Plot and Setting

Three months after a brutal killing spree, the Rosewood Nine try to move on from the tragedy, but the Liberators are not yet through with their crusade, taking things several steps further. This births an era of bloodshed, rage, despair and far more devastation, now with a new Liberator C.

Returning Characters and descriptions

EMILY FIELDS (16): The main target and final girl of the Rosewood murders. Emily has moved in with Maya following the deaths of her adoptive parents. With the return of her biological family, as well as the Liberators, Emily is pushed to the limit to survive this killing spree.

SPENCER HASTINGS (17): The secondary final girl of the Rosewood murders. Spencer has been dating Eric, helping him move on from killing adoptive brother. However, when the Liberators return, Spencer will be working harder than ever to protect the people she loves, especially Nancy.

NANCY HASTINGS (8): She’s been bonding with Spencer and Eric since Noel’s death, seeing them as her new parents and loving them. However, when the Liberators return, Nancy finds herself in far more danger than last time.

ARIA MONTGOMERY (17): Following the murders, Aria has been devastated by her parents’ deaths. Aria has tried to move on with Mike and Ezra, but when the Liberators return, she will find herself a big target, just like last time.

MONA VANDERWAAL (17): She has been bonding with her fellow survivors, especially Mike, since John/Noel’s death. Although some are convinced the Liberators are gone, Mona maintains no such belief: she knows A and B are still out there and need to be stopped before it’s too late, and she is soon proven right.

MIKE MONTGOMERY (17): Following the murders, Mike has also been devastated by his parents' deaths, and looks to Mona and Aria for comfort. For Aria’s sake, he’s been hoping the Liberators don’t return, but these hopes are soon dashed.

ERIC KAHN (18): Horrified by the revelation of his adoptive brother, Eric has had trouble moving on, having nightmares of himself beheading John/Noel. He has looked to Spencer and Nancy for comfort, finding himself far more targeted this time.

MAYA ST. GERMAIN (17): Still Emily’s girlfriend. She still her move into her home and has helped her recover emotionally from the murders. However, the survivors express mistrust in Maya when the Liberators return, wondering if her not being targeted much isn’t just a coincidence.

EZRA FITZ (22): Still a Rosewood psychology teacher and dating Aria. He has been helping her move on from her parent's deaths, increasing their bond. However, Ezra finds himself in danger when the Liberators return.

LIBERATOR A (??): After a three month break, A has organized a new plan to torment the survivors and destroy Rosewood. He is still the mastermind killer, ordering B, and C around. A will be revealed at the end of the third story.

LIBERATOR B (??): After a three month break, B has returned with A and C. He is also still the main muscle of the killing spree, but he does not commit all the kills. B will be revealed at the end of the story.

New Characters and descriptions

LIBERATOR C (??): C is a new Liberator recruited by A, who had him “prove his worth” in Season 1. C will be a very cruel killer, using very sadistic tactics to impress A and B. C will be revealed at the end of the story.

MARY DRAKE (55): Jessica’s sister and Emily’s biological mother. She comes back to Rosewood to adopt Emily into her family, and quickly shows she has a mysterious past, similar to the show.

ARCHER DUNHILL (52): Mary’s husband and the father of Emily and Charles. He is a kind and caring father, which reminds Emily of Wayne.

CHARLES DRAKE (18): Emily’s biological brother. Like Emily, he was sent to an orphanage, but later came back after witnessing a tragedy there. Emily views him as the brother she never had.

MARIA VANDERWAAL (18): Mona’s sister. She’s the one who taught Mona self-defense. Maria was away on a rocket science project during the first murders. She comes to her sister’s defense when the Liberators return, and has a crush on Toby.

DANIEL CAVANAUGH (47): Toby’s father and a deputy of Rosewood. He’s become fonder of his son since Marion’s death 10 years ago. He works hard with his partner, Darren Wilden, to stop the Liberators.

MARION CAVANAUGH (45): Toby’s deceased mother. She was in charge of the orphanage that Charles and Emily were in. She died 10 years ago, but her death is more than we currently know. She will appear in flashbacks.

TOBY CAVANAUGH (18): Daniel and Marion’s handsome son. Daniel has been raising him since Marion’s death. He takes an interest in Maria, who returns his feelings. He joins the survivors into finding the Liberators.

DARREN WILDEN (40): Daniel’s partner and another deputy in the Rosewood police force. Unlike the show, Wilden is a good man and just wants to help others.

SHERIFF LINDA TANNER (56): The sheriff of Rosewood (unlike the show, where she is a state detective). She is a smart woman and a good sheriff to have. Sympathetic toward traumatized people, Linda is intent on stopping the Liberators.

MAYOR DAVOS FORD (55): The newly elected mayor of Rosewood. He’s been organizing funerals and fundraisers for the Liberator’s victims and their families. Ford’s first act is to stop the Liberators before they get out of hand.

Episode Summaries

Episode One: The Return of the Liberators

Following a deadly incident, the Rosewood Nine are on edge. Meanwhile, the Liberators make their return, murdering a survivor.

Episode Two: Old and New acquaintances

After a survivor’s disappearance, Liberator C lures several characters into a trap. Meanwhile, Emily finds herself greeted by figures of the past.

Episode Three: The Collection

As Emily struggles to come to terms with the figures of the past, Liberator C goes on a final test of his worth, while the captive characters are dealt with by Liberator A.

Episode 4: Demoralization and Death

As survivors grieve over the loss of Mona, they make a vow to survive. Meanwhile, the Liberators make their next move on a high figure, resulting in several more deaths.

Episode 5: Secrets and Bonds

Charles and Mary finally open up about their pasts to Emily. Suspicions about a prime suspect rise, leading to a private investigation.

Episode 6: What Is Coming

To prove that everyone is vulnerable to their crusade, Liberators B and C launch a dangerous game, putting the lives of multiple survivors in danger.

Episode 7: Unhinged

Completely devastated by Nancy’s murder, Spencer is cared for at Welby. Meanwhile, the Liberators continue to be relentless on their crusade against the survivors.

Episode 8: Questions, Questions

A captured survivor is trapped and “questioned” by Liberator A. Although still confined at Welby, Spencer has encouragement to plan revenge on Liberator C.

Episode 9: Consequences

The Liberators prepare for their finale, leading to many kidnappings and several deaths. Meanwhile, Spencer finally gets out of the hospital with some "help".

Episode 10: Into the Darkness

Spencer finally faces off against Liberator C, leading to revelations that will change her life forever. Meanwhile, Liberators A and B push the Drake family to the limit to survive.

Episode Detailed Summaries

Episode One: The Return of the Liberators

The season opens at the Hastings home at night, where Spencer and Nancy are having dinner together. During this, they have fun playing rock paper scissors with each other. Nancy wins every time since she draws a rock. Spencer usually lets this happen, knowing Nancy likes to draw a rock. Spencer and Nancy have obviously bonded since last year. Just then, Spencer gets a call.

It’s Eric, who asks if she’s still ok with him coming over tonight. Spencer says that it’s fine, and Nancy is always delighted to have Eric around. Eric thanks her, and says he’ll be over soon. He hangs up. While they are waiting for Eric, Spencer gets another phone call. When the voice says “Hello Spencer”, she recognizes it as A’s voice, and so does Nancy. She asks if it’s the “scary man” again.

Before A can speak further, Spencer hangs up, partly believing it’s a prank and also because she doesn’t want to upset Nancy. She tells Nancy that it was just some guy playing a prank on her. Soon afterward, they hear the doorbell ring. Believing that it’s Eric, Nancy and Spencer go to greet him. When Spencer opens the door, a knife is immediately shoved into Nancy’s stomach. The assailant is wearing the same outfit that A uses in the real show, a black cloak and hood.

Initially, Spencer is too shocked to act, which allows the assailant to stab Nancy in the back, injuring her further. At this point, Spencer snaps out of it. She tackles the assailant into the kitchen, and smacks the knife away. She grabs a butcher knife from the kitchen and swipes at the assailant, who dodges Spencer’s attacks. The assailant kicks Spencer in the face, knocking her down. As they fight, Nancy is severely wounded on the floor, and is losing blood.

The assailant stabs the knife into Spencer’s stomach. Spencer screams, and stabs her own knife into the assailant’s stomach. The duo stare down at the knives stabbed into each other’s stomachs. Spencer slaps the hood off of the assailant, who is shown to be a blond woman. She looks to be in her late 20s, early 30s. The audience has never seen her before, however. The woman shouts at Spencer to “fucking die!”

Spencer and the women start strangling each other, with the woman getting a tighter grip. She starts repeatedly punching Spencer in the face while strangling her. The woman is about to strangle Spencer to death. However, Spencer sees Nancy no longer moving on the floor. Believing her sister is dead, Spencer digs her fingernails into the woman’s face, causing her to shriek in pain and stop strangling Spencer, who grabs a pair of scissors.

She starts hysterically stabbing the woman in the chest many times, screaming as she does. The woman is dead within the fourth stab, but Spencer just can’t stop. Spencer is at her tenth stab and she still isn’t stopping. Before Spencer can continue, Eric, who has just arrived, grabs Spencer and tells her to stop, she’s dead. Spencer, who has the woman’s blood all over her shirt, finally stops stabbing her, and just starts crying, telling Eric that Nancy is dead. At that moment, Eric informs her that Nancy is just unconscious, and he has called an ambulance.

Eric continues comforting Spencer, who walks over to the unconscious Nancy and starts cradling her. Spencer tells her that Nancy is a strong girl, like her, and she’ll pull through. We cut to the next morning, the Rosewood Nine, excluding Eric, are at the hospital visiting Spencer and Nancy (still unconscious). Spencer has told them about what happened last night. Emily says that she’s so sorry Spencer had to go through that.

Spencer asks if she tell them about how she killed the woman. Emily says that she can understand what Spencer did, as it was in self-defense. Spencer tells them about how she lost control of herself and practically “mutilated” the woman. Some survivors are shocked by the brutality, but Mike says that Spencer had to do it. Spencer asks where Eric is. At that moment, we cut to the police station.

Eric is being questioned by Sheriff Linda Tanner and Deputy Daniel Cavanaugh about the events of last night. He tells them about how he saw Spencer killing the woman, and that he had to pull her off of her to get her to stop. Just then, someone comes in. It’s Deputy Darren Wilden, Daniel’s partner. He tells them that they found the woman’s cell phone, and that have a name: Jessie Anderson. Tanner asks him who Jessie is, thinking that could shed some light on things.

Wilden explains Jessie was a widowed mother on the brink of bankruptcy. She had a 4 year old child, and couldn’t afford to take care of him, but couldn’t bring herself to send him to an orphanage. Wilden has found messages on Jessie’s phone, which reveals that she was offered a large sum of money if she managed to murder Nancy and Spencer, thus making her able to take care of her child. Daniel says that explains the motive, but who could have hired her?

Eric suggests the Liberators, and tells them about the last killing spree, and how Liberators A and B were never revealed, also admitting that Liberator C was his adoptive brother. Tanner thanks Eric for his cooperation, and gives him permission to leave. After he does so, Daniel wonders if this could be the Liberators could be returning. In response, Tanner tells Wilden to get her the files regarding the Rosewood murders, believing it could help her get a lead.

We cut to Maya’s home, where Emily has been living with Maya since Pam and Wayne’s deaths. Noticing Emily is silent, Maya asks her if she is ok. Emily confesses she is getting worried that it’s going to happen again. Maya tries to reassure Emily by telling her she will survive, but Emily says that’s not why she’s worried; she’s worried that more people she loves will die, and she already lost her parents, and Paige. Emily asks Maya to make a promise; Maya responds “anything”

Emily asks Maya to promise she will survive, and stay with her. Maya promises, and hugs Emily. We cut to Mona’s home, where Mike and Aria are. Mona has heard about what happened last night, and knows that the Liberators could be back. Aria and Mike have come to hear her theories about who could be Liberator A or B. With Mona is her twin sister, Maria Vanderwaal, who has a similar personality to Mona. She has disapproved of Mona’s investigations with the Liberators, but understands why she does it.

Mona tells everyone that her primary suspect for being A or B is Maya. Surprised, Aria asks her why. She explains that Maya was never targeted 3 months ago, and points out that she could have killed Paige so that she could be together with Emily, and thus win her trust. Mike and Aria are contemplating this. Maria says that she shouldn’t jump to hasty conclusions. Mona reminds Maria that she has actually seen a murder spree, while Maria was at a rocket science project. Maria apologizes.

Mona says it’s alright, she just jumpy when people disagree with her Liberator theories. After this, Mona says she wants to speak to Mike and Maria privately. Aria leaves. Mona tells Mike and Maria that she’s going to do something “very stupid” and she is trusting them to keep it a secret. Mike says he may not like it, but he probably doesn’t have a choice. Maria says the same. Off-screen, Mona tells them what she has planned. We cut to the Lost Woods Resorts, where Liberators B and C are.

During the ensuing conversation, it is revealed that C had come up with the idea of paying Jessie to attack Spencer and Nancy, and sent her the messages bribing her to do so. B informs them that Nancy and Spencer are still alive, and his plan has gone awry. C claims that he knew Jessie was going to fail to kill Spencer, but he was sure Nancy would die. B says that he needs to do more to prove his worth, and soon. C informs B that he already proved himself to A; why won’t B trust him? B says that he will believe in C’s loyalty when he sees it for himself.

