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Brandon James turns to the dark side, becoming a serial killer, after years of abuse from society. However, after learning that his one true love is pregnant with his child and his niece is given away to avoid public abuse over her killer uncle, Brandon escapes seventeen years after his original murders to find his daughter and niece, who are unaware of their true origins.


BRANDON JAMES: The main character and primary killer of the story. Unlike the original MTV show, Brandon survives his shooting by the police and remains the sole serial killer. In 2017, a mysterious figure, known as "Hood, helps Brandon escape so that he can find Emma and Audrey.

EMMA BAYLOR: Shares a Final Girl role with Audrey Jensen, her former best friend. After Brandon James escapes from the mental hospital, Brandon stalks her and Audrey after a revelation of their true background. She was adopted by Paul and Molly Baylor. Her true origins are realized throughout the story. She and Audrey are protected by Troy James, who shares a special bond with them.

AUDREY JENSEN: Shares the Final Girl role with Emma Baylor, her former best friend. After Brandon James escapes from the mental hospital, Brandon stalks her and Emma after a revelation of their true background. She was adopted by Howard Jensen. Her true origins are realized throughout the story. She and Emma are protected by Troy James, who shares a special bond with them.

TROY JAMES: Brother of Brandon James and father of Baby Marissa. When his brother became a serial killer, he gave his daughter Marissa away to protect her from the public. When his brother escaped from the mental hospital, Troy went searching for his brother to protect him, Emma, and Audrey.

NOAH FOSTER: Noah is a big fan of Brandon James. But when Brandon escpaes and the murders commence, Noah hopes to use his knowledge of Brandon to stop him and end the killings.

BROOKE MADDOX: Emma and Audrey's best friend. She is the daughter of Quinn Maddox, the Mayor of Lakewood. Around her friend Nina Patterson, Brooke will act like a bitch. But when Nina isn't around, Brooke is very lovable and kind hearted to Noah and Audrey, despite their social statuses.

KIERAN WILCOX: The son of Sheriff Clark Hudson and the love interest of Emma Duval. After his mother and stepfather are killed in a car accident, he moves in with his father. His cousin Eli shows him around school.

ELI HUDSON: The cousin of Kieran, son of Tina, and nephew of Clark.

JAKE FITZGERALD: Brooke's love interest and the goofball idiot of the group.

WILL BELMONT: Emma's ex-boyfriend. He's best friends with Jake. But when Jake takes things too far with his illegal activities, their friendship ends,

RILEY MARA: Was once best friends with Zoe Vaughn. But when they both show interest in Noah, their friendship ends.

ZOE VAUGHN: Was once best friends with Riley Mara. But when they both show interest in Noah, their friendship ends.

CLARK HUDSON: The Sheriff of Lakewood and Father of Kieran Wilcox. Partners up with Troy when Brandon escapes from the mental hospital. His role is very much like Lee Bracket and Ben Meeker in the Halloween series.

MOLLY BAYLOR: The adoptive mother of Emma. Molly and her husband Kurt accept their adoptive daughter despite how she became about. She is the medical examiner.

PAUL BAYLOR: The adoptive father of Emma. Paul and his wife accept their adoptive daughter despite how she became about. Paul is a businessman.

HOWARD JENSEN: The adoptive father of Audrey. He is a preacher. Despite his daughter's lesbian tendacy, he accepts her and loves her. When Brandon escapes from the mental hospital, he tries to protect Audrey from learning of her true origins.

PIPER SHAW: The host of the Autopsy of a Crime podcast.

QUINN MADDOX: Father of Brooke and the Mayor of Lakewood. Secretly dating/sleeping with Tina Hudson.

SETH BRANSON: The main characters' English teacher. Boyfriend of teacher/guidance counselor Kristin Lang.

KRISTIN LANG: The main characters' teacher or guidance counselor. She is dating Seth Branson.

TINA HUDSON: Mother of Eli, Sister of Clark, and Aunt of Kieran. She is a secret lover of Quinn's.

CASSIE JAMES: Mother of Brandon and Troy James, grandmother of Marissa and of Brandon's child. She was very loving and sweet to Brandon. She home schooled him.

ED JAMES: Father of Brandon and Troy James, grandfather of Marissa and of Brandon's child. He was not ashamed of Brandon but rather afraid for him. His fears for his son caused him to have outburst and takes it out on Brandon. But in the end, Ed truly loved his son and would often try to bond with him.

MAGGIE "DAISY" ANDERSON: The biological mother of Emma Baylor. Was the love interest of Brandon James. When Daisy has a fight with her boyfriend Kevin, she turns to Brandon for comfort. The two have sex. When Brandon attempts to sway Daisy away from Kevin to be with him, Kevin and his friends beat up Brandon. After Brandon murders Kevin and their friends, Daisy has Brandon meet her at the dock at Wren Lake. There, Maggie reveals to Brandon that she's pregnant with his child. Daisy has not given a choice to keep her and Brandon's baby. Their daughter is given up for adoption.

