The gang at the Water Fountain

The Water Fountain is a location in Scream and a location in a deleted scene for Scream 4. In the first film, it served as a hangout for BillySidneyStuTatum and Randy



Billy, Sidney, Stu, Tatum and Randy are seen there conversing about the deaths of Casey Becker and Steven Orth, and being questioned about it. The conversation starts with both Tatum and Sidney saying that nobody asked them if they liked to hunt, while Billy, Stu and Randy were asked. Stu said that it was because Casey and Steve were gutted, something that he doesn't believe a female could do. Sidney asked how you gut somebody; after a moment, Stu told her, and was insulted by Billy. They proceeded to taunt each other about possibly being the killers. Sidney recalled Stu and Casey dating at one point. Stu responded, "Yeah, for, like, two seconds". Randy mocked Stu as Casey dumped him for Steve, and Tatum said, "I thought that you dumped her for me". Stu quickly said that he did and that Randy was lying. Randy accused Stu, but Tatum mentioned that Stu was with her the night that Casey and Steve died. Tatum asked Randy where he was, and he replied that he had been working at the video store. Tatum replied that she thought that Randy had been fired, and he mentioned that he had been fired twice, and re-hired both times. Stu concluded, "No, I didn't kill anybody", and Billy replied sharply, "Nobody said you did". Stu thanked Billy. Randy continued to taunt Tatum, claiming that her boyfriend Stu was a killer. Tatum got angry at him, followed by Stu joking, "Oh, she's getting mad, Randy, better liver alone", referring to Randy earlier asking, "Did you really put her liver in the mailbox? Because I heard that they found her liver in the mailbox along with her spleen and pancreas". Stu laughed at his own play on words, causing Tatum to scoff at his immaturity. Billy silently punched Stu in the shoulder. Stu stopped laughing and said, "Hey, live her! Liver. It was a joke". The conversation ended.

Scream 4

In a deleted scene for Scream 4, the same water fountain appears as a hangout for Charlie WalkerTrevor SheldonOlivia MorrisRobbie Mercer and Kirby Reed (Jill Roberts is not present due to Trevor being there). Robbie accused Kirby and Olivia. Trevor hit him in the back of the head and insulted him. Trevor asked where Jill was, and Olivia replied, "Playing house to the angel of death" (this was referenced in the final cut). He then changed the subject: "Heard you two got a call from the Stab voice this morning. Sounds like Charlie". Charlie, who had been meditating, replied, "Or you. Where were you last night, by the way?" Trevor said that he was at home, sleeping like a baby. Kirby wanted to know why Ghostface would call Jill and Olivia, but not her. Robbie explained that calling Jill made sense, as Jill was related to Sidney. Olivia asked if the target was Sidney, or her and Jill. Charlie claimed, "No, you can't kill Sidney. She's victim royalty. You've got to hit someone close to her", but Kirby mentioned that it doesn't have to be Jill because Sidney's character has been gone since Stab 3: Return to Woodsboroand that Sidney has practically "slapped fate in the face". Charlie agreed and made references to Halloween and Alien. Robbie and Charlie started to jokingly make movie themes, until Trevor told them that it wasn't a movie, it was real life. Charlie argued that one day, it will be. Olivia then said, "Well, time for someone new to die", ending the conversation.