was to get rid of drug addicts who he either owed money to or who he owed drugs to. Francis’s motive appears to be that he’s a fanboy of the Voorhees family, Jason and Pam specifically, and is targeting Ashley and her parents for their part in Jason’s drowning and Pam’s decapitation.

Both Cindy and Jimmy were killed, Francis was injured but escaped before police arrived, and Michael was arrested. Having failed to protect Cindy and Jimmy, failing to kill Rebecca and their friends, and failing to successfully capture Ashley, and getting himself arrested, Michael has become a target.

Six months after his arrest, Michael was being transferred from court to prison, after the Judge had found him guilty and sentenced him to life in prison, when Francis arrived, dressed in an armoured and bulletproof costume with a brand new bullet resistance machete, and killed off every police officer, despite being outnumbered and outgunned. However, despite Francis’s brutal massacre against the entire force, Michael was successfully put in the police truck and the remaining escorts drove off. It appeared that Francis failed in recapturing his former associate. But what they don’t know is that Francis predicted this as a possibility. So if you thought this was the end of Francis’s attempt on capturing Michael during his prison transfer, you’re in for a treat.

We begin immediately right after the police truck took off with prisoner and convicted killer Michael Dash as Lead Ghostface Killer Francis massacred the entire police army that was responsible with escorting and protecting Michael. There are only four officers left in the back of the truck. They check up on their prisoner. There are two officers in the front, one being the driver, and the other watching out for any other possible attacks on the passenger’s side.

The truck gets halfway to their destination and the road is deserted. Their current location is the rural part of town. Michael is still shaken up and so are his protectors. Nobody can believe what they just witnessed. The dust of the rural ground fill up the driver’s view. Somebody must have caused this to happen. When the dust clears, the driver sees a MAN in a SKI MASK standing there. He swerves to miss and crashes. The entire truck falls on it’s side. Everyone is slightly injured. As Michael and the escorts begin pulling themselves up, the truck is attacked. A chainsaw goes through the wall. One of the four escorts is impaled with the chainsaw. Meanwhile, Father Death gets on top of the truck and pulls out the driver. He stabs him to death.The SKI-MASK pulls out the already severely injured passenger. He breaks the passenger’s neck, which kills him. Leatherface continues to saw his way through the van, killing the other cops as they attempt to escape the saw. Leatherface uses the chainsaw to cut the back door open. The SKI-MASK approaches Michael. He’s confused and horrified. How is there another Father Death and Leatherface? And who or what is up with this Ski-Mask dude?

The Ski-Mask pulls Michael out of the truck. Once he’s out, Father Death and Leatherface holds Michael prisoner. A motorcycle appears racing in. The other killers, including Michael, stay there as the rider removes his helmet. From our view from behind him, we learn that the motorcyclist is a MALE. He conceals his face with the FRANCIS mask, revealing that this is Francis. Francis takes out another mask. It’s the Brandon James mask. He approaches Ski-Mask and hands him the mask. The Ski-Mask turns to Francis with a “Me? Really?” reaction, which Francis nods his head as if to say, “Yes, you. You’ve earned it.”

Ski-Mask stares into Michael’s soul as he removes his ski mask. Michael is shocked upon seeing his face. Ski-Mask is somebody Michael knows. The mysterious killer puts the Brandon James on, revealing that he is Michael’s successor as the Brandon James killer. The newly inaugurated Brandon James killer pulls out a BUCK 120 knife. Michael realizes what’s coming. He begs for his life. He apologizes to Francis and promises that he won’t fail again. But it’s obvious that Francis is no longer listening nor interested in Michael. Brandon James swings the knife across Michael’s throat. Michael grabs his throat and falls to the ground. He looks up at his former boss and his successor. Michael finally slumps down on the ground. MIchael Dash, former Brandon James killer, and the former boyfriend of Ashley Presley and of the late Father Death killer Cindy Collins, is dead.

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Fun Stuff

Confimed Facts

  • Francis returns as the only remaining killer of the original four; Father Death, Brandon James, and Leatherface are new recruits that take over for Cindy Collins, Michael Dash, and Jimmy Dawson. The new killers will be revealed at the end. Fracis will be revealed at the end of the third story.
  • Survivors returning are Ashley, Rebecca, Elvis, Miranda, and Tom. Other characters returning are Ashley's parents Alice and Bill, and Principal Ronald Blair. Pamela and Jason Voorhees might return in flashbacks.

Body Count

# Victim COD Killer CH
1 Police Escort 1 Impaled with Chainsaw Leatherface 1
2 Police Driver Stabbed to death Father Death 1
3 Police Passenger Neck Snapped Ski-Mask/BJ 1
4 Police Escort 2 Killed with Chainsaw Leatherface 1
5 Police Escort 3 Killed with Chainsaw Leatherface 1
6 Police Escort 4 Killed with Chainsaw Leatherface 1
7 Michael Dash Throat Slashed Brandon James 1

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