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Pretty Little Screamers: Rise of the Liberators

Welcome to my new trilogy! It will be a combination of Pretty Little Liars and Scream! I cannot wait for your comments!

Plot and Setting

Before it all began, Rosewood seemed to be the perfect town. However, a legacy of blood and murder begins on the third year anniversary of the suicide of tormented student Jenna Marshall, starting with the murder of the entire Dilaurentis family at the hands of four mysterious killers, known only as “The Liberators” The residents of Rosewood are plunged into a game of life and death, and not everyone will make it out alive. For those who do, their lives will never be the same again.

Character Descriptions

EMILY FIELDS (16): The main Female lead of the story. She’s the most sweet, caring and loyal to her friends. Emily is the most targeted by the Liberators, and will do everything she can to protect her friends. She’s bisexual, but her friends still support her, especially her girlfriend, Paige McCullers.

SPENCER HASTINGS (17): The secondary final girl of the story. Spencer is the strongest of the final girls. Spencer is motivated to protect her friends and family from the Liberators and works hard to uncover them. She’s also slim and athletic.

ARIA MONTGOMERY (17): The tritary final girl of the story. Although Aria wasn’t a big target in the show, she will be the most devastated and targeted by the Liberators throughout the series. She looks to her brother, Mike, for help.

MONA VANDERWAAL (17): Mona is Alison’s right hand woman and her lesbian lover. She is the most distraught at Alison’s death. Although in a bad friendship with them, she works with Emily and her friends on the motive of gaining justice for Alison.

ALISON DILAURENTIS (18): The Queen bee of Rosewood. Every bit of a jerk as she was in the show, worse than Nina Patterson. Her main enforcers are her brother Jason, and her girlfriend Mona. She also unintentionally caused the suicide of Jenna Marshall. Alison’s deeds have earned her the full wrath of the Liberators.

HANNA MARIN (18): Hanna is one of the more pretty girls at school and of the group. She once beat Alison in a beauty pageant at school, which quickly earned her spite. Hanna is the most nervous of the group, and tries to harden against the Liberators.

NANCY HASTINGS (8): Based on PLL’s Melissa Hastings and DCN’s Nancy Carter. Spencer loves her little sister more than anything in the world, and becomes very scared of losing her. She’s very cute, and very fun to have around.

JENNA MARSHALL (16): A main target of Alison's bullying, and tormented for a long time. A horrific accident called "The Jenna Thing" happened three years ago, which caused her to give in to her depression and commit suicide. She is the Maureen Prescott of the trilogy, as her deaths leads to the rampage of the Liberators.

MAYA ST. GERMAIN (17): Emily’s lesbian ex-girlfriend. Maya has deep feelings for Emily, but broke up with her to be on the good side of Alison, who she is deeply afraid of. With Alison dead, Maya tries to get back with Emily, but is impeded by Paige and the Liberators.

PAIGE MCCULLERS (19): Emily’s lesbian girlfriend and a victim of Alison. She is a suspect for the police, but not for her friends when the Liberators strike. Paige is also in a feud with Maya over Emily.

EZRA FITZ (22): A young psychology teacher in Rosewood high school and the boyfriend of Aria. Like the show, the two met in a bar and ended up making out. However, Aria’s parents are skeptical of him, wondering if Ezra has his own motives for dating their daughter.

BYRON MONTGOMERY (40): The protective father of Aria and Mike, and Ella’s wife. He is kind and caring for his children, and grows nervous when the Liberators arrive, especially with his daughter’s relationship with Ezra.

MIKE MONTGOMERY (17): A romantic interest of Mona. She has not returned his feelings due to love for Alison. He tries to help his sister and her friends, but draws suspicion. He is basically the Gustavo Acosta of this story.

ELLA MONTGOMERY (38): The mother of Aria and Mike, and Byron’s wife. She’s more relaxed when the killing spree begins, although still concerned. She is also less nervous, but still cautious about Ezra.

NOEL KAHN (18): Caleb’s best friend, Eric’s brother, and a big horror geek. He is very interested in the Liberators and their “revolution”, despite Eric’s disapproval. He gives friendly advice to his friends, but his interests will put him in danger.

ERIC KAHN (18): Noel’s brother. He is less interested in horror than his brother, and tries to get him to relent on his hobby as the Liberators come in.

WAYNE FIELDS (42): Emily’s father. Like the show, he was a member of the Pennsylvania National Guard. He’s coming down to visit Rosewood to visit his wife and daughter for a week. He quickly realizes he could not have come at a worse time.

PAM FIELDS (44): Emily’s mother. She is keeping a secret, one that her husband and the Liberators know full and well. Wayne tries to get her to tell Emily, but Pam is torn apart of what to do as her family is thrown into chaos.

LIBERATOR D (??): The newest of the Liberators. D made a deal with A and is contributing the least to the murder spree, causing C to be cautious of him. He will be revealed at the end of the story.

LIBERATOR C (??): The secondary mastermind of the Liberators and larger accomplice than D. C is very cruel killer and comes up with brutal ideas for the victims. A goes to him for advice. C will be revealed at the end of the story.

LIBERATOR B (??): The main muscle of the Liberators. He does a significant amount of the killings and take out C’s ideas to torment the victims. He will be revealed in the sequel.

LIBERATOR A (??): The main mastermind and antagonist of the Liberators and trilogy. He is the one who organized everything, and all the murders go by him. He is the one who hears C’s ideas and passes them on. A will be revealed in the third story.