Noticing that Liberator A is not around, C asks where he is. We then cut to Mona, who is driving up to a building and parking her car. She walks toward the building and goes to enter. We come to realize that this thing she told Mike about. As she walking toward the building, Mona’s foot steps into a hidden bear trap, causing her to scream in pain. As she does, A walks up with a baseball bat.

A says that Mona is even dumber than she looks to be doing this, and now, they are going to have some fun. A beats Mona unconscious with the bat. Later, Mona wakes up to chained to a wall in the Lost Woods Resort, with Liberator C in front of her. Recognizing the costume, Mona tells C that “you’re dead” C informs Mona that he is a new killer working for A and B, and says that he’s not the only new recruit. He tells her that he was given the opportunity to torture Mona. A wants it to be as cruel as possible, so C can demonstrate his worth.

Mona says that she can take anything he’s got. At that moment, C rips Mona’s shirt. Mona gets confused until C starts unbuckling his pants. Mona starts screaming when she realizes what C is going to, and tells him to get away from her. C says that screaming will only make it worse. Off-screen, C puts himself on top of Mona, and proceeds to rape her. Liberators A and B are watching outside the room. A asks B if he is still doubting Liberator C’s potential now. B says he’s getting there.

We cut to Daniel’s home, where we meet his son, Tory Cavanaugh. Toby looks to be about the boy a high school girl would have a crush on, other than that, a regular type of guy. Toby asks Daniel why he come home late today. He informs Toby that a child (Nancy) got stabbed twice, and a woman (Jessie) got stabbed 11 times by a teenager (Spencer). Daniel says that he thinks he’s made his point. Having heard of this on the news, Toby says that Daniel has a good point, but tells him he doesn’t want to him go out too much.

Daniel asks what Toby means. He says that the Liberators killed 20 people 3 months ago, and two of them were the old deputy and sheriff. Daniel asks Toby if he is worried about him; Toby admits that he is, and he doesn’t want to lose his father, and reminds him of what happened to their mother, Marion. Daniel reminds Toby that he knows that he doesn’t like to talk about that. He says that if this does get any more intense, he will survive, and Toby isn’t going to lose his father.

Toby apologizes, stating that he just wanted some reassurance. Daniel says it’s alright. They hug. We cut back to the Lost Woods Resort, where C has finished raping Mona, who is shocked that just happened to her. She looks torn up and somewhat traumatized. C took off most of her clothes, but her bra and underwear are still on. Just then, A walks up. He says he didn’t expect C to actually rape Mona, and thought that he was bluffing when C told him he would. A will now give a Mona a gift: a quicker, but gruesome end.

A walks closer to Mona, who asks for final words. A says to make it quick. Mona spits in A’s face, which amuses him. Mona tells him that she’ll see him hell, and her friends will make sure of that. In response, A tells Mona her friends won’t do a thing to him, before taking out a chainsaw and starting it up. A completely slaughters Mona, her blood spraying all over the walls as the chainsaw mutilates her body. Mona Vanderwaal, Season 1 survivor and sister of Maria Vanderwaal, is dead. Smash to black.

Episode Two: Old and New acquaintances

Continuing immediately where the last episode left off, A is standing over Mona’s corpse. During this, Liberators B and C come in. A tells them that that this the beginning of the end for the Rosewood Nine, now eight. A walks up to C, and asks if he can speak to them privately. A says that he is impressed with C’s work so far, and informs him that he didn’t expect him to rape Mona. C informs A that he is willing to do anything to tear Rosewood down.

A says that C is quickly becoming his most valuable asset, maybe even more than B. It is then shown that B is listening to the conversation, and appears to be jealous. We cut to the next morning. Mike, Aria and Maria are walking around school. Noticing Mona is absent, Mike asks where she is. Maria says that she got a text from her, stating that she discovered something “very important” on her trip from last night, but needs time alone to verify it. We flashback to Mona’s conversation with Mike and Maria last episode.

It is revealed that the building Mona was approaching was in fact Lost Woods Resort. Mona wanted to go down there alone tonight to check if there was anything new going on there. Despite Mike and Maria’s protests, Mona insisted she could handle herself. She also admits she doesn’t want to lose any more of her friends to these bastards. Mike and Maria made Mona promise to come back, safe and unhurt.

However, it is clear that Mona cannot keep this promise. We cut back to present day, where Maria is eyeing Toby. Noticing this, Aria asks Maria if she has a crush on Toby. Maria admits that she does, and has been talking to Mike about how to approach him. She felt Mike was the best person to go to, due to him being a friend of Mona. Aria tells her that she felt that way when she met Ezra, but they warmed up to each other.

She convinces Maria that she should at least talk to Toby. At Aria’s urging, Maria introduces herself to Toby, and the two seem to get along together quickly. It’s similar to Zoe and Noah from the show. Maria flirts with Toby, who seems attracted. Just then, the bell rings. Toby says that they should talk again later. We cut Tanner’s office. In the office is Davos Ford, the mayor, Wilden and Sheriff Tanner.

Ford tells Tanner that he is worried about what happened last night. Tanner tells him that she shares his concerns, and is well aware that the last killing spree killed 20 people. Wilden tells Tanner that what Ford is probably trying to say is that it would be disastrous to the community if the Liberators returned. Tanner reminds Ford that she shares his concerns, and while she has no doubt the Liberators hired Jessie, there’s no actual evidence to prove it.

Ford tells Tanner that he is getting scared for Rosewood, and that he doesn’t want to have to raise fundraisers for the town’s murder victims every three months. Wilden shortens the conversation by telling Tanner they need to solve this case before the madness really begins. Tanner replies that she has understood this before Ford even got here. Satisfied with her resolve, Ford leaves.

We cut to the hospital, where Nancy has regained consciousness. She looks at Spencer, who has started to recover, but has refused to leave the hospital without Nancy, who asks her what happened. Spencer just tells Nancy that she’s safe, and “It’s over”; Nancy reminds Spencer that’s what she told her last time after Noel’s death. Spencer does not reply to that. At that moment, Eric comes in. He hugs Nancy and Spencer.

He says that he’s so sorry for not being here sooner, he had to answer questions. Spencer asks him who that woman was. Eric explains the evidence that it was a poor mother named Jessie Anderson, and she was being paid to do it for her child. Spencer is shocked that she killed a mother, who just wanted to get money to take care of her child. Eric, seeing Spencer’s horror, swears that Spencer didn’t have a choice, to which Spencer responds “I hope you’re right”

Eric tells her that he can related to her trauma, reminding her of what happened a week after he killed Noel. In a flashback, Eric is shown to be in bed, who is clearly distraught at Noel’s death. Eric finds himself unable to sleep, and he sees someone sitting next to him. Its Noel’s severed head, clearly a hallucination. The head starts talking to Eric, who tells it to go away. He responds by asking Eric why he did what he did. Eric calls Noel a murderer, and that he had no choice.

He was going to kill teenagers who had lives to live, and he slaughtered a mother. Noel justifies his actions, stating that Rosewood needed to pay, and that his whole family died. Eric tells Noel that not all of his family died; he was still here. He adopted Noel, took him under his wing, treated him exactly as a brother should, and this is how he repays him? We cut to Maya’s home, where she is hanging out with Emily. Just then, the doorbell rings. Maya opens it. Behind the door is three people.

They are Charles Drake, Archer Dunhill, and Mary Drake, Emily’s biological mother. Mary introduces herself and Charles and Archer. Emily says she never thought she would see Mary, and asks what she is doing back in Rosewood. Mary says that she regrets sending Emily off into an orphanage, and wants to know her biological daughter better, as does Archer and Charles. Mary thought this would be a good time to come down after hearing of what Emily went through 3 months ago.

She didn’t come down right away because she knew Emily needed private time to recover. Emily thinks about it. She tells Mary to come back in the morning for breakfast. She has a lot to think about right now. Before Mary leaves, she calls Emily her biological name, Charlotte; Emily tells her she never wants to be called that, just call her Emily. We then cut to Aria, Mike and Maria, who are in Aria’s car. They have received a text from “Mona” (Liberator C) telling them that she has discovered Liberator A’s identity, and they need to meet her at the Lost Woods Resort right away.

She scouted out the place to ensure no Liberators are there, so it’s “safe” Aria wonders who A could be. Maria says she won’t be waiting long. When they arrive, the trio go inside. They call out for Mona, and hold flashlights. Just then, A and B come out, the former holding a baseball bat. The trio see them and yell. A and B chase them around. A knocks out Mike and Aria with the bat upon cornering them in a smaller room. Maria begins running away, but B is relentless in his pursuit.

Seeing that she is not losing him, Maria turns around and punches B in the gut. She also kicks the bat out of his hand. B punches Maria in the face, and the struggle quickly escalates into a fist fight. Maria clearly has her sister’s fighting skills, and is able to hold her own. Like when he fought Mona, B is having trouble. Eventually, Maria starts to get the upper hand, and kicks B across the face, but is subdued when A comes up and beats her unconscious with the bat.

B, annoyed that Maria overwhelmed him, even briefly, asks C if he can bludgeon Maria to death with the bat. C shakes his head. B asks why he can’t just kill her now. C reminds his partner that none of them have seen what they’ve done to Mona yet, and besides, the fun has only just begun. B reluctantly agrees. Cut to black.

Episode Three: The Collection

Mike, Aria and Maria wake up in the Lost Woods Resort the next morning. They are in a dark room with no windows, leaving them unable to see the environment Aria asks where they are; Mike reminds her that Liberator A has returned and knocked them out. Just then, they hear A’s voice, who is in the darkness somewhere. He greets the trio, asking if they “missed me?” Aria asks A what he wants. A states that the answer is obvious: he wants to finish what he and his old partners, B, John and Byron, started three months ago. At that moment, Maria asks where Mona is; in response, A starts to laugh.

We cut to Emily’s home, where she is having breakfast with Archer, Charles and Mary. Archer tells Emily that it must be a shock to see her biological family for the first time, so they can answer any questions that she has, any at all. Emily’s first question is to ask who Charles is. Charles tells Emily that Archer and Mary had two children, him and Emily. He is Emily’s biological brother. Emily’s second questions is why she was sent to an orphanage. Before he answers, Archer reveals that Charles was also sent to the same orphanage.

He explains that after he married Mary, who gave birth to Charles and Emily, they became low on money, and couldn’t afford to take care of them. Charles and Emily were both sent to orphanages as a result. Mary readopted Charles after a “tragedy” happened there that he was horrified about, but Emily remained until she was adopted by Pam and Wayne. Emily asks what happened at the orphanage, but Charles says that he doesn’t want to talk about it, at least not now.

Emily asks if Mary if she wants her to leave Rosewood with her biological family. Mary says she was initially going to do that, but Archer suggested that Emily wouldn’t want to leave her friends. Emily informs Mary that Archer is right, and refuses to leave Rosewood. Charles asks if they can at least move in with Emily here, correctly guessing that Emily doesn’t want to live alone. Although Emily informs him she has moved in with Maya, she decides to let them move into her home.

Emily’s final questions is if Mary or Archer have things they don’t want to talk about. Mary informs her that Archer has had a normal life, but she has not. Mary says she’ll tell Emily about it eventually, but, as with Charles, not now. Emily agrees to let them stay on the condition they reveal their secrets later. Mary asks Emily why she doesn’t want to be called Charlotte. Emily says that being Mary’s daughter caused her to be a prime target in the murder spree, and she just doesn’t want to be called that.

It makes Emily blame herself for the deaths of her friends sometimes. Mary says she understands, and they’ll call Emily by her adoptive name from now on. We cut back to Lost Woods Resort, where A is approaching Mike, Aria and Maria again. He says that he is going to turn on the lights now; when he does, they see Mona’s blood all over the walls from she was slaughtered. Mona’s mutilated corpse is also hung up on the wall in full view.

Mike and Maria are horrified, and start crying. Aria, also shocked, asks A how he could do this. A informs Aria that Mona stepped into a bear trap, got raped by C, and slaughtered with a chainsaw. The trio are even more horrified to learn how exactly she died. A tells them to stop being babies; they haven’t even seen it. A then drags a TV into the room, which starts playing Mona’s death, and says that they can start crying like babies now.

Maria and Mike break down when they see this. Aria isn’t all that different, despite her past with Mona. We cut to the school, where Toby is talking to Emily. When she tells him that her biological family has come, he asks if Charles Drake is in there. Emily says that he is, and wonders why he asked. Toby informs Emily that he has history with Charles, and that he knows of the tragedy that happened in the orphanage; his mother was murdered there. Emily is surprised, and asks Toby is he thinks Charles did this.

Toby tells her that he did not, but wants to talk to him later if that’s ok with Emily. She says that wants to ask Charles about this first. Just then, Ezra comes up. He asks Emily and Toby if they know where Aria is; she hasn’t been answering his calls, and Mike should have picked up even if she wasn’t there. Toby informs him that Maria hasn’t been answering him either, and asks Emily if she knows anything. Emily says she has no idea, and realizes that this is off.

Why would Maria, Mona, Aria and Mike all disappear at once? Ezra and Emily stare at each other in realization of what could be happening. Toby says that they can talk later if Emily wants; with that, Ezra and Emily go into Ezra’s office. Emily and Ezra are becoming convinced that the Liberators are responsible for the disappearances, and this would mean at least one of them is dead. They aren’t sure what to do, wondering if calling the police would prompt the Liberators to kill all four of their friends.

