Wanda Cain (b.1957-d.1992)

Wanda was born to a coal miner father in rural Pennsylvania. Her mother died during childbirth and she was forced to be the woman of the house at an early age. Always the prettiest girl in town, Wanda won "Ms. Teen Coal" three years straight. Realizing at fifteen that there was little left to achieve in her hometown, she left to discover stardom in Hollywood. There, she modeled for local clothing stores and worked as a coatcheck girl at numerous swanky restaurants. It was there that Wanda was discovered by Sunrise Studios head Don Gordon. She soon found herself as the poster girl for the Don't Go Downstairs series. Always the survivor, Wanda lived though three of these films before moving onto stardom at other studios. She was married to Mr. Gordon for one year and horror Producer Victor Raven for five years. After she left the latter, she died too young in an unfortunate hot tub accident.

Acting Credits

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