Episode Summaries

Episode 1: Pilot Part 1

Following the brutal murder of the entire Dilaurentis family, the entire town of Rosewood is stunned. The Liberators make their main target aware of their intentions: Emily Fields

Episode 2: Pilot Part 2

Following the brutal murder of the entire Dilaurentis family, the entire town of Rosewood is stunned. The Liberators make their main target aware of their intentions: Emily Fields

Episode 3: Introductions

The Liberators quickly make themselves clear at a band party, announcing their “revolution” and leaving multiple deaths. Meanwhile, another family is confronted by a Liberator.

Episode 4: Hunted

The teens go to Eric and Noel for help in solving the murders, while one gets a lead on their own. The Liberators choose their next target, leaving a main character distraught.

Episode 5: Heartbond and Heartbreak

Two main characters bond as a result of previous tragedy, while another conducts a solo investigation. Emily reels over the death of her father, further heartbroken when she learns a shocking secret.

Episode 6: Searches and Answers

Aria deals with a “problem” Later, four of the teens go to the killers’ lair in hopes of gaining answers and saving one of their own, leading chases, murder, fights and a revelation.

Episode Detailed Summaries

Episode 1: Pilot Part 1

We cut to the Dilaurentis home. Inside, we see siblings Alison and Jason Dilaurentis. Their parents, Jessica and Kenneth, are at a Chinese restaurant to pick up food for dinner. Alison just got back from somewhere and has a bruise on her face; she covers it up with makeup so nobody can see it. The siblings talk about what tomorrow is: the first anniversary of the suicide of Jenna Marshall, which they unintentionally caused. Jason feels guilty about what they did; Alison does too, but not as much as Jason.

Alison wonders what’s taking them so long, as it’s almost midnight. Jason suggests that they are just slacking off, but decides to call them to be sure. He leaves the room to use the house phone. He dials Kenneth’s number and asks him what’s taking so long. The voice responds “I’m afraid that he’s tied up at the moment” A confused Jason asks what this means before he is hit in the head with a frying pan by an unseen figure, knocking him out.

Alison, noticing Jason is missing, goes to look for him, but doesn’t see him anywhere. However, she does find a message written in red on the wall. The message says “Justice has arrived” As Alison stares at it in confusion, and a hand grabs her shoulder and spins her around. Alison is punched in the face by Jason’s attacker, knocking her unconscious. We now get a full look at the figure.

This is a Liberator, Liberator B in fact. We can tell its B because the letter “B” is written in red on the costume. This applies to the letter on the other three Liberators as well. They are wearing the Brandon James costume, and a brand new mask in the franchise. The eyes are black, and the rest of it is mixed with white and black. We can hear breathing behind the mask, less normal and more ghostly like. B drags Alison off. She wakes up outside, tied to a tree.

Liberators B, C and D are standing before her. There are three figures tied in chairs in front of her, all of their faces masked by bags. Alison is terrified of the Liberators, and asks why they are doing this. Just then, someone approaches. The Liberators step aside to let the figure pass: Liberator A, the mastermind of the Liberators. A gets close to Alison’s face. He tells her that they are planning a “revolution” against Rosewood, and all that it stands for.

Alison calls him crazy. A says that if she wants her family to live, she should shut up. Alison asks what he is talking about. Just then, B, C and D unmask the people tied in chairs: It’s Kenneth, Jessica and Jason, all of them having been kidnapped. Alison is even more terrified now. She begs A to let them go. A tells her that after all she’s done, she’s begging to be let go now? A says it’s far too late for an apology, and now she is going to feel the pain she inflicted on everyone, physically and emotionally.

A forces Alison’s eyes wide open to force to watch what happens next. A turns to D and C, and tells them to enact their part of the plan. C responds by gutting Jessica, while D slits Kenneth’s throat right open. The parents die right in front of their horrified children. Alison is starting to go into hysterics, as is Jason. She tries to close her eyes, but A’s grip is firm. B asks if it’s his turn yet. A says go ahead. B takes out a hammer.

B brutally bashes Jason’s head to pieces, mercilessly beating him to death. Jason Dilaurentis, brother of Alison Dilaurentis, is dead. Alison is completely and totally hysterical at this point, screaming her lungs out. A covers her mouth with duct tape in case she draws too much attention. B then takes out a lighter and match, which A takes and lights. She holds the flame close to Alison’s face. A tells her that Alison's had experience with being an arsonist, and that she should be familiar with how burning feels like.

A takes off Alison’s duct tape to hear her last words. Alison begs A to let her go, promising to leave Rosewood and never come back. She’ll anything A wants, anything at all, and go anywhere he wants. A responds “How about you go burn in hell?” A lights Alison on fire with the match, who screams in hysterical pain. B, who has taken out his cell phone, records Alison as she slowly and painfully burns to death. Eventually, Alison goes limp.

Alison Dilaurentis, sister of Jason Dilaurentis and queen bee of Rosewood, is dead. We cut to the next morning to the Fields home. We are introduced to Emily Fields, and her mother Pam. As they are having breakfast, the doorbell rings. Pam opens it to find her husband, Wayne Fields on the other side. He hugs Emily and Pam, and tells them he’s come down to visit from his job (working in the Pennsylvania National Guard) and he’ll be staying for a week.