KEVIN DUVALL: The boyfriend of Daisy and Chief Enemy of Brandon James. After Kevin and his friends beat up Brandon upon learning about his sexual relationship with Daisy. However, this lead to Kevin and his friends being murdered by Brandon. I am automatically spoiling the fact that Kevin Duvall is murdered in Brandon's original killing spree as Kevin is no longer important to the story.

HOOD: Hood is Brandon James's protector and "friend." He has very few victims. Whereas Brandon is the sole killer, Hood holds the mysteries and it is his identity that is the traditional Scream twist. Hood is similar to The Man In Black/Dr. Terrance Wynn in Halloween 5 and 6, where he's the main killer's protector, controller, and instigator. But will Brandon be in his control for long? Will Brandon obey his master or will Hood find that even Brandon James is uncontrollable in the most brutal way?

Chapter 1

It’s 1990, and little BRANDON JAMES (6) is sitting on his swing set. He’s wearing a paper mache mask that he made himself. We can tell that this mask is more than just a child’s play, but rather that it hides something behind it. Something that Brandon is afraid to expose. Brandon turns to see a moving truck parking up to the empty house next door. The new neighbors arrive. They are LARRY and WILMA ANDERSON (Both in their 30s). With them is their little daughter MAGGIE “DAISY” ANDERSON (6). Brandon’s parents ED and CASSIE JAMES (both in their mid/late 50s) come out to meet their new neighbors. Ed tells Brandon to get into his shed. Brandon quietly does so. He’s had to do this several times in his life. Ed and Cassie introduce themselves to Larry and Wilma. The Andersons introduce Daisy to the James’. But all Daisy is concern about is seeing a swing set on the James’ property. To her, this is a sign that the James’ have a child. At first they try to deny this, but when Brandon slightly pops his head out of the shed, he’s seen by Daisy. Daisy runs over to Brandon. The James’ are horrified when they realize that Brandon has been seen.

Upon seeing Daisy, Brandon is stricken by something that he’s never felt before. Love. Daisy says hi to Brandon. Brandon removes his mask, exposing his face to us for the first time. We find that Brandon has Proteus syndrome, which has deformed his face. His parents are horrified by this, afraid of how the Andersons will react. But the Andersons are very kind. They do not judge him over it, especially Daisy. Daisy smiles at Brandon and Brandon smiles back. They are witnessing something that has never happened before in Brandon’s life. Not only has Brandon exposed his face to a stranger but the stranger is NOT afraid or degrading him. Daisy introduces herself to him and Brandon introduces himself to her. It’s at this moment that the true story of the “Brandon and Daisy” love/friendship story begins.

Brandon and Daisy would do everything together throughout the years. Daisy went to public school while Brandon continued being home schooled. But Daisy would tell all of her new friends about her “best friend” Brandon. No matter who came into her life, Daisy always put Brandon first. Everyday Brandon and Daisy would write each other notes and hide them in the tree that separates their houses. They were mostly love letters to her. Despite their young age, it was obvious that these two loved each other.

One day, Daisy saw a friend of hers kissing a boy and was curious about it. She wanted to kiss a boy. But she knew that she wanted to do it with someone she liked. A few boys offered but she rejected them all. Because there was only boy she had in mind. And it was Brandon. Coming home from school that day, she tells Brandon about her friend kissing and tells him that she’s never kissed anyone before. She asks Brandon if he’d kiss her. Brandon and Daisy kiss each other. Their first kiss ever.

Brandon brings Daisy into his shed and shows her a carving he made. It’s a wooden necklace shaped into a heart. The name “DAISY” is carved on it. Brandon gives it to her. She puts it over her neck and wears it. They hug and Daisy tells him that she’s glad that they are friends. She’s never had a friend like Brandon before. Daisy proceeds to refer to Brandon as “Bran.” A name she’d call from then on.

Chapter 2

Ten years later, 2000, Brandon is in his shed. He’s had surgeries since we last seen him. But his deformity is still there. He’s making a new wooden necklace. “Daisy” is being carved on it. We can hear rock music in the background.

In the house, Cassie is making breakfast and Ed is at the table. Both are in their 60s now. They are arguing over Brandon’s latest social life. Brandon has started working at the local bowling alley. Ed is not happy over it. He continues to fear for Brandon. But Cassie continues to have hope for their son. Brandon walks in with his mask on. This annoys Ed. He does not like his son wearing the mask at the table. “Take that damn thing off.” Brandon turns to his dad with a “What did I do?” look in his eye. Ed snatches the mask off. He says to him, “I love you, son. But you gotta grow up. You’re working now and I’m afraid shit will happen to you.” But Brandon insists that he’ll be okay.