We cut back to Lost Woods Resort, where the Liberators are talking. Liberator B informs A that four teenagers, two male and female, are breaking into the building, and asks permission to take care of it. However, A refuses to let him, and tells Liberator C to commit all the kills, much to B’s dismay. C says that he will not fail him, and runs off. Jealous and angry, B demands to know why A is relying more on C than him.

A tells B that he needs to see C in action, and he’s even more heartless than B, who admits that he probably wouldn’t have raped Mona if given the chance. B says that he is still the main muscle of the killing spree, and asks if A doubts his loyalty. A says he knows B is loyal, he's been that way since the beginning. B, still jealous, asks A if he still loves him. A responds that he does. Bombshell dropped. That's right, Liberators A and B are a couple. A tells B that he returns his feelings, but B must not let get in the way of their crusade.

B tells A that he understands. As the two Liberators are talking, we cut to the four teens. They are Freddie, Sara, Nora and Jim. We find out that they are here to film an internet documentary about the Rosewood murders here, as this was the headquarters of the Liberators back then (and still is now). It has some similarities to Halloween Resurrection. Nora and Jim go up to Room 3, where the newspapers about Jenna were found, wondering if it’s still there.

When they open the door, they find C, who grabs Nora and snaps her neck, killing her instantly. He then shoves a wooden splinter into Jim’s head, killing him instantly as well. Downstairs, Sara is filming Freddie, who is reading from a script about how to talk about the Liberators’ killing spree. He tells Sara to cut the film, stating that he has “stage fright” Sara tells him that he should hold the camera then. As Freddie goes to do so, C comes in and shoots him through the head in an arrow, killing him instantly. Sara screams and tries to flee, but C shoots an arrow into her back.

Sara falls, screaming in pain. C says that he was merciful and gave instant deaths, but now, he’s gotten tired of that. He says that he’s gotten agitated because their attempt to film a documentary reminded him of Halloween Resurrection, one of his most hated horror films. C rips the arrow out of Sara’s back, and repeatedly stabs her in the back with it. Sara screams in agony each time. After three times, C stabs Sara in the groin; this time, the scream is much louder. C laughs and stabs the arrow into Sara’s eye, finally killing her.

A and B come in and look at Freddie and Sara's corpses, having already seen Nora and Jim's corpses. They say that they are impressed with C’s tactics, and that maybe he will be a good killer after all. C says that he has something “very special” planned, but that won’t come for a little while. A says that it’s time for C to introduce himself to the survivors. The Liberators walk into the room where Maria, Aria and Mike are still tied up. Maria fainted after seeing the video. C walks up and introduces himself, stating that he “had some fun” with Mona, and the four teenagers who just got here. Aria asks him what he wants, and why he’s doing this.

C tells her that she wants the same as A and B: the destruction of Rosewood, and the Rosewood Eight. C says that his motive isn’t related to Jenna, however. This is about something else. Aria asks him what other bad things could Rosewood have possibly done. Just then, police sirens are heard outside; it’s Daniel and Tanner, here to investigate the resort. It is revealed that Ezra and Emily decided to call the police, knowing it would likely be a suicide mission if they went by themselves, and wanting people who have guns to do it. Besides, Mary wouldn’t let Emily go out on her own like that. Daniel and Tanner come across the corpses of David and Rosita downstairs; realizing something is wrong, they draw out their guns and search the place.

During this, B and C are ordered to leave by A, who says he’ll catch up in a moment. A tells Aria and Mike to spread the word: the Liberators are back, and this time, Rosewood will be destroyed, along with its precious Rosewood Eight. A also states that he will be back for Aria, Maria and Mike later. A runs out of the room before Daniel and Tanner arrive, seeing Mona’s corpse. Disgusted, Daniel calls for backup, while Tanner unties Aria, Mike and Maria, who is beginning to awaken. When Tanner asks them what happened, Aria responds “They’re back” Smash to black.

Episode 4: Demoralization and Death

We cut to the next morning at Aria’s home. She and Mike have been questioned by the police and let go earlier. Maria, and the rest of the Rosewood Eight are talking. Maria and Mike are crying, obviously destroyed by Mona’s death. Aria helps comfort them. Emily says that although she saw it coming, she cannot believe this is really happening again. Maya asks what they should do now. Just then, Mike stops crying. He stands up.

He says that they aren’t just going to sit here and die. When the time comes, they’ll fight back, and if they die anyway, then at least they put up a fight. Mona taught him this three months ago, and they’ll follow her example to ensure that her death will not be in vain. Maria stands up, agreeing. Mike asks everyone to raise their hand if they agree. Everyone, including Maria, raises their hands, vowing to fight back.

We cut to the police station. Tanner is talking with Wilden and Daniel. She says that she can’t say she didn’t see this coming, but this isn’t good, not at all. She asks Daniel on how dangerous the Liberators could be on a scale of one to ten. Daniel says “11”, stating that A and B were dangerous before, but they could be even more now, learning from their errors last time. Tanner says that she is not looking forward to what’s happening next.

Just then, the phone rings. It’s Ford. Tanner sighs, knowing he is furious that the murders are happening again. She tells Wilden and Daniel to leave, stating that this could “take a while” Wilden asks Daniel if he has any suspects. Daniel tells him that he didn’t study the Liberator case much, besides, you can’t exactly find a psychopath just by looking at him. Wilden says that he has a good point, and asks him if the cops always die in horror movies. Daniel quietly responds “yes”, much to Wilden’s dismay.

We cut to Maria’s home, where she is being visited by Toby. He tells her that he’s very sorry about her sister. Maria says that she just can’t believe that she’s gone, but she’s trying her best not to let it consume her. Toby tells her that if he had a sister, which he doesn’t, he probably would let it consume him, like his mother’s death did. This surprises Maria, who didn’t know about his mother. Toby tells her that his mother, Marion, was murdered, but he doesn’t want to talk about it further. Maria understands, and hugs him.

We cut to Ezra’s home, where Emily is visiting him. She says that she needs advice from Ezra, who she hasn’t talked too much. Ezra says that she can always come over for a therapy session if she wants to. He’s not a therapist, but he’s still a psychology teacher, so he still has some understanding of it. Emily tells him that he understands psychopaths better than anyone. Ezra says that this is true, and asks if Emily wants to hear his killer theory. Emily says yes.

Ezra tells her that he knows Mona suspected Maya before she died. Mike, Aria and Maria weren’t the only ones she expressed her theories about. Emily says that Maya would never murder anyone. When Ezra reminds Emily that Maya wasn’t targeted, Emily says that she doesn’t want to talk about this anymore, it was useless. Ezra tells Emily to at least consider what she is saying, but Emily ignores him and leaves. Ezra watches her with a worried look on his face.

We cut to Spencer’s home, where she, Eric and Nancy are talking. Spencer and Eric are saddened over Mona’s death, and the fact the Liberators are back. Nancy has been having a hard time moving around due to her stab wounds, which forces Eric and Spencer to watch her more often. Spencer wonders that if they get less involved, maybe they won’t be targeted. Eric says it’s too late for that now; they killed John and Jessie, now B and A want revenge.

If Spencer wasn’t going to be targeted, than Jessie wouldn’t have come for her. Spencer starts crying, but Eric hugs her. He says that he’ll always be here for Spencer and Nancy; they’re the only people left he really loves. Spencer tells Eric that he loves him too. Eric is surprised that she said that, as she never did before. Spencer admits that she had a crush on Eric for a while now, but she was too shy to confess. They look at each other for a minute. Slowly, they finally kiss.

It’s passionate and long awaited. Nancy starts to clap when she sees this, finding it romantic. Eric tells Spencer and Nancy to stay safe, and walks off. After this, we go back to his flashback of Noel’s head in Episode 2. Eric tells Noel that he’s done mourning for him, and he doesn’t even deserve it. Eric takes out an anti-depression pill, which makes Noel go away if eaten. Noel tells Eric that he’s a part of him now, and he’ll never go away; he is his brother. Eric tells Noel he was never his brother before eating the pill, causing Noel to disappear.

We cut to Emily’s house, where Charles, Mary and Archer are talking. Mary says that the Liberators could prove to be a very big problem, considering that Emily was the prime target last time. Archer says that getting involved in a murder spree is not something they can get used to right away. Just then, the doorbell rings. Charles opens it to find Toby, who asks if his name is Charles Drake. Charles says that’s right. Toby tells him that his name is Toby Cavanaugh. Upon learning his name, Charles understands why Toby is here.

Before he asks, Charles tells Toby that he knew Marion personally, and what happened to her. He says that it’s understandable if Toby wants some answers, and he can give it to him now if he wants. Toby says that he just wanted to meet him, but he would like to talk about it later, and he wants Emily hear about it too. Charles agrees, and says goodbye to Toby as he leaves. We cut to the Ford’s home at night, where he is in his bedroom waiting for dinner to be ready.

There is some staff working downstairs, including Ford’s assistant, Larry. We then see that Liberators A and B are outside, lurking in the darkness. They approach the house and knock on the living room window. Larry, the only person in room, hears the noise and opens the window. He is then stabbed in the head with a power drill by B, killing him. A and B climb in through the window. B says that this is going to be their most impactful move yet. A agrees.

They go into the kitchen, where they find the chef making hot dogs and rice. A sneaks up behind the chef and slices his neck open, killing him. Afterward, A notices Ford’s wife and son, Missy and Dean Ford, driving up. A tells B to take care of it; when Missy and Dean enter, the latter is gutted by B. He then grabs Missy and repeatedly bashes her head against a wall, killing her too. A then goes upstairs to kill Mayor Ford, while B starts writing a message on the wall with the blood of their victims.

Ford hears a knock on the door; thinking it’s the chef about to tell him his food is ready, he opens the door, only to see Liberator A, who is holding a hatchet. He tries to flee, but A hits him in the shoulder with a hatchet. A says that this time, nobody is safe from the wrath of the Liberators. Ford begs for his life, trying to bribe A with money, but A hacks him to death with the hatchet. Davos Ford, the mayor of Rosewood, is dead. Smash to black.

Episode 5: Confrontations and Bonds

We cut to Ford’s home next morning, where the police are all over the place. The bodies of the chef, Larry, Dean, Missy and Ford are being taken away. Tanner, Wilden and Daniel are at the scene, looking at B’s message on the wall, which says “Nobody is beyond our reach” Tanner is dumbfounded that the Liberators were able to murder the mayor, as are Wilden and Daniel. Wilden says that they are way more determined to destroy Rosewood this time, if they are murdering Ford this soon.

Daniel finds it at a 50/50 percent chance that they will actually succeed in destroying Rosewood this time. Tanner says that she’ll die before that happens, and the police aren’t useless like in horror movies; in real life, they actually make a difference. Daniel says that this is true, and wonder if they are in a horror movie, where they are useless. Tanner and Wilden glare at Daniel, causing him to apologize. Tanner says that’s alright, and the real problem is figuring out how to stop these bastards before they hurt anyone else. Wilden and Daniel agree.

We cut to Ezra’s office in high school. Just then, there’s a knock on the door. He opens it to find Eric and Emily, who say that they need to talk about Maya. They tell him about the mayor’s murder, which surprises Ezra. He says that he’s never heard of a mayor being stabbed to death in his own home before, and the Liberators are surpassing his expectations. For psychopaths, they know what they’re doing. Eric and Emily tell him that they need to find a flaw, and soon. Ezra tells them that if Maya is the killer, then evidence would be at her home.

Ezra gets an idea, and asks Emily if she wants to hear it. Eric and Emily say desperate times call for desperate measures. Ezra proposes that Emily take Maya out for dinner tonight, during which Eric and Ezra will go into Maya’s home at night and look for any evidence. Although Emily still believes Maya could never be the killer, she agrees so that Ezra and Eric can find nothing. However, she tells them if they find any evidence at all, they need to show her the next morning. Ezra and Eric agree. We show that Emily has a look on her face. Ezra asks if she’s okay. Emily says she’s fine, but admits that she isn’t.

He asks if she wants to talk to her. Emily says if they find anything at Maya’s home, then they’ll do it. She walks off. Afterward, Eric tells Ezra that he is getting worried for Emily’s state; if Maya is a Liberator, then Emily is going to be devastated. Ezra agrees, but points out that they can’t keep the truth from her. Eric acknowledges this. We cut to Emily’s home, where Toby, Daniel, Charles, Mary and Archer are. Emily arrives and asks Daniel and Toby what they’re doing here.

Archer says that it’s time for Emily to learn their family secrets; with the mayor dead, Emily is going to need all the information that she can get. Agreeing, Emily asks to hear Charles’ secret first, and asks if Daniel and Toby are related to that. They say that they are. We flashback to about 10 years ago at the orphanage where Charles and Emily were staying at.

At this point, Emily has already been adopted by Wayne and Pam, and left. At the orphanage, Bethany Young, another 8 year old child, found herself to be in love with him. Marion, Toby’s mother, was the woman in charge of the orphanage at that time. Marion was a kind woman and sympathetic to children who couldn’t be with her parents. Bethany has shown signs of psychopathy at a young age.