We cut to Rosewood High School. Emily sits with her girlfriend Paige McCullers, and main friends, Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery, and Hanna Marin. Also there is Maya St. Germain, Emily’s ex-girlfriend. They congratulate Emily for having her dad back. Emily thanks them, and asks Paige if she wants to come over to meet him. Paige says that would be nice. Aria goes off to psychology class, where her teacher/boyfriend, Ezra Fitz, is teaching. Two of her classmates are Noel and Eric Kahn, two horror nerds she’s known.

Ezra starts class off with paying respects to Jenna Marshall. We learn that this is the three year anniversary of “The Jenna Thing” and Jenna’s suicide. Ezra asks if any of the students can tell him what happened. Noel raises his hand. He narrates what happened: flashbacks reveals that three years ago, Jenna was one of the main targets of Alison’s bullying. Jason, Alison and Mona, Alison’s lesbian girlfriend, plotted “the ultimate prank” on Jenna.

The trio got their hands on a stink bomb and decided to throw it into Jenna’s house, sneaking in from the back door. Jason was the most reluctant, but Alison convinced him it would be fine. Jenna’s parents Margaret and Waylon were home, as well as her brother, John Marshall. Alison snuck in the back and threw the stink bomb into the garage before running off. However, the stink bomb was far more explosive than they thought, similar to the show. This caused a fire to start in the garage.

The family went down to the garage to investigate what was happening. When they arrived, the fire spread to a nearby gasoline tank that was stored in the garage; the tank ignited and exploded, burning Waylon, Margaret and John. Horrified, Alison, Mona and Jason ran off. When the police arrived, Waylon and Margaret were pronounced dead on the scene. John was nowhere to be found; his fate remains a mystery to this day. Nobody knows that Alison, Mona and Jason were the ones who started this.

Alison was cleared of charges due to Kenneth, who is brother of the mayor and son of a U.S senator. An innocent man named Richard was falsely blamed and found guilty of this by a corrupt judge. Richard was sentenced to death by lethal injection. This happened 3 months ago. Distraught by her family’s death, Jenna took her car (in which she was driving back home with at the time of the fire) to Lookout Point, a cliff outside of town.

Jenna drove her car off the cliff and committed suicide. The body was unrecognizable due to the resulting explosion and the fall. It was known the body’s was Jenna’s when the car was discovered to be hears. Noel ends his narration with that he doesn’t believe Richard did it. We cut back to present day. Most of the class agrees that Richard was innocent, but nobody says it aloud.

After this finishes, Ezra asks where Alison is, and realizes she is not here. The students find this odd, as Alison has had perfect attendance, and her parents have not made a call to say what happened. Just then, the bell rings. The students exit the room. We cut to lunchtime. Mona is sitting alone on a table outside the cafeteria. This is called “the popular table” where only the most popular kids sit.

Alison usually threatens to regular students if they try to sit her to have Jason kick their asses. Intimated, they would leave. Mona, Alison and Alison are usually the only people who sit here, but now, she’s all alone. Mona sends several text messages to Alison’s phone, asking where she is, with no response. Just then, a person sits next to her. Mona looks up and sees Mike Montgomery, Aria’s brother.

Mona gets annoyed, and tells him to leave. Mike says that Mona doesn’t have be “such a bitch” as she always is. This time, she has to listen to him as she can’t have Jason force him to leave. Mona looks around for other tables, but they’re full of other students. She is stuck with Mike. Annoyed, she asks Mike what she wants. He tells her that Alison and Jason aren’t her only friends.

Mona tells him that everyone looks up to her. Mike replies that they look up to her out of fear, not respect. Mona then interrupts Mike, telling him that lecturing him on good and evil isn’t going to win her over. Alison will always be her girl. Mike does admit he likes Mona, but they should at least be friends. He suggests Alison will betray her someday. Mona says Alison would never do that.

Mike says Alison is “the physical incarnation of evil and manipulation” and that she’s using Mona for her own selfish gains. He then suggests that Alison does not love Mona at all; Mona, outraged, slaps Mike across the face. Mike responds that he might have deserved that. Seeing that he is offending Mona, he walks off, but tells her to consider what he is saying. We cut to after school. Instead of going home, Mona goes over to Alison’s house.

This is partly because she wants reassurance from Alison that he loves her and to see why she has not come to school today. When she arrives, Mona gets a phone calls; it’s Liberator A. He tells her that “the revolution” has begun. Mona asks him what he’s talking about. Liberator A tells her that Rosewood is on trial after its “crimes against society” The Dilaurentis family was the first witnesses called to the stand.

Mona dismisses Liberator A as some “religious fanatic” A tells her that he would kill her now for that comment, but he’s saving her for later, besides, she need to see what he did to Alison. At that, Mona freezes. She asks what he means. A tells Mona to head to the backyard before hanging. Mona races around the house into the backyard. She becomes completely frozen at what she sees.

She is seeing Alison’s burnt corpse tied to a tree, barely recognizable. She also sees Jason’s corpse with his skull bashed in, as well as Kenneth and Jessica’s corpses. Mona sinks to her knees and starts screaming in hysterics and anguish. Her screaming is so loud that it scares off nearby birds. The episode ends as Mona’s breakdown continues.

Episode 2: Pilot Part 2

We cut to the next morning, at the Hasting’s home. Spencer is with her parents, Veronica and Peter. We are also introduced to Nancy Hastings, Spencer’s 10 year old sister. She looks adorable and cute, like Nancy Carter from DCN’s trilogy. Spencer kisses Nancy on the forehead, as she feels in a good mood this morning. Spencer morning routine is breakfest, drive Nancy to elementary school, and go to high school herself.

