Hiding Mickey

Mickey Altieri

The Windsor College Murders is a series of copycat murders done by Mrs. Loomis and Mickey Altieri. The event was named after the college because most of the victims attended here.


Mrs. Loomis (mother of one of the first Ghostface killers, Billy Loomis) was grief-stricken on her son's death. She blames Sidney Prescott (her son's girlfriend) for what has happened that and Sidney being the daughter of the woman who stole her husband and broke up her family. She gets a 'makeover' making her self physically able to commit the string of murders. She then meets Mickey Altieri at a website and both meet each other. Mrs. Loomis agrees to fund Mickey's tuition expenses in exchange for aiding her in committing the copycat murders. Mickey who is psychotic, agrees to this. They both then make plans on how, where and when they will commit the copycat murders.

Copycat Murders

Mrs. Loomis and Mickey then chose Maureen Evans and Phil Stevens as their first victims, and to replicate Maureen Prescott and Steven Orth's deaths. Mrs. Loomis and Mickey were dressed up as Ghostface. Mrs. Loomis kills Phil in a bathroom stall and Mickey kills Maureen in the cinema amongst a crowd of people in Ghostface costumes. In order to remain conspicuous in the murders, Mrs. Loomis poses as a local reporter named 'Debbie Salt', while Mickey goes to Windsor college to get close to Sidney. Some time later both Mickey and Mrs. Loomis worked together to attack and kill Casey 'Cici' Cooper (replicating Casey Becker's death) dressed as Ghostface, Mrs. Loomis chased her up the roof of the house she is trapped in, stabbed her and threw her off the house. Later, Mrs. Loomis as Ghostface tried to attack Sidney but luckily she was safe, though Ghostface managed to injure Sidney's boyfriend, Derek Feldman.

Targeting Sidney

The Copycat Murders were dropped, and the two killers started targeting Sidney and her loved ones. Mickey first attacks Sidney during a rehearsal. Tragically, Mrs. Loomis brutally murders Woodsboro survivor Randy Meeks in a van, sliting his throat, and stabbing him four times. This death is heartbreaking for Sidney. Finally Mrs. Loomis and Mickey sets their final plans in motion and simultaneously attack Sidney, Dewey, and Gale in one night.

Final move

Mrs. Loomis dons the Ghostface costume and attacks both Gale and Dewey, she successfully injures Dewey, but Gale manages to get in a safe distance away from Ghostface. At the same time Mickey, dressed as Ghostface as well, attacks Sidney in a car, killing her protectors as well as her best friend Hallie. Later that night Mickey killed Derek and revealed him self to Sidney and told her his plan of getting caught and blaming the movies but after Sidney hit him and found out that Mrs. Loomis is the one behind it all. couple of minutes later Mrs. Loomis shot mickey but he shot gale who was probably trying to help him. After which Sidney and Mrs. Loomis had a confutation in which Mrs. Loomis was winning but Cotton Weary appeared and shot Mrs. Loomis in the throat ending her life and her plan of revenge on Sidney for murdering her son. Gale then appeared and helped Sidney shoot and kill Mickey who had a little life left in him which ended his plan of caught and blaming the movies, but he did succeed in becoming infamous for the murders and Mrs. Loomis got infamy too.



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