She was sent to the orphanage because her father, Rick, had an affair with Marion, which caused Bethany to be born. Upon learning of the affair, Rick’s wife, Amy, had Bethany sent to the orphanage because she was not their child. Eventually, Bethany learned of the affair, and has developed a secret grudge against Marion, despite the fact she has been taking care of her. Bethany’s psychopathy increased overtime, which didn’t go unnoticed. Marion planned to have her sent to Welby State Psychiatric hospital.

Upon learning of this a few days before, Bethany had developed a plan to win Charles over and get her revenge. Bethany and Charles were hanging out on the roof when Marion came up and asked them what they were doing up there; Bethany’s response was to push her off the roof to her death in front of Charles. Charles is clearly horrified of Bethany’s act, and asks her what she has done. Bethany reminds him that she killed Marion, but says that Marion was “just a bitch” and besides, she was getting in the way of their relationship. Bethany asks Charles how impressed that was on a scale of 1-10 (predicting 11).

Finally accepting that Bethany is a psychopath, Charles told the other adults that Bethany killed Marion, and was believed due to Bethany’s psychopathic records. Before the adults could take her away, Bethany was outraged at Charles’ betrayal, despite his insistence that what Bethany did was wrong, and she needs to make up for it. When Charles told Bethany that he isn’t going to love a murderer, Bethany tackled Charles and tried to strangle him, giving in to her psychopathy. This was cut short when adults pulled Bethany off and took her away.

After this, Bethany was committed to Welby and is still there today. We cut back to present day. Charles tells Toby that he was partially guilt ridden over Marion’s death, due to part of the motive wanting to be with Charles. His trauma prompted Archer and Mary to readopt him. Toby and Daniel say that what happened wasn’t his fault, only Bethany’s. Emily, Archer and Mary tell him the same. Charles thanks them. Toby says that if they want, they can become closer friends.

Charles says he would appreciate that very much. Mary then tells Emily that it’s time to hear her story, which is not a fatal one, but still tragic. Mary tells Emily that she wasn’t like at all by her family. When she was a baby, she was abused regularly by her often drunk mother and father, Jack and Emma. There wasn’t any real reason she was abused, they chose randomly between Jessica and Mary to do it to, and they picked Mary.

Emily, Daniel and Toby are shocked by this. Archer and Charles say that Mary already told them after readopting Charles from the orphanage. After growing up and leaving her parents, her sister, Jessica, viewed herself as superior and bossed Mary around a lot. They lived together, which was a “living hell” for Mary, who was never really respected by her family. Daniel says that Jack and Emma could face jail charges for child abuse.

Mary informs him that Jack and Emma died already, but she’s never forgotten her past, nobody can forget their pasts. Toby says that she’s right about that; he and Daniel never forgot about Marion, but they never did take out their anger on anyone. They just sucked it up and moved on, but Mary never got that chance until now. She wants to just live a family that actually cares about her: her husband Archer, and her children Emily and Charles.

Mary says that the only reason Emily went to that orphanage is because of financial issues, and she would never have abandoned Emily otherwise. She asks Emily if she’ll stay with her. Emily thinks about it, and says she’ll be more than happy to stay, as do Archer and Charles. Touched to have a family that actually loves her, Mary hugs Emily. It’s very tight and heartwarming. Emily says she understands everything, and forgives both Charles and Mary. With the secrets out, Daniel and Toby leave.

We cut to Maria’s home sometime later, where she is mourning for Mona. Toby is there trying to comfort her, and hugs her. Maria says that there’s a personal reason why she’s taking this so much, and asks Toby if he wants to hear it. Toby says that Maria can tell him anything. Maria tells about how she was away on that rocket science project during the first season, and came back after Noel/John’s death.

Feeling guilty of not being around, she helped Mona move on from Alison’s death, though she was intent on finding A and B. She had taught Mona self-defense to begin with because she loved her sister, but this was in vain, and now Mona is dead. Toby says that it’s not her fault that it happened, and it’s just the Liberators. If they ban together, they’ll survive and Mona will get justice.

Maria thanks Toby, and looks at him. After a few moments, they kiss. Surprised, Toby backs away. He admits that’s the first time that a girl ever kissed him. Maria says if he keeps it up, that kiss will be the first of many. Maria and Toby laugh. We cut to Maya’s home, where Emily comes in. She asks Maya if she wants to go out for dinner, stating that she wants to be alone with her tonight. Noticing something, Maya asks Emily if she’s doing ok.

Emily admits that today’s been a rough day for her, as she learned about Charles and Mary’s secrets. She says that she’ll explain on the way over. As Emily and Maya leave, Emily leaves the front door slightly open, to which Maya does not notice. After the girls leave, Ezra and Eric, who were hiding in the bushes, come out and enter Maya’s home. Eric says that he’s never broken into a home before, and feels like he’s a burglar. Ezra reminds him they aren’t here to steal anything, and what they are doing might actually help. Eric says he hopes Ezra is right.

The boys begin searching for evidence, opening drawers and boxes on the main floor and downstairs. They find nothing that incriminates her so far. During this, Ezra tells Eric not to make a mess and put everything back the way it was; Maya cannot know that they were here. Eric obeys. Eventually, Eric and Ezra go up to Maya’s bedroom, where they still don’t find anything. They are about to leave when they realize they forgot to search Maya’s bedroom closet.

Ezra opens it to find the Liberator B costume, along with several of B’s weapons, including the power drill. He and Eric are shocked. Muttering that Liberator B is Maya, Ezra goes to call 911 when Eric stops him. Ezra says that this exact proof that Maya is a Liberator. Eric says that he is afraid of what will happen if they expose Maya’s identity to the public, pointing out that there are still two more killers out there. They’ll most likely be very enraged if B’s identity gets leaked as Maya. Ezra says that they can’t just keep this a secret.

Eric proposes a compromise: they tell Emily about this tomorrow and let her decide what to do, but tell her the reasons on why and why not to expose B’s identity as Maya. After some arguing, Ezra reluctantly agrees, knowing that psychopaths being enraged would produce every bad results. After making sure everything is organized, Eric and Ezra run off. As they do so, Liberator C is shown to watching in the distance. He sends a text to Liberator A, saying that Ezra and Eric saw the evidence, and that the plan is going perfectly. A responds that they the Rosewood Eight have no idea what is coming. Smash to Black.

Episode 6: What Is Coming

We cut to the Thornhill Lodge, still at night. Liberator C is driving over there in his car, though we don’t recognize whose it is. C takes two human sized figures out of the trunk and drags inside, strapping one to a chair, and bringing the other outside, where he ties them to a tree. C drags the figure tied in a chair outside in front of the other figure. Just then, Liberator A comes up. A asks C if “those survivors” are the ones he is going to kill. C says yes, revealing the figures are actually kidnapped survivors being restrained.

C tells them that he broke into their home and subdued them with knockout gas, then brought them over here. They’ll wake up around the morning. A is intrigued with C’s unseen choice, and gives him a camera. He says that he wants to see everything that he does here once he’s done. A walks off. We cut to Emily’s home, where Ezra and Eric are arriving, here to tell Emily about what they found. When they ring the doorbell, they are confronted by Mary, who is holding a crowbar.

Clearly, she doesn’t recognize them and is suspicious. Ezra asks Mary why she is holding the crowbar, to which she responds “Why do you think?” Mary then asks the boys for their names, stating that she isn’t letting strangers get in here. Eric tells him that he’s Eric Kahn, and this is Ezra Fitz. Recognizing those names as part of the Rosewood Eight, Mary lets them pass and meet up with Emily and Charles privately. Eric and Ezra tell them about what they found at Maya’s house.

Emily is shocked. Charles and Ezra say they should call the police, while Eric insists that exposing B’s identity would anger the Liberators greatly. Emily goes with Eric’s suggestion, and says that she wants to handle Maya herself. Charles is surprised, and says that’s way too dangerous. Emily says that she’s known Maya for over two years now, and that she can’t just call the cops on her. This is something she needs to handle personally. Charles and Ezra strongly disagree, but ultimately allow her to do so.

Eric recommends she find a way to arm herself in case Maya is the killer. Emily asks if anyone owns a handgun. They all say no, but Eric tells her to take a butcher knife from the kitchen, it’s the usual weapon against home invasion. Emily agrees, but confides that if Maya is the killer, she might not be able to bring herself to stab her. Charles asks if she is sure Emily wants to do this on her own. Emily says that she does.

We cut to the Thornhill Lodge, where the survivors wake up, revealing them to be Nancy and Spencer. Nancy is tied to the tree, and Spencer is strapped on the chair. Just then, C walks up. He asks them how they are doing today, but they can’t respond due to their mouths being duct taped. C then rips the duct tape off of Spencer’s mouth, and says he’ll keep Nancy’s mouth shut because the cries of kids annoys him. Spencer tells him to let them go.

C responds that Spencer should know by now that it’s never that simple, but he’s in the “confessing mood” right about now. He rips Nancy’s gag off and says she’ll want to hear this too. C informs them that his motive isn’t related to Jenna, unlike A and B, whose motives have everything to do with Jenna. Spencer asks him what his motive exactly is. C says that when Peter and Veronica, Spencer and Nancy’s parents, died, they took some secrets with them.

Nancy asks if her parents did bad things to the “scary man” which C confirms. Nancy says that her parents would never harm anyone. C tells her that Spencer and Nancy know absolutely nothing, and what Peter and Veronica did to him, so he got revenge. Spencer asks him if he killed Peter and Veronica, not John. C confirms this, having secretly been assigned this by A in John’s costume. This was how he proved his worth to A in Season 1. Spencer gets angry when she hears this, and tells C to “rot in hell”

In response, C stabs Spencer in the side. Spencer and Nancy scream. C tells Spencer not to insult him again, or Nancy gets the knife. C walks up to Nancy, and drags the bloody knife across her face, leaving Spencer’s blood on her cheek. C laughs, and says soon, they'll get to the good stuff. We cut to Eric, who is going over to Spencer’s home to visit her. When he enters, he finds nothing. Just then, his phone rings; it’s C, who tells him that Spencer and Nancy are “tied up at the moment” Eric tells him to let them go. C asks if he’ll decapitate him like he did to Noel if he doesn’t.

The mention of Noel’s death makes Eric shutter, but he overcomes it and demands to know where they are. He says that he needs to play a game in order to save them, and that Eric needs to go find Aria and Mike, they can help him. Eric asks why C isn’t telling him to get Emily, as she’s the final girl. C says that Emily is still their main target, but he’s decided to improvise. If Eric “follows the clues” he will be able to solve his game, telling him to go Aria and Mike. Eric rushes off.

We cut to Emily, who is in her room. She has called Maya and told her that she’s coming over tonight. Emily looks around at photos of good times she had with Maya. Some of them including having fun in a swimming club and dates they’ve had. Emily wonders if all they did was just a trick. Emily next looks at pictures of Paige, and starts to cry, stating that Paige was the perfect girl for her, and she behaved like an idiot. We cut to Aria and Mike’s home, where Eric rushes in. He tells them about Spencer and Nancy being kidnapped.

Aria is stunned, but quickly offers her help, as does Mike. Just then, a text message comes onto Eric’s phone. It tells them “Where can you find a lovely place to resort to?” After some thinking, Aria realizes that it’s referring to the Lost Woods Resort. The trio drive down there. We cut back to Nancy, Spencer and Liberator C, who tells the girls that it’s time for another history lesson about him. His revenge on Peter and Veronica is only half of his motive. The other half is against the town of Rosewood itself, stating that Rosewood ruined B, John, and A.

They found a common desire for revenge within C, and he quickly joined them. Spencer asks C why he hates the town. C tells her that would give away his identity, which he will not reveal now. His exact motives, regarding Spencer’s parents and Rosewood, as well as his identity will come later. For now, he needs to give a “proposal” for Spencer. C asks Spencer if she was would like to join the Liberators. Spencer asks C if he has lost his mind. C says that he sees potential in Spencer, and says that he already tested her worth.

C reveals that he sent Jessie over to attack Spencer and Nancy to test the former, though he didn’t expect Nancy to survive. He was impressed by how Spencer brutally killed Jessie, believing she could be a great serial killer. Even though Spencer is his prime target, he wants her alive, but Spencer tells C she’ll never become like him. C walks up to Nancy in response, and pulls out his knife as if stab her. Spencer starts yelling at him to leave her alone. C asks what Spencer will do if he doesn’t. Spencer threatens to kill C if he harms Nancy in any way. C laughs, and says Spencer has just made his point.

Her anger could be very useful if she would just join them, and besides, Nancy’s only eight years and too young. Spencer again refuses. C sighs, stating that Spencer is missing out on an opportunity of a lifetime, but admits he saw this coming and takes out his phone. We cut back to Aria, Mike and Eric. They receive a new text from C when they arrive at the Lost Woods Resort, telling them they need to search the rooms until they find a note. The trio split up to cover more ground. Eventually, Mike searches Room 5 and finds the note, which tells them that “Lodges can be a thorn on your side”

Meeting up with Aria and Eric, Mike deduces that this means they need to go to Thornhill Lodge. The trio speed off. We cut to Emily, who is heading over to Maya’s house. At first, she hesitates to ring the doorbell, out of fear of what might happen next. She eventually perks up and rings the doorbell, but learns that the door has been left open, and there is a handgun on the ground. Emily checks it out and learns there is one bullet in it, and starts calling out for Maya. Just then, her cell phone rings; it’s Liberator B, who tells her that he’s sorry they haven’t talked for so long, but he’s been busy.