We also see Emily’s morning routine. Emily has no siblings, but has slept with Paige today. She introduces Paige to Wayne, who seems to take a liking to her. Before they go to school, the family likes to check out the news. They discover the murders of the Dilaurentis family. Everyone is shocked by this, especially Paige. Pam suggests Emily and Paige not go to school today, but they say that it’s fine.

We cut to the crime scene. There is crime tape all over the place. Some police officers are investigating around, taking the bodies away and talking about the case. They mention that Mona was still hysterical when they arrived on the scene and they had to tranquilize her in order to calm her down. It is also shown a camera was left on the scene by the Liberators, showing exactly how the murders went out.

The officers wonder what kind of sick psychopath would do something like this to an entire family. At school, the teens are talking about Alison’s murder, including Eric, Mike and Noel. Noel admits that he knew that someday Alison might be murdered. Maya asks him why. Paige tells her to face the facts: Alison was and always will be the bitchiest, manipulate and deserving teenager in the world who could have deserved to be murdered.

Noel, agreeing, tells them that the cause of death was being burnt to death after seeing her family murdered as well. This drives everyone to temporary silence. Emily, Spencer, Aria, Mike, and Eric say that even Alison doesn’t such a horrible demise. Maya, Paige and Noel, however, think differently. Maya admits that if anyone killed Alison, it would most likely be her. Emily asks her why that is. We experience a flashback taking place the night before Alison’s murder.

Maya was at the Rosewood church that night, praying for a chance to come back with Emily. She was admitting her feelings to God and asked him to at least make sure she is unharmed. When Maya tries to leave the church, she runs into Alison. Maya asks Alison what she’s doing here. She says that it’s none of her business and tells Maya to let her through. She refuses unless Alison apologizes for a prank she pulled on her last week.

They mention that the prank was that Alison put a dead fish into Maya’s locker, which heightened tensions between them. Alison refuses to apologize, stating that Maya doesn’t deserve it. Maya says that she is sick of Alison being the “queen bitch” and that she needs to have a change of attitude. Alison gets close to Maya’s face, and asks her what she’s going to do about it.

After noticing that Alison is alone, Maya says that Alison really doesn’t want to push this any further. It quickly becomes clear Alison has no intention of backing out. Alison asks Maya if she is here praying for Emily, whom she calls a “slut that’s beyond God’s redemption” Maya has clearly had enough. She pushes Alison, who pushes her back. Maya punches Alison in the face. The queen bee of Rosewood cannot believe that Maya just decked her in the face. Maya, rubbing her knuckles, says she wanted to do that for a long time.

Alison tells her that if she ever does that to her again, she’s going to break Emily’s heart in a way she’ll never recover from. This wipes Maya’s smug grin off her face; for Emily’s sake, she lets Alison into the church and walks off without another word. We cut back to present back. Emily asks Maya what Alison would have done. Maya says she doesn’t know, but she knew Alison was being serious, so she backed down.

Mike wonders how Mona would be reacting to something like this. Eric says the news mentioned Mona was so hysterical that she had to be tranquilized. It’s clear that if even Alison, Jason and Mona were bitches, the teens still feel bad about what’s happened to them. Noel also wonders if Alison was really the end of it. Hanna asks if he thinks Mona will be murdered next. Noel says “who knows?”

Hanna tells them she thinks that’s enough talk about murder, and they should focus on the band concert tomorrow. Her favorite band, Carpe Diem, is playing tomorrow night at the school auditorium. She has a crush on the lead singer, Isaac Colbert. The teens say that they haven’t forgotten. Eric says that this is a good time for Noel to finally get his mind off of horror. Noel says that he never understood his brother’s opposition to horror before the bell rings.

After class, Aria talks to Ezra, who has just found out about the murderers. Aria admits she is glad to be rid of Alison, but this is not the way she wanted it to go. She says that she wants to introduce Ezra to her parents when they come to pick her up today, telling him that her father, Byron, isn’t trusting of him at all. Ezra agrees. We cut to the parking lot. Byron and Aria’s mother, Ella, are waiting to pick Aria and Mike up. Aria and Mike arrive with Ezra.

Ezra introduces himself, and shakes hands with Byron and Ella. Ella says that it’s nice to meet Ezra, and that he looks like the type of guy Ezra would want. Byron is more skeptical of Ezra, asking whether teachers dating students is really acceptable. Ezra points out they’ve been dating for two months, and if Aria wanted to break up, they would have already. Mike tells his father that Aria knows what she’s doing.

Although Byron acknowledges his daughter is a smart girl, he tells Ezra if he does anything to his children, he will not hesitate to confront him, and asks if he understands. Ezra says “I get it” The Montgomery family drives off. We cut to later tonight. Emily is in her room, changing into her pajamas. She admires herself in the mirror for a few moments. Emily looks a bit sexy. After this, her phone rings. Emily wonders if Paige is calling her.

Emily picks up the phone and hears Paige’s voice, who asks Emily if she’s calling at the wrong time. Emily says it’s alright, they can talk for a bit. Paige starts flirting with Emily, who tells Paige she could never be as pretty as her. The two girls laugh. Eventually, it is revealed that “Paige” is really Liberator B using her voice. When Emily becomes confused, she realizes this is Alison’s killer when he brags about her death. B informs her that there is four of them, called “Liberators” He is Liberator B, and their leader is Liberator A.