Walking in the house is Brandon’s older brother TROY JAMES (30) and his wife EDITH (late 20s). They’re holding their baby daughter, MARISSA (5 months old). Ed and Cassie are delighted to see their first grandchild. Brandon asks if he can hold Marissa. Troy and Edith have confidence in Brandon’s ability to hold the baby. Cassie is hoping it can work. Ed is afraid that Brandon’s appearance will scare the child. Marissa is put into Brandon’s arms. He smiles at the baby. Marissa touches his face and smiles. Marissa is not afraid of her Uncle. In fact, it’s quite clear that a sweet and special bond is being made between them. It’s a sweet between Brandon and his niece.

Later, Brandon is sitting on his swing set. A car comes by. It’s driver is KEVIN DUVALL and his passengers are BRETT KEENER and MIKE VINSON (all 17). Kevin parks into Daisy’s driveway. Daisy, now 16, walks out. She and Brandon turn to each other. They say “Hey” to each other. Brett and Mike laugh at Brandon. Daisy tells them to shut up. Kevin asks her why she’s even friends with Brandon. She tells him that he’s a nice guy and to be nice to him. Kevin speeds off with Daisy. Brandon is left sad, seeing the love of his life with another guy.

In Brandon’s shed, Brandon is crying. There is a knock at his door. Brandon wipes off his tears and tells the knocker to come in. The shed door opens and walking in is Troy. He walks over to his brother and sits next to him. He puts his arm around him and asks him if everything is okay. Brandon claims that everything is fine. But Troy knows better. He knows when something is bothering his little brother. Troy tells Brandon to let it all out, telling him that there is nothing that he can tell him that he wouldn’t understand. Brandon spills his guts out to him. Brandon tells him how much he loves Daisy and how it hurts to see her with another guy, especially one like Kevin Duvall, who doesn’t deserve her. Brandon cries as he says that he doesn’t know what Daisy sees in Kevin. He tells Troy that he can’t stand it. He can’t live without her. Troy tells him that he understands and that maybe someday Daisy will see this and leave him. Troy tells him that Daisy would be much happier with Brandon, whom she has known for most of her life. Brandon says that he’d do anything to make Daisy happy. Troys tells him that he knows that Brandon would, assuring his little brother that he is a better man than Kevin Duvall ever would be.

At George Washington High School, Daisy is with Kevin. They’re walking in the hall. Kevin takes out something from his locker. Daisy attempts to get his attention when he tells her that he’s got something to do. Daisy stands there with sadness as Kevin walks off. She knows what he’s going to do. He’s been drinking and he’s got moments where he has to step away to drink. Most of these moments are when he’s with her. This makes her cry, thinking less about herself. Wondering if she’s the reason why he drinks. As Daisy cries, she walks away. We go to a window to find that Brandon is watching her. He’s wearing his post-op mask. He touches the window, as if to touch Daisy’s face. Brandon is crying as a result of seeing Daisy cry. Brandon says that he’ll do anything to make “you” happy. Brandon says “I love you.”

Chapter 3

TEASER: After learning of Daisy and Brandon's fling, Kevin and his friends assault Brandon. However, what they don't realize is that they've sealed their fate over this.

Chapter 4

TEASER: The 2000 Halloween massacre which results in the murders of Kevin Duvall and his friends. Brandon learns that Daisy is pregnant. He is shot and arrested by the police.

Chapter 5

TEASER: In fear over how the public would react to Marissa being the niece of Brandon James, Troy gives up his daughter in hopes of giving her a better life without living with the harassments. Daisy is forced by her parents to give her and Brandon's child up for adoption. Both James baby girls are adopted and their position will eventually lead them to being best friends while never finding out about the nature of their true origins or relations.

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Fun Stuff

Confirmed Facts

  • Brandon James is the primary serial killer. However, he's not the only person who commits murder.
  • Brandon is protected by a mysterious figure called "Hood."
  • Emma and Audrey share a special bond with the James family that they are unaware of.
  • Emma and Audrey share a split role similar to Laurie Strode of Halloween.
  • Both the 2000 and 2017 murders by Brandon are featured. The 2000 being a prequel like setting while the 2017 comes later.

Body Count

# Victim COD Killer CH
1 Duvall Friend N/A Brandon James N/A
2 Duvall Friend N/A Brandon James N/A
3 Duvall Friend N/A Brandon James N/A
4 Duvall Friend N/A Brandon James N/A
5 Duvall Friend N/A Brandon James N/A
6 Kevin Duvall N/A Brandon James N/A
7 Hospital Staff N/A Hood N/A
8 Hospital Staff N/A Hood N/A

Until the story is written and posted, the amount of victims or who the victims are will not be known. "Duvall Friend" is temporary until the names of the victim is known as the earlier victims.


Identity Brandon James
Gender Male
Motive For how he was abused by the public
Target Lakewood and Emma & Audrey
Secrets Currently Unknown
Status Actively Killing


Identity Currently Unknown
Gender Currently Unknown
Motive Currently Unknown
Target Lakewood and Main Characters
Secrets Currently Unknown
Status Actively Killing, Calling, Stalking Victims, and Controlling Brandon

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