Emily asks him where Maya is, and asks why there is a handgun on the floor. B reveals the handgun on the floor belongs to the sheriff John killed in the last season finale. John gave the handgun over to B after stealing it for future purposes. Liberator B tells Emily that they’re going for a “little contest”: He will give Emily the opportunity to shoot him in the heart and kill him, after which she can have Maya back. Emily asks him if he is Maya, to which B responds “Maybe” using Maya’s voice. Emily tells him Maya would never betray her.

In Maya’s voice, B responds “Let’s find out” before hanging up. Emily searches the house for Maya. During this, we back to Nancy, Spencer and Liberator C. Liberator C asks Spencer if she has ever watched Game of Thrones. Spencer says that she does watch it a lot. C says that they’re going to a reenactment of a death scene from Season 5unless Spencer agrees to become a Liberator, and this is her last chance. As a hint, C tells Spencer that this death has been used on a past victim, but this time, it will be more similar to the actual scene.

Spencer, looking at C’s knife, theorizes that he’s going to Jon Snow’s death scene on her (though she can’t think of the past victim), and refuses. C says that he didn’t want to do this, but she’s left her no choice. Spencer must be punished for her defiance. Liberator C goes inside the lodge, and returns with a torch and a fire extinguisher. While walking toward Nancy, C asks Spencer if has heard of the name “Shireen Baratheon” before. Spencer realizes that he is going to reenact Shireen’s death scene (and Alison’s), and screams at him to put the torch away; C cannot possibly be this heartless.

After telling Spencer that anyone can be this heartless, and that this is Spencer’s fault due to her refusal, C lights the tree that Nancy is tied to on fire. As the fire starts to spread, C takes out a camera to record what is happening, and puts the extinguisher in front of Spencer, telling her she should use this quickly. The fire reaches Nancy, and soon, she is set completely ablaze. Nancy, an eight year old girl, is being burned alive right in front of Spencer, who is becoming hysterical.

As she burns, Nancy screams for mommy (Spencer) and daddy (Eric) to help her, but it’s all in vain. It’s emotionally disturbing to watch or hear, very similar to Shireen’s death on Game of Thrones. C just watches, not saying anything or doing anything. Spencer is totally helpless in this situation, unable to reach for the fire extinguisher right in front of her. Eventually, Nancy stops moving and her screams finally cease. Nancy Hastings, sister of Spencer Hastings, is dead.

Meanwhile, before the burning begins, Aria, Mike and Eric arrive. Believing incorrectly that Spencer and Nancy are inside the building somewhere, they go inside and search. Ezra suggests they go in the basement, as that’s a typical horror setting. Since they’re down there, they don’t hear Nancy being burned alive and are unable to save her. After Nancy finishes burning to death, C puts out the fire with the fire extinguisher and gets Nancy’s corpse off the tree. C checks the camera to make sure it recorded everything, which it did, before turning it off.

C then approaches Spencer, who is absolutely speechless at what she has just witnessed. C says that he warned Spencer countless times, and yet, she allowed to her sister to burn. He says that they’ll meet again, and undoes one of Spencer’s binds before running off. After undoing the rest of her binds, Spencer tries to chase C briefly, but he’s already out of sight. Soon enough, Spencer stops trying to chase C and goes back to Nancy’s corpse.

Once out of sight, C sends a text to Aria, which tells her to go to the backyard, taunting her that Ezra is “as stupid as shit” for sending everyone down to the basement. The trio arrive there to find Spencer cradling Nancy’s corpse. The trio are struck speechless when they realize Nancy was burned alive. Spencer tries to tell Nancy that she can fix this, and she won’t let anyone hurt her, but it’s futile. Eventually, Spencer sinks to her knees, and starts screaming and crying. It’s similar to her breakdown in the show after Toby’s fake death, but even worse. Eric, Aria and Ezra try to calm her down, but are totally unsuccessful.

We cut back to what Emily’s been doing. Eventually, when Emily goes upstairs, she sees Liberator B, whom she shoots in the chest. It is unclear whether or not if the bullet hits their heart, but we can tell it hurt. Walking forward to the severely wounded killer, Emily notices the knife is taped to his wrist, and realizes something is wrong. She takes off B’s mask, revealing that it is actually Maya, gagged and unable to speak. Liberator B used her as a decoy.

Emily is horrified at what she’s done. She runs to Maya, who is as shocked as Emily is, and takes off the gag, telling her that she can’t die like this. Maya tries to say something, but is too badly injured to do it. She manages to mutter “I…I…” before going unconscious. Emily calls 911 and hugs the unconscious Maya. The episode ends as she does, leaving Maya’s fate unknown.

Episode 7: Unhinged

Picking up after the last episode, Spencer eventually stops her breakdown and faints. While Ezra calls 911, Eric starts crying, over Spencer’s condition and Nancy’s death. Aria tries to help comfort him, but Eric tells her that he’s not the one who is going to need comforting, though he appreciates it nevertheless. Ezra comes back, and says the police will be here in just a few minutes. While they wait, Eric gets a recording sent to him on his phone. It’s Nancy being burned alive. Eric cannot bring himself to watch it, and covers his ears to block Nancy’s screams.

We cut a dream; it’s Spencer’s. She’s lying in bed with Nancy’s charred corpse. Suddenly, Nancy’s corpse sits upright and starts talking to Spencer. She asks Spencer why she didn’t protect her from the “scary man” Spencer says that she tried to her best. In response, Nancy tells her that Spencer isn’t capable of protecting anybody. Not her parents, not Nancy, and not even herself. To make her point, Nancy takes a butcher knife and repeatedly stabs herself, and the blood sprays onto Spencer, who screams out in horror.

Just then, Spencer wakes up in a hospital bed, screaming. Eric and an adult calm Spencer down. Eric tells her that Spencer is safe, and she’s at Welby State Psychiatric hospital. The adult introduces herself as Dr. Anne Sullivan, who specializes in teenage trauma. She was assigned to take care of Spencer, who is clearly traumatized. Sullivan asks Eric if he can stay with Spencer for a little while until she is more stable. Eric says he’ll stay as long as Spencer needs it.

Sullivan asks Spencer some questions about what happened. Spencer tells her that she just had a hallucination, and that her little sister was burned alive in front of her. Sullivan is near speechless at this brutality. She asks Spencer if she can get anything for her, to which Spencer responds that a glass of water would be fine. As Sullivan leaves, Spencer turns to Eric, and grabs his hand. She tells him that she’s lost her whole family, and now there’s only one thing left she really loves. Him.

Eric is touched that Spencer would say that. Eric tells Spencer that she’s not alone in her grief; Nancy was like a daughter to him, and that he loves her too. They hug. Spencer says that she would like to be alone for now, but asks if she can call Eric when she needs it. Eric says Spencer can call at any time. Before Eric leaves, he kisses Spencer. We cut to the Rosewood hospital, where Maya has been admitted to.

Emily, Mary and Charles are waiting anxiously in the waiting room. Archer is at the police station answering questions about what happened. Emily is crying because she shot her own girlfriend. Archer helps comfort her, and tells Emily it’s not her fault. Emily says that it is, and she should have been more cautious. Archer tells her that she couldn’t have known it was a decoy underneath the costume. Emily says he might be right. Just then, a doctor comes up. He doesn’t look happy, and frowns. Emily, fearing the worst, asks the doctor if Maya is ok.

The doctor responds by shaking his head, and saying “I’m sorry, we did all we could” Maya St. Germain, Emily’s girlfriend and Season 1 survivor, is dead. Emily breaks down into tears when she hears this. We cut to the Lost Woods Resort, where Liberators A and C are gathering. C asks where Liberator B is. A says that he is expecting great results from C, which would make B jealous again, so he’ll just tell him later. A tells C to show him what he did. C shows the recording from when he burned Nancy alive on his camera.

After it finishes, A starts clapping, obviously very impressed at what C has accomplished. A says that C is become more useful than he ever imagined. Burning a child alive is beyond him and B’s ideas, and C has proven that he is willing to do anything to destroy Rosewood. He is also aware of the mental damage most likely done to Spencer. C thanks A, who asks C is if he is still planning to recruit Spencer. C says that he wants Spencer to embrace her inner psychopathy, like she did with Jessie.

C is hoping that Nancy’s death will drive Spencer insane, and make her hopeless enough to join their crusade. A jokes that the more likely outcome is Spencer brutally murdering C with her bare hands if she gets the chance. C says that it’s 50/50, and besides, he has a plan to get Spencer out of the hospital when they’re ready for the final showdown. A tells him that he wants to make another move on the survivors today, and since C has proven himself so creative, he wants his advice on how he should do it. C thinks about it, and tells A off-screen about his idea, and his plan to get Spencer out of Welby.

We cut back to the police station, where Archer is telling Wilden, Daniel and Tanner about what happened. It becomes clear that the news is out that Maya is dead. Tanner deems the shooting accidental, and knowing how much guilt Emily is probably experiencing right now, she agrees not to arrest Emily. Archer thanks her, Daniel and Wilden before leaving. After he goes, Wilden says that this killing spree has gone way too far. A survivor tricked into killing another, a child survivor burned alive, and another in a mental hospital. Daniel and Tanner agree, stating that they need to stop these bastards before this gets any further. Daniel gets an idea. Wilden asks him what he has in mind.

Before we see his suggestion, we cut to Welby, where Toby, Mike, Maria and Emily are visiting, having heard about Spencer wanted to know what happened. Sullivan comes up to them and explains what happened. Maria and Mike are clearly very disturbed at the thought of Nancy’s fate and ask Sullivan if Spencer is getting better. Sullivan says that Spencer’s mental state is very fragile right now, and Eric was able to make Spencer get stable again. She also tells them that her shame for failing to protect Nancy is most likely a key factor to her mental decline. Emily tells her the Rosewood Seven can help in any way, Sullivan must call them.

Sullivan agrees. Just then, an alarm goes off. Spencer is breaking down in her room and thrashing in her bed, most likely suffering another hallucination. This forces Sullivan to run to Spencer’s room and sedate her. Emily is stunned that the Liberators were able to do this much damage to Spencer. Toby asks how these Liberators could be so clue as to burn a child alive, in front of Spencer nevertheless. Maria says this is exactly why the Liberators need to be stopped, and Emily adds to this by mentioning Maya’s death.

The teens are shocked that Maya and Nancy were both killed on the same day. The four teens hold hands together, and vow to stick together and finally stop the Liberators. Meanwhile, Sullivan talks to one of the doctors who helped her sedate Spencer in the hallway. His name is Doctor Elliot Rollins, a 65 year old therapist who specializes in psychopathy and child therapy. He looks very similar to Sam Loomis from the Halloween series. Rollins asks if this is about Spencer. Sullivan says it is.

Rollins tells her that Spencer is undergoing a different kind of trauma than the one he is dealing with. Sullivan tells him that Spencer looks to be beyond her expertise, and Rollins must be able to help in some way. She points out that his current patient has not been doing so well. Rollins sighs. We cut to the patient’s room. We can tell this is a female with blond hair. She looks to be about 18; we realize that this is Bethany Young, committed here after Marion’s murder.

Rollins and Sullivan are standing outside her room. Rollins says that he won’t stop trying, but Sullivan counters that 10 years of therapy has ultimately failed to change Bethany, like Michael Myers. Rollins asks her if the same thing will happen with Spencer, to which Sullivan responds that she hopes that it doesn’t, but she’s worried it might. Inside the room, Bethany overhears their conversation, and seems intrigued to learn of Spencer and her condition. She smiles.

We cut to Aria’s home, where Emily, Aria and Mike are talking about Maya. Emily confesses her guilt of shooting Maya, and admits that she is losing her resolve to live. Mike tells Emily that what happened to Maya wasn’t her fault, and this is exactly how the Liberators want to make her feel. Emily says thanks, and asks if Ezra is available at school, who is staying after today. Aria volunteers to drive Emily down there later once school is over. They could both benefit from a talk with Ezra.

We cut back to Welby, where Eric has come back to visit Spencer. He narrowly convinced a nurse to let him see Spencer for a few minutes. Eric says he’s not going to ask Spencer whether he’s ok or not; he knows how she’s feeling. Spencer thanks him, and holds his hand. Eric asks Spencer if they’ve given her any anti-depression pills. Spencer says that they did, but she never got to taking them. At Eric’s suggestion, Spencer drinks one of the pills. She says she feels better now. Just then, the nurse tells Eric that visiting hours are over. Eric says goodbye to Spencer and leaves.

Sometime later, we cut to the school, where Aria and Emily are heading for their appointment with Ezra. They go his office to find no sign of Ezra. Just then, Aria gets a call from Ezra's cell phone, but when she answers, Liberator A is on the other end. Realizing Ezra has been kidnapped, Aria asks A where Ezra is. A tells Aria that teachers and students having an affair is uncivilized, and he’s going to punish Ezra and her for it. He then tells Aria to give Emily the phone if she wants to know where Ezra is.

Emily takes the phone; A apologizes for not talking to her sooner, but he’s been so busy with the other survivors, he hasn’t had time until now to do it. A says that they’re going to have fun again, and if she wants to find Ezra, go to locker 120, which Emily recognizes as Mona’s locker in the history wing. Emily and Aria run down there to find blood seeping out of the locker. Slowly and cautiously, the two girls open the locker. Aria lets out a blood curling scream at what she sees.