Emily asks what they could want from her. B tells her that her family is full of liars; there are secrets that nobody knows about, except for them. He says that Rosewood is corrupt and unredeemable, but the deaths of the Dilaurentis family were the first step of their “revolution” Emily has a large role to play, including her parents. Emily tells B that she’ll kick his ass if he tries to hurt anyone else. B laughs, and says that “playing” with Emily is going to be so much fun.

He says that soon, he’ll make his point clear, and everyone will learn that Rosewood is beyond redemption. When they are finished, Emily and all her friends will die along with the town. Emily calls him “bullshit” along with his whole revolution. B says that they’ll see, and tells Emily to have “a good night’s sleep… while she can” B hangs up. Smash to black.

Episode 3: Introductions

The episode opens in the next morning, with Mona is sitting on her sofa alone at home. She has obviously been utterly devastated after Alison’s death and being tranquilized. She looks inside a journal, which has the good times she’s had with Alison in the past, as well as several pranks she’s done with her, including the dead fish in Maya’s locker. Mona gets up and washes off her tears, trying not to look weak. She remembers a quote from Alison: “The weak rot, the strong reign”

Mona stops her crying, and looks more determined now. She goes downstairs and takes a butcher knife from the kitchen. Mona picks up a picture of her and Alison together; she vows to make sure these “Liberators” pay for what they did to her, and that she won’t stop until she’s gotten her revenge. Mona takes out a “suspect list”, hoping to come up with some suspects for Alison’s death.

After some thinking, she begins to write down a name, though we don’t see who it is. We cut to school, where Emily, Spencer, Hanna, Paige and Noel, Aria, Mike, Eric, and Noel are gathering. Hanna says she is so excited for the band party to begin. Most of the teens agree, but notice Emily is acting strange. Maya asks her what’s wrong. Emily tells them about the call she got from Liberator B, and everything he said. She didn’t tell her parents because she felt confused on what to do.

The teens are surprised by this, and they wonder why they would want to target her. Emily starts to cry, feeling scared and afraid. Paige and Maya start to hug her; Paige reminds Maya that Emily is her girlfriend now, not hers. Maya backs off, but Emily insists that it’s fine, and she’s still a friend. Although slightly jealous, Paige agrees. Emily asks if she can look forward to her friends for help if she needs it.

They all agree simultaneously, except for Eric, who is worried about his brother. Eric and Noel talk privately, with Eric trying to dissuade Noel from getting himself hurt. Noel says that he can take care of himself, with Eric saying that he hopes Noel is right. Meanwhile, we cut to the Hastings home. Peter asks Veronica if Spencer and Nancy should stop going to school.

He is concerned about the Liberators. Veronica tells him that the police can handle it, and it’s not like they are in “a horror story written by some fanatic” Peter says that’s true, and goes to the garage to mow the lawn. He begins to mow the backyard when a rock is suddenly thrown through the air, hitting his back. Angry, he demands for the thrower to come out, and sees a figure in the bushes.

When Peter tries to confront the figure, a firepoker gets shoved into his throat; the figure is then revealed to be Liberator C, who shoves the firepoker deeper into his throat. Peter Hastings, father of Spencer and Nancy Hastings, is dead. Liberator C then goes inside the house through the open garage door. When Veronica hears someone entering, she assumes its Peter and asks how he finished mowing the lawn so fast. Liberator C turns on the stove to high temperature before Veronica turns around.

Before she can act, C grabs her and slams the side of her face onto the active stove, setting her head ablaze. As Veronica burns in agony, her face starting to melt, C goes to the garage and comes back with rope. He brutally strangles Veronica with it until she dies, either from the flames or the strangulation. We then cut to Spencer and Nancy driving home, unaware of what has happened. Nancy is happy in the back seat, having had a good day in school today.

Spencer brings up a children’s song that she likes to listen to in the car, which Nancy enjoys greatly. They park the driveway and go inside. When Spencer notices her parents are not there, she gets a call from C. He tells her that Alison wasn’t the end of all this, and all of Rosewood, including Spencer, is being targeted. Spencer accuses him of being a prank caller, but he tells her to check the kitchen. Worried, Spencer tells Nancy to lock herself in the car, giving her the keys before going into the kitchen.

As Nancy does so, Spencer finds the corpses of her parents, strung up to a ceiling fan. Just then, C jumps out. He stabs Spencer in the shoulder. She screams (for both the pain and for seeing her parents dead), and runs for the garage. She almost gets to the car, but Nancy had locked it. After Spencer shouts at Nancy to unlock it, C grabs her and throws her against a wall; Nancy asks Spencer who the “scary man” is, and starts crying out of confusion and fright.

C goes to stab Spencer, but she resists and kicks him in the stomach. She gets into the car with Nancy, who tells Spencer to “make the scary man go away!” C attempts to break down the driver’s window with the firepoker, but Spencer manages to drive out of the driveway, and also ram C, who is only stunned due to low speed. Spencer escapes with Nancy, driving to a hospital, but she is also crying. Nancy asks her what happened; Spencer cannot bring herself to answer.

