I am a real Scream geek, which I'm sure at least one of you guys will know. Others not so much. I remember watching Scream for the first time when I was about 10, a bit young, I know but I have been addicted to the movies ever since. I like to think of myself as a very creative person and over the last year or so I have made Scream board games, they may sound dull but trust me, they have a high entertainment value, more so than any other board game I've played. It's simple to make too as long as you are creative. It allows you to change the Scream Saga entirely. I guess I got the idea from Cluedo a bit but it is so much more entertaining than Cluedo/Clue. Of course some people will think it's geeky but if you are a true Scream fan and you have a person to play with then I recommend you at least try my idea. It's not geeky at all. If you get it right, it can be fun. The basis of the game is; One person controls who Ghostface is and controls Ghostface as he moves around the board, taking out victims along the way. The other player plays as all the characters in the game (Varies depending which movie the game is based on.) as they go around the board, eliminating suspects and the Final Act locations from their scoresheets. If you are playing as the characters then you will recieve an extra sheet which allows you to assign a captaincy order for each character in the game. This sheet is vital for the game to work effectively. You'll also have to make sure that the person you are playing with can not see this sheet. If you're the characters you'll have to assign a captain, a vice, a third a fourth a fifth a sixth a seventh and an eighth place spot, one for each character. eg) You may choose Kirby as your captain and Kate as your vice, keep going until each character has a position.This list is vital because your captain will be the character that you have to win with, unless the are murdered by the person playing as Ghostface, in which case it is your highest placed character that must win the game when you meet the requirements to do so. There will be circumstances where you can't win, this results in a Ghostface win. You can't win if you figure out that the killer is your highest placed character, once you find out who the killer is you must circle that characters name on your order list, remember to keep that a secret from the other player, however you are permitted to tell the killer where the killer is located on your list. If you are the characters, you can not win if the killer/killers are your highest placed characters and you also cannot win if Ghostface takes out all of the characters that are placed higher than the killer. I'll give you an example If Kirby is your captain and Kate is your vice but she is also the killer you would circle and would now only be able to win with Kirby, if Ghostface takes Kirby out, Kate would be the character in your highest position and you therefore cannot win. (Note:) It depends on which characters you put in the game and you can also choose the amount of people in the game also. Of course once you've made the game, you have to keep that amount of characters and the same characters otherwise you'll make such a mess of your sheets

There are several ways to win; If you are the killer the object of the game for you is to kill as many characters as necessary to get away with your killing spree. Sometimes it may not be necessary to kill any characters at all, although the chances of killing nobody up to the point where the other player finds out who the killer is extremely unlikely.

If you are the characters then you must figure out who the killer is and where they plan on performing the final act in a cluedo style elimination game, for example you might enter the Robert's Residence and then ask if it is Trevor (Example) in the Robert's residence? The killer must tell you that it isn't one of them, they must state which one it isn't they only state one thing it isn't even if it isn't either of. They cannot however tell you that it isn't something if they had made it both the things you have suggested. They never say oh it is that unless they can tell you otherwise on one of the other counts. Once you've solved the mystery you must get your highest placed character in to the correct location of the final act, then you win.

There are many variations that I personally have made and can guarantee work, one example is to include motives into your game as well as the locations and suspects/characters. You can assign trap rooms for Ghostface to trap any targets in the location that they predetermined before play restarts, anybody in there can die after all players have had their next turn. Making tokens and advantages is another way to play with extra twists for both players. It is possible to make a game with every character in the franchise including minor characters such as Dawnie or even Ted in Scream 2, however play will take a lot longer to get through.

Thank you for reading this, I appreciate it and if you want to know more about how to make a Scream game yourself then just message me and I'll guide you through it. Of course this is not me trying to be an idiot, I was just genuinly inspired enough to make a Scream game and I do take all merit for this. I assure you that as long as it's done right, it will work. If you need info or you are unsure of anything message me. I just want to share my inspiration with you fellow Screamers and no I will not charge you for my help as long as you give me the credit for coming up with it. :)

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