Ezra, having been stuffed inside the locker, is completely gutted, his blood all over the locker. Ezra Fitz, Season 1 survivor and boyfriend of Aria Montgomery, is dead. Aria drops to her knees and starts sobbing. Emily is also horrified by her fellow survivor’s death. While they are mourning, the girls do not notice A coming up behind them with his knife. He stabs Emily in the shoulder. Emily screams. A throws her aside and grabs Aria, who manages to break free. She starts running away. A tries to follow her, but Emily grabs his foot.

Annoyed, A kicks Emily in the face, knocking her out, before going after Aria. Aria finds a janitor with headphones on and goes to get his attention. She tries to warn him about A, but he catches up to them and takes out two knives, hurling them at the duo. The first hits the janitor in the forehead, killing him, but the second one misses. Aria grabs the second knife and tries to run away, but A corners her at a dead end. As he approaches, Aria pulls out the knife and points it at him, which amuses A. Aria tells A to stay back, or she’ll stab him.

A challenges Aria to do it. Aria hesitates, out of fear and grief from Ezra’s death. A, getting bored, tells Aria that she’s one of her favorite dolls to play with. Aria says that she’s not some doll to be played and tormented with. A says that she is, and killing her parents was fun. Aria, getting angry, tells A to stop. To provoke Aria into attacking him, he taunts her about Ezra and hints that Mike will be his next victim. Outraged by A’s attitude, Aria swings the knife at him. A quickly disarms Aria, who continues fighting him with her hands and feet.

Aria, although with no actual training, initially holds her own against A. She hits him with a few punches, but A can take whatever she throws that him. Eventually, A stops toying around and elbows Aria in the face, knocking her unconscious. A tells the unconscious Aria that they’re going to have some more fun. He goes over to locker 120 and drags out Ezra’s corpse, and grabs Aria as well. A writes down a note and puts it near Emily for her to find. He then goes outside to the parking lot and puts Aria and Ezra’s corpse into Ezra’s car trunk. He then drives off. Fade to black.

Episode 8: Coffin

We open on Aria, who finds herself in a small confined space, with only her cell phone and a note on her left. Aria soon realizes that she is locked in a wooden coffin, with a small camera watching her. It’s similar to Noah’s coffin scene. When Aria bangs it to get someone’s attention, there is no response. Aria notices the note, which says “Call Ezra’s phone number” She does so to find Liberator A on the other end, who confirms she has been buried alive. He tells her that he wants to play a game.

If Aria refuses to play even a single part of his game, she will be left to die. If she does everything correctly, A will let her go. Aria says that she’ll play along. A says that’s good, and tells her the rules. Aria can try calling her friends if she wants, but it’s not going to help, as they will receive no clues as to where she is. Aria also has to lie that she is buried alive. Also, Aria can only speak for a couple minutes on the phone, so she can preserve battery. If Aria tries to call for help from the police, speaks for too long, or doesn’t answer A, the coffin will be set on fire with Aria still inside.

Before hanging up, A tells Aria to look to her left; Aria looks to her left to find Ezra’s bloodied corpse. Aria lets out a blood curling scream. We then cut to Emily at the hospital, where she is being treated for her stab wound. Emily is visited by Tanner and Daniel, who asks her what happened in the school, and that they found the janitor’s corpse. Emily tells them everything else, including Aria’s attack and Ezra’s death. Just then, Emily gets a call on her phone; it’s Aria, who tells Emily she’s in big trouble. Emily gives the phone to Tanner, who asks her where she is.

Aria informs them of her situation, but she has no way to determine where she has been “buried” Daniel tells Tanner that they have no way of tracking down someone buried alive. Tanner curses, and says that they can’t just stand aside while someone’s life is at risk. Aria then tells her that she will be burned alive if she tries to get the police to help. Tanner then reluctantly gives the phone back to Emily, who says that she’ll do everything she can to track her down, and asks what clues A gave her.

Aria informs Emily that A isn’t giving anything anyway and it’s just her and him, and the worst part is that she’s trapped with Ezra’s corpse. Emily is shocked A would do something that cruel. Aria then informs Emily that she has to go, it’s almost at the time limit. After Aria hangs up, Emily calls Mike, and says “We’ve got a huge problem” We cut to Mike’s home, where he, Maria, Toby, and Charles are meeting up.

Eric isn’t here because he’s going to Welby to explain the situation to Spencer. Mike is obviously very worried about Aria, and saddened that Ezra is dead. Maria says that this is the fourth survivor dead (the other three being Mona, Nancy and Maya), and at this rate the remaining Rosewood Five is going to be becoming extinct unless they put a stop to this madness. Mike says that he’s tired of just sitting her and not actually doing anything, but so far, they have no leads as their prime suspect is now. Toby says they must think of something.

Mike asks if anyone in here is a horror nerd, and if anyone has studied the Liberators. Maria reminds him that she thought of Maya being the killer to being with, and she could put her detective skills to use if Mike wants. Charles tells her to do it, and they are going to need all the help they can get at this rate. We cut back to Aria’s coffin, where she is still stuck with Ezra’s corpse. Just then, her phone rings; it’s Liberator A. He says that he’s going to ask her some questions, and he wants answers.

The first question is how Aria felt when Byron died. Aria asks A what kind of bullshit this is. A says that he wants to understand Aria more, and wants to hear her feelings about the loved ones he murdered. Aria confesses that she felt sadness. Despite the fact that her father was a murderer, he was just trying to help her family. A says she’s doing so well, and then asks her how she felt about Ella’s murder. Aria says that Ella was an innocent mother, who didn’t do anything wrong. She didn’t deserve her fate, and asks A why he did it.

A tells her that he is targeting all of Rosewood, but the crusade has gotten more personal recently. Now, he is especially after all the survivors, but still seeks to destroy Rosewood itself. One reason is because that some people he murders are in the wrong place (Rosewood), or simply to mess with the survivors. A says that they’re making good progress so far, and that they’ll be back later. Before he hangs up, A asks Aria if the smell of Ezra’s corpse is making the coffin intolerable. Aria says that it is, and asks A has some perfume.

A flatly responds “No” and hangs up. We cut to Welby, where Eric is telling Spencer of recent events. Spencer shocked and saddened by this, and says that the Liberators are tearing everything apart. Eric says that they’re trying to break their will, but they won’t let that happen. Eric’s will survived after Noel’s death and Spencer’s can survive Nancy’s death. Spencer agrees, and asks Eric is he can get her a glass of water. After Eric leaves, we notice Bethany getting out of her bed. After checking if the hallway is clear, Bethany sneaks over to Spencer’s room and goes in.

Confused, Spencer asks Bethany who she is. Ignoring the question, Bethany if Spencer has felt a tendency to murder someone before. Spencer says that she is not going to tell her feelings to a complete stranger. Bethany sits on the bed and says she knows that she does, for Jessie and now for Liberator C. Spencer says that Bethany is the creepiest teenager she has ever seen, more than Noel. Getting to the point, Bethany tells Spencer to embrace her psychopathy like she did with Marion.

She admits that she loves the excitement of murder, and the feeling of murdering Marion still exists today. Further confused, Spencer asks Bethany who Marion is. Just then, Rollins, who noticed that Bethany wasn’t in her room, sees her and brings her away from Spencer. Bethany doesn’t resist, but gives a smirk at Spencer before being taken out. Just then, Eric returns and asks Spencer who that girl was. After restraining Bethany to her bed, Rollins comes back and explains that was Bethany Young.

He tells them about why she was committed, who Marion was, and how she embraces psychopathy. Bethany has tried to convince patients about the “value of psychopathy and murder” before, and he tells Spencer to pretend that encounter never happened. Spencer agrees. Sometime later, Aria is receiving another call from A inside the coffin, who tells her that he wants to talk about Ezra next. With no other choice, Aria reluctantly agrees. Aria asks her how she felt after seeing Ezra’s corpse in the locker.

Aria explains that she felt horrifying that losing Ezra, who she really loved. A next asks if Aria felt she really could kill A when they fought earlier. Aria says that she can, and she will kill him. Amused, A tells her to go on with her threats. Aria tells A that she killed both her parents, her lover, locked her in a coffin with her lover’s corpse, and someday, Aria will kill Liberator A and avenge the people she loves. A admits that he is impressed that Aria has the guts to threaten him.

A says that wanted to break Aria’s will and then set the coffin on fire anyway, but now he’s decided that Aria might be a better doll than he though. A isn’t going to break Aria’s will or kill her, at least not now. She’s too much fun to play with. Aria tells him that she isn’t her doll to play with, even though she was forced to do what he asked in the coffin. A tells her that like Spencer, Emily and the citizens of Rosewood, she will always be his doll. Just then, Aria hears noises on the surface; the coffin is opened, revealing Liberator A on the other side.

He uses chloroform to subdue Aria before she can do anything. A then takes Ezra’s phone and calls Sheriff Tanner. He tells her that the coffin is at the Thornhill Lodge, and she can come pick her up if she wants. Before A can hang up, Tanner tells A to turn himself in. A laughs, but decides to give Tanner an “offer” We do not see what A offers to Tanner. We cut to Welby, where Sullivan approaches Spencer. She asks her if she’s feeling better. Spencer says she’ll never forget what she witnessed that night, but she’s getting to calmer stages now.

Sullivan says that’s good, and she thinks Spencer can be released from the hospital in about three days as long as she keeps taking the pills. Spencer agrees to do so, and tells Sullivan she is a good therapist. Sullivan thanks Spencer, and tells her she used to be a doctor. She did this for a few years, but eventually became a therapist. Sullivan leaves the room, she gets a call from someone, who says “Hello Dr. Sullivan”; it’s Liberator C.

Before we can hear what C says next, we cut to the Lodge. Aria has woken up and Ezra’s corpse is being taken away. Aria’s obviously disturbed by what she went through, but hanging in there. Just then, Mike comes up and sees Aria. The siblings go into a tight hug. Mike says that he’s so sorry that he couldn’t be there for her. Aria says that it’s alright, and together, they’ll take down the Liberators and finally end all of this. Fade to black.

Episode 9: Consequences

We cut to the next morning at the Drake house, where Charles and Emily are upstairs. Emily is too depressed to come downstairs for breakfast, despite Charles’ attempts to comfort her. She says that the Liberators are taking everything away from her life, including her most valued friends, and she is worried she might not have anyone left that she loves. Charles acknowledges Emily’s losses, and decides she should bond with Toby and Maria, they’re nice people. He asks if she wants to go visit them with him today. Emily agrees, deciding she should know them better.

We cut to the Lost Woods Resort, where Liberators A and C are gathering. C asks if A is going to tell him yet why he has not seen Liberator B recently. A responds with “Let’s just say B is busy right now and leave it there” He assures C that he’ll explain everything in the finale, which is coming up soon. Now, there’s only five Rosewood survivors left. C asks what they should do next. A tells C to “give Sullivan the order” tonight, and he’ll take care of the Drake family.

C asks if the police should be taken care of soon. Wanting to ensure that the police are neutralized, A tells C to enact his plan by tonight, get Spencer in custody, and he’ll take care of the rest. The two Liberators depart. We cut to Toby’s home, where Emily, Charles, Maria and Toby are meeting up. Emily tells Toby and Maria that she wants to get her mind off of things. Maria says that she has Looney Tunes is on now if they wanna watch. The foursome go on a couch, and Maria turns on Looney Tunes.

The teens are having fun watching the funny cartoon, finally taking the era of death and despair away from their minds. Toby also heats up some popcorn in the microwave. It’s one of the only times we’ve really seen them relax and enjoy themselves this season. We cut back to Mary and Archer at their home. There’s a knock on the door, which Mary, armed with the crowbar, opens. Liberator A is on the other side; Mary hits him with the crowbar. A, barely affected, knocks out Mary with chloroform.

He then goes inside the house and finds Archer reading a book. A sneaks up behind Archer and subdues with chloroform as well. He then carries Mary and Archer out of the house. We cut to the police station, where Tanner is talking to Daniel, Wilden and two other cops. She tells them that they need to act quickly and asks if anybody has an idea. Just then, Daniel raises his hand. He suggests going over to the Lost Woods Resort to find clues about the Liberators, pointing out that has been their headquarters last time, and that’s where they found Mona’s corpse.

Daniel also reasons that the Liberators are outnumbered if they all go together. Wilden and the other two cops agree. Tanner also approves, and decides to gather up and set out later. She tells everyone be on their guard once they’re there; whatever they find, it can’t be good. We cut to Welby, where Eric is visiting Spencer again. Eric asks how Spencer is feeling today, who tells him that she’s in a normal state, but she misses Nancy, and asks Eric if he brought “it” Eric takes out a notebook, which has pictures of good times with Nancy and Spencer.

Both of them are having fun and smiling together in them. It also has some cute baby pictures of Spencer and Nancy. Spencer starts to cry seeing these pictures, in disbelief that none of this is going to happen again. Eric hugs Spencer as she mourns for good times. During this, Spencer tells him that with her entire family dead, Eric is the only thing left in her life that she really loves. Spencer says that she is going to make C pay no matter what, and asks for Eric’s support.