We cut to nighttime at concert in Rosewood High School, with pretty much all the teens there, whom are unaware of what has happened to the Hastings family. Aria and Hanna are dancing. Aria says that Hanna always has the right taste of parties. Just then, an announcer comes up. He says that Carpe Diem, the band, will be performing in 5 minutes, and everyone should get ready for “epicness”

Isaac Colbert, the lead singer, is practicing backstage with his band, including the guitarist Albert Baker, and the drummer Emma Winters. Isaac who goes to talk with the announcer. He says that it’s a great honor to have the band here. Isaac says that the pleasure is all his, and asks if they can get some refreshments. The announcer goes off to an unoccupied room to get some water.

As he does so, Liberator D appears. He takes out a nail gun, and fires three nails into the announcer’s forehead, killing him. Just then, Liberators A and B appear. They say that Liberator D is proving himself, as his C. Liberator D thanks his superiors, and tells them he’ll do well as long as they “honor their bargain” A and B go to deal with the band. Meanwhile, Isaac sends Emma to check on why the announcer.

When Emma goes into the room, B grabs a frying pan. He bludgeons her to death with it. A claps at B while he does this, who bows to his partners. A and B then go to backstage, while D takes drags the two corpses with him. Isaac is getting annoyed on why Emma hasn’t gotten back yet. Just then, B and A jump out. They tackle Albert and Isaac. B brutally stabs Albert 10 times in the chest and stomach, killing him.

A initially considers using his knife, but instead strangles Isaac to death his with bare hands. The entire Carpe Diem band is now dead. Liberator D comes with Emma and David’s corpses, and places them down. Shortly after, the stage curtains lift up. Everyone, especially, Hanna is excited to see her band, only to discover their corpses. Just then, a projector turns on, and a live video starts playing with liberator A on it. He starts giving a speech:

LIBERATOR A: Hello residents of Rosewood. Allow me introduce myself. We are the Liberators, None of you understand what has happened so allow me elaborate: the revolution has begun. Alison Dilaurentis was the incarnation of the devil himself, and we, unlike you, took action. You should thank us, but you will never understand. We are not finished, not until all of Rosewood is destroyed. Allow me to make my determination more clear:

We cut through a video of all the murders: Kenneth, Jessica, Jason, Alison, Spencer’s parents, and finally the whole Carpe Diem band. After this, Liberators B, C and D walk up beside their leader, forming a straight line. As Liberator A continues his speech, we see the crowd’s expressions, especially Emily.

LIBERATOR A: Alison Dilaurentis caused so much pain and misery, especially to our dear friend, Jenna Marshall, the martyr of our cause. I will tell all of you one thing, nobody in Rosewood is safe from us, especially our final girl (Emily) Yes, I know you’re in there and you KNOW what I am talking about, and let me tell you this: By the time we are finished here, Rosewood, the town that god has forsaken, will DIE.

The projector screen goes off. Smash to black.

Episode 4: Hunted

We cut back to the school, still nighttime. The cops are everywhere, questioning everybody, including most of the teens, who are taken away one by one by her parents. Wayne and Pam arrive and pick up Emily, who tells them that the Liberators are going to target them. Wayne says that they know about the phone call last night: Liberator B called him and told Wayne about it. Emily apologizes, stating that was confused. Pam says that it’s alright.

After they go back home, Emily goes to bed, while Pam and Wayne talk. Wayne asks Pam if this could be about her secret. Pam says that it doesn’t matter, and that it couldn’t possibly be connected to this. Wayne notes that the killer made it clear that Emily is one of their priority targets, and reminds her that Liberator B they called Pam “a whore” when they called them. He also says it’s not like confessing her secret will get her arrested. Pam says although that it is true, it will still shock and upset Emily.

Wayne persists, but Pam shouts at him to stop, which he does. We cut to the next morning, Saturday morning, at Mona’s home. We take a look at her suspect list, consisting of three. Her 1st suspect is Maya, knowing of her confrontation that she had with Alison at the church, as Alison texted Mona about it, plotting to get back at Maya for it. Her 2nd suspect is John Marshall, believing that he could have returned to Rosewood to get revenge for his family’s deaths. Finally, her prime and 3rd suspect is Mike.

We learn that Mike has had a romantic interest in Mona for a little while. He’s tried to talk to her, and occasionally ask her out, but she repeatedly called him a “loser” and rebuffed him. Mona believes he killed Alison to get closer to her. She wonders how she’ll get Aria to believe her. The scene switches to the hospital, where Emily, Nancy, Aria, Maya, Paige, Eric, and Hanna are in Spencer’s room.

Spencer recalls the events of last nights and is devastated of her parent’s deaths, as well as Nancy. She is further shocked when she learns how the band concert went. Spencer is still taking care of Nancy and doesn’t want to lose her. Emily says even a Liberator isn’t cruel enough to kill a child, to which Spencer agrees, but wants to make sure. She vows never to leave Nancy’s side unless someone else can be with her. Just then, Eric steps up.

He says that he could have him and Noel babysit Nancy whenever Spencer needs it. Eric has always wanted to have some fun time with a young child. Spencer is nervous, but after Eric vows not to harm Nancy, she decides to let Nancy stay with Eric is she says yes. Nancy agrees to stay with Eric and Noel. Eric picks up Nancy, who seems to like him. Emily says that she’s so sorry about Veronica and Peter’s deaths, and wishes she could have done something.

