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We're Gonna Take A Ride
Directed by Shaw Mendel
Al Tratori
Produced by Don Crosby
Don Gordon
Heather Rice
Fred Rifkin
Al Tratori
Frankie Spicoli
Vincente Sabotori
Written by Shaw Mandel
Music by Dante Paltrow
Distributed by Milton Films
Fresco Ltp.
Sunrise Studios
Release date(s) 1987
Running time
Gross revenue
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"Handsome Eddie" is a businessman with a chain of successful restaurants and a beautiful home. However, when Eddie's business suddenly hits hard times, his "bankers" come collecting. A ride out to the country side in their car could be Eddie's last.


  • Antonio Strong as "Handsome Eddie"
  • Richard O'Leary as "Four Eyes"
  • Don Needham as Lt. Norwell
  • Vincent Travori as "The Jaw"
  • Joe Carruso as "Silm Joe"
  • Allison Duff as Lola T.


Executive Producers:


  • Fred Rifkin
  • Al Tratori
  • Frankie Spicoli
  • Vincente Sabotori


  • Shaw Mandel
  • Al Tratori


  • Shaw Mandel


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