Without hesitation, Eric agrees. Sometime later, Emily and Charles finish hanging out with Toby and Maria. It’s clear that they had fun, and they also played darts. Emily thanks Toby for letting her hang out and finally get her mind off of things. Toby and Maria say that it’s no problem, though Toby says he has to clean up before Daniel gets home and sees the mess. He has extra time because he’s staying late for work today. Maria volunteers to help him clean up, while Charles and Emily head home.

We cut to the Lost Woods Resort, where Daniel, Tanner, Wilden and the other two cops are arriving. They go inside the building to search for evidence. During this, Daniel wonders if they’ll find a Liberator here. Tanner replies that if they do, they will be able to catch him, as they all have guns to shoot them with if they are attacked. Just then, Tanner hears a gun cocking behind her. She spins around and is shot in the face. Linda Tanner, the second sheriff of Rosewood, is dead. Daniel and the two cops spin around.

The shooter is Darren Wilden. Daniel screams at Wilden that he just murdered the sheriff. Wilden asks him if there is “anything wrong with that?” The two cops tell Wilden he is under arrest and order him on his knees; when he refuses, and points his gun on them, Daniel and the two cops open fire. However, when they pull the trigger, all of their guns are empty. Wilden then reveals that before they set out, he emptied all of their guns; the bullets are in his pocket, and his gun is fully loaded. Unarmed, they try to flee, but Wilden shoots the two cops in the back of the head, killing them. He then shoots Daniel in the leg. Daniel screams.

Wilden walks up to Daniel, who asks him if he is a Liberator. Wilden reveals that he is Liberator C. He says that he isn’t suitable for the identities of Liberators A and B, as they are “way more mind-fucking” than him. He isn’t going to reveal his motives because Daniel isn’t a survivor, and he feels Daniel doesn’t deserve to know. Wilden contemplates shooting Daniel in the head, but ultimately decides against it. He decides to keep Daniel alive for now, stating that the crusade is advancing to “the next level”

Wilden knocks Daniel out and handcuffs him in his police car, incapacitating him. He then proceeds to his take Daniel’s gun, as well as the two dead cops’ and Tanner’s. Wilden takes the bullets out of his pocket and reloads all the guns. Wilden now has possession of five fully loaded handguns, including his own. He then calls A, who asks if Wilden has crippled the police force. Wilden informs A that he has, but he wants Daniel to live for “level 3” Although initially unsupportive, A agrees, and asks if he has Spencer yet. Wilden says that he’s headed to Thornhill Lodge now, and asks A if he’s got the Drake family. He says that he has Mary and Archer secured, and is working on Emily and Charles now.

Wilden then drives off to the Lodge. We cut to the Drake home, where Charles and Emily are arriving back. They go inside, they find no sign of Mary or Archer, confusing them. Just then, A jumps out. He slashes Charles’ chest, injuring him. Emily screams. A goes to stab Charles, but Emily grabs A and throws him against a wall. In response, A tells Emily that she can never prevent Liberation. Emily tries to fight him, but A clearly isn’t playing around. He quickly stabs her in the arm and side. Emily and Charles scream. With both of them injured, A knocks out Charles and Emily. He says that he’s been waiting a long time to do this. A drags Emily and Charles off.

We cut to Welby at night, where Spencer is starting to fall asleep. Just then, Sullivan walks into the room, carrying a syringe. Spencer asks Sullivan what she is doing. Sullivan tells Spencer “I’m sorry” before injecting her with the syringe. Sullivan then carries the unconscious Spencer out of the hospital and out to her car in the parking lot. We aren’t sure why she is doing this yet, though it’s clear that this is Wilden’s plan to get Spencer out of Welby. Before Sullivan leaves the building, Bethany notices her sneaking Spencer out. Amused, Bethany lets out a devious smile. Fade to black.

Episode 10: Into the Darkness

We cut to the Thornhill Lodge, now late at night, where Sullivan is driving up with Spencer. She goes inside, and calls out for Liberator C. Just then, Wilden, wearing his Liberator C costume, comes out and asks Sullivan if she has Spencer. Sullivan shows Spencer, and seats her in a chair at Wilden’s request. With Spencer captured, Sullivan asks Wilden to “honor their deal” It is then revealed that Wilden had threatened her son, Greg, via texts. He forced Sullivan to help to kidnap Spencer for Greg’s protection.

In response to Sullivan’s request, Wilden reminds her that he only promised to leave her son alone. Sullivan asks Wilden what he means; Wilden immediately pulls out one of his handguns and shoots Sullivan in the head. Anne Sullivan, mother of Greg Sullivan, is dead. Wilden looks down at her corpse, and says “What a good mother” Just then, Liberator A comes in, and sees Spencer tied up. He says that the plan is working perfectly, now that they have the whole Drake family and Spencer.

A tells Wilden to keep the costume on for now, and take if off when Spencer eventually wakes up. Wilden asks if he can still try to recruit Spencer. A says that he can, but the more likely result is Spencer tearing him apart. Wilden insists that he can handle this, reminding that A that he still has five handguns, four of which he gives to A for safe-keeping. A tells them that these will be very useful for “next time” Wilden asks A why they don’t just end it here.

A says that he planned this to be a three round thing, but plans to let big revelations loose, including Wilden’s revelation. A then leaves the room to deal with the Drake family, who are outside the building, tied in chairs next to each other. Just then, Emily wakes up, and awakens Archer, Mary and Charles. Mary wonders where they are. A, dragging a TV, walks up, informing Mary that they are outside Thornhill Lodge. Emily tells A to let them go.

Ignoring her, A informs the family that they have much to talk about. Just then, we cut to Daniel in his car. He wakes up, handcuffed and without his gun. He tries to reach for his walkie talkie to get help, but Wilden put it outside the car. He tries getting his car keys to start the car, which is also outside the car. Daniel is stuck in there. He mutters that this is going to be a long night. We cut back to Wilden, still costumed, and Spencer at the Lodge. Wilden gets impatient waiting for Spencer to wake up.

He slaps her across the face, waking Spencer up. Wilden seats himself across the table, and points his handgun at Spencer when she tries to attack him. Wilden tells her that there will be time for that later, now, it’s time for her to listen to him. Spencer says that he isn’t going to join him, not now, not ever. He says that this is because Spencer has no idea who he is, or what he wants. At this point, Wilden takes off his mask, but it becomes clear that Spencer has hardly ever met Wilden before.

Wilden tells Spencer that he is connected to her family, more than she ever knew, but first, they should talk about why he hates all of Rosewood first. He asks Spencer if she knows of Richard, the one falsely accused of killing the Marshalls and executed. Spencer says she remembers that. Wilden reveals that Richard is his older brother, who didn’t even do anything wrong. He wants revenge on Rosewood itself for murdering an innocent man. He says that Richard was the perfect brother anyone could ask for.

He helped him grow up from high school, defended him from bullies, and become a police officer. This, however, is not all of why Wilden is doing this. Before we hear the rest, we cut to Liberator A and the Drake family. A tells them that he hates Rosewood, and he hates the survivors for what they did to John, and for something else. Before he gets revenge, however, he allows the family to ask some questions. Charles asks A who he is. A responds by taking out some letter blocks. A says that everyone has a name, and so does he. A says he wasn’t going to show them this early, but has decided to do so anyway. He arranges the letter blocks to spell out his name in full view.

A’s name is Jenna Marshall. The family are shocked, and ask if this is true. A confirms that he is Jenna Marshall, but doesn’t take off his costume just yet. Emily asks Jenna how she is still alive. Jenna explains that it wasn’t her in the car that went off the cliff. It was just a random girl that looked like her. Jenna cut the brakes, handcuffed the girl in her car, and set it up to drive it off the cliff. The body was unidentifiable when it landed. Since the girl was in her car, everyone presumed that it was Jenna who died.

Jenna refuses to explain herself further, including about how she organized everything. She says that she won’t show her face or stop using the voice changer because she is impersonating someone. Emily asks Jenna if she is impersonating someone that she knows. Jenna says that she could be someone Emily knows, and she also could be someone Emily doesn’t know yet, but will later. Jenna gives the family permission to call them Jenna, instead of “A”, but they can still do it. Jenna asks for the next question. Just then, Archer asks who Liberators B and C are. Jenna decides to tell them both.

As she tells them about Wilden, we cut back to inside the Lodge, where Wilden reveals the second part of his motive to Spencer. He says that Veronica, Spencer’s mother, was a slut. Wilden explains that Veronica was having an affair with him while she was married to Peter. Spencer refuses to believe him, stating that her mother would never do that. Wilden says that Spencer has always ignored the cruel reality of Rosewood; he knows it and works to get rid of it. He says that Veronica broke off things with him, but not before she was pregnant with Wilden’s child. Spencer asks if Veronica sent the child to an orphanage. Wilden starts chuckling.

He reveals that Spencer is his biological daughter. Spencer is stunned by this this, and refuses to believe what Wilden is saying. Wilden explains that he is telling the truth; he wanted to recruit Spencer because Veronica refused to let Wilden have her second daughter. She lied to Peter that it was his son, not Wilden’s. Veronica didn’t return Wilden’s feelings, and only dated him after an argument with Peter. After discovering she was pregnant, Veronica ended their affair. Wilden was approached by Liberator A about a week later.

After telling Spencer about A being Jenna, Wilden explains that Jenna convinced him to join them, to get revenge on the Hastings family for the affair and Rosewood for sentencing his brother to death for nothing. Wilden says that he killed Peter and Veronica for the affair, and killed Nancy as punishment for Spencer’s rejection of him. He, however, still wishes to recruit Spencer to join the Liberators. He still believes that he could help their crusade, and besides, Emily would be totally devastated if Spencer turned evil. Before we see Spencer’s reply, we cut back outside.

Jenna tells Archer about Wilden’s revelation and motives, before inserting a tape into the TV. The tape shows a recording of a conversation between Liberators A and B. Jenna tells the family that B takes off his mask during the tape and then they will see who he is. Archer asks why Liberator B can’t come over here and take off his mask in front of them. Jenna says that he’s about to see why. In the recording, Jenna and B are talking about who to make their first survivor death (Mona). During this, Liberator B takes off his mask, revealing himself as…

Maya St. Germain. The family is struck totally speechless at this. Jenna ends the tape reordering, and waits for someone to speak. Emily mutters “How is this possible?” Jenna explains that Maya was purposely made a red herring in Season 2, and not targeted in Season 1. Jenna and Maya knew that the survivors had suspected Maya by Season 2, so they plotted to make her look innocent. They put the evidence in her home to make everyone think she was the killer in reverse psychology.

Maya had deliberately put on the Liberator B costume and put the handgun on the floor in Episode 6. She thought that if Emily shot her, she would survive. The point of that was to make Emily think that Liberator B was manipulating her into believing Maya was the killer. Maya let Emily shoot her, planning to resume murdering people after she recovered. She got this idea after watching MTV’s Scream 2x08. However, this failed when the gunshot actually proved fatal. Jenna was absolutely furious when this happened.

She lost her last original partner and the main muscle in her killing spree. This forced Jenna and Wilden to work alone from there on. Jenna took out her frustrations by gutting Ezra, whom she had planned to survive longer. She needed to take out her anger on something. Mary asks for Maya’s motive. Jenna reveals that Maya was in love with her, before and after her “suicide” They had planned her fake death and revenge on Rosewood together. Jenna had never revealed her true identity to John, Byron or Wilden.

John knew who Jenna is impersonating, but never found out her sister had faked her death. Jenna had a lot of fun and sex with Maya before her death. After this, Jenna says that at first, she was targeting all of Rosewood, and nobody specific. Now that both her brother and her lover are dead, however, it’s gotten personal. Emily and all her friends will pay. Emily tells Jenna that the first reasons for being the main target just because she is Alison’s cousin is unjustified. Jenna then reveals that’s not the only reason Emily is the main target, and it’s worse than being Alison’s cousin. Emily asks her what else there could possibly be.

Jenna tells her that she’ll eventually reveal that, but not today. Now, Emily needs to pay. Emily reminds Jenna that Eric killed Noel, and says that Maya’s death is Jenna’s fault for allowing Maya to approach her with a loaded handgun. Outraged, Jenna stabs Charles in the side. Charles and the family scream. Emily begs Jenna to stop, which she does. As for Eric, Jenna says that she’s been so busy with the other survivors that she hasn’t had time to torment him. That will change eventually, and she will make him pay.

For now, Jenna will exact part of her vengeance here. Before we see what that is, we cut back to Wilden and Spencer, whom refuses Wilden’s proposal to join her. Wilden frowns, and throws his handgun aside to make himself look less threatening. He says that Spencer only refused her before because she didn’t know he is her father, and she can’t possibly refuse now. Spencer says that she’s refusing mainly because of what she did to Nancy. Wilden says Nancy doesn’t matter and dismisses her as “a dead cunt” An outraged Spencer threatens to kill Wilden if he insults Nancy again.

Wilden does not believe that Spencer would actually kill her own biological father. He tries to negotiate, stating that Spencer had bad parents and he did her a favor. Spencer says that her parents may have not been the best people, but Nancy did absolutely nothing wrong, yet he burned her alive anyway. She admits that she still misses Nancy; Wilden calls Spencer’s threat by mockingly asking “Why? You miss a dead cunt?” About two seconds afterward, Spencer completely snaps, screams “DIE” and lunges across the table at Wilden, tackling him to the ground.