Spencer says that this isn’t her fault, but they can’t ignore what is happening anymore. The teens make a vow to catch the Liberators and stop them before they can deal further damage. Just then, another voice joins them; they turn around to see Mona, surprising them. Mona tells her about her vow to avenge Alison, and was going to recruit them, but that’s been done the other way around. Now she wants to join, and she is not taking “no” for an answer. Aria can tell that Mona is serious by the look on her face.

Hanna is more skeptical, questioning whether Mona really can be trusted.Mona says that she may have been a bitch to everyone, but she just lost the person she loved the most in her life, and now Spencer lost her parents, and Hanna her favorite band. They have faced loss at the hands of the Liberators, and as a result, they need to work together to survive and get revenge. Inspired by Mona's speech, the group decides to let her onboard. She says she wants to show Aria something at her home.

After Emily leaves, she gets a call from Liberator A, who asks Emily if she liked his speech. Emily asks him how he could do this Spencer and why he is targeting Rosewood. He first corrects Emily by explaining Liberator C killed Spencer's parents, before telling her to think back about what he said. Emily asks him if this is about Jenna. A says that it is, almost everyone’s motive is related to her in fact. Emily asks Liberator A if Jenna would have wanted a murder spree in her name.

A tells Emily she has no idea what happened that day at Jenna’s house, and nobody except the Liberators and Mona know the truth. Emily correctly guesses that Alison started that fire. A confirms this, and tells her that they want to get her to know better. He sends her a photo: It’s Pam and Wayne, on the floor and unconscious at Emily’s house. A tells her to come home, or Spencer and Nancy won’t be the only orphans in this town. Emily tries to threaten A, but he hangs up on her. Emily runs off.

We cut to Mona’s home, where Mona has told Aria her theories of Mike being a Liberator. Aria firmly refuses to believe that her brother could be a murderer. Mona tells her not to be too trusting of everyone. Aria asks Mona how she would feel if she accused her brother (if she had one) of murder. Mona does not know how to respond to that. Aria tells her that the Liberators want her to do this, to suspect an innocent victim, and orders Mona to take Mike off her suspect list.

When Mona refuses, Aria pushes Mona against a wall and threatens to “beat the shit” out of her if she tries to harm Mike in any way. As Aria leaves, Mona shakes her head, indicating that she is not letting this go. We cut Emily’s house, where Pam is on the floor, unconscious. Emily arrives, wakes her up, and asks her what happened. Pam says a psychopath with a black suit and mask, with a "A" on their suit (meaning it was Liberator A), attacked them and knocked her and Wayne out. She then realizes that Wayne is nowhere to be found.

Just then, Emily gets a video call. It’s B, who tells them to answer a facetime call if they want Wayne back. On the video call, they see Liberators A and B waving at them, with the latter walking over a man, whose face is covered by a bag. B dares them to guess who the main in the bag is. Pam says to just tell them. B rips off the bag; it’s Wayne. A tells them that they are going to play by his rules: play a game of horror trivia, with five questions. If she gets three right, Wayne will live, but if she gets three wrong, Wayne will die.

There will also be a consequence if she gets a single question wrong. Pam is not a horror expert, so Emily has to answer the questions. He first asks her who the killer was in the first Scream film, which she gets right. Liberator A asks her the room in The Shining, where Jack encountered a ghost. Emily answers Room 236; B informs her that the correct answer is Room 237, and orders B to “do it” B takes out a power drill and drills into Wayne’s shoulder, causing him extreme pain. Pam and Emily beg him to stop, which he does.

B asks the next question: name the main weapons of Leatherface, Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees. Emily gets all three of them right. For the fourth question, he asks Emily what the name of the monster was in the 1954 monster movie Creature from the Black Lagoon? Emily has never heard of this film, and is unable to think of an answer. Saying that she took too long, B goes to the next punishment. He takes out a hacksaw.

He slices through the wrist of Wayne’s entire right wrist until his hand is completely severed. Emily and Pam scream again. B says that he can make the bleeding stop if they want; he takes out an iron, and puts it into the stump, causing Wayne even more extreme pain. He eventually passes out. Emily calls A and B “bastards” A reminds that Wayne still has another hand, plus, he’ll survive if she gets the final question correct.

Pam tells him to get on with it. After telling Pam not to rush him, he gives the final question: Name the killer in the horror movie, Black Christmas. Emily shouts that it’s “Billy! Just Billy!” A then reveals he was referring to the remake, which had two killers; B takes out something to execute Wayne. Emily and Pam scream at them to stop, and that this is unfair. A tells them they clearly didn’t learn from the video last night, and now, they will learn from personal experience.

B takes out a firepoker; he brutally stabs and beats Wayne to death with it. This extends to almost every part of his body. Wayne Fields, father of Emily Fields and wife of Pam Fields, is dead. A then tells them to go to the garage if they want what’s left of Wayne; it is then revealed that the video call was taking place in Emily’s garage all along. Emily and Pam rush down there, only to find Wayne’s corpse. Pam and Emily are completely devastated by Wayne’s death, combined with the fact that he was right in their home.

Emily cries, and Pam takes her daughter in her arms, and they mourn together. We cut to Ezra’s home, and he is visited by Hanna and Aria. They asks him how much he knows about psychopathy. He tells them that psychopaths are basically people who like to torment other people, without empathy. Ezra says it’s hard to identity a psychopath just by looking at him. He also says that psychopaths are defined by their arrogance, believing they can get away with it, and that they can be driven by pain and loss.

