Welcome to my newest page! I will tell you all about what would have happened had I made a Season 3 on the Jill Roberts trilogy. Spoilers for the past two stories for those who haven’t read it!

  • The Emperor would have been revealed as the still alive JORDAN CASEY. Flashbacks show that Jordan met a suicidal and mentally unhinged kid and gave him an opportunity to die. It was the student who TVface killed in Season 2, who was dressed in Jordan's clothes. Jordan also bribed the doctors to lie about the kid's identity.
    • Jordan is also revealed to actually be Jordan Bridger, Roman Bridger’s son and Sidney’s nephew. Roman had an affair with a woman, who died of childbirth. Jordan was 7 when Roman was killed. Jordan was Roman’s backup plan in case if he plans went wrong. Jordan’s ultimate goal was to avenge Roman by killing Sidney and making her cousin, Jill, a murderer.
  • Darthface would have been revealed as JOHN REED. He would have been revealed in Episode 4, confronted by Sidney. John was depressed after his parents’ deaths, and his sister was one of the only things he had left. Jordan convinced him to start murdering people to win Jill over. At first, John was reluctant, which was why he killed so little people in Season 1. However, John was extremely distraught of Kirby’s killing spree and death (he didn’t know of Jordan’s involvement), which declined his sanity and drove him to kill much more.
    • As his kills became more often and brutal, John took out his anger and agony over his family’s deaths on his victims, making this a similarity to Darth Vader. As Jordan worked behind the scenes, John recruited Damien, believing that as they had a similar goal of keeping Jill safe, he would cooperate.
  • Jordan organized the trilogy from the beginning, and knew all the killers. He saw David's death at the hands of Kate and Damien, and saw the perfect way to preform a reboot. He told Kirby about it after her mother's suicide, and advised her how to murder people. Jordan suggested an accomplice, leading to Charlie. He recruited John to make two murder sprees happen at once. To make it interesting, he told John nothing about Kirby or Charlie.
    • John murdered Kirby in prison out of anger for playing him, and for not telling him the truth. Jordan knew John would get angrier and more vicious because of that. Jordan also worked with Charlie to fake his death, and told him to lie about killing Walter so he could "take credit"
  • John and Jordan would have forced Jill to surrender, but killed each other in the finale. John handcuffs Jill at the end of Episode 6 and reveals himself. In Episode 7, he takes her to Jordan, who reveals himself and plays with Jill’s emotions to enrage her. Jill tries to kill him with a green sword, but John blocks it, and they duel. Jill cuts off John’s left hand and is praised by Jordan, who tells Jill to strike down John, and become his new apprentice. Realizing what he is trying to do, Jill refuses.
    • Jordan shoots Jill twice with Judy’s handgun to subdue her. After expressing disappointment in her, he tries to finish her off slowly with a knife. Jill begs John for help. John has flashbacks throughout the events of Seasons 1-3, from the times with Jill and his murders. Unwilling to let the last person he loves die, John throws Jordan off a balcony to his death, as he is impaled on a fence; before he falls off, Jordan stabs John repeatedly with a small “betrayal” knife, having anticipated this. Jill forgives John, who bleeds to death in Jill’s arms.
  • The opening kills would have been Judy’s Sister, Laurie, and baby niece, Jamie. John would have impaled Judith on a pitchfork and looked at baby Judith. John, not wanting to kill a baby, tries to walk away when the Jordan appears and murders Judith with the pitchfork, much to John’s disgust/shock. Jordan tells his apprentice to “stop being a baby” or he’ll end up like Judith. John reluctantly complies with this.
  • Hunter Park would have died at the end of Episode 1. The survivors would have had a dinner together, and Hunter’s cup would have been poisoned by John, and died in Sidney’s arms after he drank it. This would have been taken from Joffery’s death in Game of Thrones. This has a great impact on Sidney.
  • Sidney Prescott, the final girl of the previous trilogy, would have died in Episode 4. After her husband's death, Sidney vowed to kill Darthface to finally end the murders. She confronts John, who reveals himself to her and the audience. After explaining his motives, Sidney and John face off in the most brutal, long, and intense fight in the trilogy. Both of them would have gotten bloody and torn the shit out of each other.
    • Eventually, Sidney gets the upper hand, and begins strangling John to death. Before finishing, she is ambushed and impaled with a spear by Jordan. John masks his injuries with makeup and clothing. Jordan reveals himself to a dying Sidney and his motives, before impaling her in the face with the spear, dying the same way as Damien. Jill would have discovered her cousin’s corpse shortly after.
  • Tensions would have increased between Jordan and John before the finale. John would be disgusted at Jordan for murdering a baby, and starts hesitating on his kills. John thinks back on what’s been doing, and questions whether all this is really necessary. In Episode 3, Jordan kidnaps John as punishment for his hesitation, dresses him up as Darthface, and forces him to navigate his way out of a warehouse. This is dangerous because Jill is armed with a gun, having been informed of John’s kidnapping. She, Gale and Judy search for John.
    • Judy is killed by Jordan, who shoots her in the chin with her own gun. He attacks Gale, but she fights back, and they end up knocking each other out. Jordan awakes first and flees with Judy’s gun. Meanwhile, Jill finds and shoots the costumed John in the chest, which he narrowly survives. A time jump happens 3 weeks later, leading to the events of Episode 4 with John recovering (so he is in good condition to fight Sidney)
  • Nicole Price would have died. It would have been revealed that Nicole killed Walter to gain Marnie’s love. She was desperate for someone to love, and she saw something special in Marnie. Jordan, knowing this, lures Marnie toward Nicole’s diary where she finds this out. Nicole confronts her and begs for forgiveness. Marnie tells Nicole she forgives her, but she needs to turn herself in. Distraught, Nicole tries to falsely threaten Marnie with a butcher knife to dissuade her from calling the police.
    • After trying unsuccessfully to get her to put down the knife, and believing Nicole is about to attack her, Marnie takes out a hidden pair of scissors and fatally stabs Nicole in the chest. Marnie is horrified by what she has done. Nicole tells her she’s sorry for killing Walter, and all she wanted was someone to love. Marnie tells her she feels the same. Marnie and Nicole kiss one final time before Nicole succumbs to her stab wound and dies in Marnie’s arms, who breaks down.

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