She begins trying to strangle him. Before we see the fight that ensues, we cut back to outside the Lodge. Jenna tells Emily what she truly has in mind, and says she’ll be a bit merciful. He knocks out Charles so he doesn’t witness what is happening. Jenna says Emily must choose between Archer and Mary to be murdered, whom Jenna will dismember with an axe. Emily says that she can’t do that. Jenna threatens to kill them both if Emily doesn’t make a decision. Emily is heartbroken over this; she can’t decide.

Just then, Mary speaks up. She tells Emily to pick her, and that she’s had a bad life. Mary has been reunited with her biological family, and she’s finally been loved. Now that she’s gotten what she’s wanted, Mary wants to sacrifice herself to save the family. She implores Emily to pick him, telling Archer to close his eyes when it happens. Reluctantly, Emily picks Mary to be dismembered. Jenna then takes out her axe and walks toward Mary. Archer closes his eyes, and so does Mary and Emily. Jenna raises the axe.

However, just as the axe is about to hit Mary, she diverts her aim to Archer and strikes him instead. The family screams. Jenna then reveals that she was always going to kill the opposite of whom Emily selected. She brutally dismembers Archer in front of the horrified Mary and Emily. Archer Dunhill, father of Emily and Charles, and wife of Mary Drake, is dead. After Jenna finishes, she knocks out Mary out to get some alone time with Emily. Jenna asks Emily how it feels to witness someone she loves die. Emily looks into Jenna’s eyes. Obviously filled with anger, Emily tells Jenna that she is going to make her pay for this.

She will kill Jenna, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but eventually, she will kill her. Nothing is going to stop her from doing it. Amused by Emily’s threat, Jenna unties her from the chair. She decides that she wants to fight Emily in a one on one unarmed brawl, as a teaser for what comes next time. If Emily wins the brawl, she can end this without a season 3. Jenna doesn’t plan to kill Emily if she loses, and she’ll just leave her unconscious body on the ground. Emily accepts the challenge. Then, Jenna attacks Emily, but Emily proves herself to be a strong final girl.

She will not give up no matter what. Jenna and Emily throw punches, kicks, knees, you name it. Jenna doesn’t use her knife because she doesn’t actually want to kill Emily, but have a challenge. It’s a brutal brawl between two girls, motivated to avenge the loss of a loved one. Eventually, the girls are very bruised, bloody and battle-torn. There are rips on Jenna’s costume, and Emily’s clothes, also some bruises on her face. We can also assume there are some on Jenna’s unseen face as well. The girls then give the last of their strength for their final moves.

Emily repeatedly punches Jenna in the face, but becomes too tired to continue after the third punch. After this, Jenna tells Emily that they’ll meet again. Jenna kicks Emily across the face, then spins around and does another, and much harder kick, finally knocking the bloody final girl unconscious. An exhausted Jenna then limps inside the Lodge to check how Wilden is doing with Spencer. Meanwhile, Wilden and Spencer are also fighting. Wilden has the upper hand since he is an adult, and Spencer is still a teenager. Spencer makes up for this with her anger and desire to fight.

It has become clear to Wilden that Spencer is not going to join him, and is going to kill her. Wilden manages to overpower Spencer, and puts her in a lock with his arms. Wilden tells Spencer that she should have accepted his offer, and asks if she should burn her alive like he did to Nancy. In response, Spencer sinks her teeth into Wilden’s left ear. Spencer bites so hard that she rips out a portion of Wilden’s left ear, and spits it out. Wilden screams out in pain. He obviously did not see that coming at all. Still, this doesn’t stop Wilden from continuing to attack Spencer, who becomes more aggressive and hits Wilden harder as the fight progresses.

Realizing that he’s pushed Spencer too far, Wilden tries to shoot Spencer with his handgun, but Spencer prevents him from reaching it. Noticing a nearby fish tank, Wilden grabs Spencer’s head and slams it into the glass, shattering it. This disorients Spencer, allowing Wilden to start strangling her. However, Spencer notices a nearby glass shard. She reaches for it as Wilden is strangling her, unaware of what she is doing. Spencer manages to grab the shard, and stab it right into Wilden’s right eye.

Wilden screams out in pain and agony, clutching his eye. It is clear that Wilden is in way too much pain to continue fighting. Spencer watches Wilden crawl around in agony for a few moments, and pins him down he tries to reach for his gun. Spencer grabs it and decides to kill Wilden with his own gun. Before this, she repeatedly punches Wilden in the face, and his head quickly becomes a bloody mess. Spencer then shoves the gun onto Wilden’s forehead and prepares to pull the trigger.

However, at that moment, a fist slams into the back of Spencer’s head, knocking her unconscious; it’s Jenna, who tells Wilden that she’s not done with him yet. She then drags the still agonized Wilden out of the Lodge. We cut to sometime later in Wilden’s POV. He wakes up on a bed in the Lost Woods Resort, with Jenna, who is recovering from her wounds and is disguising them with makeup, in front of him. She explains to him that she managed to nurse him back to health after Spencer’s “mutilation” of his head. Jenna tells Wilden to look in a mirror next to him if he wants to know what she did to him.

Wilden discovers that there is a black eye patch covering up his right eye, he’s been given a haircut, and he is wearing a black jacket and shirt. He recognizes that Jenna dressed him up to make himself look very similar to the Governor from the Walking Dead, which he is, especially with the eye patch. Wilden says that the Governor was always his favorite character from Walking Dead, though he didn’t think he would actually become him. He asks why Jenna saved him, whom he calls “A” as he doesn’t know who she is.

Jenna explains that she felt starting over from scratch was a bad idea, and Maya was supposed to last longer. She was originally going to let Wilden be killed by Spencer; however, after seeing his creativeness in murder, Jenna realized that she couldn’t let Wilden go to waste. As a reward for his actions, Jenna decided to let him live for round three, and now trusts him with her true identity. She tells him about how she’s Jenna Marshall, and that she is impersonating someone that Emily knows or will know. Jenna takes off the mask, revealing her unseen face to Wilden, who looks very amused.

After privately telling Wilden her full reveal, Jenna says that for now, they must go into hiding. Wilden asks Jenna if she still has all five handguns he salvaged. Jenna shows them in a drawer, all still fully loaded. After putting her mask on, Jenna tells him that they have a lot of planning to do, and tells him that they need a third killer to support them when the time comes. She shows Wilden a picture on a wall that reveals her unseen choice. Wilden and Jenna smile when they see this. Jenna says their crusade will go on its final stretch, and when it ends, Rosewood will face her revenge. Smash to black.

Fun Stuff

Confirmed Facts

  • Toby will have an interest with one of Emily's biological family when he hears about them.
    • This is revealed to be Charles because he knew Marion.
  • Bethany Young will make a couple of appearances in Season 2, but will become a major character in Season 3.
  • A survivor will die in the first episode.
    • However, the others won't know about their death until Episode 3.
    • This survivor is revealed to be Mona Vanderwaal.
  • Liberator C will be a very cruel killer, going to great lengths to prove himself to his partners.
    • His most cruel act is burning Nancy alive in front of Spencer
  • Liberators B and C will be revealed by the end of the story, while A remains a mystery until the 3rd.
    • Darren Wilden is revealed to be Liberator C, with his motives being that he is Richard's brother and Spencer's biological father.
    • Maya St. Germain is revealed to be Liberator B, with her motives being that she is Jenna's lover.
  • I have made MAJOR changes about the finale and the reveals of B and C.
    • There will now be a MAJOR revelation about Liberator A, which was originally going to happen in Season 3.
    • The revelation is that A is actually Jenna Marshall, having faked her suicide in Season 1, and is impersonating someone.
  • The opening scene will have a survivor being attacked
    • This is made to be similar to JMO's Riverdale Season 2 opening, but it will be longer and scarier.
    • The survivors being attacked are Nancy and Spencer.
  • The survivors will be dropping like flies in the second half of the season.
  • Mary, Archer and Charles will come at the end of Episode 2.
    • Mary and Charles will have mysterious and interesting pasts.
  • Maya will become a major suspect amongst her fellow survivors.
  • In Episode 6, it is revealed that this Liberator C killed Peter and Veronica, Spencer's parents, last season, not John.
  • The Liberators will focus more on targeting the survivors, but still plan on destroying Rosewood.
  • Eric will have several hallucinations of Noel.
    • Spencer will also have hallucinations of Nancy.
  • There will be 10 episodes.
  • The teens killed in Episode 3 while filming a documentary were taken and named after the characters in Halloween Resurrection.
  • Bethany pushing Marion to her death in front of Charles was taken from the show.
    • Anne Sullivan's blackmail and Maya's motive was also taken from the show.
  • As mentioned, Nancy's death was taken from Shireen's from Game of Thrones, and Alison's in Season 1.
  • Liberator B will be absent from episode 6 until the finale, which will be explained when B reveals himself.

What Would have Happened

  • I was originally going to have Caleb in this story, but I couldn't shape out his role (Sorry Chainsaw)
  • I was originally going to have the teens killed in Episode 3 have random names, but then I thought of the Halloween Resurrection reference and had their names changed.
  • Episode 3 was originally going to be titled, "Miss me, Emily?" I changed this as Emily wasn't the one being kidnapped.
  • I considered having Charles being Marion's killer, but decided to make it Bethany to make it more like the show.
  • Originally, Nancy was just going to be stabbed to death, but I decided that burning her alive would make Spencer way more traumatized.
  • Ezra was originally just going to be critically injured, but still alive in Episode 7. I decided it would be more of a shock as he was a prime suspect for viewers.
  • I considered letting Maya survive her gunshot, but I felt it would impact Emily more if she died.
  • Wilden was originally going to break into the hospital and murder his way to Spencer, but I decided to save the hospital massacre for Season 3.
  • I considered having Toby as Liberator C, but I also would have to change the motive as well, which I didn't want to do.
  • Wilden was originally going to be revealed in the finale, but I thought I'd make it interesting and reveal him early.
  • Originally, Maya was going to be alive for the reveal, but I figured having the killer die before the reveal would be interesting, as nobody did that before.
    • If Maya was alive, the finale would have been different. She would have had Archer and Emily run toward each from a hallway, and kill Archer with an arrow through the head just as Emily reached him. Enraged, Emily fights Maya, beats her brutally, and strangles her to death. Liberator A subdues Emily before rescuing Wilden from Spencer.
  • I considered killing off Wilden, but I realized there was some potential for him if I kept him alive for Season 3.
  • Originally, A was not going to tell Emily that she is Jenna Marshall, but I changed my mind and added it there.


Identity: Darren Wilden, Maya St. Germain, rest unknown
Gender: 1 Male, 1 female, rest unknown
Motive: Revenge on Rosewood for her family's death (Jenna Marshall). Win Jenna's heart and help her get revenge (Maya St. Germain). Revenge for Richard's death on Rosewood, revenge on the Hastings family for rejecting him, and recruit Spencer (Darren Wilden)
Target: Rosewood residents, especially Emily Fields
Secret: He is the new killer, Richard's brother, and Spencer's biological father (Darren Wilden). She is Jenna Marshall, having faked her suicide (Liberator A). Loved Jenna and was Liberator B (Maya St. Germain)
Status: Deceased (Maya), alive and escaped (Jenna and Wilden)
Alias: Liberator C, Liberator B, Liberator A

Body Count

# Victim COD Killer EP
1 Jessie Anderson Stabbed to death with scissors Spencer Hastings 1
2 Mona Vanderwaal Stepped into a bear trap, raped, slaughtered with a chainsaw Darren Wilden and Jenna Marshall 1
3 Nora Neck snapped Darren Wilden 3
4 Jim Stabbed in the head with a wooden splinter Darren Wilden 3
5 Freddie Shot in the head with an arrow Darren Wilden 3
6 Sara Shot and stabbed to death with an arrow Darren Wilden 3
7 Larry Stabbed in the head with a screwdriver Maya St. Germain 4
8 Chef Neck sliced open Jenna Marshall 4
9 Dean Ford Gutted Maya St. Germain 4
10 Missy Ford Head bashed against a wall Maya St. Germain 4
11 Mayor Davos Ford Hacked to death with a hatchet Jenna Marshall 4
12 Marion Cavanaugh Pushed off a roof Bethany Young 5
13 Jack Drake Natural causes No Killer 5
14 Emma Drake Natural causes No Killer 5
15 Nancy Hastings Tied to a tree and burned alive in front of Spencer Darren Wilden 6
16 Maya St. Germain (Liberator B) Shot fatally in the chest Herself (unintentionally caused), Emily Fields (Unintentional) 7
17 Ezra Fitz Gutted (Off-screen) Jenna Marshall 7
18 Janitor Knife thrown into forehead Jenna Marshall 7
19 Sheriff Linda Tanner Shot in the head Darren Wilden 9
20 Cop #1 Shot in the back of the head Darren Wilden 9
21 Cop #2 Shot in the back of the head Darren Wilden 9
22 Dr. Anne Sullivan Shot in the forehead Darren Wilden 10
23 Archer Dunhill Dismembered with an axe Jenna Marshall 10

The Rosewood Twelve

# Character
1 Emily Fields/Charlotte Dilaurentis
2 Spencer Hastings
3 Aria Montgomery
4 Mike Montgomery
5 Eric Kahn
6 Charles Drake
7 Maria Vanderwaal
8 Toby Cavanaugh
9 Daniel Cavanaugh
10 Mary Drake
11 Darren Wilden
12 Jenna Marshall

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