It would be hard to think of a suspect for a Liberator, and asks if Hanna has any. Hanna suggests that John Marshall could be back, pointing out that he’s the only living member of the Marshall family. He could be delusional with the town and Alison for everything that happened. Ezra says that’s a good point, but that would only identity one of the Liberators, and there are four in total. Just then, Aria gets a GIF on her phone; it’s Wayne’s corpse, after being stabbed and beaten to death with the firepoker. There’s also the words “You’re going to need a new boyfriend now”

The trio are horrified at this. Just then, Hanna notices a car through a window. It’s speeding toward the house, heading right toward Ezra. The driver jumps out of the vehicle before it hits the wall; it’s Liberator D. Hanna shouts at Ezra, but he is too paralyzed with fear to move. Hanna shoves Ezra out of the way before the car bursts through the living room wall. The car strikes Hanna before she can move out of the way, severely injuring her.

Horrified, Aria runs to get help, while Ezra tries to help a barely alive Hanna. Just then, Liberator D comes up through the hole in the wall, and begins to run at Ezra, forcing him to flee. However, Liberator D stops chasing him, and looks at Hanna. He places her into the car, which has been doused with gasoline, before lighting it with a match. D then departs, leaving Hanna to die in the resulting explosion, which also sets most of the house on fire. Hanna Marin is dead. Smash to black.

Fun Stuff

Confirmed Facts

  • The story will be the beginning of the trilogy.
  • This story take place in 2010, the year where Pretty Little Liars first aired.
  • In this version, Jenna Marshall is not a mean girl, but a tormented one. She was one of the main targets of Alison’s bullying. The Jenna Thing happened, which lead Jenna commit suicide.
    • Avenging Jenna is one of the main motives of the killers.
    • The Jenna Thing is FAR worse than what happened in the show and very dark.
      • Like the show, Alison started a fire at Jenna's house, but this also resulted in the deaths of her parents, and apparently the death of her brother, John Marshall.
  • The opening kills will be not just Alison, but the entire Dilaurentis family.
    • Alison’s death, in particular, will be very brutal and disturbing.
  • The main female lead and target of the Liberators will be Emily Fields
    • The other Liars, Spencer, Hanna, Mona and Aria, will still play very active roles.
    • Unlike the show, Mona was Alison’s right hand woman and is distraught at her death, willingly helping the Liars on the motive of catching Alison’s killer.
  • Instead of Ghostface, the four killers will call themselves “The Liberators”, each called “A”, “B”, “C”, and “D”, the letter printed in blood on their cloaks.
    • “C” and “D” will be revealed by the end of the story, while “B” will be revealed in the second story, and “A” is revealed in the 3rd.
    • The Liberators wear the Brandon James cloak, but have a brand new mask never used in the franchise. The origins of the new mask will be revealed quickly.
  • The Liberators are trying to destroy Rosewood itself, and will target everyone and everywhere, believing the town itself deserves to die.
    • Their motive is inspired from JMO’s fanfic trilogy with Riverdale.
  • The main female characters (Emily, Spencer, Hanna, Mona and Aria) won’t be called the Liars, as they have less to hide, and more to uncover.
    • They will not be as invincible or “deathproof” as in the real TV series: a Liar can and WILL die.
    • All of them, except for Mona, were not friends with Alison and were subjects to her bullying. They will nevertheless be shocked and surprised by her death.
  • It will take more than a stab to the stomach (referring to Lyndon James), and WAY more than a simple punch (referring to Sara Harvey) to stop the Liberators.
  • There will be 8 episodes.
  • The season will have a high body count, especially in it's early episodes.
    • There will be a massacre in Episode 3, with a VERY high body count.

Body Count

# Victim COD Killer EP
1 Kenneth Dilaurentis Throat slit open Liberator D 1
2 Jessica Dilaurentis Gutted Liberator C 1
3 Jason Dilaurentis Head bashed in with a hammer Liberator B 1
4 Alison Dilaurentis Tied to a tree and burned to death Liberator A 1
5/6 Waylon and Margaret Marshall Burnt in an explosion caused by gasoline tank and stink bomb (Flashback) Alison Dilaurentis (Accidently Caused) 1
7 Jenna Marshall Committed suicide by driving off Lookout Point (Flashback) Alison Dilaurentis (Accidently Caused) 1
8 Richard False accusation of killing the Marshalls and lethally injected (Flashback) The Dilaurentis family (Caused) State executioner (Directly) 1
9 Peter Hastings Firepoker shoved into throat Liberator C 3
10 Veronica Hastings Face burnt on a stove, and strangled with rope Liberator C 3
11 Announcer Shot three times in forehead with a nail gun Liberator D 3
12 Emma Winters Bludgeoned to death with a frying pan Liberator B 3
13 Albert Baker Stabbed 10 times in the chest and stomach Liberator B 3
14 Issac Colbert Strangled to death Liberator A 3
15 Wayne Fields Shoulder drilled, right hand sawed off, and stabbed/beaten to death with a firepoker Liberator B 4
16 Hanna Marin Rammed with a car, killed in car explosion Liberator D 4
16 Female character (heartbreaking death) N/A Liberator B 6


Identity: Currently Unknown
Gender: Currently Unknown
Motive: Destory Rosewood and torment it's citizens, especially Emily Fields
Target: Rosewood residents, especially Emily Fields
Secret: Currently Unknown
Status: Actively Killing
Alias: Liberator D, Liberator C, Liberator B, Liberator A

The New Mask


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